Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Can Do It!

Sarah Palin pumps up the crowd at Restoring Honor Rally.

photo by Oliver P. Ditch of Vets4Sarah.net

-excerpt from Sarah Palin's Restoring Honor Rally speech:

We will always come through. We will never give up, and we shall endure because we live by that moral strength that we call grace. Because though we’ve often skirted a precipice, a providential hand has always guided us to a better future.

And I know that many of us today, we are worried about what we face. Sometimes our challenges, they just seem insurmountable.

But, here, together, at the crossroads of our history, may this day be the change point!

Look around you. You’re not alone. You are Americans!

You have the same steel spine and the moral courage of Washington and Lincoln and Martin Luther King. It is in you. It will sustain you as it sustained them.

So with pride in the red, white, and blue; with gratitude to our men and women in uniform; let’s stand together! Let’s stand with honor! Let’s restore America!

God bless you! And God bless America!

Glenn Beck Scalds the Devil

Negativity is like Satan, just waiting to get you in his grasp. No matter how hard you try to remain cheerful, he would be right there, patiently working out some strategy to get you down. - Priya Viswanathan

I want everyone to observe what I'm about to to point out closely. When Glenn Beck held a positive, uplifting, non-political rally where he talked about restoring honor and greatness to America, saluting and supporting our military and encouraging people to renew their relationships with God, he hit the nest. And the demons just flew everywhere.

I'm not talking about the birds in formation like the Holy Spirit before the rally began. I'm talking about the buzzards that were flying around newsrooms across America.

Yes, we saw the tears in Glenn's and Sarah's eyes. Yes, we heard brilliant and prayerful words from Alveda King. And yes, we left that rally feeling better about ourselves and our nation because we knew we were no longer alone - we had each other and we had God. But Satan doesn't like that and he is roaring out of the gates of hell to reclaim his earthy territory.

Lucifer took to Beau Friedlander's keyboard yesterday and posted a nasty article on the Huffington Post - an article so nasty that even the Huffington Post took it down. He was offering $100,000 for a sex tape or anything that would destroy Glenn Beck's career. How much for that soul again, oh prince of darkness?

Pulling the Huffpo article didn't stop Satan. He also has a platform on MSNBC. "And then God will do magic tricks," Keith Olbermann said mockingly of Beck. Satan also shows up in newsrooms across America with the head count: 87,000 attended the rally. About 500,000 people were actually at the rally and he had no souls to show for it. Of course he's going to skew the numbers.

Since he has unwittingly gotten into the minds of writers at the Daily Kos, MSNBC and the New York Times, Satan leads a busy life. Souls used to be easy to come by when Americans shied away from invoking God in its political discourse. But ever since Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin teamed up and actually talked long enough for the laughing, the mocking and the angry yelling to stop, people actually began to realize that there might just be something to this.

How many people would be trying to destroy Glenn Beck if  he was still a no name drunk doing a small town radio show? How many people would be trying to destroy Sarah Palin if she was still a no name Hockey mom running a fishing business in Wasilla, Alaska? Remember, I asked you to observe at the beginning of this article.

Glenn Beck prayed with Alveda King, niece of civil rights hero Dr. Martin Luther King. So much for the racist angle. What a loss for the great deceiver. Beck was a philandering drunk years ago. That soul was in the bag, or so he thought. But Glenn Beck turned his life around and did something that negative unhappy people cannot stomach: he changed his way of thinking. He found the good and pursued it.

There is something cruel about our nature; and Satan capitalizes on that. The more good someone does, the more crap they take. It's easy to understand why people would just take the money and run. But good people don't do that. They persevere. They do things because of a higher calling. And those who envy them can either be happy for them, aspire to be like them or they can hate them for juxtaposing that success next to their own miserable personal failures.

No good deed goes unpunished. Expect the beatings to only get worse for Glenn and Sarah. Why? Because they are only getting better and stronger with each passing day. This will not sit well with Satan.

Word around the internet (Glenn himself may have started this) is that Sarah Palin prayed for ten minutes before giving her speech. Who in their right mind can possibly hate this woman? Disagree with her politically? Fine. But hate her? Come on!


This is the same woman who is vilified by hateful negative people who want to do nothing but tear her down. They wrote lies that were read on national news shows to destroy her vice presidential candidacy. They filed unfounded frivolous ethics complaints that destroyed her governorship. They lied about her children and they lied about her marriage.

A friend of mine texted me while I was writing this article. He couldn't understand why CNN was tearing Palin down. Do you want to know why this is happening? Want to know why Palin's unfavorables are still high? Just ask Satan to explain how he uses the media to plant those demons of doubt and dislike into the minds of unsuspecting independents who will tell you they don't think Sarah Palin can be president yet can't really explain why.


I asked two friends of mine on Long Island why people in New York don't like Sarah Palin. One said he thinks it's because she kills turkeys or something. The other thinks Palin personally gets into helicopters and shoots wolves for sport.

The truth burns negative people like holy water and in their anguish they poison people like my friends in New York. Every miserable dead-butt in America keeps buying into it. They project their misery onto people like Beck and Palin instead of facing themselves in the mirror and seeing their own inadequacies.

Glenn Beck scalded the Devil with his positive God loving words Saturday. The demonic dragon is now angered by the pain and breathes more fire and life into the ugliness that makes up the darkest recesses of the souls who cannot look at that picture above and feel love. The fight for the country will require more resolve, more steel spines and more faith than ever before because of this. But, as Sarah Palin told us Saturday, we can do it.

The negative people described in this article and the rest of the Beck and Palin haters don't wake up in the morning and say "ah, I'm going to find Satan today and become evil." It doesn't work that way. Satan finds them. Satan is the car in your blind spot. He is that piece of broken glass that cuts you before you see it. If you don't know he's there, he will get you by default. We must always stay on our toes.

Those haters are fellow human beings who need our prayers. They are unknowingly and unwillingly Satan's puppets. The evil spew that they direct at Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck is like the puke that comes from Linda Blair's mouth in The Exorcist. The holy water burns and they must refute or have their miserable world views refuted.

Want to know why people hate Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin?


Monday, August 30, 2010

Finding God Open Thread

Glenn Beck found the antidote and he gave it to us on Saturday. What does the left fear most? God. God represents a higher morality that exposes their shortcoming and inner weaknesses by juxtaposition. As such, those who seek God and who seek to restore our nation's honor are seen as a threat. Some liberals may say they believe in God, but are they willing to follow Him or would they rather justify their sins at the altar of moral relativism? Only God can confer righteousness on us and only we can seek that righteousness from God. In the absence of striving for that higher standard and that way of the Lord or in resistance to it, the Left is simply left with being and nothingness. - read more here.

Sarah Palin on the Jumbotron

I took this one from the car while driving!
I can't believe how good it came out.

Watch the whole Restoring Honor rally or view parts of it here.

Sarah Palin's Speech at Restoring Honor Rally. View text here.

We Have Come to Restore Our City

‘Restoring Honor’: The Day After Wrap-Up & Whitewash

Gateway Pundit: Restoring Honor Rally

UPI Rally Pictures

Glenn Beck Rally: How Big Was the Crowd?

‘You Can See November from the Washington Monument’

Governor Palin's Call to Restore Honor and Protect the Constitution

Glenn Beck says America is wandering in the darkness because of 'divisive politics'

"We're not here to curse the darkness, we're here to turn on light." -Glenn Beck

"Look around you. You’re not alone. You are Americans!" - Sarah Palin

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We Have Come to Restore Our City

The army that will take back the Shining City on a Hill showed up in Washington, DC yesterday to join Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin in a rally designed to restore honor and integrity to America by supporting our military and calling for a personal revival of our relationships with God. America had been slipping away from us, and Glenn Beck came to not only warn us yesterday, but to show us how to get back.

"We're not here to curse the darkness, we're here to turn on light," Glenn Beck told the crowd.

“This is the beginning of the end of darkness. We have been in darkness for a long time,” Beck told followers in a preview of his “Restoring Honor” rally, on the 47th anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech.

"Something beyond imagination is happening," he said. "America today begins to turn back to God."

We have in fact been wandering in a wildnerness, or as Beck said we have "wandered in darkness." In the years since the death of Ronald Reagan, our country has been on a steady decline politcally, economically and spiritually. With the emergence of Sarah Palin, who also spoke at the rally, and Glenn Beck to build our spirit back, Americans have awoken from a slumber and have shed the "silent majority" label to take to the streets and town halls to make their opposition to this decline heard.

We may have felt isolated as we watched the despair and cynicism that always comes with a political decline, but Sarah Palin explained why we feel that no more as she pumped us up and encouraged us to restore our great country.
Look around you. You’re not alone. You are Americans!

You have the same steel spine and the moral courage of Washington and Lincoln and Martin Luther King. It is in you. It will sustain you as it sustained them.

So with pride in the red, white, and blue; with gratitude to our men and women in uniform; let’s stand together! Let’s stand with honor! Let’s restore America!
That's right Sarah, we are not alone.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ace of Spades and The Other McCain Call AK GOP Senate Primary for Miller

We have our first calls of the Alaska GOP Senatorial primary. Robert Stacy McCain is reporting that Ace of Spades HQ has called the race for Joe Miller.

The Associated Press says there are 16,000 absentee ballots. The law says they can be counted immediately when the polls close. The question is, have they been counted? If they have been and are included in the totals than there are roughly 2000 votes left to be counted. Miller leads by 1960. You do the math.

(Update: Dan Riehl informs me that it is expected to take 1-3 weeks to count Alaska's absentee ballots. The powder may have to stay dry a little longer than we hoped. Larry Sabato, however doesn't think Murkowski can make up the votes needed. Ace of Spades has more on the absentee ballots - says there are 8,000, not 16,000 as the AntiPalin had originally reported)

If the absentee ballots have not been counted, than votes cast prior to Miller's late surge in the polls could potentially break Murkowski's way. However, military absentee ballots would break toward Miller given the fact that he is a military guy and given the fact that the Alaska military folks are heavily pro Palin, and there is a "campaigner" named Track amongst their ranks.

All said and done, we've been trying to treat this like a no hitter and not talk too much until we knew more. The entire Palin army was out in full force on Twitter. @KLSOUTH agreed that we need to not start counting Linda Murkowski's chickens that would come home to roost before they hatched. Did I say the Palin army was out in full force? Yes, and that includes its leader, Sarah Palin, who tweeted for everyone to keep their powder dry as the race tightened.

Tammy Bruce, Dan Riehl and Robert Stacy McCain wore the leather off of the soles of their shoes providing valuable information and keeping everyone up to speed with breaking news in the election.

Joe Miller, himself, was also on Twitter. He joked "What's a 'Beltway traffic jam'? Is that when a caribou herd crosses a road?"

Palin responded "Keeping fingers crossed, powder dry, prayers upward... but Joe Miller just tweeted @JoeWMiller What's the moose hunting like in the Beltway?"

What a sweet time it was to be on Twitter last night.

Tonight, pending any routine disasters and allowing for monkey wrench time, my BlogTalk Radio show will be a gloatfest. To catch my drift, read my latest post, which will also appear later today on PalinPromotions and PalinTwibe. That's pretty funny because Martha Cano of Palin Promotions and Karen Allen of Palin Twibe will be my guests tonight. We may be drinking heavily. There will be a party going on for sure!

That popping sound you will hear today will be the sound of a cork when more media outlets come on board to announce Miller's victory.

The Coalition

I've seen you guys. Dan, Stacy, Melissa, KLSouth and some of you other right wing or libertarian "sick freaks" out there. You love America. You love the TEA Party. You love what we are going to do to take back our country. I see you bash McCain or sometimes bash a candidate here or there that I like. But you know what? You always come back. You are always there when the Sh*t hits the fan. I want to be in the foxhole with you guys when we take the shining city back.

Tonight, I have seen a bunch of people on Twitter who may not always agree with me on the trees issue, but we can sure see the forest. It was a tribute to the cause to see everyone of you who followed the Joe Miller race tonight.

The support for Joe Miller tonight was incredible.

I have your back.

Let's go take this thing back.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Palin Set To Have a Great Night

So far, Allen West and Pam Bondi have won in Florida.

Paul Gosar is winning in Arizona.

John McCain just won.

I like Pamela Gorman. Even though Palin has not formally endorsed her, I consider Gorman to be a "Palin-like" candidate. Go Pamela!

Palin could end up 4 for 4 heading into the vote tally in the Alaska GOP Senatorial primary. This will be the toughest race. Joe Miller is the underdog, and a loss on her home turf would be a liberal talking point to deflect off of her otherwise successful night.

But miracles have happened before in Alaska. I believe it's possible. Go Joe!

Get election results:
Alaska * Get down ticket results here

A Tale Of Ideology and Loyalty: McCain & Murkowski

As an ideological realist, this blogger understands that as much as we need the TEA Party and the anti-establishment conservative movements to infiltrate and take over the Republican party, there will be times when backing an establishment candidate is necessary just as there are times when brutally opposing an establishment candidate is also necessary. When building a winning coalition, the tent must have boundaries yet still be wide and flexible enough to help us grow our ranks.

We have become so good at razor tongued rhetoric. And, the swords that are our keyboards are the sharpest they've ever been because we have had to condition ourselves this way to defeat a ruthless enemy.
Sometimes we inadvertently use these tongues and swords on our own when we should be keeping them sharp for the real enemy, the Left.

Like all movements, ours has its occasional disagreement. Ideological purists who support candidates like J.D. Hayworth and Chuck Devore for example go to the death fighting. Yet Carly Fiorina and John McCain are not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Hayworth and Devore are good people. They just happen to be the right candidates at the wrong time. TEA Partiers can suck up losses like these.

What we can't suck up are losses to establishment candidates like Rossi in Washington, Ehrlich in Maryland, Bauer in South Carolina and Murkowski in Alaska. For the same reason, we can't suck up losses to Treadwell and Ramras in Alaska's Lt. Governor primary when we have a guy like Eddie Burke on the ballot. Those establishment opponents are true RINOs and true party insiders who represent the ideas and attitudes that need to go and need to go fast.

I'm going to the Restoring Honor Rally on Saturday. I look forward to hearing Glenn Beck speak. He's a great voice in our movement. But what he said on Fox and Friends this morning represents a knee-jerk reaction that we have all had at some point during our journey back to the shining city on a hill. When asked about the choice between Hayworth and McCain, Beck said "I don't know if I want to take sleeping pills or hang myself." While I normally agree with the crazy little fuzzball, I had to shake my head on this one.

If we are to be successful in rebuilding the Republican party in the spirit and vision of Ronald Reagan, the tent should go from McCain's side of the ideological spectrum to the Ron Paul side. But that's where we draw the lines. While we may not always see eye to eye, we must remember that the Left is our real enemy. When it comes to cleaning out our own ranks, we must pick and choose our battles. And there are enough real battles to pick and choose from within our own party considering there are more than enough Republicans who are outside these tent lines.

John McCain is not the ogre the right makes him out to be. I'll give you that he is far from being the most conservative guy in the world. But, he's not as big of RINO as some might think. His ability to navigate the political waters with more of a maverick style is a testament to his ability to not be made rigid by ideology. Yet, it has often cost him the confidence of the party faithful. He's far from perfect, but there are reasons why re-electing him to the Senate is not a big deal.
The ACU gives John McCain an 82% rating. ACU ratings are like marks you get on a test in school. If you come home with a 90 or above, your parents commend you. If you come home with an 80 or higher, your parents are okay with it but they want you to do better. If you come home with a 68, you get punished.

McCain has been getting his grades up. He got a 96% rating from the ACU this year, mainly due to his swing back to the right on immigration, cap and trade and especially health care reform. He gave one of the most fiery speeches he has ever given in opposition to Obamacare on the Senate floor - leaving one to wonder why he had not been that animated in his opposition to Obama on the presidential campaign stump. If anything, we're finding out that the guy who we didn't think had it in him is finally showing that he has it in him (better late than never).

But here's the trump card. John McCain gave us Sarah Palin.

While you can complain that he and his advisers didn't do enough to stick up for Palin during the campaign or even go as far as to say McCain cost Palin the election, John McCain did stand up for Sarah Palin when she was being beaten by the left, the mainstream media and even some of his own advisers after the election. John McCain could have thrown Sarah Palin under the bus. He didn't.

Watching the aggressive campaign he waged campaigned against Hayworth makes this blogger wonder why he wasn't like that during the presidential race. He must have learned a lesson. That nice-nice stuff that he did during the campaign against Obama didn't work and if I had to guess, McCain probably would have chosen different advisers - ones more like those he had helping him with his Senate campaign - had he had the opportunity to do it all over again.

As for the Palin - McCain loyalty, Rush Limbaugh sums it up here:

via PalinTV

Although loyalty can occasionally mean as much as ideology, if you have neither you are lost.

For example, Lisa Murkowsky is a true RINO. The ACU gives her a 68% rating. And she has no loyalty. She has dissed Sarah Palin at least twice as far as I know. And I'm guessing she's done it a lot more in private (think phone calls with her father or the Jay Ramras's of the party). That's fine. There's a rivalry there. But Murkowski was not loyal to her state and she was not loyal to her party when, instead of criticizing the real enemy (Democrats, liberals and malcontents) for the ridiculous debaucle of the frivolous ethics complaints that ground the state government to a halt, she criticized fellow Republican Palin instead when she resigned.

Should there be an upset in the GOP Senatorial primary in Alaska tonight, the sound you will hear will be Murkowski's chickens coming home to roost. She voted against the Republicans over 300 times and didn't take one for the team when Palin needed it most.

When John McCain came home from the election with an 82, he deserved a pat on the back and a parental "see, you got a decent grade but it would have been better if you didn't fail the Campaign Finance or Immigration tests." But some of the more ideological tougher members of our movement want to punish him  for not getting at least a 90. And that would be an understandable position if McCain didn't have a note from the teacher that said he gets extra credit for giving us Sarah Palin.

As for Lisa Murkowski, who comes home with a 68: go to your room! There will be no pork dinner tonight.

Tea Partiers, if Hayworth loses tonight, it's not a big deal. If Miller loses, it will not only bring joy to the Left but to Republican party insiders and elites that we are so committed to defeating.

Don't sweat the McCain primary tonight. Sweat the Joe Miller one.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Todd Palin "Shoots" Stalker

Todd Palin took pictures of a stalker who acted very strange during a meeting with Sarah Palin where he videotaped them. After Sarah Palin asked him a couple of simple questions which generated creepy responses, she was still congenial enough to shake the person's hand and thank them.

But it got worse when the video stalker followed them throughout the airport and Todd had to confront him twice.

Apparently from the looks of the video, "Queen Sarah" a/k/a the woman who quit her job for money and to become a rich celebrity travels with little entourage and a disturbingly low level of security. While we would not want to be separated from our beloved heroine by large security details and entourages befitting a rock star, the time may have come that she should probably have some kind of a ring around her. If someone that disturbed was able to gain access to her like that, there should be no further hesitancy on her part to have a security detail.

While I normally don't like to tell Sarah what to do, I will break protocol here and strongly suggest that she protect herself from the sickos of the world (and the sickos who twist things like this on their blogs). If it means we have less access to her, so what. The liberals always lie about her being a diva, stuck on herself or doing what she does simply because she loves to be in the limelight. 

Sarah, it's time to stick it to the liberals again and become the monster that they fear you to be. It's time to go rock star, not for your ego's sake but for ours. Like Greg Gutfeld once said, "if you're going to be accused of a crime you didn't do, why not commit the hell out of that crime." Walking through an airport casually dressed, carrying your own luggage and mingling with the folks is why you are so real. But that's no longer the way the future president of the United States should travel given the whackos in this world.

Ronald Reagan had to give up some of his access to the public and eventually travelled by limousine with security detail prior to becoming president, not out of desire to be above the people, but out of necessity for his own safety.

It's time we get serious about the lunacy problem.

See the full story at Conservatives4Palin.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Battle Is Between Palin and Obama

Rush Limbaugh said "They will tell you who they fear." Today's journalism lesson comes straight out of the textbook. It's no secret that conservatives have had it out for Barack Obama (he lost us at paragraph 8 of his inauguration speech with "worn out dogmas")  and that he is our political enemy. But while conservatives and Republicans focus on 2010 and the under the surface infighting over potential 2012 nominees has not hit the top of the water yet, the liberals already know who their political enemy is. Just as The Daily Caller has no problem with going after Obama, the Huffington Post has no problem with going after Palin. Why? Because whether some want to understand this or not, these are the people who represent the battle for America.

This not only tells you about the battle for America, but it also tells you about the makeup of each side.

On the liberal side, the Huffington Post spends most of its time "refudiating" Sarah Palin for her use of certain words or her support for certain people (in this case, Dr. Laura). And like middle schoolers, they have learned how to go from muddled English class to fuzzy math class with the ease of a student who knows his locker combination by heart.

This is the same "cackle" of intellectual acrobats who can just as easily find some deep hidden meaning in an eye roll as they are capable of taking a four way tie for the GOP 2012 nomination and twisting it into a story about how Palin is sinking in the polls by pulling some numbers out of their butts while conceding for all the wrong reasons that the poll numbers don't mean anything come time for the actual campaigns. It's easy to tell why The Huffington Post is good at crunching the numbers, though, because as the comment count shows, they are getting a good response from the feeble minded readers who easily "misunderestimate" Sarah Palin's poll numbers like lemmings who would follow Arianna off on a plane ride to nowhere and a death that no one should ever wish for.

On the other side, we see the Daily Caller. Unlike the Huffington Post, the Daily Caller focuses on issues. Barack Obama may be a closet Muslim or a Kenyan national with no birth right to the presidency. He is either so heterosexual that he has affairs with the likes of Vera Baker or he is so gay that he has frequented bath houses in Chicago in the past. But rather than dress up in bear costumes and poke fun at his vernacular or hand the editorial pages over to those on our side who their side would consider wingnuts, the Daily Caller actually wears out the soles on their shoes and employs writers who can substantiate a policy argument with facts and supporting logic while knowing all along that debunking the Obama myth doesn't require a half baked story about where he was born to get the nestling birds to open their mouths and take the worm.

Herein lies the difference between our two sides.

For liberals, it's all about the personal (Sarah Palin is the mean girl in the high school class because she doesn't agree that I have a right to make up stories about FBI investigations that don't exist). It's all about the anger (how dare Sarah Palin support women who are pro life). It's all about deflecting from the truth so as to keep the progressive agenda alive even as it crumbles under the lack of foundation for its simple minded arguments dressed up as sophistication.

Josh Painter points out:
Have you noticed how liberals always seize upon the trivial and the gossip column stuff in their more recent attacks on Gov. Palin? We're pretty sure there's a reason for it. The left can't battle her on the issues, so they go into full deflection mode, always shifting the focus from what's on the minds of the great majority of voters away to all manner of things everyday Americans couldn't care about less.
For conservatives, it really is all about the intellectual. Why else would conservatives be portrayed as dumb and backwards. If they really were, there would no need to paint a picture over a photograph. The truth, like facts, is a pesky little problem for the left. And it is the one area that conservatives have the edge. While the great thinkers of the progressive movement like to tout their intellectual superiority over the masses, the fact of the matter is they are really just a bunch of idiots who condescend to not only their enemies but to their own by using big words and twisted policy positions based on some fabricated notion of social justice or feigned outrage over people or animals dying because some president was incapable of being the Almighty. Pay no attention to the moron behind the curtain. Yet, Sarah Palin can communicate more truth and logic in one misspelled, abbreviated and truncated tweet that has to be mangled so as to fit the 140 character restrictions of Twitter than they can by having their greatest minds, John Kerry and Barbara Boxer, combine their "intellectual firepower" to put out an op ed disputing her position on climate change legislation.

Why the long face, John? A standing Senator with a pedigree that would make Thurston Howell III look like trailer trash got his butt kicked on Facebook by some redneck from Wasilla? You betcha.

Who are the real intellects here? Sarah Palin's knowledge of oil and energy issues in Alaska qualifies her as the nation's leading expert on the subject. But tell a liberal that and they fall to pieces and break out the "hide the genius" spray paint so that they can cloak Palin's intelligence in a false narrative about her "dumbness."

To spend hours debating with liberals on issues is exhausting, given the number of times they will dodge the issue and attack your intelligence. We can all save time by boiling it down to Frasier Crane on Cheers when he asked "tell me, what color is the sky in your world?" Imagine the debate you would get. The Daily Caller would have to uncover emails and secretly tape conversations between conspirators on the left to prove that they were secretly working to fudge the data to convince us that the sky is purple.

What conservatives are doing in todays political environment is the equivalent of debunking the myth that the sky is not blue. The shame is that it will take four years to fix the mess the media got us into in the first place. It was their presidential candidate who wanted to lead us off the cliff to financial ruin, not ours as they contended. It was their vice presidential candidate who was the gaffe machine who provided us with the verbal fodder befitting a true airhead caricature, not ours. Yet, in this Alice in Wonderland-like world of politics, up is down and inside out is rightside in. Or as Sarah Palin would say, "it's backassward."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Truth About Lisa Murkowski

Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller's campaign site says Murkowski voted against Republicans 300 times.

My take is that Murkowski is a RINO. How do I define a RINO? I go by The American Conservative Union, which evaluates legislators based on their votes. They gave Murkowski a 68% score. That's a pretty "murky" record for a Republican. Put a horn on her head and escort her to the door.

If Republicans continue to elect party insiders or just anyone who puts an R next to their name, we are simply headed back toward business as usual where the two parties trade power for their own gain and leave the American people holding the bag.

Replacing statists and big government liberals with good ole boy party insider Republicans is not going to solve this country's problems. During the 1970's, the Rockefeller wing of the Republican party was in control and we had Vietnam, Watergate, the expansion of the Soviet empire and out of control welfare spending. During the 1980's, the Reagan wing of the Republican party was in control and we had peace, pride, the implosion of the Soviet empire and a reduction in citizens' dependence on the federal government for domestic affairs. Lets learn from history.

Sarah Palin wants the Republican Party to take us down a road toward liberty, prosperity and energy independence. That's why she supports a true conservative like Joe Miller. RINOs like Lisa Murkowski just want to replace liberal statism with good ole boy crony capitalism. We cannot allow that to happen.

Remember, Murkowski is her father's daughter, the same appointed daughter who criticized fellow Republican Sarah Palin for resigning an office she actually campaigned for.

Whether you live in Alaska or not, take a lesson from this race and others across the country where Republican insiders are winning primaries. Get educated and informed. Stop the madness!

If we truly want our country back, then we need to take our party back first. Support candidates who will burrow into the tunnels and underbrush of the Republican party and gain control of its mechanisms so that we can return the party to the philosophy and tradition of its greatest member, Ronald Reagan.

For more about Joe Miller, check out this press release from the Tea Party Express.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quotes of the Day 08/17/10

Dick Morris & Eileen McGann:
The Tea Party is not only electing Republicans, it is cleansing them. Their victories in intra-party contests in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and South Carolina shows that they are no happier with big spending Republicans than with Democrats of a similar persuasion. Many worried that the Tea Party would be a third party movement, splitting the vote and electing the Democrats. No way. Instead, they are winning their primaries and purifying the Party.
Sarah Palin:
Well, what the president seems to be suggesting is that everybody needs to be so tolerant of others' beliefs. That is fine. Then let him take that lesson and try to apply it to the debate on the other side if you were right now and talk to that imam, those others who want to build and choose that precise location for their mosque that is so offensive to so many people, and ask them to be tolerant. Ask them to understand America's feelings on this.
If you’ve been reading the blogs or watching the news you’ll no doubt be well aware of how the Democrats are spinning President Obama’s latest gaffe. Apparently by going against the majority of Americans the President is showing true leadership. The mere fact that he has the courage to voice his opinion even if it’s unpopular, according to the Democratic spin machine, that makes president Obama a courageous leader.

Well by this standard President Obama must be an outstanding leader.

Pushing an unpopular Health Care bill. Check
Digging America deeper into debt. Check
Suing Arizona over its Immigration bill. Check
Banning off shore drilling. Check
Apologizing for America. Check

How lucky we are to have such a courageous leader

But wait; hasn’t Governor Palin voiced her opinions on all of those issues too? As a matter of fact Governor Palin voices her opinion on every issue facing the nation, and judging by the criticism she‘s bombarded with every time, shouldn’t that by default give her “courageous leader” credentials?
Tammy Bruce:
The Emily’s List project? It’s called “Sarah Palin Doesn’t Speak for Me.” Sounds a little…reactionary, no? What is the project? They’re “Launching an On-Line Arena Where Americans Can Speak Out Against Sarah Palin’s Backwards-Looking Candidates.” Great–they’re setting up a forum where Women! can trash other Women! Sounds Progressively Liberally Intolerant and Misogynistically Hopey-Changey-ish to me. After all, Palin’s work has been a forward-looking, positive support of candidates–women and men. In typical fashion, instead of countering that effort with a positive project of their own, the only thing liberals can do is create something to attack and demean others. Keep going Leftists–every time you react to Sarah Palin you reveal yourselves as the panicked cannibals you really are.
Lori Calabrese:
Most geologists agree that the potential of recoverable oil on the Coastal Plain is in the order of billions of barrels and trillions of cubic feet of recoverable gas and that these resources may rival the initial reserves at Prudhoe Bay. The validity of these estimates can only be proved by drilling exploratory wells, but before oil and gas development in the Coastal Plain can proceed, Congress and the President need to authorize leasing and development.
Gary P. Jackson:
The arrogance of these Marxist-democrats is palpable. It’s as if only they know what’s best for you mere peasants.

Enjoy the video below and don't forget to watch Governor Palin on Greta Van Susteren's On the Record tonight!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Quote of the Day 08/16/10

From Robert Wiles at Palin Promotions:
Sarah Palin is the way out for the people of America. We either believe in Sarah or we don’t. Sarah has never quit on us, but some in our Party have quit on her. If not for Sarah, where would we be today. I look at it as being so simple: we rally around Sarah and make the Left and the media have a major panic attack due to the mighty army of people saying “No More”, or we just do as always and vote for the same old Elites and whine about how “they don’t care” about us.

What We Need to Learn From the Left

Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Libertarians and Tea Party members have proven a very important point that I noted nearly a year and a half ago on my Fight for the Right page: that if we understand the tactics of the left and use them effectively against them, we can regain power again. The radical left infiltrated the Democrat party in quite an effective way by using long term thinking, a propaganda strategy and the Alinsky rules for radicals. Now that we have learned that lesson, there is one more lesson we need to learn now in advance: when we do get power, can we govern effectively or will we collapse much in the same way the left is now?

As a political scientist, I have admired the way the left has come into power in this country - not because I'm happy about it, but because they impressed me with their tactics and their ability to cook the Republican frog slowly by getting it into the water. However, they made one mistake in 2008. When they thought the frog was dead, they cranked up the heat to boil the water and the frog jumped out. It is a testament to what I told a friend of mine two years ago: worry about Obama short term (what he will screw up will take 5 years to fix), but don't worry about him long term because he is "wet behind the ears."

The shadow party has been trying to infiltrate our institutions of government for over fifty years. Glenn Beck has done some similar research and presents it on his television show when he talks about the progressive movement. He traces it back further, to the late 1800's. The socialist agenda has always been there. It just never had the hope for change that Barack Obama offered it before. This was its moment to seize.

Barack Obama was sent in on a mission. He was sent in to be a "Manchurian candidate" who was supposed to prep the country for its movement into the 21st century as a European-style Socialist Democracy so that is could eventually be assimilated into a Marxist new world order. We start with the obvious associations with William Ayers, ACORN, Michael Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright. Connect that, along with his associations with Marxists and socialists in college and throughout his life to how he got elected after progressives and Communists infiltrated the Democrat party.

Richard Winger, editor of Ballot Access News wrote "If Obama's candidacy represented nothing more than the spark for this profound initiative to unite the working class and defeat the pernicious influence of racism, it would be a transformative candidacy that would advance progressive politics for the long term."

Greg Ransom points out Obama's praise of his Marxist father in Dreams from My Father.
If there is a mystery at the heart of Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father, one thing is not left a mystery, the fact that Barack Obama organized his life on the ideals given to him by his Kenyan father. Obama tells us, “All of my life, I carried a single image of my father, one that I .. tried to take as my own.” (p. 220) And what was that image? It was “the father of my dreams, the man in my mother’s stories, full of high-blown ideals ..” (p. 278) What is more, Obama tells us that, “It was into my father’s image .. that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself.” And also that, “I did feel that there was something to prove .. to my father” in his efforts at political organizing. (p. 230)
There's a lot more. Read here, here, here and here. For those planning on attending the Restoring Honor Rally at the Lincoln Memorial 8/28, you may also want to read here. Still not convinced? Try this.

As the Republican Party rebuilds itself and tries to learn from the mistakes it made during the 2000s, the Tea Party movement thrives and a compatible coalition forms between libertarians and conservatives. Sentiment is that we will see significant gains in the 2010 election, but that we are still not sure about what to do about 2012. One thing is certain, though. If Obama continues to go the way he is going, we will win then, too.

But where do we go after we win? Do we anger the American people into apathy again by returning to business as usual where a mix of centrist Republicans and conservative Democrats forge alliances to compromise our way out of the hole we're in? No. Do we fire up the liberal base by going radical right by doing something similar to what Obama did and ram our policies down the American people's throats before we've had a chance to present them, obtain consensus and use common sense to determine what our priorities are? Of course not.

Luckily, the Democrats and Obama are making the fatal mistakes we need to learn to avoid. Obama's plummeting poll numbers and the increasing rumbling from the left is another teaching moment for us - only this time in what not to do.

We can be an impressed opposition as to how the left got there. But we must also be wary and honest friends to ourselves about what they did after they got there. Newt Gingrich points out that what made Reagan so great was that he focused in on three areas: the economy and jobs, making Americans feel good about themselves again and defeating the Soviet Union. He said in order to be a good president, you need to focus in on about three or four different areas and not be jumping all over the place like Obama is (from Fox and Friends this morning - transcript not available yet).

Obama's "flavor of the day" approach to governing is not working. Don't take it from us. Take it from the left who are frustrated that he has not been able to get their agenda done as efficiently as they would like. They don't have a problem with the president's policies. They have a problem with his effectiveness in advancing their agenda. This is the same problem that dogged Jimmy Carter at a time when the right was similarly just as unhappy as it is today.

When we win, we are going to have to pass the leadership test. Are we prepared?

The answers are written on Sarah Palin's hand.

"Energy," "Budget (crossed out) & Tax Cuts" and "Lift Americans Spirits"

If we unleash the industrial giant of America in the area of energy (all of the above, including drilling), the economy will soar. We complain that Obama is borrowing from our children to fund his agenda. But he is also keeping the adults from their resources with drilling moratoriums. If we bring our budget under control and cut taxes, particularly corporate taxes, the economy will soar. If Americans feel good again about the job market and the business and regulatory environment, the economy will soar. It's all common sense. While some ridiculed her for writing on her hand, what she wrote there was pure truth.

We had power under Reagan. We became complacent and let it slip away. We had power under Bush II. We abused it. The next time we have power, we need to keep it by continuing to win hearts and minds after elections, not just before. We will have to destroy liberalism. But all in good time. Do it right this time around and never let it get away from us again and liberalism will die a long and painful death.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sarah Palin Exposes Another Idiot: Robert Ehrlich

Originally, I was going to withhold my thoughts on Governor Palin's endorsement of Brian Murphy for governor of my neighboring state of Maryland. As is with all things Palin, whenever there is even a tinge of doubt (which is extremely rare and always a tinge when there is any), I wait and usually the governor's move plays out much to my liking. I must always resist my temptations as a political science guy to go to the textbook. But this one was easy to overcome. As Greg Gutfeld said, Palin exposes idiots just by being herself. Add Robert Ehrlich to the list.

Brian Murphy is a strong conservative. He is an excellent grassroots candidate who is exactly what we need in power. Just look at what he stands for. Sarah Palin gives valid reasons for her decision to endorse him. He is an outsider and it is time we got rid of the political insiders, what I like to call the "sludge" within the Republican party. Ehrlich has proven he is sludge.

My first reaction to Palin's endorsement was great guy, great conservative, but what a longshot. What chance does Murphy have even with her endorsement? But I understand now moreso than ever that after hearing what this Erlich clown had to say, that if Palin had picked a name at random out of the phone book and endorsed him against Erlich, that it would have been a worthwhile endorsement and that I should never have questioned why. This is just one clip:
“She clearly has a following, but on the list of proposed Republican nominees next cycle, she certainly is not on the top,” Mr. Ehrlich said in Annapolis. “She was only a governor for a year. I certainly would have liked to seen her finish her governorship. My personal issue with her goes more towards the fact she quit.”
This is an attack from an ignorant man, a Republican insider, who doesn't realize that she governed for nearly two years (not one - use a calculator moron) and who, it can be inferred, has no knowledge or understanding of the reasoning behind and the circumstances that led up to her resignation. If he did, as a good Republican, he would be outraged at what the liberals did to contribute to that resignation. But RINOs fear liberals and instead would rather validate their point of view regarding her resignation than to stand up for a fellow Republican, even if he had to do it diplomatically.

Is he that afraid of her that her endorsement of a little known is that big of a threat to his candidacy? Or is he just one of those who see it coming; that what Palin represents is an enema for the Republican party and people like him don't want to be part of the excrement. I've said it before and I will say it again. While the Democrats have more sludge than the Republicans, the GOP still has sludge.

And so, for the lady who went to Belmont Park, I gladly place my deuce on the nose of a longshot. Sometimes the one who sees weakness in the chalk is the person whose shoulder you want to look over when they are reading the Daily Racing Form. I strongly and emphatically endorse Brian Murphy to defeat the Jay Ramras and Lisa Murkowski of Maryland.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Greg Gutfeld: Warrior of the Week

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When Jedediah Bila of Human Events started handing out awards for media insanity of the week, the big winner was Ben Adler, who this blogger took to task earlier this week. Then I got to thinking that maybe I should hand out an award, too. I was holding a high level political strategy meeting with my advisors Jim Beam, Buddy Weiser and a guy named Billy who lives across the street from me when Greg Gutfeld came on Sean Hannity's Great American Panel and said that Sarah Palin exposes idiots just by being herself. We all cheered, Beam and Weiser cheering a little more loudly than the neighbors may have wanted them to. Queue the video and have the presenter walk on stage. This week's Warrior of the Week award goes to Greg Gutfeld.

This was a crazy week for unhinged liberals who had the wheels come off of everything they tried. After unsuccessfully spinning Sarah Palin's Xena-like courageous foray into the lion's den of detraction, hair-torn and frustrated liberals used their rhetorical swords to figuratively kill her in a plane crash. The liberals' heart of darkness, a tell-tale heart, was exposed once again like the Queen of Outer Space's face after her mask was ripped off  to reveal the horrible radiation burns that must have been caused by the vitriolic way in which the liberal media handle their inability to advance their morally and intellectually bankrupt ideology in a civil, intellectually honest or ethical way.

Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox News' Red Eye, began his triumphant week (if by triumphant you mean not serving alcohol so as not to offend Muslims who may patronize a gay bar you want to build for them) with a Gregalogue about opening the gay bar next to the mosque near Ground Zero. Turning the Alinsky tactics on the left, Gutfeld went on Glenn Beck to further explain.

The clanging of rhetorical swords you currently hear is a Twitter battle between Gutfeld and Park 51, the developers for the mosque.

Welcome to Gutfeld's brilliant world of the written and spoken word. It's like getting hit in the head by a two by four in such a way that you can't stop laughing. Gutfeld penned this brilliant piece on Big Journalism where he beats Ben Adler like a pitbull at Michael Vick's house, then followed it up with his Monica Crowley "Sarah Palin is an existential threat to liberalism" moment on Hannity. For liberals, it's like drinking a screwdriver, only without the orange juice.

At a time when the right needs to infiltrate the pop culture and find it's intellectually superior version of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, Gutfeld comes riding in with his irreverent Red Eye show and group of basement dwellers to seize ownership of the once vacant niche. Destroying the left is more fun now as we laugh with Greg at their hideously absurd tactics and mock their relentless but feeble attempts to destroy the conservative movement and its beloved Sarah Palin.

Silver medal goes to Pamela Geller for her relentless fight against the mosque. The bronze medal is a tie between Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who fearlessly defend Sarah Palin while also clanging swords with liberals who believe it's okay to allow an incompetent mayor to let an Imam who does not denounce Hamas and who says the United States is an accessory to the crime that happened to place a monument for terrorists that "stabs hearts" right next to Ground Zero.

And if you disagree with me, you are a misogynist, Jew hating race bater who won't let me listen to my Triumph albums because their uplifting lyrics offend your sense of indecency.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Open Thread Thursday 8/12/10 (Liberals Unhinged Edition)

The wheels are just coming off the thing for liberals today, aren't they?

Obama is at his lowest approval rating ever. You might even call it a meltdown.

Liberals on the internet and even a congressional candidate are wishing Sarah Palin died in the plane crash that killed Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. That candidate has apologized, but another Democrat has resigned over his death wish. The New Hampshire Democrat Party is imploding.

Readers of The Mudflats don't know that Ted Stevens was no longer their Senator and were afraid, get this (fighting back the laughter), that Governor Parnell would choose Sarah Palin to replace him. Of course, Muddy Flaps' readers may have been too stoned to remember, but they voted for Begich who replaced Stevens in 2008.

Keith Olbermann is still unhinged.

Since it's becoming such a freak show (Glenn Beck read the headlines on the Drudge Report on his radio show to show how messed up our country is), let's dedicate a little number to our progressive friends who are hanging oversized "Worst Governor in the Woooooooooorld" banners or wishing our beloved, intellegent and highly competent Sarah Palin dead.

I know this one is old news, but it's still a spleen splitter:

Let's check in with our newsroom to see how the liberals are doing today:

I'm not gay, but I'm hearing some good reviews about a possible gay bar being opened next to the mosque near ground zero. Greg Gutfeld is assembling a group of business owners to invest in the venture. Gutfeld explained the project to Glenn Beck. Put this one in the "beating them at their own game" category.

Two years of attacks against Sarah Palin have failed miserably. (h/t Texas for Sarah Palin)

It was just two short years ago that the media pwned her. Now she pwns the media. In fact, she plays headgames with them. She goes on Fox News Sunday and writes on her hand to mock them. Then she goes on her Facebook page and chums for liberals. Low and behold, Shannyn Moore takes the bait! Palin was using her halibut fishing post as an analogy or a "baiting metaphor." Yet Shannyn Moore took her so literally she actually researched the fishing laws in Homer for her article on the Huffington Post! Allahpundit has more here.

Oh how unhinged they've become.

It seems the evil-hearted people go to pieces over Sarah Palin while the good-hearted find her heroic. Greg Gutfeld explains how Sarah Palin exposes idiots just by being herself (toward end of clip - courtesy of PalinTV):

Palin, an existential threat to liberalism (listen in past the 4:00 mark)?

Laura Ingraham doesn't think what the Journolisters were saying about Palin was that big of a deal? Well Laura, it looks like you reminded me to be fair and balanced and take a few whacks out our own side. Jack Kingston is a Republican Party Hack. And if we don't get off the couch and wake up, we will blow our opportunity to take back the Shining City on a Hill. This is a must read for all conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers. Laura, it is a big deal.

But let not your hearts be troubled fellow conservatives. We are making headway. We not only have a city to take over, but a party to take over. I'm a Republican. But I like to think of myself as a waiter at the "Republican Country Club." I'm sneaking Palin kool aid in the pantry (kind of like how I did it with beer when I was a real waiter during my college years) and I'm unlocking the back door so all my friends wearing "Don't Tread on Me" t-shirts outside can sneak in (I was also a movie theater usher and did that, too).

Then we're going to get all those stuffy suit and ties insider types who are hanging out with the David Frums and the Dan Fagans at the head table to step out onto the dance floor so we can open the secret trap door and excrete them from our party. Following that, we're going to round up the rest of the RINOs in the room, hand them a door prize (maybe some mooseburgers or something) and politely ask them to leave. Don't let the limo door hit you in the ass as you get in to go.

Then, much to the chagrin of our more seasoned, and dare I say pedigreed Republican friends, we're going to bring in some badass lady in a Carhardtt jacket wearing jeans and workboots and declare her our leader. Boy this is going to be fun.

Infiltrate, baby, infiltrate.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Anatomy of a Palin Smear Campaign Gone Wild

Don't Hate the Players; hate the game.

This blogger explained the dynamics behind how smear campaigns work in this blog post. Let me pick up where I left off on that post with a clear look at what happened in Homer this week when Sarah Palin went to shoot a portion of her documentary about Alaska for TLC. Melissa Clouthier gives a summary of events here. Now the left is fighting back claiming that the Palin protestor is really a teacher in rebuttal to an article that claims she's not. Allow me to explain why this is happening.

I posted a reprint of the article that broke the story that the Palin protestor was not a teacher. It's a technique I learned from the Alaska bloggers as a matter of fact. The Immoral Minority blog or Palingates blog would post what appeared to be damaging information on Sarah Palin and Blue Oasis, Mudflats and Just a Girl From Homer would piggy back off of it. I just did what any good Mudflatter would have done with an article from their side if it was as helpful as Gateway Pundit's was for us.

Instead of Twitter outrage from the left, we should be getting compliments from them. If I was playing baseball and someone used a pitch I perfected to strike me out, I'd show some sportsmanship and throw my opponent a compliment.

The left successfully tarnished Republicans in 2006 and the second term and legacy of George W. Bush. They successfully smeared Newt Gingrich out of the Speaker's chair in 1997 and 1998. They destroyed one of the most intelligent men in the GOP in 1992, Dan Quayle. And for 57 days while they smeared Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign, we scratched our heads.

For far too long, conservatives have been sitting back letting the left attack it, smug in a false belief that most people are intelligent thinkers, moral God loving family people and that the majority would never fall for the craziness of the left. Traditional, pro-family, pro-life, pro-business and pro-gun values used to be a given. They are no longer. In order to understand why this is the case, we had to understand the tactics of the left and respond with positive and effective tactics of our own. We could no longer be the silent majority.

That's when we finally figured it out.

What happened as a result of Sarah Palin's trip to Homer is that the right took on one of Alaska's most heinous of bloggers and beat her at her own game.

The left will have a hard time debunking the Gateway Pundit story as they try to come whimpering back with proof that the Palin protestor is a real teacher. Just go to page 28 and try to determine if you can tell if someone who is labelled Theater Tech sandwiched between Nurse and Counselor is a teacher.

But let's assume it turns out that the woman is a teacher. Then all we have to do is go to another page in the liberal playbook: either retract or correct the story after it's gone viral. The liberal media understands how that works. They would sometimes knowingly put out a false story about Sarah Palin and then come back and correct it later. They'd run the story, maybe on the front page even, then issue a retraction buried somewhere. By that time the damage has already been done.

Check this tweet out from @BowedOak

@shannynmoore know this is a bad time but the teacher needs to send cease and desist re: tinyurl.com/gatewaylies this is spreading
Is this a progressive sending word to the mother ship? It is a progressive who knows her smear campaigns. The key desperation in the tweet is the part where she says the story is spreading. Any good artist knows its hard to stop the paint from running after it's been applied the wrong way.

We could also poke at the tweeter by asking if she wants Shannyn Moore to restrict the Gateway Pundit's First Amendment rights, but we'll just leave it at desperation for now. This one just got away from them. It's out of the bottle now. It's their monster. Let them scramble to fix it. Besides, this one is a win for us. There's no need to run up the score.

I could teach a political science journalism class off of what I've learned from the left. Watching Breitbart, The Daily Caller and other conservative publications turn these tactics on the left indicates to me that we have rounded the corner and are on offense now. We have become better at their game than they are. Those who have lived by the rhetorical sword of the smear are now beginning to die by the rhetorical sword of the smear.

The proper way to conduct political discourse is for each side to lay out its facts and rebut each other. But when the opposing side doesn't have facts or they know that their ideas are not acceptable to the majority, they have to cheat the facts and play on emotions instead. They try to make us feel sorry that conservatives don't care about the poor (not true of course) or that people died in an "unjust war." If they admit that we care about the poor, but have a different strategy for helping them or that volunteers who die defending their country in war are heroes and not victims of the state (and are people operating under orders from a commander in chief who is operating out of good faith, even if there is disagreement among the people on tactic or strategy), then they admit to the very weakness of their flawed premise that mindless emotion should trump reason and logic. Sell myths and smears if you can't debate the facts.

We conservatives are in a steel cage match with liberals. We can stand there and let our opponent beat us silly because "we don't play that way" or we can get our hands dirty and do what all good steel cage wrastlers do, hit them over the head with the chair they snuck into the ring.

If we want to ever play this game like grown ups again and have a civil discourse on the issues without the liberal mainstream media letting every little piece of nonsense that they allow to fly up the media flagpole get in the way, then we must destroy our opponent and get out of the steel cage by winning elections and taking back our government.

Liberals don't just want power. They want our ideology dead. This is a battle to the ideological death - a political battle royale. Respecting our democracy's politics as the ebb and flow of power between parties, states and local communities and adhering to the Constitutional checks and balances on that power is how we keep that democracy alive. Rejecting those things in favor of fundamentally transforming the whole thing into something that it is not is a danger to our democracy, a very serious danger.

With a complicit media, we can no longer rely on the "fourth estate" to be our watchdog to combat this danger. We have become our own watchdogs and have build an online army that continues to grow even as I type this. You might even say the new media has become the "fifth estate," a check and balance on the check and balance that the mainstream media should be if it did its job properly.

The liberal mainstream media and Shannyn Moore may think that they can take down Sarah Palin with personal attacks, false allegations and twisting the truth. Therein lies their most exploitable flaws. Palin Derangement Syndrome sufferers don't think straight. They make mistakes. They lose touch with the concept of journalistic credibility because they are hasty in responding to their irrational fear of Sarah Palin, a monster they have manifested in their own minds and one which they inadvertently feed in their futile attempts to destroy it.

As Jedediah Bila says "some in the media are still afflicted with Palin-OCD." Sarah Palin would say it's easier to tear something down than to build it up.

In order to make something happen in America, you need to stand tall for something, not tear something down. It would be easy for us on the right to slam home memes about Obama's birth certificate, a Vera Baker affair or gay bath houses in Chicago. But that's just a waste of our time. That's not positive. We're selling a shining city on a hill here, not a ghetto or a trailer park called "hope and change."
A simple story on how Sarah Palin interracted with a protestor like the one on The Daily Caller would have sufficed. In fact, a lot of this Palin-mania could have been avoided had the left just left her alone after she went back to Alaska.

The video was a small story. I could have told them just from looking at the video that it was a waste of time to try to spin it into something bad for Palin. They've been out of ammo for awhile.

This one is weak, really weak. The question is not whether or not the protestor is a teacher, if she worked with a drag queen band or if Sarah Palin rolled her eyes (it's really pathetic now that they're circulating slow motion clips of that part of the video - they don't give up, do they?). The question is did the left see how well the right played those grey areas to obtain virality on the counter smear of the so called "teacher"? Come on liberal smear experts, give us some points for that - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But the real message in all this is did the left and the mainstream media learn its lesson this time about making a mountain out of a mole hill? And did they get the message that the right will be all over them like white on rice every time they try to do it again? Probably not. As this post is being written, the Levi Johnston for Mayor story is being debunked. It's becoming laughable.

The smear campaign has become the theater of the absurd. And we on the right are just sitting here eating popcorn laughing our asses off now. Truly unhinged, it's like watching a spacewalk where the astronauts are becoming untethered from the ship. They are punch drunk, yet they still don't realize our growing ability to smack them down. There will come a time when we can only beat them so much before it becomes too cruel.

There will be no more free shots at Sarah Palin. There will be no more lies, slander and artificially flavored red meat for the left wing base that will go unchecked. If the left doesn't like that, all I can tell them is don't hate the players; hate the game - their game.

Stay Away From the Theater Majors

Back in the Reagan days, I told my fellow college friends to stay away from the theater majors. I was right in 1983 and I'm still right today.

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, August 9, 2010, 9:22 PM

The poor little unhinged leftists had their panties in a bunch today after Sarah Palin confronted a far left loon for her rude and aggressive sign in Homer, Alaska.

The leftists were outraged that Sarah Palin had the nerve to confront this angry “teacher.” Teachers should be respected.

It’s just too bad she’s not a teacher.

Kathleen Gustafson is a singer in a drag queen band.

(HOMER TRIBUNE/Randi Somers) – Director Kathleen Gustafson (left) steps in to provide harmony as Hedwig (Atz Lee Kilcher) polishes up his performance at Pier One on Aug. 28.

Kathleen Guftafson is not a teacher. She’s a theater tech… And a liar.

You just can’t make this stuff up.
How many times must the left make these futile efforts at trying to destroy Sarah Palin before they realize they are making fools of themselves. Disagreeing with someone politically is not worth losing your journalistic integrity. But we continue to see "Journolist" after journalist and Alaska blogger after Alaska blogger continue to make fools of themselves in their quest for destruction.

Get the bib. They're strumming their fingers over their lips again and they are drooling.

h/t Texas for Sarah Palin

Open Thread Tuesday 08/09/10

All hell broke loose yesterday. Sarah Palin's discussion with a detractor was twisted by the lamestream media in an attempt to further their no longer hidden agenda of smearing her. It was an epic fail. Dan Riehl wrote "Media Moths Flock To Sarah Palin's Flame." I say it's like a moth to a flame, where liberal media elitists go to die.

I dedicate this next tune to Ben Adler.

Voters in Georgia will be choosing the Republican gubernatorial nominee tomorrow. Sarah Palin takes a quick break from filming her TLC documentary about Alaska and flies in to say a few words for Karen Handel.

Support Karen Handel.

Let Them Eat Spinach! Michelle Obama goes to Spain.

Texas Dems Run From Obama.

No good Obama economic plan goes unpunishing when it seeks to offset Virginia's vibrant job growth under superstar Governor Bob McDonnell by eliminating 5,000 military jobs. It must be Jimmy Carter Redux.

I really let Kirsten Powers have it on Twitter Saturday night after she said she was "disturbed" by Sarah Palin's involvement in the NY Mosque controversy. Kirsten made up for it today.

Please listen to Patrick's World USA on Blogtalk Radio Wednesday night at 11:00 pm Eastern (8 pm Pacific and 7 pm Alaska). Guests will be Gary P. Jackson and Stacy Drake.

Til next time, Fight The Good Fight!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Newsweek Gets It Wrong Again

Like I said in my previous post, scroll down and watch the video first before drawing a conclusion.

Once again, amateur blogger, wannabe radio talk show host and armchair politico moi gives a more accurate accounting of Sarah Palin's meeting up with a former constituent in Homer Alaska than those big shots who write for Newsweek.

Topical anesthetic.

Surgical clamps.



Okay, let's begin our dissection.

Ben Adler is a Journolister whose expertise is douchebaggery according to Greg Gutfeld writing for BigJournalism.com.

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She's as Cool as Cucumber

Sarah Palin met a detractor face to face in Homer on Friday and handled it with dignity and grace.

We all know the blogger I am about to link you to, Shannyn Moore. Go to her post on The Huffington Post and scroll down. For objectivity sake, I recommend watching the video first before reading Moore's article. The video should tell it all. Without the blogger's twisting of the circumstances surrounding the event and without the blogger's picture of the torn down sign (which for all we know could have been taken later that day after everyone had left), we intelligent readers can see a calm cool Sarah Palin handling a discussion with a detractor with dignity.

Anything else alluded to in the blogger's article is pure bias and pure speculation on her part. She is unable to show Sarah herself using any obscenities or acting in a hostile way. Nor is she able to actually show how and when the sign was taken down. Since Moore or her television show production company
(Update: article corrected for accuracy) Billy Sullivan, owner of Dockside Fish where the sign was hung had a cell phone camera (end update) and was also able to get a picture of the sign down, it raises the question of why they didn't film the taking down of the sign or the alleged profanity used by one of the Palin children. It kind of reminds me of what was said about racial epithets or spit being sent someone's way from a Tea Partier.

As for 1st amendment rights violations, don't make me laugh. Shannyn Moore was free to post the video on Huffington Post and this blogger clearly credits her for use of the video here. I would not want to interfere with hers or the protestor's 1st amendment rights by ignoring the event or censoring it from the "Palinosphere."

The blogger tweeted about protestors appearing at her documentary taping. From the looks of the blogger's own video post, there is only one - count them slowly, now - protestor with a huge sign proving once again that those with fewer numbers must scream louder and post bigger signs if they are to be heard.

As for Shannyn Moore's comment "[the cameraman] was even told by one of the Palin daughters, 'You're an A-hole'. Charming family values," let's be fair to a kettle calling a pot black. Moore had no problem with "charming family values" when she called Palin a "Ho" on her Twitter page. Remember for liberals, the values are only used when they are useful for their side.

(Update: Moore does a rhetorical eye roll in her article, which the Lamestream Media didn't cover. The only "eye roll" was the alleged one by Sarah Palin. It turns out, Sarah was "rolling her eyes" to look behind Bristol because that's where the guy with the cell phone camera was. Sarah then waved to the camera.)

(Disclaimer: I am linking to the article, rather than posting the video here out of respect for Ms. Moore's first amendment rights as well as for the sake of journalistic integrity. Many of my readers may not be happy about having traffic driven to Ms. Moore's article or her YouTube site, but it is Ms. Moore's intellectual property. Comments on this post will be moderated and removed for profanity, libel or slander. Intellectually honest disagreements will not be removed).

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