Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 7 2012 NFL Football Picks

There can be no more losses to Rachelle. Having to put pictures of heels on my Twitter page is enough. This manly man is not going to lose to a girl again. It's time to send her home a loser this week.  The stakes are high. I have to tweet a picture of me in an Obama hat if I win and Rachelle has to tweet a picture of her with the words Loser as an overlay.

Here are my picks for this week:

10/21 1:00 ET Tennessee At Buffalo
10/21 1:00 ET Arizona At Minnesota
10/21 1:00 ET Cleveland At Indianapolis
10/21 1:00 ET Baltimore At Houston
10/21 1:00 ET Green Bay At St. Louis
10/21 1:00 ET Dallas At Carolina
10/21 1:00 ET Washington At NY Giants
10/21 1:00 ET New Orleans At Tampa Bay
10/21 4:25 ET NY Jets At New England
10/21 4:25 ET Jacksonville At Oakland
10/21 8:30 ET Pittsburgh At Cincinnati
10/22 8:40 ET Detroit At Chicago

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Candy Crowley Helps us Pierce the Media Veil

Everyone is exposed to the facts now.

Whether you believe President Obama or Governor Romney won last night's debate, the ultimate outcome is that the blatant exposure of the biased liberal media is encapsulated in how Candy Crowley moderated the contest.

Shortly after Obama's inauguration, this blogger laid out an approach that involved focusing on the media lies combined with a bite size effort to take back Obama voters, particularly independents. For the last three and a half years, the internet has exploded with conservative websites and blogs. The media continued to lie and run cover for Obama as if this takeover of the new media would have no effect. John McCain lost by 8.5 million votes. The task before us in 2009 was not to convince "the 47%," but rather find those 8.5 million soft voters and flip them. Frank Luntz's focus group tonight on Hannity leads this writer to believe we've done that. Candy Crowley's performance last night on the debate leads this writer to believe that we have also finally (with less than 3 weeks to go) pierced the media veil.

When Crowley cut Romney off while he was attacking Obama on Fast and Furious, it was as if the ref in the Ali-Frazier fight had grabbed Frazier's arm right before he was about to hit Ali. It changed the outcome of the debate. Then when she interjected after Romney challenged Obama on what he said in the Rose Garden on 9/11/2012 about the Benghazi attack, it not only proved the point about media bias, it also placed Benghazi-gate front and center for a mainstream media that has so desperately tried to avoid talking about it.

There is no denying that the efforts of Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh put the team in position to win this election. It was Crowley's fumble that gave us the ball at the most opportune time.

Libs will be libs and cons will be cons. But ultimately, the portion of the American people who don't pay much attention to the cyber war (that conservatives are winning by the way) and who don't watch the 3 cable networks are getting their doses of truth directly from the candidates in the debates and from a media that struggles to avoid Obama's abysmal record, yet which can no longer avoid reporting on those stories.

The trend is similar to what happened in 1980 when Ronald Reagan overcame a large lead by Jimmy Carter. Liberals portrayed Reagan as a monster just as they have portrayed Romney as one today. However, when the American people got to see the real Reagan and the real Romney, they were able to get their heads around the reaction needed to give them the permission necessary to save face on their misguided vote in 2008. Simply put, Romney turned out to not be the monster the media created him to be. In doing so, the media that once controlled public opinion in 2008 has now lost all credibility.

For those who voted for Obama in 2008 and  are now are switching to Romney, it's not a blow to the ego to make that change. Those who voted for Obama can now honestly justify their flip with two simple reasons: Obama's record blows and the media lied.

If I had voted for Obama, I'd be angry. I'd be telling my friends that the reason why I'm flipping to Romney is because Obama failed to bring our economy to where he promised it would be and because I now realize that I was duped by the mainstream media. It's hard to say you were wrong, unless someone screwed you into making that bad decision by lying to you - whether it was the candidate himself or the mindless lemmings who called themselves journalists.

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