Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barack Obama's "Sarah Palin Day"

They filed frivolous ethics complaints against her when she was governor or Alaska. They pushed untrue memes about her in the press. They caused the state to divert its resources from its regular business to answer FOIA's to find out if she ever emailed someone about a jacket or a speech that was not "government business." Today, President Obama complained "We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We've got better stuff to do." He noted "that the networks were breaking in to cover his statement," saying "he could not get this kind of coverage for 'all kinds of other discussions' like national security and went on the blast the press for focusing on an issue he believes is a distraction." So how was your Sarah Palin day, Mr. President?

All the stuff that is happening to Obama now is a "chickens come home to roost" moment. His campaign operatives, the DNC and his supporters lied and distracted from the issues when Sarah Palin ran for vice president and when she returned to Alaska as governor.

Obama ran an entire campaign and governed as President for the last two and a half years without having to deal with the nonsense that Sarah Palin has had to deal with in all that time. And she's not even an elected official. Sure, Obama was criticized on his policies and attacked by the Tea Party. But it wasn't until today that he was in Sarah Palin's shoes having to fend off a piranha-like media and attacks from a highly known reality show star.

Pop culture gave us Donald Trump's "The Apprentice." The media gave Donald Trump's birth certificate question the play it needed. And eventually academia will study what happened and analyze it. Oh, how tables turn. The Left once had a stranglehold on the pop culture, the media and the academia. Was today the conservative movement's Apollo 8 moment when it came to the implementation of the tactics normally used by those on the Left?

Alinsky taught us a lot. The conservative movement got its hands dirty. And while some question the tactic, it is just that a tactic. Lying about George W. Bush and Dick Cheney was a tactic. Lying about Sarah Palin was a tactic. What's a birth certificate and some college transcripts between partisans?

We are an American Idol society. Rush Limbaugh said we are in the era of reality show politics. We don't discuss issues anymore. We attack each other. We marginalize. We have keyboard fights in cyberspace.

Don't hate the players. Hate the game. But win the game.

We will never have lower oil prices until Obama is out of office, Sarah Palin said. We will never have adult policy debates until the liberals are destroyed. Until then, they will continue to play this dirty game. To survive, every once in awhile we may have to bring up a birth certificate. Every once and awhile, we may just have to play the game. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight. Bring a bazooka.

We're in a cage with a wild animal. You can't beat it by having a civil discourse.

Yes, there was a birth certificate the whole time. But why let the truth get in the way of a good beat down on Obama. Don't you think they'd do the same to Sarah Palin if the shoe was on the other foot?

Obama has shown us his birth certificate. Now let Sarah Palin show everyone her record.

Game on. It's only just begun.

Obama's Most Formidable Opponent

Sarah Palin would be Barack Obama’s most formidable opponent. Not only is she the antithesis of everything he stands for, she evokes pointed and harsh responses from Obama supporters precisely because she represents the complete undoing of their progressive agenda.

Obama operatives and progressives throughout the country shy away from the painful visualization of Palin being seated across the stage from the man who now presides over a withering presidency and a withering economy. The direct contrast would present the nation a choice between a man whose record is staggeringly bad and a woman who has a forum to speak directly to the American people without the filter of the mainstream media.

With gas prices spiraling out of control, inflation getting worse with each passing day, a foreign policy that resembles Jimmy Carter’s and real unemployment / under-employment rate at around 20%, anyone who takes to the debate stage against Obama will have a field day. The idea that it could be Palin who takes him on puts liberals into a cold sweat and evokes an unspeakable fear that only those who have confronted violent death can attest to.

Given how bad the economy, the deficit and the national debt is right now, it is unreasonable to think that the American public would give Obama a second term. The presidencies of Jimmy Carter and George Herbert Walker Bush ended after only one term for lesser reasons than the American people will have to boot Obama out in 2012.

If the Republican Party is smart enough to see this, they will be able to take advantage of history’s biggest “no pale pastels” moment since a former actor from California said “there you go again” to a sitting president during a debate in 1980. The GOP establishment may feel that it would be safe to nominate a more cookie cutter candidate. But the reasoning behind that is flawed. The idea that the press would murder Sarah Palin but leave a Romney or a Santorum alone won’t play in reality should the GOP get an establishment candidate on the top of the ticket.

If Pope Benedict was to get nominated (lets assume for illustration purposes that he is an American citizen and could produce a birth certificate), you could rest assured that the Alinsky disciples and the mainstream press would find lies and distortions strong enough to come after him with the same type of vengeance they went after Palin in 2008. It will not matter who the GOP nominee is. The Axelrod machine has a template and all they need to do is plug in the name once the Republicans introduce their nominee.

So why not put the one person who has already been seasoned, conditioned and toughened up by the Left’s vitriol? A candidate other than Palin would bring out new lies and present new opportunities for the Left to place doubts into the heads of American voters. With Palin, the damage has already been done. She is the most vetted political candidate in history. If the Left has not found the silver bullet to destroy her by now, they never will. While there are still those who see her as damaged goods, polls show that a majority of Americans distrust the media. Who better to run than the poster child of media malpractice?

When Palin his the stage in 2008, Republicans were energized and excited. The Obama campaign and the media went all out to destroy that. For the most part, they were successful in 2008. But the fact that they continued using the same tactics against her long after she lost tells us that they didn’t consider that loss final. In fact, the Wasilla Project (whose website has now been taken down) warned its readers that Sarah Palin was already a threat for 2012 immediately following Obama’s election.

Sarah Palin’s resignation as Alaska governor may appear to be a chink in her armor for nervous Republicans, but it is actually strength. Had Palin stayed in the governor’s chair, she would be bankrupt by now, buried in mountains of personal legal bills. The state would have incurred millions more dollars in costs associated with frivolous ethics suits and FOIA requests. Palin couldn’t even go to Evansville, IN to give a pro-life speech without having the children in Alaska throwing temper tantrums about her leaving the state. Imagine if she left the state to go to Iowa today if she was still governor? The "children" would go nuts.

The Alaska bloggers and those who filed the frivolous ethics complaints against Governor Palin are outraged that she “quit.” The real reason for their outrage is that they had her tied up to the railroad tracks, the train was coming and somehow she got out of it.

Complain all they want about her making millions on books and speeches, the person who is best qualified to be president is someone who can make gutsy decisions like she did. Someone who makes a business decision to resign her governorship to become wealthy rather than stay on and be destroyed financially while the state is also financially damaged should be put in charge of our national checkbook.

As far as the solvency of our nation is concerned, we’ve tried everything else already. We’ve tried raising taxes. We’ve tried Keynesian. We’ve tried inflating the money supply. We’ve tried lowering interest rates. We’ve tried stimuli and the redistribution of wealth. So what good what a traditional thinker be if one was nominated by the Republican Party?

Why not give Palin a shot? What’s the worst thing that could happen, we add a few trillion dollars to the GDP because of oil production? Besides, DaTechGuy thinks she can win and so do I.

47 Reasons Governor Palin Is Qualified to Be President

The Unhinging of the Left and the Prescience of Palin

The Birth Certificate

I'd like to make a comment about the birth certificate. Conspiracy theories are not my strong suit, but political tactics are. I have always believed that given what the Left has done to the conservative movement and the GOP, it was time for us to wake up and recognize that their tactics have nothing to do with debating issues. If they debate issues heads up with us, they know they lose. Their use of Alinsky tactics, infiltration of the media, academia and the pop culture and willingness to lie and distort the records of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin show us what type of animal we are up against.

We are in a cage with a lion. We will not talk it out of eating us. We will not debate it out of eating us. We must grow claws and we must strike it with the same force and vigor as it strikes us.

As a matter of politcal truth, there was never anything to the birth certificate. As a matter of political tactics, though, it was brilliant. The fact that the birth certificate issue made into the mainstream media demonstrated that conservatives understood and could execute effectively tactics that liberals use all the time. Tell the lie long enough and it becomes truth.

Use the birth certificate story as a political science lesson. It is a great example of how the media works. It should give conservatives confidence that we now have our own example of how it works to compare with the lies the liberals run up the media flagpole all the time.

Now maybe we can get people to realize that the crap they say about Palin in the MSM is as untrue as the birth certificate rumor.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Don't Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight. Palin Brought a Bazooka Instead.

Taking on Obama is going to require a lot of political ammunition.

Suddenly there are people investigating Obama's background. From the birth certificate to his college transcripts to his college thesis. Obama has been hiding these things from the public. With Trump out there raising these issues, Palin is politically savvy and smart to play off that. She will take heat in the press for her comments on Greta Van Susteren's On The Record tonight. But she knows that. If she can turn the tables on the media and on Obama and shift the focus to his record and his past the way it was shifted onto her family, bravo.

Sarah Palin has no problem with people scrutinizing records or policy. She has a problem with scrutinizing people's families. On this note, she has found an edge. She has consistently taken the President to task on his policies and his past record. His supporters have consistently taken her to task on her personality and her family. Have they attacked her on policy? Out of all the hit pieces that have come out about her and those about to come out about her, are they on policy? NO. They are on family and personality issues.

Republicans, particularly the RINO and establish brand ones get nervous when someone like Palin or Trump start taking point blank shots at their political opponents. They need to be more nervous about the under the surface, subliminal warfare that those cited in the weekly hit piece that came out on Politico are waging against her. It's not calling a spade a spade that should make people nervous, it's the underhanded game that the Democrats and the media play with the facts that should.

This is not bean bag. They say you shouldn't bring a knife to a gun fight. Palin brought a bazooka tonight.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Liberty's Lamp: Why Sarah Palin?

I encourage everyone to read my blog post at Liberty's Lamp and have conservatives who are undecided on a 2012 GOP candidate read it. Even those who are not in the Palin camp or who may be waiting to see if she jumps in the race will find that at best it makes a compelling case for why we should support Sarah Palin and at worst it gets my point across as to how dire the situation is right now in America and how the progressives and the media are succeeding in destroying a great nation.

Please read this. If anyone wants to cross post it or link to it, please feel free to do so. Visit the advertisers here and on Liberty's Lamp, too. If I can start making some money doing this stuff, I can do more to help the cause. Pass it along and let everyone know that losing is not an option. Game on.
Sarah Palin emerged upon the national stage as a popular governor from the state of Alaska at a time when the John McCain campaign was becoming dull and dreary. A war weary nation was becoming disenchanted with the Republican Party, particularly after the American Left was able to shift our focus from winning the War on Terror to carping over the Iraqi war when it was discovered that there were no weapons of mass destruction and the liberals found their way to distract the public by using this to attack the man who just brought us through the 9/11 crisis with flying colors.
Read the entire post here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quotes of the Day 04/20/11

Palin wins edition.

Josh Painter at Texas4Palin:
As for Huggies, we doubt very many of the sewer surfers who hang out at places like Wonkette have young 'uns in diapers. Good Lord, we hope not, for the sake of their offspring at least. But if you have kids in diapers, please stock up on Huggies. It's important to reward companies who do the right thing.
Jack Kelly at Jewish World Review:
Ms. Palin scores low in polls today, chiefly because of how thoroughly the news media have maligned her. But the Sarah Palin on display in Madison was nothing like the media caricature. As more Americans see that Sarah, her numbers will change.
Sarah Palin on Twitter:
Big thanks from the Palin family to folks on Twitter today who took a stand for children w/special needs. Happy Easter!Thank you #TrigsCrew 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ah, the Sweet Sound of Palin Smears!

I just did a search on Twitter for #Palin and #RunSarahRun. I also Googled “Palin Wisconsin.” What I found was very uplifting. The hits on Sarah Palin are ramping up again. The Palin hate tweet traffic was also up. Even the mainstream media was starting to lie about her again. Sarah Palin is back!

They’re even getting ready to release a couple of hit books on her (here and here). Oh baby, the smear-o-meter is going off like a seismograph in Japan. This is good!

It’s amazing how the Left seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief when the pundits started talking about how it looked like Sarah wasn’t going to run in 2012. I’m still trying to figure out why people said she was gone and now she’s back. Where’d she go?

She went to India and Israel. The trip was so remarkably successful that it warranted a complete ignoring on the part of the media. So everyone forgot about her and thought she wasn’t running.

Big Hollywood editor in chief John Nolte tweeted the following:
Hi @Daveweigel: We find it odd Palin's successes don't enter MSM narative when perceived errors always amplified. Don't you?

Palin hits grand slam on Sat. @Politico asks this question today "Is Palin-mania dying out?" http://politi.co/eRY7bJ - Coincidence?
The media only lies, hits and runs its (George Soros puppet-stringed) keyboards and mouths when they have to play down an obvious. When Sarah Palin fired on all cylinders, including cylinders people didn’t even know she had, in Wisconsin last weekend everyone heard her. She was loud and she was proud.

The media could easily not report on a trip to India and Israel because it was only Indians and Israelis who were praising her. They don’t vote in 2012. Wisconsin’s do.

So when Sarah Palin hit every mark and posted a poll position time to beat on Saturday, the media as well as the other candidates took notice. NASCAR fans can appreciate the analogy. This is only qualifying and other candidates have yet to go, but it assures Sarah Palin that even if she doesn’t start from the poll in the 2012 primaries, she will be in the top tier of “drivers.” But did she just knock Donald Trump off the poll?

There will be no restrictor plate racing in this primary. The candidates will go full throttle, increasing the chances for a wreck, but also increasing the chances that the one who successfully goes balls to the wall the best will win. Political Darwinism should decide the outcome and Republicans will have a conditioned, lean and mean candidate if the GOP establishment doesn’t screw up the race by throwing debris on the track.

When the sweating and heavy breathing subsided for those who actually started to think Palin wasn’t running, it was a psychological exercise like that of a cancer patient who tells himself, it may not be as bad as it looks. For the Left and the lamestream media, the first writer who penned or the first pundit who said “it looks like Sarah Palin may be running after all,” in response to her Wisconsin speech, it was as if the doctor walked in the room and told them the prognosis was not as rosy as they may have thought on Friday.

When things “calmed down” in the Palin moronosphere, the media filled the void with Donald Trump. Liberals are hateful animals who focus their vitriol on whoever they perceive as their biggest threat at the moment. Just as conservatives tend to back the flavor of the day, liberals attack the flavor of the day. It was Bush, then it was Palin, then it was Trump. Oops, it’s back to Palin again.

You see, every time she gives a speech like the one in Minneapolis, Searchlight or Madison, the Left and the establishment crap their drawers. They know she’s a behemoth; and they will scramble like rats to build up as much hatred against her as they can to try to offset her size.

Understand the media’s tactics. Destroying Sarah Palin or turning Donald Trump into a side show is big ratings and big profits. Regardless of what you think about Trump, look at the reaction he’s getting. Get Trump on the set, gin up the birth certificate question a thousand times and kick back while the ratings go up. They'll throw him to the trash when he’s not hot anymore. It’s a game the media knows well. It’s a game Sarah Palin knows well. Oh look, she's back.

Maybe in fantasy America we can open up the newspaper or put on the television and we’ll read or hear the truth. But it’s not happening here anytime soon. In progressive America hate sells. Dirt merchants and crap in the right paper bag sales people like Joe McGinniss and Jeanne Devon can cash in on that. You don't make money in Obama's America on decency and hard work anymore, you make it on being a cynic and a cry baby critic who sides with a movement that eventually will implode on itself and take us with it as long as we continue allow it to be tied to our government and our presidency.

People are going to have to turn to the internet and the new media for the truth. They’re going to have become their own fact checkers. Every tweet can be confirmed with a link to a source. Every blog or independent news website can be confirmed in the information age. The truth is out there, yet the mainstream media continues to hide the fact that the sky is blue despite the evidence available online.

Yes, the hatred is back and the smear-o-meter is going wild again for Sarah Palin. But there’s one more thing I noticed. There are more and more pro-Palin people showing up in the Twitter timeline and in the blogosphere. AstroTurf is only useful when real grass can’t be grown. Leave the AstroTurfing to the Left. There is a lot of grass that will be growing on the conservative side. Look for that plush green field in 2012 when Sarah Palin reaches the gates of the shining city, opens the doors, flips the tables, kicks out the scum that has been destroying our country and lets real America back in.

This country does not belong to an international group of new world order fanatics, environmental whackos and big money socialists who happened to have burrowed into our government and our culture while we were asleep. It belongs to everyday hard working Americans who contribute to the system and who are productive enough to still leave a reasonable amount of money on the table for a safety net and a hands up to those less fortunate through charity. Collectivism and socialism threatens to kill the very people it claims it wants to help under the lie and the guise that the redistribution of wealth will save the world.

Here's a question for the Republicans and the establishment. Did Jesus negotiate and compromise with the merchants in the temple or did he flip the tables and kick them out? Our next great leader will never be Jesus, but she sure as hell can flip some tables; and that's what America needs right now.

Everyone who has fought for freedom; the Tea Party; conservative Republicans; and all the other candidates who fight a good fight: the door will swing open and we will all feast at the banquet of freedom as liberalism whithers to the sound of “I Sarah Palin do solemnly swear…”

Now do you understand why there are so many people trying to destroy her?

Game on.

Richmond, Virginia Tax Day Tea Party 04/18/11

Virginia Attorney Ken Cuccinelli was the keynote speaker. Jamie Radtke, U.S. Senate candidate spoke. Sonnie Johnson spoke. Here's the breakdown of who spoke.

Ken Cuccinelli speaks at Virginia Tea Party

It was a strong turnout of Virginia patriots, many of whom have attended all three rallies since 2009.

There was strong criticism for the budget deal struck between Congressional Republicans and the Obama administration. There was a staunch "no compromise" statement from Jamie Ratke in opposition to raising the debt ceiling.

WRVA radio talk show host Doc Thompson MC'd the event, keeping a flow of opinions and speakers that struck the Tea Party tone of massive spending cuts and a return to Constitutional government. Thompson called on lawmakers to end deficit spending within two years, stating that the Paul Ryan Plan did not go far enough.

With Virginia pride, speakers quoted and referenced Patrick Henry and George Mason.

Sonnie Johnson quoted and referenced Frederick Douglass. So much for Tea Partiers being racist, a lie the mainstream press continues to use "objective media outlets" to push.

Ken Cuccinelli called Obamacare "illegal" because it mandated that Americans purchase a product ("can they mandate that we go to the gym?"). He pointed out that it wasn't about Obamacare; it was about liberty.

Cuccinelli referenced the shining city on a hill. He closed his speech with this Reagan quote:
Freedom is never more than one generation away from becoming extinct. Freedom is not passed down from one generation to the next through the blood stream. Freedom must be fought for and defended by each generation, otherwise you will be setting on your front porch in your old age, telling your children and your grand children what it was like to live in America, when men were free.
Cuccinelli appeared to pause, filling with emotion, before reading the line about telling your children what it was like when men were free.

Cuccinelli also referenced Reagan's quote "if it doesn't move, subsidize it" to explain why green cars that can't compete in the free market are getting financial incentives from taxpayer dollars.

It was clear that even though the Virginia Tea Party was strong and had brought forth its first Senatorial candidate in Jamie Radtke and featured an elected attorney general who was nominated at the Virginia State GOP convention after a successful campaign speech that was combined with a powerful floor demonstration which featured Gadsen flag waving supporters, that it recognized after three years of rallying in Kanawha Plaza that our country was even more in debt and further headed down the wrong path than it was in 2009 when the first rally was held.

Time is running out for the Tea Party movement. The future of fiscal conservativism and Constitutional government now rests on local elections in 2011 where the state legislature has to pass a property rights amendment to the state Constitution for the second year in a row as required by law and in 2012 where the ability to stop the U.S. government from becoming insolvent requires the taking of both the Senate and the White House.

There are those who think this may be  our country's last shot at saving itself from the destructive policies of big government. The Tea Party is no longer in a position where it can just recruit and grow. It is in a position where it must either win by 2012 or fade from effectiveness should the Democrats retain power after then.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarah Palin Has the Mojo

For many who have drifted off as it seemed Sarah Palin may not be running or because the media wasn't slamming her recently with the frequency they have for the last two and a half years, the reaction to yesterday's speech was fabulous. For many, Sarah Palin got her mojo back.

But for those who have seen the truth and understood the power of Sarah Palin since she was named to be the VP nominee, yesterday was another great speech by a great leader. The polls may go up and down. The media coverage may run hot and cold. Poll respondents may be picking the flavor of the day: Rubio, then Cain, then West, then Christie and now Trump. But Palin supporters are tight, strong and unyielding.

Palin supporters have known since that day she got off the plane in Arizona that she was it. Many have known it before then.

When you see the AP do a hit piece on Palin's Madison, WI speech, you know she hit the mark. Whenever the media lies about her, distorts her record or spouts vitriol about her, you know she hit her mark. Whenever the entertainment community, the left wing bloggers and the intelligentsia bash her, you know she hit her mark.

Sarah Palin rode into Madison, WI yesterday and took front and center as she fired off some of the heaviest artillery she has fired off since running for Vice President. Sarah Palin was a warrior, a great Tea Party patriot and the true leader of the Palin army: a leader who leads from out front.

What you saw yesterday in Madison was a woman that will fight like hell to secure our nation and get it back on track. If Republicans miss this opportunity to nominate our next great one, we will lose the fire, spirit and determination that we saw yesterday.

Does anyone really think that there's someone who can do better than that? If they do, then they need to show us that person. It's more likely they've been brainwashed or they are influenced by a GOP establishment that has not recognized that the times are changing and business as usual is unacceptable to the party base.

Sarah Palin has always had the mojo. Don't let the media tell you otherwise.

Dan Riehl: Sarah Palin Goes Where The Battle Is

Jedediah Bila: Sarah Palin rocks Madison

Breitbart: This is why the left is so afraid of Sarah Palin and this is why they are doing anything they can to stop her.

Governor Palin: Video and Transcript of the Tax Day Tea Party Speech in Madison, Wisconsin

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Donald Trumps Palin in Eyes of the Left

Observe what’s happening. The Left is going gaga over Donald Trump. They are calling him the extremist now. They are flame throwing at him. He’s responding with sharp tongued columns. Does this sound familiar? Yes, it’s been happening to Sarah Palin since September 2008. In basketball, this is called double teaming the other guy. Trump has hit a nerve and the Left is giving us a tell.

President Obama has gotten us into such a tangled web with the Chinese. They hold a significant portion of our debt. They sell us products at lower prices than we can make them for here. Obama is trying to fundamentally transform America into a centralized economy. China is a centralized economy. Obama has even said it would be easier for him to be president if he had the powers of the Chinese president. There is a sort of admiration between commies here.

Sarah Palin is an existential threat to liberalism, as Monica Crowley said. They see her and what she represents as an affront to a philosophy that can’t stand the logic and morality test. Liberalism requires brainwashed lemmings who have had Marxist philosophy pounded into their heads their entire undergraduate years. But take the focus off the smoke and mirrors and look behind the curtain and what do you see? Just a foolish man trying to make us believe he is the Wizard of Washington.

The Republican Party has had a really tough time getting its act together as far as leadership goes. The Democrats and the Left have been double teaming their best player for the whole game and the GOP hasn’t been helping her. Since she is not scoring, she’s not getting as much attention on the stat sheet right now. Newt Gingrich took a shot and missed. It had something to do with being so patriotic that he had to cheat on his wife. Mitt Romney took a shot and missed. In fact, he turned it over the rebound. He tried to explain Romneycare, and then announced his presidential exploratory committee on the anniversary of Romneycare. To think, everyone thought Palin was going to announce on April Fools day.

Huckabee has been hitting from the floor, but he’s not driving it to the hoop. Palin has been the point guard with her Facebook notes and tweets, but she can’t get the shot off. She’s double teamed by Democrat operatives and the mainstream media. But here comes Trump off the bench and he’s hitting three pointers like crazy.

This is where the liberals and the administration take notice. When Trump poked his rhetorical sword point into the China thing, the Democrats knew it was time to hide the flag (a Stratego reference). Then he raised the birth certificate issue. This is usually the point at which the mother bird take the babies and leave the nest while the father bird fights.

There is something about that birth certificate that Obama doesn’t want us to see. He could have been born here or maybe not. Maybe it says he’s a Muslim on it. Maybe his real name isn’t Barack Obama? Who knows. This isn’t the web’s mirror universe version of Palingates or the Immoral Minority, so I don’t want to delve so much into the truth or fiction of birtherism. I merely want to make the point that Trump’s comments on China and the birth certificate are making liberals squirm like the guy who was just picked for today’s random drug test after spending all night hanging out with Charlie Sheen.

Which brings us back to Sarah Palin who has just got to be loving the fact that Trump has taken the birth certificate ball and run with it. This is not because Palin’s a birther, but because Palin has watched the Left throw everything and the kitchen sink at her and now Trump’s throwing it back at them. This is a page from my Fight for the Right playbook. Use their tactics against them. It’s working!

Trump has caused the Left to take its eye off of Palin. Many are wondering why she’s so quiet these days. She isn’t doing anything differently than what’s she’s been doing for the last two years. People think she’s quiet. The reality is it’s the media that’s quiet. Palin’s buzz has always been the weekly hit pieces that come out on Monday followed by the Palin army response. This followed by the usual mainstream media that complains that Palin’s being a publicity hound.

But with the focus on Trump now, Palin lays in wait as she puts together her team (hopefully) for 2012. Trump’s telegraphing that he would run as an independent if he doesn’t get the nomination was a huge mistake in an otherwise well run campaign. But, the Republican Party needs more people like Trump. It needs table flippers – people who the Left are going to fear. So far, Trump and Palin are the most troubling table flippers the party has as far as the Left is concerned.

So with the Left double teaming Trump right now, it’s time for Sarah Palin to take it to the hoop. I don’t like ever telling the Governor what to do, but after that speech she’s giving in early May, may I recommend a booking on the Bob and Mark show?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Liberty's Lamp: Envisioning the Palin Presidency

If you can conceive it, you can believe it. Here's the vision we must get America to have: Envisioning the Palin Presidency

Here's more from a guest submission to Conservatives4Palin:
President Obama Announces Reelection Bid

That's one small baby step for mankind; one giant leap for man.

So they didn't shut down the government Friday night. It was hard to believe, but the $39 billion cut finally agreed to was the biggest budget cut in history. Yet it's peanuts. Some criticize the Republicans for not pushing even harder. Others are happy the government wasn't shut down and that the Republicans were able to get a lot on the deal even though they pushed defunding Planned Parenthood, NPR, the EPA and Obamacare onto a future vote in the Senate. In the grand picture of things (the pending debt ceiling battle and the Paul Ryan plan), Friday was a baby step for the future of this country, but it was a step.

It was a giant leap for a party that has talked a good game on cutting budgets and deficits but which has never delivered on the talk until prodded by the Tea Party. It's good for the Tea Party. Yes, they won't get everything they want, but do we all? They can keep pushing us in the right direction. Those who pursue the standard sometimes fall short; but it's that eye on the ball, the standard, that always keeps everyone working at it.

It was a small baby step for mankind. The debt ceiling and the Paul Ryan plan are coming. Consider what happened Friday as a light workout - spring training if you will. Speaker John Boehner has made it a point to say that the debt ceiling won't be raised without huge concessions by the Democrats. Those concessions better be huge. They better defund everything they failed to defund in Friday's round. They need to do the Paul Ryan plan. The Democrats will not make a deal like that. If they do, it better be a pretty damn good deal that encompasses everything the Tea Party has been asking for on spending. Barring a giveaway of those proportions by the Democrats, The GOP will need to stand firm on the debt ceiling.

2012 is coming. We will need a president with a steel spine to enact everything that we work toward from now forward. There will be internal squabbles and disappointments, vetoes and veto threats from the current president and much hair pulling from the public who keep saying "just cut the damn thing, will ya."

Let's get it rolling now so that it's in motion going into 2012.

There's a Senate that has to flip this election. Then there's the White House. We need a leader that going to be carry these budget cuts and entitlement reforms the whole way through.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Are We an America Worth Serving?

Can anyone really be president of a country where people are whiny, uncommitted, uncivil, apathetic, brain washed and polarized?

When ABC News and President Obama talk about the people who would be affected by a government shutdown, the stories can be heart wrenching. But when you look at the underlying theme, it makes you wonder about the character of our nation. The “me, me, me, how this will adversely affect me” story behind the reporting on the possible government shutdown leaves a bitter taste. Government is way too big if people are going to be inconvenienced by its shutdown and America is too shallow if they’re going to whine about it.

Then you look at the GOP 2012 presidential primary polling and once again you question the character of a nation who prefers more of the “flavor of the day” to any real long term commitment to candidate, party or principles. Part of this is media stirred hysteria where polls bounce all over the place like basketballs. Part of it is the American people, the crowd if you will, whose heads bob all over the place watching the candidates go up and down.

Today, you’re for Mike Huckabee. Tomorrow you’re for Donald Trump, the new flavor of the day. Forget what Sarah Palin did to save the Republican Party by being on the ticket and forget what Rudy Giuliani did as Mayor of New York. That’s old news. A few months ago, Thune was the man. Then it was Pence. They’re off the presidential radar now, too. Herman Cain drew attention. Then some hitched their star to Chris Christie. Guys, come on. We’re not buying record albums here. We’re selecting a president.

No good great American democratic experiment is complete without nasty people spewing vile things at each other. Where would we be without affair rumors, lies about people’s children, death threats and false accusations? What good would it do to have a civil debate when you can mock someone, push them down or call them a racist? We spend our time painting people as pinheads or the worst people in the world, yet we never look in the mirror at our own miserable lives to find out where this hatred is really emanating from.

Don’t fret all the incivility, though. In one of the most heated political contests ever, David Prosser barely nipped by JoAnne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge. Despite the Left’s clarion call that Governor Walker was trying to take down the world wide union movement and the right’s clarion call that the entire financial future of Western civilization rested on this election, 67% of registered voters stayed home. Yup, grab a beer, put on Jersey Shore and don’t worry about it. Who cares what happens to America? It always survives. Let someone else take care of it.

We are so spoiled to be Americans. We take so much for granted.

When the activists on both sides put their hearts and souls into fighting for something, don't we have a right to ask the selfish lazy Americans who stay home is it worth saving? Is it worth serving?

Thomas Jefferson would choke if he saw what our educated and informed electorate looks like today. The culture has deteriorated. People marry, have children and raise them until the point where the marriage falls apart and the kids get older. Once the parents divorce and the kids go to college, there moral foundation is further eroded at the point when they get their real indoctrination into life: a liberal arts education (emphasis on the word liberal). It’s here where they are radicalized beyond their upbringing. It’s here where they get to see what a sinkhole the world really is. It becomes a foregone conclusion in the mind of a young 20-something that Utopia cannot be achieved without the loving heavy hand of big government.

They graduate, get jobs in the media, law and academia so they can continue the cycle of this repetitive brain washing. Those who get their news and pop culture get it from these well trained messengers of liberalism. Keeping the fabric of society and the family together isn't as important as "me, me me," watching the daily dose of girls gone wild on MTV or the drug and alcohol laced rantings of people like Charlie Sheen.

Americans aren’t moving toward a future. They’re rubbernecking on the highway of life. Today’s go-getters aren’t the ones building businesses that will provide lasting prosperity for people. The go-getters are the ones who laugh at the lazy masses who don’t see them as they plan the new world order right under their noses. They continue to lop on law after law and regulation after regulation; and the sheep just keep letting them do it. Freedom with responsibility may be the nature of man, but totalitarianism will stifle this in our blind quest for creature comfort and world peace.

America is split right now between those who buy into the media, the academia, the pop culture and the rubbernecking and those who reject this for a simpler order.

Understanding conservatism requires a self education that’s worth more than any liberal art college credits. Conservatives resent the fact that these narcissists who emerge from our institutions of higher learning don’t have the values, business skills and financial skills of self made men, yet they are awarded positions of power and authority based on their sheepskins.

It's as if you have to find the Bible under the stack of Playboys. You have to navigate a world of bureaucracy before you can get to an honest day’s work. You have to build a social and financial fortress around you before you can just begin to live like a normal person and break even. Liberalism claims to be the thinking man's ideology, but with everything so greyed and muddled, it takes a deeper thinker in a conservative vain to figure his way through the maze of ideas that the Left have put between us and the simple concepts of God, country, family and limited government.

Sure,the elites tell us it’s complicated. It’s impossible for the regular person to navigate all the moving parts. They need someone to do it for them. When the rest of us realize that that it’s the someone that’s doing it all for them who’s actually the one complicating the thing, we want to fight that. We want to stop them from taking our freedom under the guise that it’s for our own good.

They hate it when we say there’s no reason to have to spend all this time going through the stacks of magazines to find the Bible. They hate it when we say we just want to jump in the car and go to work or we just want to turn the key and open our business without having the state in the way. Putting the key in is a direct act when there is no gatekeeper stopping us from getting to where we want to freely go.

So why are all these people vying for the Republican nomination? Do they think they can break through the viscous nature of liberal existence and get Americans to believe that balancing the nation's books, raising our children with values and defending our country from an impending caliphate is easier done without the cogs in the wheel of a bloated, over sized and encumbering government? We better hope so.

Problems will always exist. People will always go through the good times and the bad. Limited government will not change this. But it will reduce a lot of the man made effects that compound problems. When carrying the weight of the world on our backs trying to live, why do we let the government add more items to the pile?

So we are polarized. Conservatives will never accept progressivism. Progressives will never accept conservatism. But wouldn't a smaller government allow all sides to live in freedom without imposing on them? Until progressives get this, the battle for hearts and minds will wage. Our future leaders are not just going to be caretakers or problem solvers of the moment. They are going to have to cure our institutions and our culture if there is any hope to put to rest the misguided idea that collectivism works.

What about those on the conservative side? There is still much work to be done here. Everyone complains about this candidate or that candidate but few can stand up behind just one and push them as far as they can.

There is one among us who has everything we need to lead. Will conservatives drop the ball on this? Will the one who should lead end up throwing her hands up in disgust that it's not worth leading or that the people just don't see it yet? Robert Wiles at Palin Promotions writes:
America has been crying out “we need one of us", we get her, then start having second opinions about her. Sarah is all American. Her husband Todd is more in tune with the average American male than any Washington elitist out there. Americans gripe about the “elitism” in Washington; yet, we are sent a “Sarah and Todd” and we seem to question whether we want them to have a role in Washington.
You wonder if Sarah Palin will assess the lay of the land and wonder if it's even worth it. She has worked harder than anyone over the past 2 1/2 years to craft her image, get her message out and fight for the country. Yet, the elites and the media keep going after her, hoping enough people don't see that. If she decides not to run, it will be a failure on our part not hers. It will be the failure of those on the right to recognize her value. It will be a surrendering of those on the right to the media and the elites.

Are we still good enough to save? Is this country still worth it? Are there enough of us left to get this car out of the ditch or is it too late?

This is the decision that everyone running for president has to make.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Barack Obama is the Bernie Madoff of American Politics

-from The Shining City On a Hill

In 2008, a slick snake oil salesman began pitching this revolutionary and fundamentally transformative product called hope and change. He went to the lazy handout takers and offered them hope and then he went to the productive people and took their change. Redistributing wealth from producers to takers is Barack Obama’s ponzi scheme. It’s doomed to failure because, as Margaret Thatcher said, sooner or later you run out of other people’s money. He is the Bernie Madoff of American politics.

Just as Madoff had to keep using his current investors to pay back his previous ones, Obama uses his political capital, the tax payer’s money and a boat load of cash that he has borrowed or printed to keep feeding the entitlement and subsidy machine that produces the votes and support that keeps him in power. The idea is to pad his political capital by using our money to make the scheme appear profitable enough through 2012 so he can be reelected.

Once reelected, he can run roughshod over the will of the American people even more so since he will no longer need to solicit votes. This is when the house of cards collapses and Obama leaves office after his second term with the American people left holding the bag.

There is record participation in the food stamp program and welfare rolls are swelling in ways we have not seen since the 1970’s. Over 44 million Americans are now on the nation’s food stamp rolls — somewhere around 14.3% of the population. If you look at the unemployment numbers, you see that the books are clearly cooked given the revelation that there are more people falling into the no longer being counted numbers than there are new jobs being created according to The Blaze.

Jim Quinn at Zero Hedge explains how this works:
All it took was 2.8 million Americans to leave the labor force to achieve this fabulous reduction in the unemployment rate. The percentage of Americans in the labor force of 64.2% is the lowest since 1983. The employment to population ratio of 58.5% is also the lowest since 1983. These atrocious figures are after a supposed economic recovery that has been underway for the last 18 months.
When you see the unemployment number at 8.7%, realize that it's a lot higher than that. Factor in underemployment and its even worse.

Obama started his political career in the living room of William Ayers and built a community organizing machine of radicals and socialists. But in order to win the presidency, he had to court the center. So he used all the political capital he got from his radical associations and pitched himself to the center by offering tax cuts to 95% of the middle class.

But once elected, he took all the political capital he got from the center and used it keep the radicals and socialists happy in the form of political patronage, stimulus money and Obamacare.

The center doesn’t realize that he used their political capital to pay off the Left and vice versa. He’s been kiting his political capital between the left and the center the whole time. Like any good ponzi scheme, you use today’s investors to pay off yesterday’s investors. So when today’s investor’s ask to be paid off, he will go back to yesterday’s investors and say “see, you got a return on your money, so invest again.” The cycle continues until eventually it collapses upon itself.

He’s even running this scam with the banking and investment community. The Federal Reserve just printed over 600 billion dollars to buy treasury notes. Where are these treasuries traded? Wall Street. Who benefits from the extra capital this makes available on Wall Street? By inflating the dollar, he also inflates the profits of Wall Street companies who along with stock traders make large profits. The market continues to climb, which keeps public companies, bankers and brokers busy counting their dough instead of marching on the White House with torches and pitch forks.

Should the country go bankrupt, the stock market will crash and those people, too, will be left holding the bag.

The peacenik who told us he would pull out of Iraq by 2010, would close Gitmo and would give murderous terrorists dignified civilian trials is now bombing the Middle East and Africa like a cowboy on a wild ride. But, the Left won’t protest it because they don’t yet realize that he has spent all their political capital. They’re hanging in on this investment because they think they’ll get more if he wins in 2012.

As long as more and more people are added to the welfare and food stamp rolls each month, more and more people believe Obama is doing a good job. That's more votes for him. He’s paying off a large block of 2012 voters with free food, housing subsidies and utility subsidies.

So the takers are getting more and more. They will vote for him in 2012 because that’s the strategy. Keep everyone dependent on government and they will have to keep that government in power.

This house of cards is being built on OPM – other people’s money. The person who produces today is taxed while the person who sucks off the teat of the system is subsidized. The entire process is upside down ass backwards. It simply can’t sustain itself.

People keep telling me that we’ve been in these kinds of binds before. We survived the Civil War. We responded to Pearl Harbor by stopping Japan and Germany from achieving their goal of world domination. We defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War. We emerged from the Jimmy Carter disaster of the late 1970’s as a prosperous nation. We responded effectively to the 9/11 attacks.

But when our house of cards comes crashing down this time, we may not catch it in the nick of time like we’ve always done in the past. There is a complacency that settles in when you rest on the laurels of past successes with the mindset that there is nothing to worry about; someone will get us out of this.

When you are hit by a tornado or a hurricane, you can be prepared. Even when there is damage to the house done by storms and weather, you can see it and you can fix it. But if you have termites, you may not know it until its too late.

The American house has termites. It’s infested. The floorboards are about to collapse. We know the termites are there. Yet, the mainstream media still refuses to sound the alarm. The media is like the real estate agency that works for Obama. They are still trying to sell us the house; and they are hiding the termite problem.

These termites are socialists, radicals and secularists who have been poisoned by the hedonism of the pop culture and the intellectual fraud we call a liberal arts education. They continue to eat away at the fabric and foundation of our country and no one has the balls to call an exterminator.

The national debt continues to go up and up. Like with any ponzi scheme, it collapses at the point of critical mass. When Barack Obama can no longer move the political capital around like a game of three card monty, the whole thing will implode. Socialism always implodes. It starts out with lots of rich people and lots of money. Then the money gets redistributed from the makers to the takers. Once the takers start getting money, they’re happy so they keep the scam artist in power. But once the makers run out of money, there’s no more money to feed the scheme and it collapses.

Ponzi schemes end up in bankruptcy and financial devastation to their victims. These termites are eating away at our financial house. It will collapse if nothing is done quickly.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Look for the light

When things are the darkest, you look for the light. As our country spirals into bankruptcy, we remind ourselves that there is always hope.

George Rogers Clark pens a powerful piece today on The Patriot Post which articulates why we need Sarah Palin.
Read the rest here.
Another good read in anticipation of my next post is We've Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers by Stephen Moore.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Campaign to Defeat Obama Begins Today

Obama announced his reelection bid today, so now it’s time to defeat him.

Want to get a liberal mad? Tell them that Obama’s a failure. No one hopes for failure. But, when you tell a liberal the truth, they think you’re hoping for Obama to fail. The more they hear it, the more disheartened they will become. The more dissent and dissatisfaction the public sees directed toward Obama, the better our chances are of convincing the people not to reelect him. The key to a GOP victory in 2012 is being loud enough so that everyone hears us above the droning of the media and the big money of Obama’s upcoming campaign.

Conservatives have learned the rules for radicals, understand the media better now, have organized Tea Party rallies, successfully supported candidates in 2010 and are exploding in numbers in the blogosphere and the social sites. The tactics of the Left and its marching order media are being countered with a new conservative media. The proliferation of sites like the Breitbart sites, the Daily Caller, the Blaze, Conservatives4Palin along with the increasing amount of traffic to sites like The Drudge Report and National Review Online tells us that the conservative movement is alive and growing.

So how do we win in 2012? We look to the Constitution, the principles of Lincoln and Reagan and to our communities for the values and the philosophy upon which our platform can be based. We also look to the liberals who gave us the playbook in 2008. Scrubbing off the grime and restoring the shine to the city will require that we get our hands dirty. As Barack Obama once said, it’s time to get into their faces. It’s time to act now and put forth a positive patriotic campaign. It’s also time to stick it to the Left with mockery, harsh rhetoric and strong attack ads which use either outrage or humor.

Tweet something about how many more people are on food stamps or how the unemployment numbers are higher than what the government is telling us then sit back and watch the backlash you get. Tell an Obama supporter that inflation is coming and laugh as they get personal with you because they can’t argue the actual issue of the inflation numbers themselves. Let’s frustrate the liberals. Don’t be afraid to “Palinize” him. It’s Urkel’s turn to be the butt of America’s jokes.

We’re not talking about losing our principles or playing tit for tat. We are talking about playing a game and speaking a language that we really didn’t understand prior to 2008. Conservatives have always played nice. We conduct our debate civilly. We’re not big government people so we don’t rely on large institutions that look to control the mechanisms of government. We look at large institutions as job creators and tax payers even as they write checks to our opponents’ campaigns. The mistake, of course, is to ignore the big government / big liberalism game simply because we don’t like the game.

When you’re in the cage with the lion, you can no longer say “I don’t want to play.” At this point, you have no choice but to pick up the sword and make sure you’ve researched how that lion tends to act if you want to get out of that cage alive. In 2008, the Democrat Party threw us into the cage and locked the door. The only way out is to beat the lion at its own game. We must slaughter the lion as badly as it wants to slaughter us.

We have the Koch brothers now. We have new media sites, talk radio, Fox News and a connection with each other that we’ve never had before. We can raise money in nickels and dimes and we can raise money in big dollars. We can run ads that go viral online. We have volunteers willing to sacrifice their time to save the country.

It’s time to marginalize the Left. It’s time to make use of the fact that conservatives outnumber liberals 2 to 1. Barack Obama has taken our country down a sink hole and we fall deeper and deeper into it every day. He is the destroyer in chief, the incompetent executive, who places moratoriums on our plans to grow our economy at home while making deals with countries abroad so that our money can get funneled out to them through our gas tanks and manufacturing plants.

The moderates and the independents will seize upon our outrage. Make it the flavor of the day for them. They, too, pay nearly $4.00 at the pump. They, too, see their food prices go up every time they go to the supermarket. They, too, don’t see the upward mobility we once had in America at their jobs and in their neighborhoods. Don’t rely on the media to tell them how bad our economy is or how crazy things really are in the Middle East. Rely on our collective voices. Make it so loud that the liberals have to turn up their televisions to watch MSNBC while the independents run to the window to see what the ruckus is.

Make it so the dialogue in the streets and at our social gatherings is so real that what’s being reported on television and in newspapers looks foolish, ridiculous and out of touch. Katie Couric is leaving the CBS Evening News. Why? Because there aren’t enough people who want to listen to the nonsense anymore. We know the media lies to us now. They sold us a lemon in 2008. We’d be stupid to let them sell it to us again in 2012.

Sarah Palin may have been caricatured as a dummy that could see Alaska from her house. But they have the real fool who can see socialist Utopia from his penthouse suite in Rio de Janeiro. We don’t need to make up the material like the Left did. The barbs at Obama are real. Our debt is really out of control. Did you see him get locked out of the White House a couple of weeks ago? Remember when he thought the window was a door when he first moved it? He makes his own sauce. Now it’s time to use it to cook him.

It’s time to mock him, the way his supporters mock us. It’s time to point out that labor leaders think they can suck off the taxpayers’ and union dues payers’ teats to keep themselves in power while extorting the American middle class out of millions of dollars so they can pad their pension plans. It's time to ask union protestors who knock the cameras out of women's hands why they did it. It’s time to paint Chuckie Schumer and the DNC as extremists, bought and paid for by George Soros and the immoral minority of secularists, socialists and jihad sympathizers who think there should be no morality or ethics in political life.

Remember how they Astroturfed to make their numbers look bigger? We can do that to them, too. Only our grass is real and it grows from the root on up. Write letters to the editor. Leave comments on articles all over the web. Join forums. Friend like-minded people on Facebook and Twitter. The “revolution” which will restore and renew America is coming. Be a part of it.

Once we demoralize them enough to knock them off their game, we need to come in with the one thing which will make that final blood vessel blow. Who do they fear the most? Who do they hate the most? Who is our loudest voice? Get them furious. Make them lose control of themselves. Watch them flail as they can’t argue with facts and reduce themselves to sniveling personal attack artists. This will make them ready for their political aneurism. This will make them ready for President Palin.

What gift should we give to those who’ve made our country suffer for four years? We shall give them eight years of Republican rule. Fret not conservatives who may hate the game but who are forced to play it. When we take it back, the grown ups will be back in charge. We will own the board again; and we will make the rules again. This our last chance to save our country and bring back civility and decency to American politics. The "children" will whine and cry the whole time, but that’s what they do anyway. They are liberals.

-cross posted at Organize4Palin

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Friday, April 1, 2011

My New World Order

I’ve had a change of heart and ideology. Since Sarah Palin hit the scene in 2008, I’ve been writing and spending a lot of time pushing for the conservative agenda and, in particular, a Palin presidency. Since then my house has gone into foreclosure, I lost my job and my ex-wife won’t let me see my kid anymore. Being a conservative activist blogger caused me to lose focus on making money and taking care of my own personal business. After a lot of thought and soul searching, I have come to the realization that all this would not have happened had progressives achieved their goal of a socialist state and a new world order.

Think about it. All of our needs would be taken care of from cradle to grave. It’s disappointing to me that Obamacare never got the public option, but hey as long as enough people chip into the kitty there will always be enough money available for my government subsidized health insurance company to cover my medical expenses. It’s a win win for me. The government forces me to stop smoking, drinking and overeating and in exchange I get free health care to pay for all the damage I did before I was forced to stop with my indulgences.

Why didn’t I see this before? What a great system.

I realize I will still have to work until the transition from crony capitalist democracy to European socialist democracy and finally to a socialist confederate nation state in the World Union is complete. The Shadow Party are geniuses. I'm hoping we will someday make China redistribute its wealth back to us under a decree by the UN Secretary General when the time comes for him to declare the World Wide Equitable Shares Act, which will be ratified by the U.S. despite the carping of many conservatives.

Already conservatives are arguing with me on this vision. They ask me where the money to do all this is going to come from or what happens what you run out of other people’s money? I simply tell them we’ll just borrow it. We know there’s life on other planets and once we discover it, we know there’s a rich planet out there that will bail us out should this whole plan not work. But in the meantime, I am able to question my religion enough to consider learning more about Islam. I mean, we are an enlightened people now. Our intellectual capacity must be stretched since it is required of us to become masters of the universe.

When I was a conservative, I did a lot of opposition research on the progressive movement. It’s amazing how much of it is really true. But instead of fighting it and using buzzwords like liberty, Constitutionalism, free enterprise, I realized that becoming an intellectual and understanding all the complexities and moving parts of life is more important than visions of shining cities with people who make a lot of money off their own individual efforts.

You know, I’ve been busting my hump all these years trying to make enough money to do such hedonistic things like take my son on a nationwide tour or build a business that might employ a whole bunch of people in my town. And what has it gotten me? This moral core and foundation I developed and $5.00 just might get me a cup of coffee at Starbucks. But imagine the conversations I could have at the café living off my government stipend if I just give up on this “I can get rich” stupidity I’ve been living with all my life until now. That’s got to be worth more than moral fiber and $5.00.

I realize now what a waste of time it was trying to convince people that someone is who they are based on their personal character and record. I resisted the notion that someone’s worth isn’t based on their individual merit, but rather on their worth to the state and how they are perceived by others including the media. Besides, documenting Sarah Palin’s record accurately and digging past all the surface dirt the media throws on her is a lot of work. Telling people “she’s an idiot” simply requires me to repeat the same three words over and over again to different people. Imagine all the time I will save now that I no longer have to stand up for her.

Someone order me a latte!

I feel better already knowing that the state will guide me and provide that force field around me which will protect me from everything from violent attack to home appliance failure. When my car breaks down, if I can get that covered by the new statism, there will be no chance I’ll ever go back to being a conservative. How stupid was I to try to build this force field myself when I have the might and power of a government that can simply stifle those who want to go against the greater good, which is now my newly adopted greater good. We have government agencies that will stop people from building inferior cars, home appliances and financial products. The police will have unlimited powers to stop anyone who may want to rob my house. Utopia, here we come!

People tell me that I’m giving up a lot of freedom. But it’s worth it considering that for following a bunch of rules and regulations, I get peace of mind and government subsidized money either directly or through whatever cake job I can get in this system in exchange for what – giving up the smokes and the trans fats? Besides, I hate all the paperwork associated with running a business and the limits on my fairly decent salary at my private sector job.

Give me a television set and three squares a day and I’m good. There will be times I miss the Fox News channel, but I’m learning so much about the world now on all the other channels that are owned by conglomerates made up of progressives and new world order internationalists. I never knew George Washington was such a bad guy.

Now I have to learn one more thing about my new ideology. How will we rectify the merging of atheistic secular liberalism with a Muslim caliphate. Will that be the new schism in the Democratic party down the road? Oh the thrill of intellectual analysis. I have some blog posts to write, baby!

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