Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Case for Donald Trump

As a conservative Republican, this writer has suffered through primary after primary where the Establishment candidate always won only to be destroyed by Democrats in the general election. Since 1996, the GOP has continuously nominated milquetoast candidates. Only George W. Bush has won, and it was in overtime. 

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, we all disagree with the liberal philosophy of those who run on the Democrat side. Government can't do it all and it spends like a drunken sailor. Say what you say about Donald Trump, but he is not a liberal. Is he the perfect conservative? No. But he is not Hillary Clinton.

Government can keep us safe from outside aggressors, mediate disputes among the states and promote the general welfare by using what is supposed to be constitutional limited power (which today it's not) to make sure the lights stay on, the roads are good and that people can conduct business freely, legally and without the burdens of regulation and social engineering. The last time I checked the Constitution, I didn't see any power enumerated to the Federal Government that allowed it to regulate or micro-manage the people into conforming with deluded Utopian views.

The Federal Government was designed by our founders to be the referee for the states and individuals, as well as the protector of the rights granted in the Bill of Rights. It was not designed to pick winners or losers or favor one group or special interest over another. Under the rule of establishment leaders from both parties, this whole idea has been dying a death by a thousand cuts.

The reason why the GOP establishment can't beat the Democrats or achieve their legislative goals when they control Congress is because they are outdated in their style, approach and strategy. They remain beholden to special interests and are locked into an old power structure which allows them to govern outside the will of the people. They become out of touch with the people as they become entrenched within a system where the highest motivation is to protect their own power and positions, even if doing so is at the expense of the will of the people.

In the past, the electorate became cynical and began to accept this setup. However, as the country fell deeper and deeper into debt and the internet helped people learn more about the inner workings of government, more ideas flourished and the people became more empowered to have more of a say in their government. They were no longer insulated from the truth by the mainstream media. They could now take to the internet and social media to not only learn why things were getting so bad, but to also develop a stronger belief that they could actually fix it knowing that there really are millions of other similar voices out there that want it fixed as well.

With the rise of Andrew Breitbart and the Tea Party movement after the election of 2008, the notion that you can't beat city hall died as dozens of establishment republicans were sent packing after losing primaries to those candidates who more effectively represented the true will of the people, not the media version. The people could now connect online and learn new tactics and strategies. 

The first step was to examine why liberals were always winning even though their ideas are severely flawed. Once we figured that part out, we could now take this knowledge and use it to our advantage. The Tea Party embarked on a strategy of defeating establishment candidates through primaries. The new media grew and the proliferation of talk radio and conservative websites is now underway. Why not take back the pop culture with a candidate like Trump?

The problem with establishment Republicans is not so much that they are entrenched in the outdated good ole boy way of doing politics, but rather their unwillingness to accept change. Instead of embracing the will of the people and running campaigns toward that direction, they chastised the people by rejecting the Tea Party and cowering to political correctness out of fear that challenging radical Islam or standing up for traditional values would cause them to be branded as Islamaphobes or homophobes. Yet at the same time, liberals were out there mouthing off about every crazy cause from environmentalism to gay marriage knowing that there were Republicans who actually believed they would lose votes by opposing them.

The progressive movement has been playing a rough and effective game. They apply Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals knowing full well that voters don't vote for what's true, but what they perceive to be true. They mastered the techniques of marginalization, media control, the influence of pop culture and using academia to teach leftist ideology to everyone from kindergarten through college. 

Republicans need to stop whining and complaining about this. Instead, they must recognize that the Democrats strategy works. Liberalism as a governing philosophy doesn't work, but Democratic techniques for obtaining power do work. Conservatism as a governing philosophy does work, but Republican techniques for obtaining power don't work.

Democrats have everything they need to win. They have the mainstream media, the pop culture and academia. 
The only thing they don't have going for them is the truth. Use their strategy against them or play from a new playbook like Donald Trump has been doing, and conservatives can win. Conservatives have natural law and the truth on their side. It's the one commodity that liberals can never add to their strategy. 

Liberalism is based on an idealistic view that imperfect humans can control other imperfect humans to create an unobtainable Utopia where everyone is taken care of from cradle to grave. It's a ponzi scheme. Once no one has to work (produce), you eventually run out of other people's money and the Utopia collapses.

Allowing society to evolve in a productive way means people have to be free to succeed and fail. Failure and poverty will always exist collectively, but are not permanent states of existence individually. A free and mobile society doesn't imprison people in generational poverty created by a welfare state. Instead, a rising tide will lift all boats. People will navigate the rough waters in their lives, but a free environment will also allow them to reach the calm waters as well.

Beating the establishment and the left requires beating them at their own game and with their own tactics. Romney's performance in the 2012 election is a prime example of why the old textbook doesn't work. Trump's re-writing the playbook. By branding his opponents with nicknames and using his pop culture persona, Trump is getting the attention he needs to win. Barack Obama did it with his rallies, too. Although the styles are different, the desired outcome is the same. If someone is perceived as a winner (whether he is or not), the people will come.

Whether you like it or not, we are an American Idol, Apprentice, reality show society. Candidates like Barack Obama won because they put on the best circus, not because they are good at policy. It's the strategy, stupid. Donald Trump used the strategy and defeated 16 of the best presidential candidates in the GOP primary. 

Donald Trump is not the conservative many want him to be. But, conservatives must see this as an opportunity to beat the Democrats. If Trump can lead us to the promised land, conservatives will have much better seats in the shining city than they do now. Trump is not the perfect conservative, but this writer is with him because I love the fact that someone has finally decided to throw out the old stale GOP playback and employ a strategy that gives us a much greater chance of winning. Some may want the old playbook, but it's not going to happen. We need to win! Trump's hitting hard and he's crushing his opponents the same way Democrats have done to us. 

If the strategy is the first reason to like Trump, then the second reason to like him is because the government needs to be run like a business. We the people are the investors. We are not government's servants. Trump has the business experience needed to make sure our tax dollars are not spent into the bureaucratic black hole.

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