Thursday, April 21, 2011

Liberty's Lamp: Why Sarah Palin?

I encourage everyone to read my blog post at Liberty's Lamp and have conservatives who are undecided on a 2012 GOP candidate read it. Even those who are not in the Palin camp or who may be waiting to see if she jumps in the race will find that at best it makes a compelling case for why we should support Sarah Palin and at worst it gets my point across as to how dire the situation is right now in America and how the progressives and the media are succeeding in destroying a great nation.

Please read this. If anyone wants to cross post it or link to it, please feel free to do so. Visit the advertisers here and on Liberty's Lamp, too. If I can start making some money doing this stuff, I can do more to help the cause. Pass it along and let everyone know that losing is not an option. Game on.
Sarah Palin emerged upon the national stage as a popular governor from the state of Alaska at a time when the John McCain campaign was becoming dull and dreary. A war weary nation was becoming disenchanted with the Republican Party, particularly after the American Left was able to shift our focus from winning the War on Terror to carping over the Iraqi war when it was discovered that there were no weapons of mass destruction and the liberals found their way to distract the public by using this to attack the man who just brought us through the 9/11 crisis with flying colors.
Read the entire post here.

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  1. Nice piece! I followed a link from a comment at c4P to get here. I'm also in Richmond, for what it's worth. keep up the good work!


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