Monday, April 2, 2012

Media Goes Nuts Because Palin is Hosting Today Show

Every time Sarah Palin demonstrates that she's relevant, the mainstream media goes nuts. She was a threat when she was a potential presidential candidate. When she didn't run, the vitriolic chatter died down. Now she looks like she's a threat as a media personality. The chatter is ratcheting up. The last thing the mainstream media wanted was Sarah Palin to infiltrate the body politic and become president. Just as scary for them is the idea of her infiltrating the media and becoming a push back on all the lies and propaganda being pushed by the Obama acolytes posing as legitimate journalists.

Politico was the first to do their Linda Blair imitation complete with spinning head and green vomit. 

Dana Loesch: Politico’s Palin Headline Betrays “Cross Hairs” Condemnation

FAIL: Politico Media Writers Attribute Tina Fey Line to Sarah Palin.

This is all obviously due to the fact that Sarah Palin is going to be hosting The Today Show on NBC tomorrow morning on NBC. NBC? Yes, NBC. If there is anyone who has embraced the idea that we need to beat the liberals at their own game on their own board, it's Sarah Palin.

"I see this as a good opportunity to bring an independent, common-sense conservative perspective to NBC. We’re 'going rogue' and infiltrating some turf for a day,” Palin told Breitbart News.

This is music to the ears of conservatives who have been frustrated by what the media has been doing to conservatives since the 2008 election and even long before that.

At a time when Mitt Romney is losing in the polls proportionally to how much he is gaining the support of the Republican Establishment and turncoat Ann Coulter is taking swipes at Palin, the conservative base is finding their own leaders outside the party apparatus who will set the record straight and get it right. With a country about to be swallowed up by massive debt and go the way of ancient Rome and a party that is about to go the way of the Whigs, conservatives still have a leader in Palin.

Undoing nearly a hundred years of progressive infiltration into our media, academia and culture won't happen overnight. Conservatives and people like Sarah Palin and Andrew Breitbart realized after the loss in 2008 took that we must take the first steps on the road to taking it back. This sent a signal that finally there are a lot of people on the right willing to take action and do what it takes to press for sudden and relentless reform by understanding the tactics of the left and using those tactics against them.

Winning an election in 2012, even with Romney, will not solve the problem. The Republican Party needs to bring in fresh leadership at the state and local level as well as at the national level in Congress. The GOP Establishment has to at some point be convinced that the path to victory runs right through the grass roots or else find themselves as lonely elders in a dying party that will eventually fade from political prominence at a time when we need them most - at a time when our country is on the brink.

We need real leadership right now. While polls may be for strippers and cross country skiers as Palin has said, they don't look good for Romney in the general election. Yes, it's it's early and he can come back. It is going to have to be anyone but Obama. If the base has to reluctantly get behind Romney simply to vote Obama out, it may have to go that way. But, this has got to be the last time that we accept a moderate as the nominee.

God help Mitt Romney and the GOP if he doesn't win in November. I'd hate to see Ronald Reagan's argument about the GOP (no pale pastels, only bold colors) be proven right by having our country transformed by a socialist Obama when can be more "flexible" after getting a second term.

We will always have Sarah Palin, though. Thank God for that.

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