Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Truth About Lisa Murkowski

Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller's campaign site says Murkowski voted against Republicans 300 times.

My take is that Murkowski is a RINO. How do I define a RINO? I go by The American Conservative Union, which evaluates legislators based on their votes. They gave Murkowski a 68% score. That's a pretty "murky" record for a Republican. Put a horn on her head and escort her to the door.

If Republicans continue to elect party insiders or just anyone who puts an R next to their name, we are simply headed back toward business as usual where the two parties trade power for their own gain and leave the American people holding the bag.

Replacing statists and big government liberals with good ole boy party insider Republicans is not going to solve this country's problems. During the 1970's, the Rockefeller wing of the Republican party was in control and we had Vietnam, Watergate, the expansion of the Soviet empire and out of control welfare spending. During the 1980's, the Reagan wing of the Republican party was in control and we had peace, pride, the implosion of the Soviet empire and a reduction in citizens' dependence on the federal government for domestic affairs. Lets learn from history.

Sarah Palin wants the Republican Party to take us down a road toward liberty, prosperity and energy independence. That's why she supports a true conservative like Joe Miller. RINOs like Lisa Murkowski just want to replace liberal statism with good ole boy crony capitalism. We cannot allow that to happen.

Remember, Murkowski is her father's daughter, the same appointed daughter who criticized fellow Republican Sarah Palin for resigning an office she actually campaigned for.

Whether you live in Alaska or not, take a lesson from this race and others across the country where Republican insiders are winning primaries. Get educated and informed. Stop the madness!

If we truly want our country back, then we need to take our party back first. Support candidates who will burrow into the tunnels and underbrush of the Republican party and gain control of its mechanisms so that we can return the party to the philosophy and tradition of its greatest member, Ronald Reagan.

For more about Joe Miller, check out this press release from the Tea Party Express.

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