Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I LOVE The Way He Plays the Game!

I've always said we need to beat the Democrats at their own game rather than playing with an outdated playbook. Obama didn't win on his issue positions. He won because he created a persona that everyone bought into because of the bandwagon effect. Did "redistribute the wealth" destroy his candidacy? No. Did "Mexico sends their worst" destroy Trump's? No.

Democrats won with the pop culture and the media. Obama became a celebrity with his grandiose speeches. Trump is the guy from The Apprentice. While the media carried water for Obama, Trump gets his help from the media, too, only in a different way. He plays a rough game - not afraid to ruffle feathers at Fox and getting face time on CNN. He takes the ball out of the hands of the media and puts them on notice that the response to lies and attacks will be swift and hard from his own mouth and keypad. He doesn't leave it to campaign operatives or surrogates.

I know you're supposed to not get in the mud with the pig. What if the Republican establishment still thinks it's not good to get in the mud? What If the pig already just pulled us In and we don't want to acknowledge It? Donald Trump knows we're already in the mud. There's no time to be politically correct.

I may not always like what he says, but man I love the way he plays the game. This is exactly what we need to do to win. I just wish Trump was on top of the Ticket in 2008. He would've called Katie Couric a washed up lush and that whole Sarah Palin thing would've immediately been brought under control. He's paying for that microphone, Mr. Bream. Who's paying for everyone else's? Ask the Establishment on either side of the aisle.

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