Thursday, August 12, 2010

Open Thread Thursday 8/12/10 (Liberals Unhinged Edition)

The wheels are just coming off the thing for liberals today, aren't they?

Obama is at his lowest approval rating ever. You might even call it a meltdown.

Liberals on the internet and even a congressional candidate are wishing Sarah Palin died in the plane crash that killed Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. That candidate has apologized, but another Democrat has resigned over his death wish. The New Hampshire Democrat Party is imploding.

Readers of The Mudflats don't know that Ted Stevens was no longer their Senator and were afraid, get this (fighting back the laughter), that Governor Parnell would choose Sarah Palin to replace him. Of course, Muddy Flaps' readers may have been too stoned to remember, but they voted for Begich who replaced Stevens in 2008.

Keith Olbermann is still unhinged.

Since it's becoming such a freak show (Glenn Beck read the headlines on the Drudge Report on his radio show to show how messed up our country is), let's dedicate a little number to our progressive friends who are hanging oversized "Worst Governor in the Woooooooooorld" banners or wishing our beloved, intellegent and highly competent Sarah Palin dead.

I know this one is old news, but it's still a spleen splitter:

Let's check in with our newsroom to see how the liberals are doing today:

I'm not gay, but I'm hearing some good reviews about a possible gay bar being opened next to the mosque near ground zero. Greg Gutfeld is assembling a group of business owners to invest in the venture. Gutfeld explained the project to Glenn Beck. Put this one in the "beating them at their own game" category.

Two years of attacks against Sarah Palin have failed miserably. (h/t Texas for Sarah Palin)

It was just two short years ago that the media pwned her. Now she pwns the media. In fact, she plays headgames with them. She goes on Fox News Sunday and writes on her hand to mock them. Then she goes on her Facebook page and chums for liberals. Low and behold, Shannyn Moore takes the bait! Palin was using her halibut fishing post as an analogy or a "baiting metaphor." Yet Shannyn Moore took her so literally she actually researched the fishing laws in Homer for her article on the Huffington Post! Allahpundit has more here.

Oh how unhinged they've become.

It seems the evil-hearted people go to pieces over Sarah Palin while the good-hearted find her heroic. Greg Gutfeld explains how Sarah Palin exposes idiots just by being herself (toward end of clip - courtesy of PalinTV):

Palin, an existential threat to liberalism (listen in past the 4:00 mark)?

Laura Ingraham doesn't think what the Journolisters were saying about Palin was that big of a deal? Well Laura, it looks like you reminded me to be fair and balanced and take a few whacks out our own side. Jack Kingston is a Republican Party Hack. And if we don't get off the couch and wake up, we will blow our opportunity to take back the Shining City on a Hill. This is a must read for all conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers. Laura, it is a big deal.

But let not your hearts be troubled fellow conservatives. We are making headway. We not only have a city to take over, but a party to take over. I'm a Republican. But I like to think of myself as a waiter at the "Republican Country Club." I'm sneaking Palin kool aid in the pantry (kind of like how I did it with beer when I was a real waiter during my college years) and I'm unlocking the back door so all my friends wearing "Don't Tread on Me" t-shirts outside can sneak in (I was also a movie theater usher and did that, too).

Then we're going to get all those stuffy suit and ties insider types who are hanging out with the David Frums and the Dan Fagans at the head table to step out onto the dance floor so we can open the secret trap door and excrete them from our party. Following that, we're going to round up the rest of the RINOs in the room, hand them a door prize (maybe some mooseburgers or something) and politely ask them to leave. Don't let the limo door hit you in the ass as you get in to go.

Then, much to the chagrin of our more seasoned, and dare I say pedigreed Republican friends, we're going to bring in some badass lady in a Carhardtt jacket wearing jeans and workboots and declare her our leader. Boy this is going to be fun.

Infiltrate, baby, infiltrate.

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