Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Drilling Lure: President Gives Us False Hope

Drill, Baby, Drill May Mean Cap n Tax, Baby, Cap n Tax

All through the morning there were folks lauding Obama's decision to open drilling off the east coast of the United States. Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia among others praised the move. But talk began circulating that there may be some gotcha's, strings or other tricks to what Obama is doing.

It's now been blown wide open by Sarah Palin who tweets that John Boehner is saying that "Obama goal=cram thru job-killing, energy-depleting, burdensome Cap & Tax scheme on heels of Obama's new 'pro-drilling' msg."

Just when you thought you were going to get a little bit of that hope and change you were promised, the SOB smacks you in the head with another hairbrained scheme to get HIS agenda through instead of ours.

This is just a downright disgrace. The president basically intends to bribe the American people into letting us drill if we give him Cap N Tax.

Just say no.

UPDATE: Sarah Palin has written more on this.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Official: The Smear Campaign Against Tea Party Failed

According to Conservatives4Palin, a "Gallup/USA Today poll finds that 'when asked about incidents of vandalism and threats that followed the bill's passage, Americans are more inclined to blame Democratic political tactics than critics' harsh rhetoric.'" They credited Palin, Cantor and other Republicans and the fact that "the Democrat Party clearly overplayed its hand."

Anyone who knows me knows that from the day Obama got elected until now, my key point and argument of arguments has always been that to win back America we would have to convince the American people that the media lied to them. The media has been in bed with the Democrat party since day one, and Americans everywhere are waking up to this fact just in the nick of time.

I felt so strongly about this point that it was my signature slogan on my Tea Party sign at the 9/12 march on Washington. I wrote it on my Fight For the Right page in February of 2009.

Watching Sarah Palin nail the media during her speech in Searchlight Nevada was just pure music to my ears. To see the American people turning more to social media, the internet, Fox News and word of mouth via Twitter, text and blogs is a dream come true for me. You cannot understand the frustration I felt the in the days it was breaking that ACORN was being accused across the country of widespread voter fraud that the mainstream media continued to focus on a two week old story, Troopergate. Muzzled by the campaign, Palin raised concerns about voter fraud at the Richmond International Raceway rally I attended in Virginia without mentioning ACORN by name. I knew what she meant.

All the smears that the mainstream media perpetrated against the McCain-Palin campaign could not be countered since John McCain elected (or was tricked by Obama into) taking public funding. Despite having much more money than McCain, Obama continued to get free media coverage, including a live commercial about a thrill up the leg delivered by Chris Matthews as he anchored a straight news show (he did not say it on Hardball).

McCain had no money and the free media was clearly heavily going with Obama. The Founders must have been rolling over in their graves. I'm sure Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine would have had a few Samuel Adams if they saw the free press that they championed being hijacked by liberals the way it was.

The polls have spoken. The American people have spoken. Convince the people the media lies and you win. Game over.

How Reagan and Palin Handle Their Political Opponents

I was reading an article on Newsweek to see how Ronald Reagan responded to his then nemesis Jimmy Carter when I saw something blatantly familiar. Here's what Reagan said:
"Let it show on the record that when the American people cried out for economic help, Jimmy Carter took refuge behind a dictionary. Well if it’s a definition he wants, I’ll give him one. A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours. Recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his."

Ronald Reagan was delivering a speech on a windy day, his hair blowing in the breeze and flags flapping in the wind around him. He had been criticized by Jimmy Carter and the left for using the word "depression" to describe what was happening to the economy.

Didn't something like this just happen again the other day, I thought? Sarah Palin was being criticized for using the word "reload." Her response went something like this:

"We're sending a message to Washington. It's loud and it's clear, and in these upcoming elections we're saying that the big-government, big-debt, Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending spree is over. You're fired!"

Forget about Obama's birth certificate. I want to see Ronald Reagan's death certificate. Something tells me "he's still alive."

Read More about Warrior Palin here.

Monday, March 29, 2010

How Reagan and Palin Handle Hecklers

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sarah Palin in Searchlight - Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi: You're Fired

The Media Lies

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I'm watching the speech right now as I post this. This has to be one of Sarah Palin's greatest speeches. Calling it a barnburner would be downplaying it. Put this one on the highlight film.

Check out some vintage Sarah as she and the crowd handle a heckler during her speech for McCain at Texas4Palin. This is some great stuff.

Friday, March 26, 2010

John McCain is A Hero

We cannot be pure ideologues on everything we do. Don't take this out on Sarah Palin. Politics is human and sometimes requires pragmatic choices like not stabbing the guy who made you who you are in the back.

I know the Tea Partiers are going crazy because Sarah Palin is supporting John McCain for re-election to the Senate. I know John McCain has not sided with conservatives 100 % of the time. He messed up with his initial position on immigration reform. He screwed up when he pushed through McCain-Feingold, a law that would eventually be ruled unconstitutional. But, John McCain has also done some good things, especially since the 2008 campaign. To understand why John McCain is a hero and why he should be re-elected lies in one's ability to understand the whole and not just the sum of some bad parts that some wish to focus on.

John McCain supported Ronald Reagan. John McCain was a Reaganite through the 1980's. He also assisted in the 1990's with getting conservative things done while Clinton was president. Yes, John McCain moderated in the 1990's and 2000's. Yes he didn't always vote our way. But on the big stuff, he was there. John McCain had some issues with George W. Bush. McCain's initial position on tax cuts and some of the legislation that he worked on with Ted Kennedy is absolutely not the highlight of McCain's career.

But John McCain is fighting like a dog now against Obama. He has come to understand that there can be no bi-partisanship in a Congress that is as corrupt as the one we have now. John McCain may not always water the right tree, but he understands the forest. He gets the deal. And lately, he's been watering a lot of the right trees.

He is a hero because of his service to our country during the Vietnam War. I understand that while this alone does not qualify someone for re-election, it is an important component of who John McCain is as a great American and a patriot. He is a hero for supporting the Reagan revolution from before he became a senator until the day Reagan left office. He is a hero for showing us that people make mistakes in life and can fix those mistakes both in his personal life as well as his professional life. In a conservative, merit based society, those who do good things should not be punished.

Tea Partiers, I am one of you. I support the movement. I go to Tea Parties. I want to take the country back with you. Those of you in Arizona, vote your conscience. Let's agree to disagree on this one and move on toward the final goal: taking America back. Just understand why Sarah Palin is backing him and why I believe she is doing the right thing.

John McCain did not always do what we conservatives wanted him to do. But he was in our "political" army when Reagan was running, and he helped. He was in our real army when America was trying to defeat communism, and he helped. Oh, and he did a little something else that a lot of us may have forgotten: he gave us Sarah Palin.

That alone may have saved our country.

John McCain is a hero.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Death Threats Against Palin, Cantor, TEA Partiers and Pro Conservative Websites (Update)

There is a crazy loon running wild on Twitter.

Here is a pdf of @crazypeople2 Twitter page: crazypeople2.

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit has now reported on crazypeople2's death threats that a bunch of us picked up on Twitter last night. They also picked up on Michele Bachmann's appearance on Hannity last night where she said that her property was vandalized and she received threats. Bachmann wisely said "said she did not make a big deal out of the attacks because, unlike democrats, she did not want to stir the crazy pot."

In this writer's opinion, this appears to be a smear campaign gone awry. When the Democrats won the health care reform vote, they mistook that as an opportunity to try to win over an overwhelming number of Americans who were opposed to the Obamacare plan by portraying the right wing and the TEA Party movement as violent, angry and threatening (see A Warning to the TEA Party Movement).  When TEA Party activists, conservative bloggers, television anchors and talk radio hosts exposed the smear campaign, most of America dismissed the nonsense that was being spewed by the mainstream media and saw this for what it really was.

This frustrated Democrats who began acting out in crazy ways. While incidents on the right are isolated as are some on the left, the left is actually stirring the pot with their media smear campaign as well as actively organizing telephone campaigns to drown out opposition voices. I explain more on Unsheathed.

Ron Devito also has more at Sarah's Web Brigade.

A Warning to the TEA Party Movement

Beware: you are being set up

Suddenly, just as the health care reform bill is voted into law, the mainstream media starts reporting on all these so called "acts of violence and racial bigotry" and they immediately connect them to the TEA Party - the "angry mob" they have spent the better part of over a year and two months marginalizing. When I began hearing allegations of violence at Congress Representatives' offices and of racial slurs being used at protests in Washington something didn't sit right with me. Something smelled the more I listened to liberal commentators, networks and websites. That smell was not the stench of ratcheted up violence. The smell is the stench of ratcheted up focus on it.

I've been to TEA Parties and I've seen the people. Like most events where a large group of people are assembled, there are always the few who misbehave or act out of line. I've been to church picnics where fights have had to be broken up. But, mainly what I see are a lot of people like you and me. I see older people, professional people, young people, blue collar workers, business owners, religious people and yes, people of different races when I am at these events.

At the first TEA Party I ever attended (Richmond, VA 04/15/09), I saw veterans, grandmothers and the like. But what caught my eye was a guy, kind of looking a little "hippy-ish," carrying a sign that had racial comments on it like "Hispanics are illegal aliens: deport all illegal aliens." I yelled out "someone get some miracle grow for the plant!" People around me laughed. The guy hurried through the crowd away from me. He knew he was either one CNN moment away from accomplishing his goal of being the symbol the left needed to marginalize us or he wsa one moment away from being removed by Richmond P.D. at one of our behests.

As I left the rally, I met an African American man who was holding a sign that read "Palin 2012." I spoke with him briefly and, of course, as Palinistas often do, spent most of the time talking about the second coming of Reagan. But what struck me the most is that the crowd was not a bunch of "white racist tea baggers" as it had been portrayed by the mainstream media. There were a few hispanics, a larger than demographically proportioned number of Asians (I'm eyeballing this, but think I'm right because Richmond doesn't have a large Asian population) and of course white people - white people of different descent too (remember white people can be Italian, Irish, Jewish, Russian, etc). I didn't see any KKK hoods. I didn't see any racists (other than Democrat operatives who infiltrated as plants) and I didn't see any openly gay people expressing their desire to perform a certain sexual act on each other.

The media lies. They lie so bad that if life was conducted under oath, everyone who runs six of the seven major news networks on television would be in jail for aggravated purjury.

Read how the media is lying to us here. "Gateway Pundit Reports: Remember as you read this: There is nothing the Democratic-media complex will not do to lie about the tea party patriots or to prop up these horrid leftists who are transforming our country into some kind of quasi-socialist state."

Which brings me to a posting on Michellemalkin.com which makes the point better than I can. Doug Powers writes: "I condemn real threats of violence almost as much as I condemn desperate claims that are manufactured in a cheap attempts to further broken agendas." (emphasis added). While toiling over writing this blog post, I read that comment and said, well I'm done. Powers said everything I was trying to do in paragraphs in one sentence.

And although my boss thinks I was 15 minutes late for work today because of traffic at the Bryan Park interchange, the truth is I couldn't get to sleep until 3 am last night. I had just gotten off the phone with a friend of mine who patiently listened through a 20 minute rant on how the left is using Alinsky tactics to marginalize us. I explained how the media was ginning up the TEA Party violence, which ended up becoming a political science class in how the radical leftist movement infiltrated the Democrat party in 1968 and eventually infiltrated the government. Those who complained of being repressed by the man had become the man.

When Glenn Beck talked about that last night, my first reaction was "he's bugging my phone." Then I realized the show was taped. However, his opening monologue, although probably much more well done than my political rant, was on the EXACT SAME SUBJECT that I was discussing on the phone. I texted my friend back because I knew he was watching Beck too. "Glenn Beck is blowing my mind," I wrote. I think I even tweeted it.

It really hit me last night when I got into a twitter war with some lib about TEA Party violence. I always try to keep my political debates on the up and up, but truth is truth and fact is fact. The woman who was bantering with me last night was a liar. She was from Canada, or so she said she was. I didn't expect her to have the SEIU or MoveOn.org logo on her website. A plant has to meld with its environment, not stand out. She was lying about the TEA Party violence and she was lying that I wouldn't renounce it. Before reading Michelle Malkin's column, I told her this:

I don't condone anything that the left "claims" we've done. I would love to find out who's doing these things.
She went nuts. The argument deteriorated from that point forward. I didn't give her the answer she wanted and I basically cut it off after she told me I needed schooling. I don't need schooling from ignorant people.

"I would love to find out who's doing these things."

TEA Partiers, be warned. The left wing radicals are setting you up. From the communications offices in the White House, to the editorial rooms in major news networks across America, to the blogosphere and to the political offices that support left wing candidates, they are working on a way of sticking the sword right through the heart of the TEA Party. They are arrogants sons of bitches who think that now that they have health care reform, it's time to destroy us.

Never forget this line in President Obama's inaugural address: "On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics." Let me translate that for you: "On this day, we come to destroy conservatism and fundamentally transform the United States of America into a European socialist style democracy." This is the most important line in Obama's inaugural address. It is the polar opposite of Reagan's first inaugural statement:

In the days ahead, I will propose removing the roadblocks that have slowed our economy and reduced productivity. Steps will be taken aimed at restoring the balance between the various levels of government. Progress may be slow -- measured in inches and feet, not miles -- but we will progress. It is time to reawaken this industrial giant, to get government back within its means, and to lighten our punitive tax burden. And these will be our first priorities, and on these principles there will be no compromise.
Obama's statement in his inaugural address is the complete and total undoing of what Reagan said. Obama should have used the words "there will be no compromise" when it comes to implementing radical statist socialism in America. Obama was a Marxist in college and Obama is a socialist today. This is not enflamed right wing rhetoric or some crazy conspiracy theory. Read Obama's writings. Read about his associations. It's all right there. It's as plain as Reverend Wright, William Ayers and Father Pfleiger.

The people associated with the radical movement in America are thugs. They are the ones inciting violence. They are doing it by inciting us to violence so that we could manifest for them the one final fact needed for their argument that the TEA Party movement is a danger to America. They want us to be perceived as "un-American."  The fringe, the angry mob and those that are called "un-American" by the likes of Joe Klein and Keith Olbermann are family people like you who hold jobs, go to church, own homes, pay your taxes and your bills and love America. The fringe, America, is you.

Heed the words of Glenn Beck from last night's show:
This might be the most dangerous monologue I've ever done, because I'm telling you now: They need you to be violent. They are begging you for it. You are being set up. Do not give them what they want. I saw a report earlier today on Fox about how congressmen are getting death threats because they voted for the health care bill.

I am telling you: Do not become them! Not only is it completely nuts and wrong, it's exactly what they want. That's what they did!

They have dropped the radical pose for the radical ends. Don't play into their script: They need you to become them.

I know it is extremely frustrating right now and they are doubling down, but do not give them what they want. Remain who you've always been: A decent, religious and moral people. Don't pick anything up except your religious scripture.
The more quickly the left can marginalize the TEA Party movement, the more quickly it can continue the dismantling of our free market based, Constitutional form of government and replace it with the next step, not the final product: a socialist democracy. From there they will be able to do the Hugo Chavez thing. But they are patient. They know it takes time. They've been patient for over 50 years.

Here's how it is starting to happen according to the Canadian Free Press:

A federal intelligence source reported in an interview last evening that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have been called in to “actively investigate incidents of violence and threats” made to at least ten Democrats and one Republican lawmaker since Sunday. Their involvement was reportedly requested by top House leadership and one unnamed, high-level White House official. According to this source, who agreed to speak to this writer under the strict condition of anonymity, “a ‘watch list’ has already been created that specifically names and turns their focus on various pro-life and tea-party organizations and individuals who are considered a threat to domestic security, continuity of government operations, and to the lives of lawmakers and their families.”
We need to find out who is committing the violence and making the racial remarks. WE need to find these people. WE need be more vigilant than the left claims to be in finding violent people in our movement. Why? Because if we catch these people one of two things is going to happen. We are either going to kick them out the movement and turn them over to the cops or we are going to expose them as Democratic operatives. As soon as you find one, let's connect those dots all the way up to the White House and blow this scandal wide open.

It's hunting season, fellow conservatives, fellow TEA Partiers. It's time to go find some plants and expose them.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Romper Room Update

To follow up on an earlier post, It's Romper Room In Obama-land, lets see how the children are acting after getting their way on health care reform. Those who have children know that they will be persistent. They will bug you and bug you until they get that new toy they want. No matter how much you say no, they somehow find a way. After tugging on the pant leg, whining, crying, kicking, screaming and carrying on like children will, they finally got their new toy (look mommy, comes complete with abortions and death panels!).

Today's bill signing looked more like the after party at a Guns and Roses concert than it did a ceremonial bill signing, you know that thing that past presidents did with gratitude and reverence. With such a close vote on such a hotly contested issue in which the politicians in Washingtons were basically split down the middle and the American people overwhelmingly against, you would think they would save the gloating for something more bi-partisan, like killing Osama bin Laden or solving the nuclear Iran problem.

Trot out "Say it ain't so, Joe" to add to the noise of children running around the playground screaming and laughing. Yes, Joe, this is a big f--king deal. And the grown ups are f--king pissed. So if the kids want to run around out of control and with no supervision for now, that's fine.

Come November, the grown ups are coming home. Enjoy it while you can, kiddies.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stupak Crumbles

The pro-life movement encouraged Bart Stupak to stand up for his principles on the abortion language in the health care bill. He gave the appearance that he would put principle over politics. But in the end, he merely decided to go along to get along. He became one of the dead fish that goes with the flow. Pro-lifers who treated him as an ally were severely let down. The agony that Representative Stupak felt in deciding his vote has turned to the agony that we all feel now that he sold his soul for Obamacare.

How pro-life Democrats can feel assured by the White House that their views will be considered by executive order is beyond me. "The executive order is essentially a reiteration of the Senate abortion language coupled with promises of enforcement by a pro-choice administration," according to W. James Antle, III at The American Spectator. Someone should have reminded the Stupak caucus of another promise Obama made: the one he made to Senator McCain about taking public funding when running for president.

Now that the White House and Nancy Pelosi have gotten what they want, there is no reason for them to come back and amend the bill to include Stupak's non-funding language, whether it be through reconcilliation in the Senate or by executive order. Stupak sold his soul and the president and the speaker are not going to be in any great hurry to give it back to him.

There really is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat anymore.

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UPDATE: Palin Slams Stupak

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We Did All We Could Do

Consider that the American people were against health care reform 55% to 35%. Consider that the Congress is made up of 255 Democrats and 178 Republicans. If Democrats pass health care reform, it will only be by the slimmest of votes despite their overwhelming control of the House. It will go against overwhelming numbers in the public opinion (you know, that thing that makes us a representative democracy). And it will send a signal to the American people that our government no longer works for us.

This is a major step in the direction of a European style democracy where the lines between capitalism and socialism become blurred, and free enterprise is allowed to exist but only at the whim of the government which can impose any control it wishes on it at any time.

The total out of balance nature of our legislature in proportion to the public's opinion is a moment ripe for tyranny. When the Congress leans left and the people lean right, there is a fundamental imbalance. This Congress has chosen to forget its Constitutional duties and represent the will of the people, and in the process is not putting a necessary check and balance on a president who is hell bent toward "transforming America." Yup, first the media abdicated its role during the campaign part and now the Congress has abdicated its role during the governing part.

These are the sheep generated out of the pre-2008 election mentality. The make up of this Congress is the 2006-2008 Democrats who got in because none of us were happy with Bush's economic policies. But, at that point we had not yet recognized that we were being led into socialism by the shadow party and the left wing of the Democrat party. They infiltrated their party first when we we weren't looking and now they own the board.

The only way to solve this thwarting of the will of the people will be to infiltrate the Republican party and take back our country that way. If any of ours ever falls asleep on watch again, it will be all of ours' responsibility to hold them accountable. This disaster in American democracy should never happen again.

So, regardless of the outcome tomorrow, we can look at ourselves and realize we did all we could do. If you can't get it done with a 55% - 35% majority of public opinion, we are just going to have to recognize that our government is very broken and fix it in November.

Friday, March 19, 2010

We Rock!

It's how you play the game.

Regardless of the outcome of this monstrosity of a disaster called Obamacare, we are the greatest group of American patriots to stand up for ourselves since we stood with Ronald Reagan against the Soviet Union. Things are different now as we deal with a political battle within the confines of the U.S. Constitution, yet that Constitution is under major fire right now. Those who have been standing strong need to be commended.

Based upon the latest polls, 48% of you rock. And we outnumber the 38% of them who roll (with the tide like dead fish). In a representative democracy, the 48% would win. In a socialist dictatorship, the 38% would win. That could only happen in America if someone screwed with the Constitution.

As such, we will move forward, stronger than ever in resolve and in greater numbers than ever before as more and more Americans join us in opposing the Obama agenda. November is not that far away and we have enough ammo to win that battle regardless of the outcome of the vote on Sunday. But, God help them if we win.

That shining city on a hill will not be taken easily, and it will not be taken back totally for a few more years. We know it's there and we will travel the journey between now and then continuing to work toward our destiny: morning in America. We know this health care bill will put a tremendous burden on our ability to take back the city, because the amount of time that will have to spent undoing the thing will affect early parts of our agenda. But as soon as we start drilling for oil and expanding all aspects of our domestic energy products, the more quickly we can earn enough money back as a people to begin to cut back on that ridiculously outlandish debt and deficit.

We see the faces of the things we want to be. And we believe that what we are doing now is a manifestation of the common vision of millions of patriots across America who see this place the same way that Samuel Adams did, Patrick Henry did, Thomas Jefferson did, and Ronald Reagan did. The hurt that enters your mind and heart is nothing. It's a flesh wound. Move on and keep marching to the shining city. Despite the momentary mysery, we rock!

Resistance Will Be the Real Mess of Obamacare

It's going to be a long weekend for members of Congress who will be voting on the health care measure. Should it pass, you can look for Constitutional challenges, court fights and states rights battles across the country. This legislation has the potential to do what Watergate and the Clinton Impeachment did: tie up our government for years and stifle it from being able to properly carry out the people's business. Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia's Attorney General, told Greta Van Susteren if the bill passes on Sunday, the commonwealth of Virginia will be in court on Monday.

Governor Bob McDonnell last week signed a law making it illegal to mandate that people have to buy health insurance in the commonwealth of Virginia. A number of other states have passed or are in the process of passing legislation that shores up their 10th amendment rights. Sarah Palin told Glenn Beck yesterday that the states will use all legal tools to remind the federal government that there are enumerated powers and limits to what the federal government can do. These legal tools will be the way in which governors can lead their citizens to have their voices heard. She expects Alaska to follow suit with other states in resisting Obamacare.

Defeating Obamacare now is ultimately the answer. While there may be some hope in efforts to repeal it or defeat it in court, expect these to be the least palatable of options considering the long drawn out fight that would occur should Obamacare pass. Not only will this create a Constitutional "crisis," but will severely limit what a successor administration can do in the event Obama loses the 2012 election as they work to undo the damage caused by this legislation. It will also further undermine the already dwindling faith that citizens have in their government.

Read more: Obama Care is Tyranny, Not Legislation

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Can Do It

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Health Insurance Demagoguery

It's the bureaucracy, stupid

People hate insurance companies, but they don't really know why. The health insurance industry barely squeaks by on a 2.2% profit margin, yet they are accused of being stingy or greedy, whichever buzz word fits the moment. The Democrats demagogues are trying to get you to believe Obamacare will fix those rascally ole insurance companies. Good for them, they will say. Having worked in medical collections and being an insurance consumer myself, I've seen what they do. I'm not a big fan of them. But, I looked deeper and found out why. Ronald Reagan said any level of financial discomfort you feel in your life is proportial to the amount of government involvement. This rings true for insurance companies. It's the bureaucracy, stupid.

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars lobbying the government to pass "regulation" that benefits them or waters it down whenever it looks like the regulatory climate is becoming hostile. Even when they are able to game the system somewhat in their favor, most of these "regulations" always end up requiring insurance companies to spend exorbitant amounts of money on their legal and compliance departments. And, because the insurance industry is so deeply in bed with the government, they have become just as bureaucratic. Hence, the two hour phone call up the chain of command arguing a denial for $250.00.

If the insurance industry was actually forced to compete in the free market across state lines and without anti-trust exemptions, you could be guaranteed two things: premiums would go down and you could put the scumbags who nickle and dime you on your claims out of business by going to their competitors who would be forced by the market to provide better customer service. Why have a public option to destroy evil insurance companies when you can use something much more powerful: the free market.

You are not really totally paying for health care coverage right now. You are paying for your insurance company's lobbying costs, compliance costs and bureaucratic costs as well as your doctor's medical malpractice insurance. If there's anything left after that, they pay claims. Once they run out of money, they nickel and dime the rest of the poor suckers who think just because it says it in the policy it's actually covered.

Should the government actually empower the people to buy better insurance coverage, government would lose its control over you. You might smoke. You might become fat. Or, you might work harder at getting that rate reduction for lowering your weight or quitting smoking. Either way, the individual makes the decision and lives by the decision. You own your own death panel if you so choose and no one can vote a candidate out of office or even worse yet, vote one in because of a promise to "take care of you."

Today, when you go to the hospital, you can push the doctor or the administrator to guide you toward a treatment that will help you. Under Obamacare, if you push anyone they are going to tell you to get back in bed, we know best. Today, if your health insurance plan doesn't cover something, you can reach in your pocket and pay for it (that's why we work hard in America). Tomorrow, if the federal guidelines based on the complete life system say a treatment is not covered, it's not covered. When you try to pull the money out of your own pocket, they will either tell you the treatment's not available or make you go on the waiting list.

If the automobile industry in the 1950's was like our health care system and the price of cars was getting too high, would the government create their own "Edsel" to replace the one that was created in the free market? Chances are, if the government had taken over the automobile industry because they built crappy cars, we'd all be driving government issued Edsels today instead of understanding how that Edsel ended up in the ash heep because the free market encouraged car manufacturers to produce better cars.

Your insurance company is an average girlfriend that has flaws. Obama is telling you that if you break up with her, he'll hook you up with a hot chick. It will only be after you dump your average insurance company that you will find out that the girl Obama wants to hook you up with is actually a dog. By then it will be too late.

Read more here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Romper Room In Obama-land

He promised us hope and change. He promised to change the tone of Washington. He promised to end partisan bickering and conduct business out in the open. Instead, we have doom and gloom, a bitter tone in Washington, unprecedented partisan bickering and back room deals. These are the kind of things you'd see in an unsupervised daycare center, not a U.S. presidential administration.

Yes, from the top on down, it's romper room, folks. The children are running the daycare and the patients are running the asylum. There is no reaching across the aisle because you can't extend a hand through closed doors behind which you're chanting "na na na na na, we won and we're going to pass health care reform anyway." There is no hope and change when the grown ups have to show up in Washington DC to protest the recklessness and the children laugh at them and mock them instead.

From naked chiefs of staff poking Congressmen in the shower to press secretaries writing on their hands to giving heads of state cheap and meaningless gifts to calling cops stupid, this administration has acted like nothing but children. Those who told us the country was going to be taken over by an angry old man and the "Wasilla Hillbillies" must have been forming their mental manifestation in wait during the 2008 presidential campaign. All that they feared; all that they warned us of; all they accused us of being. They have become.

They feared the Republican vice presidential candidate would be a bumbling fool. Theirs is. They feared that GOP Congressional leadership would pander to special interests. Their's does. They feared that conservatives would favor the rich over the poor. They have (in the form of bailouts and dependency programs). They are everything that they campaigned against in 2008.

Children can be mean when they tease and taunt. Today, Sarah Palin put out a well worded statement about the situation in Israel. The reaction in the comments section reminded me once again that the children were still regressing. She didn't write that. She's a dummy. How dare Politico had even print something she wrote. It reminded me that while Obama might be losing independents, he still has his base - the same "children" who can't stop giggling about seeing Russia from a house in Alaska.

Sarah Palin thought Alan Grayson should be punished for telling the other kids that the grown ups wanted them to die and die quickly. She didn't want to use bad language, though, because there were children in the room. Grayson later threw a hissy fit - screaming and kicking and throwing things on his website - because "momma" scolded him. Did you ever have to bite your lip to stop yourself from laughing at a child's reaction when you were disciplining them?

Now lets take a look at Washington where no one wants to play "health care." Did you ever notice how children change the rules to a game when they are losing? Where's the grown up when you need one to tell little Nancy to play fair or don't play at all? Or, how about this one: "I'll let you ride on my plane if you play with me?" Yup, wittle Dennis got a pwane ride yesterday.

It's time for the adults to come back into the room and with one loud gong, signal to the children that recess is over and it's time to get back to work. It's time that the children stop tearing up the shining city on a hill, littering it with their cap n tax, health care reform and financial reform "toys." It's time for the adults to clean up the mess and send the children to bed.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stand Up and Shout!

It's like broken glass, you get cut before you see it. So open up yours eyes.

Health care reform is coming to a vote this week. Should it pass, the process of undoing it via repeal and challenging its consitutionality will tie us up for years to come. This will handcuff our nation at a time when it needs to be focused on creating jobs (using all energy sectors to prime the pump), correcting an outdated and burdensome tax structure (cutting taxes that stifle economic growth) and bringing back the sense of pride we once had about being Americans (stop apologizing and lift America's spirit).

We are in the economic and social rut that we are in because we have failed to focus on the main issues facing this nation. Instead, our leaders want to put us on a course toward bigger government and greater control over an economy that can only function properly with less government intrusion and more free enterprise.

Government gives us over 2,000 pages of health care "solutions" and a president who has spoken lectured ad nauseum on the subject. He has wasted over a year of our lives as we researched, scored and opposed this big government monstrosity. Is this leadership? How is it that the so called "greatest minds" in our nation have volumes written about what needs to be done to "fundamentally transform" our nation, and the solutions are as simple as several words written on Sarah Palin's hand?

Energy Independence
Tax Cuts
Lift America's Spirits

Sarah Palin asks us to take action via Facebook:
Please take the time to get involved in the debate this week. There are many grassroots efforts under way. There will be a march on Washington on Tuesday, March 16th (see here for details). Rep. Michele Bachmann has a “Kill the Bill” online petition that you can sign here. Most importantly, contact members of Congress and offer your support if they do the right thing.
In other words: stand up and shout!

For more disturbing information regarding the health care bill, read here.

UPDATE: Michele The Awesome fires up the opposition to Obamacare:

UPDATE 2: Sarah The Great Rips Congress on Health Care Bill

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Palin Articulates Her Political Philosophy

In Orlando, Sarah Palin joked about what she wrote on her hand. But that is her political philosophy and that is her plan for taking back America - Energy Independence, tax cuts and lifting America's spirits. Sarah Palin is now defining herself.

In his first inaugural address, delivered on January 20, 1981, Reagan said with the nation in an economic recession, he declared that "government is not the solution to our problem." Instead, he proposed to remove "the roadblocks that have slowed our economy and reduced productivity," reawaken "this industrial giant," get "government back within its means," and reduce "punitive tax burdens."

It worked before; it will work again.

UPDATE: Read Sarah Palin's Facebook post on how energy independence can create jobs.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Palin's Speech in Orange County

The Orlando Sentinel


From @JacobEngels on Twitter

Palin has finished and the crowd goes wild!
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"Stick by your principles and stick by your guns and we shall win! God Bless you and God Bless Florida!"
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"First real test will be the ballot box next Nov!
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"Patriots are standing up and speaking out"
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"We still believe that America is acceptional"
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"GOP believes that God has shed his grace on thee"
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"We will take back Congress in 2010 and the Whitehouse in 2012"
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"Govt is growing and we are drowning in debt"
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"We know history"
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"Media let's Obama get away with pinning problems on Bush"
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palins--"Tea Partiers are all good patriotic Americans"
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palins--"We can't afford what's going on in D.C. "
about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"it's about time Obama and his friends listen to the American people"
about 2 hours ago via Twitterrific
Sarah Palin--"Americans want domestic drilling which God has blessed our country with"

2 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"All of the above approach for energy policy is the only way!"
3 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"We swept out corruption in Alaska and created a competitive buisness environment!
4 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"if writing on ones hand is good enough for God, it's good enough for the rest of us!"
6 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"My dad would write his lesson plans on his hand when he was a teacher"
7 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"Gibbs has nothing better to concentrate on other than my hand?"
8 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"I was busted for using the poor mans teleprompter...my hand"
9 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"Fight hard against Grayson for the rest of the country"
10 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"thx to those trying to take on Alan Grayson."
12 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin--"I know you guys are clinging to your guns"
13 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Sarah Palin is at the podium and everyone is on there feet!!
14 minutes ago via Twitterrific
Reply Retweet Dean Cannon is introducing Sarah Palin! Almost there!! Keep following and I will share!!

Sorry Liberals, But We're Still Right

I hate to tell them. But they are still wrong.

Health Care Reform

The radical left wing Obama administration has wasted over a year of America's time trying to ram through an unpopular bill that was originally supposed to cover all Americans and lower costs. That bill, if passed would raise the cost of health care for the individual while shifting some of the mechanisms of coverage from the more efficient private sector to the less efficient public sector.

"For every family that gets some benefit from this program, in other words, a premium subsidy, three families are going to get a tax increase and those three families obviously include the bulk of people you'd call middle class America," Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, told Fox News.

Read more here and here.

The Economy

America is not prepared for success. The bailout, the stimulus plan and the rising debt the federal government is running up to keep car companies, states, banks and brokerage houses afloat is no different than the enabling and denial you read about in books about substance abuse. A year ago, we saw our economy on the brink of "passing out" from excessive lending, poor corporate management and simply awfully written regulatory law. Rather than let it crash, experience the hangover and get back on its feet, we fed it another drink and hoped for the best. We continue to refuse to accept the fact that it's time for our economy to go to rehab.

Read more here and here.


The pending conflict with Iran is a product of every administration we have had since Jimmy Carter. Once the Shah of Iran fell, the Islamic clerics who took over the country have ruled it with an iron fist ever since. The closest thing we had to a solution was the Reagan administration's encouragement of an ongoing conflict between Iran and Iraq. But even then, with our hands tied by our focus on the Soviet Union, the problem was never really solved. Subsequent administrations were tentative in facing the prospects of Iran continuing to be a thorn in our side since the Islamic revolution in the late 1970's. The delay in facing the fact that regime change is the only solution haunts us to this day.

Read more here and here.

Pop Culture

John Stewart is a moron, plain and simple. How do I know the governor of Virginia is doing a great job? When liberals attack him. Here's Stewart lying that McDonnell signed an executive order allowing gays to be fired. Uh, John, the executive order says that colleges have to follow federal guidelines, guidelines that were written by liberals. And since I am having an "unsheathed" moment here, let's take a look at the "gay flag" Stewart was poking fun at. If it's that gay, just give back your William & Mary Degree. We're really not that proud that you are an alumni from one of our state's instutions of higher learning.

Is that Sarah Palin with her foot on your chest, John?

That's actually Virtus, the Roman goddess of bravery. That's kind of my state of Virginia's way of using a lot of complicated symbolism and imagery to basically say "Don't F*&K With Us."

This "unsheathed" moment was brought to you by True Swords.

Bob McDonnell is the man.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What If Barack Obama Was Behind the Palin Smear Campaign?

Read these articles:


Is Barack Obama Actively Trying To Kill Sarah Palin’s Natural Gas Pipeline?

There will be more. Stay tuned. It's only the beginning folks.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Media and The Ladies

It is with the style of Samuel Adams, the passion of Patrick Henry and within the framework of our great Constitution that many of us are using our pens (keyboards) as swords and the ballot box as our battlefield. We work toward returning this nation to greatness. The combination of journalists, media personalities, bloggers and just regular folks on Twitter and on blogs makes a perfect mix for an army that we conservatives are building in preparation for the literary storming, the taking over and the restoration of the shining city on a hill. More and more, women are becoming a bigger presence in this army.

I'm an old Reagan guy. I'm 46. I started college when Reagan was first elected president and I was on the move in the corporate world as a young man in my 20's by the time Reagan left office. It was the greatest eight years I've ever seen our country experience. I always wonder what it would have been like to have the internet then.

I came from a generation that was used to being ruled by old white guys. But, I'm also from a generation whose views on minorities and women were evolving and maturing. Twenty years ago, if you asked me what the "next Reagan" would look like, I probably would have told you another old white guy, if there was ever another one at all. Yet, if you asked me if I would ever vote for a woman or a minority, I would have told you yes, but only if that person had the right political philosophy.

Something happened when Sarah Palin hit the scene. It brought out women like Ann Coulter, Monica Crowley, SE Cupp, Mary Katharine Hamm, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin Andrea Tantaros. And although I know that some of these people have been around prior to Palin, those who were just seem to stand out more now. I thought about this last night when I saw Monica Crowley on The O'Reilly Factor. I realized that I am becoming a fan of more and more women, even though I tend to be more of a Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin kind of guy.

I can tell you this, though. As a guy, I don't mind having the ladies involved in the cause, if you know what I mean. It doesn't hurt to see a pretty face on the TV screen or Twitter avatar, even if the true beauty is being displayed in the content of what is being said or written. Call it "ideological hotness." Whatever it is, it is a very attractive feature on a woman.

But seriously, I'm a Palin supporter for ideological reasons, not because she's a woman. However, what she is doing for women is a great thing. And, I do believe that since the man isn't handling the checkbook well right now, it might just be time to give it over to the woman, politically speaking.

Is it because of Sarah Palin that women are motivated to become more involved in the media and punditry? Has conservatism become cool again for the ladies because of her the way it was for the guys when Reagan was around? Only the women can answer these questions. I'm just a guy. And yes, it is a bonus that Sarah Palin is "ideologically hot."

Speaking of hot, there are the great and talented ladies I've gotten to meet on Twitter like Karen Allen, Jedediah Bila, Tammy Bruce, Rachelle Friberg, Camille Friend, April Liesel, R.A. Mansour and Adrienne Ross. They have become people I consider to be "Twitter Friends." Without the existence of social media like Twitter, I would not know these wonderful ladies who have become like celebrities to me as well as friends because the new media has connected them with people like Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren. They have gotten to become "Twitter Friends" with some pretty big names as a result.

Karen Allen runs PalinTwibe Blog. Rachelle and Camille often guest on the Eddie Burke show on KBYR in Alaska as well as on internet radio. Adrienne Ross became friends with Sarah Palin after joining Team Sarah and even assisted her at her book signing in New York. She writes for Conservatives4Palin as well. April Liesel is host of the People Power Hour on blogtalk radio. She is also "skype" friends with Greta Van Susteren among other media people. Jedediah Bila is a writer who I first met on April Liesel's show. Tammy Bruce is a radio talk show host who appears on The O'Reilly Factor as a contributor. Tonight, Jedediah Bila will be on Hannity's Great American Panel. R.A. Mansour founded Conservatives4Palin and now works for SarahPac.

The new media has opened a line of communication among political activists, writers and journalists to the extent that we are now a mixed bag of people where someone like me can be tweeted by Newt Gingrich, Mary Katharine Ham, Greta Van Susteren or Andy Levy. I get to tweet with people who appear on radio shows or Fox News. We can now build an army that literally communicates with each other whether we are Sean Hannity or just little ole me.

Which brings me back to Monica Crowley on the O'Reilly Factor last night. I realized then that she is not on Twitter. I would have loved to have tweeted "@MonicaCrowley Nice! You kicked Alan Colmes' ass." She has a blog, but no Twitter account. You know you're getting old when the purpose of "trolling the internet for babes" is to give a shout out for beating a liberal on a talk show debate.

Don't get me wrong, though, I'm still a guy. And as you ladies know, we guys are pigs. While I was brought up to always respect a lady, when your back is turned I'm checking out your blog. When you're not looking, I'm checking out what you're getting off your chest or to see if your argument has "legs." If Rodney Dangerfield was here today, he'd tell you "I love girls with big facts." Ladies reading this are probably thinking of using Ted Knight's line to Dangerfield in Caddyshack on me right now. "You! You're no gentleman." To which I would respond as Rodney did. "Hey, but I ain't no doorknob either."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chuck Heath Paid For Palins' "Free" Canadian Health Care

by Patrick S. Adams - Patrick's World USA

It's not media malpractice anymore. It's outright media fraud.

As of 1:00 yesterday afternoon there were 2,179 comments and 1,851 twitter links to the Huffington Post Story claiming that Sarah Palin "admitted over the weekend that she used to get her treatment in Canada's single-payer system." There is a new strategy being employed by the left wing media now. Lie, get the ad revenue and retract later if necessary. In this case, even if a retraction would have been required later, the minds were already poisoned and the ad revenue had already been generated.

The fact of the matter is Canada's single-payer system had not been established until 1972 in Yukon, years after Palin and her brother were treated in Canada. Chuck Heath, Palin's father, responded according to the AP and PalinTV:
"We much preferred to use our facilities because my insurance didn't cover anything in Whitehorse. And even though they have socialized medicine, I still had to pay the bill (emphasis added), being an American citizen," Heath said.
If any Palin went to Canada today, even with the socialized system in place, they would still have to pay the bill, otherwise Americans from the border states could just waltz into a doctor's office in Canada and get treated for free on the Canadian taxpayer's dime.

According to the mainstream media, Sarah Palin was a member of a successionist party (the Alaska Independence Party), banned books in the Wasilla library, resigned her governorship because there were rumors of a federal indictment, threw her wedding band into the lake and was getting divorced, pocketed her speaking fee at the Tea Party Convention, is doing an "Osbournes" style reality TV show, was "grabby" and had her entourage descend upon the Oscar Suite to clean them out of free stuff and had a laugh track added for the jokes she told on The Tonight Show.

These are just a few.

If you liked this post, you'll enjoy reading:

Sarah Palin Talks Canadian Health Care, Baits The Drive-By Media, And They Get Caught Lying!

"No More Traffic" Blog Proves Our Point For Us (Update: Ultra-Liberal Lawrence O'Donnell Admits Yukon Did Not Have Single-Payer Until 1972)

Coincidence? Big Media hypes four bogus Palin "scandals" in one week

I Hate Sarah Palin. Cha-ching!

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's only 1:21 EST and the Palin - Canada Hit is Debunked

It was during the mid 1960's that Palin lived near Canada according to Politico and Conservatives4Palin. Let me help Politico out here, although I am not a professional editor or writer. Palin's family hustled across the border to get medical care for a burned ankle. The irony is now Canadiens are hustling across the border to get medical care here.

Canada's socialized medicine system started in 1966. I don't think the Palin family was thinking politically at a time a child had a burned ankle.

The left makes it sound like the Palins have mooching off of Canada for years. Looks like the smoke machine is blowing again. Tammy Bruce's rule is put to the test and bingo, it works.

Someone call Retracto, the correction alpaca.

Once able to smear at will, the anti-Palin media is finding it more and more uncomfortable to continue with a smear campaign that's losing its effectiveness. Although the attacks on Palin will never go away (they never did for Reagan), one wonders if the truth defenders in the pro-Palin blogosphere could have had an effect on the 2008 presidential election had they known there would be such a need for Palin myth debunking.

It is becoming almost a daily event with the media releasing hit stories early in the morning only to find them debunked by mid afternoon.

Okay, the Canada health care myth has been debunked.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Naked Pictures!

Now that I got your attention, I want you to recognize some of the great people who are fighting for the cause. And besides, I need the attention - not so I can tell you what I think, but so you could see all the great conservatives who are just rocking it online. When I first set up my web page, I wrote about how we needed to take over the new media and the pop culture so we can combat the influence of the mainstream media. I went to the 9/12 Tea Party and made sure that my sign read "The media lies." Thanks to you all that while the media still lies, they at least have to come back afterwards and retract them now.

If I could find a way to get every one of you great conservatives out there 100,000 or more hits per day on your pages, I'd do it. I've read so many great blogs and websites and wish there was a way to sneak into everyone's house and set their computers so that all these great people's pages would come up.

Take a look at my sidebar and read the blogs I follow.

As we ordinary barbarians unsheathe and wield the swords which are our keyboards and blackberries, we may not yet realize it (because there is still much battle to be done ahead), but ever since Sarah Palin walked off that stage on election night, we have gotten closer and closer to where we need to be with each passing day.

K. Carpenter at Conservatives4Palin writes:
We need to see the "shining city on a hill". We may not be on top of that hill, but we need to be able to see the hill and start marching up the hillside.
Thank you Governor Palin for seeing the "shining city on a hill" and pointing Americans in that direction. We need a little more of this from the rest of America's politicians.
I catch a "six beer buzz" every time I hear the words Sarah Palin and shining city in the same sentence.

Okay, time for some tunes courtesy of Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart deserves a major, major award for how he is taking on big journalism and big government.

Adrienne Ross covers this weeks' media lies. But what makes this week so special is that each one was cut down almost immediately. The left wing media who once told us the sky was green without reprisal are now being smacked down by "bluists." Sheep no more! The tide is turning, baby. The tide is turning.

Conservatives4Palin, Team Sarah and Texas4Palin are growing in size and scope as more and more Palin supporters, disgusted by the mainstream media, look to credible sources for their Palin news. It's not propaganda, folks. Everything that appears on these sites is the truth, something which the liberals have no counter move for.

Jedediah Bila writes for the Daily Caller and Human Events. Ron Devito publishes US For Palin and contributes articles throughout the conservative blogosphere. The same can be said of Gary P. Jackson who publishes A Time For Choosing and writes for The Cypress Times. Lori Calabrese writes for The Examiner.

I contribute to Sarah's Web Brigade, run by Fay and PalinTwibe, run by Karen Allen.

In the more mainstream media, there is Matthew Continetti of the Weekly Standard, Monica Crowley of Fox News, SE Cupp of Fox News and The Daily Caller, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Andrea Tantaros, Glenn Beck and James Pinkerton.

On radio, the cruise missiles, B1 bombers and intercontinental ballistic bombers are Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Michael Reagan and Laura Ingraham.

Eddie Burke on KBYR radio in Anchorage Alaska and Bob & Mark on KWHL radio in Anchorage provide the heavy artillery. April Liesel of People Power Hour and Rachelle Friberg of TeamSarah Radio and Conservative Girl With a Voice provide the mortar fire. Camille Friend of The Design Conservative appears regularly with Liesel and Friberg.

There are more, but the list is too long to go on here.

We've come a long way everyone, and there is still a long way to go. But we are moving forward. Onward to victory!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Hate Sarah Palin. Cha-ching!

Sarah Palin Bashing is Big Business

Having decided that she’s not going to go away, Palin haters are shifting strategy from just whining about her for free to making a few bucks off her in the process. The pop culture media and the entertainment industry have joined the mainstream media in their quest to continuously pound Sarah Palin with their libelous slander. These animals who regularly become rabid at the mere sound of her name must have decided that if they can’t kill her, they might as well turn their hatred into big business and make some cash along the way.

Levi "Ricky Hollywood" Johnston isn't the only one making money shovelling it about Palin in freaksville these days. I mentioned in a previous post that Chelsea Handler called Sarah Palin "dumb" on the Tonight Show Wednesday night. I didn't know who she was because I'm not one of those who lets the pop culture turn my brain to mush. But I know who she is now. She does a show and writes a blog for eonline, the same publication that put out the most made up story in entertainment journalism history about Palin's stop at the Silver Spoon during Oscars week.

The Hollywood Gossip recently cashed in on smearing Meghan Stapleton. Apparently, this on-line “printer toilet paper” site now includes swipes at Palin's aides and her fans as well. This explains why people keep those kinds of magazines in the bathroom. 

We're all too familiar now with the money making ventures of Tina Fey, David Letterman and Family Guy, which validates why I used to tell everyone in college to keep away from the theater majors, who all remind me now in retrospect of Janine Garafolo.

Sometimes, even in the big business of Palin hating, you take a risk and it doesn't pay off.  Letterman figured he'd get back at Leno and Palin by having Mitt Romney come on to do what? Talk about Sarah Palin. Swing and a miss, David. It didn't help either when the former governor of Massachusetts didn't take the bait to trash her. Oh that sound bite of Romney dissing Palin would have been worth a fortune.

Take a long line of mean spirited and partisan driven jokes and comments from Mr. Letterman since Palin stepped on the national stage and understand the context and depth of the hatred he spews compared to one isolated Leno joke about Bristol's pregnancy at John Edwards' expense, long forgotten (except by one bitter, mentally self-abused Alaska blogger) because 1) Leno said it before the smear campaign against Palin kicked in in earnest and 2) Leno told it with no ill will and didn't spend the next 365 shows telling it over and over again in different forms. Alaska blogger, another swing and a miss.

It's nothing new for all in the entertainment and news media to smear celebrities. It's how they make their living. But Palin is a gold mine, given how mentally unbalanced some in America are. Our culture wouldn't be corrupted by this cesspool of trash if we didn't have these agents of hatred, smear and freaky life styles pumping it down our throats on the boob tube, on the internet and at supermarket check out lines in their endeavor to reach a market willing to allow their brains to be turned to oatmeal.

There’s a lot of money already invested in websites like the Daily Kos and Huffington Post, which never miss opportunities to create and cash in on a good Palin bludgeoning. Both publications had stories linking to the e-online story earlier yesterday. Today, you can't find them. But, according to the Daily Kos, Palin supporters believed the story on The Onion about President Obama lip synching a speech? Ha ha ha ha ha, awww, haha hahahaha, oh stop, ha ha ha ha, you're killing me, ha ha ha ha.

How many Daily Kos readers believed the e-online story?

TBTMJulie, Kos's version of Jeanne Devon, writes an accounting of  how a twitter buddy of hers "flew 6 thousand miles round trip from the east coast to be in the audience (at the Jay Leno show) as a sort of mellow protest, wave copies of the book to freak her out, hand them out to staff & audience at the Studio." That's kind of demented if you ask me, especially since @Symbolman didn't even come back with a picture of Sarah Palin's toenail.

UPDATE: This story was debunked by NBC and another audience member, according to Adrienne Ross.

Speaking of Alaska bloggers, Jeanne Devon now writes for the Huffington Post and appears on MSNBC as a contributor. Shannyn Moore became a contributor to Countdown with Keith Olbermann solely because she hates Sarah Palin and can smirk the same way Keith does. If Shannyn Moore's latest radio contract, tv show and column on Huffington Post is any indication, Palin hating is big business even for people in small markets like Alaska. It can't be that bad of a deal for a couple of "online wash women" like Moore and Devon to advance their careers writing for Huffpo and appear as contributors on MSNBC so they can complain about someone who is advancing her career by writing and making media appearances. Things have gotten better since the lean days of going to Palin speeches in Anchorage just to giggle like school girls and then blog about it.

Then you have others like Geoffrey Dunn, author and mudslinger for The Huffington Post, who is readying to cash in on a book entitled The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power. His obsession with Palin is written about on Conservatives4Palin. Dunn's book will probably outsell Going Rouge: An American Nightmare at garage sales and bargain bins across the country and will compete well with the expected "puke-litzer" prize winning Levi Johnston book.

Dunn might want to wait until the cover of Sarah Palin's new book is released so they can make it look like the new book the way Going Rouge did with Going Rogue. That kind of marketing works well with a strategy used by the numerous media outlets who have had to retract stories lately that lied about Palin long after readers clicked on the ad links and viewers watched the commercials. It's no longer media malpractice. It's media Fraud.

Palin is not being indicted, not getting divorced, didn't ramsack a boutique and is not doing a reality show called "Wasilla Hillbillies." But if you clicked on any of the sites running those stories, you helped them make money. Sarah Palin is such a proponent of the free market system, so why in the world would she have asked the media to "stop making things up" in her resignation speech? Hypocrite.

MSNBC has got to be thankful that Sarah Palin is still around now that the whole "let's cash in Obama, the messiah, thing went bust" and now that GE is sweating out the Cap and Trade deal. The mainstream media’s biggest Palin hating organization has to be keeping itself afloat (despite the extra expense of keeping the camera lens cleaned from the spit that comes out the mouths of Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews) on the Palin name. They have a market of several hundred thousand liberals laid up with serious cases of Palin Derangement Syndrome. If they could just book enough AstraZeneca commercials, they might be able to weather the economic storm. But I wouldn't tell Keith just yet to stop writing his baseball blog and keeping in touch with his old friends at NBC sports.

Even the anti-Palin media is cashing in on the pro-Sarah media. News Hounds, an anti-Fox News site, found a nifty way to make some “cash in hand.” They did a hit piece on Palin's explanation as to why she wrote on her palm. Is Palin's excuse really pathetic or is it just that News Hounds found a sweet spot among the Fox News hating AstraZeneca demographic and it’s time to cash in?

Luckily for these folks, Sarah Palin is loved by millions and is potentially America’s first female president. Can you imagine how much money Palin bashers would be out if they actually succeeded in destroying her with their smears and lies or if she really was the irrelevant, incapable and intellectually empty person they claim she is?

I hate Sarah Palin. Cha-ching!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sarah Palin's Army: The Strategy

Defining and Overcoming the Realities of What Needs to Be Done to Take Back the GOP and Ultimately America

Conservatives have learned to infiltrate a game being run by liberals and Chicago political insiders and we have played better than them at it. We have protested the government in the streets and at the Capitol better than they ever had when they were the loyal opposition. We’ve gotten our message across at town hall meetings everywhere better as well. From a guy dressed as a pimp and a girl dressed as a prostitute to two guys who score a moment on Fox and Friends to show “Go Sarah” written on their hands, I’m friggin proud of all of you, man (wiping a tear from eye).

But, the movement that is doing so well, and which is leading us to massive 2010 electoral victories is not yet a slam dunk according to Sean Hannity, who warns we can still blow this thing. He fears we will get complacent or distracted. Complacency won't happen. Distraction can. That's where we need to be careful. While we all show a united front against health care reform and at Tea Parties across the nation, there is still a looming battle in the back of our minds that we know needs to be fought within the GOP before we can fight the even bigger battle with the Democrats in 2012.

GOP insiders, elites and even some fringe Tea Partiers may not want to hear this, but if we are going to take this thing back, we are going to need Sarah Palin. Ideally, she should be our leader. But, since we are a democracy, it will be up to the rank and file to make this choice in the 2012 primaries. If they don’t choose her, let’s hope they at least have the courage to put her very close to the head of the table once the seating arrangements are set. If they do choose her, let’s hope they have the guts to fight the smear machine with full brutality and retaliatory presence.

I can argue charisma all day and you can argue intelligence all day, but when push comes to shove, even though Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin are different people at different times, there is a similar path for Palin and the historical parallels between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter can't be ignored.

Reagan became great because the people got behind him, even if some of them may have been a little scared at first. Palin can become great if the people just get over the media nonsense and get behind her as well. The people want what Sarah Palin wants and Palin wants what the people want: morning in America, the shining city on a hill. If we are going to get there, Palin should be both our figurehead and our leader in deed as she shares our thoughts and goals with us rather than intellectually guiding us from a pedestal that so many criticize her for not being "capable" of doing.

Ronald Reagan once said “I wasn’t a great communicator, but I communicated great things.” For those who complain that Sarah Palin is soft on substance, understand one thing: the substance is already out there. We don't need Palin to diagram it for us. Let Glenn Beck handle all the blackboard work here. Those who wait for Sarah Palin to unveil secret mysteries we don't know about and solve them are either stuck too deeply inside the box of the political science textbook or they just don't want her to win. Substance exists everywhere. Leadership ability is a much rarer commodity. If people stopped wasting time looking for substance and started looking for leadership, they would see the real Sarah Palin more clearly.

Ronald Reagan became what he was because of all of us. We all got behind a B grade actor who was too old to be president and whose foreign policy credentials were suspect. He ended up becoming one of the greatest communicators in American politics; and despite those pesky ole foreign policy weaknesses, he took down the Soviet Union. Would the smartest man at the table, George Herbert Walker Bush have been able to do that if he got the nomination in 1980 instead? We later saw how it wasn't the substance of the tax increase during Bush's presidency that killed him, it was the leadership mistake he made by breaking his campaign promise.
It’s not time yet. But it will be by year's end when the 2010 elections have been decided and the players jockey for the next round. When that time comes, we need to be ready to get behind a hockey mom who is the wrong sex to be president and whose foreign policy credentials, dare we say, are suspect. And we need to ask ourselves where has intelligence and pedigree gotten us? The answer: a financial collapse, terrorist trials on our soil, a nuclear Iran and a nation up to its ears in debt.

My political science degree sometimes clouds my common sense, but my gut once told me go with the guy with the monkey. Now it's telling me to go with the gal with the moose gun.

For those who may still be on the fence, or a little scared of jumping into the water like many of us "crazies for Palin," I'm not going to tell you this is going to be easy. The reality of the situation is that we have a candidate who was severely wounded by the press, almost destroyed by her opposition in Alaska and whose resignation as Alaska governor is still misunderstood by many. That doesn't qualify her to be president. How she withstood that and how she came roaring back the way she has does.

She is the most vetted political candidate in the history of American politics and despite the few blemishes along the way to how she got here, she has not lost her soul. Any weaknesses, real or perceived, pale in comparison to those of all the other politicians who have stepped forward to lead. There will be those who beg to differ with me on this point. They will point to polarization issues, intellect issues and credibility issues. But those issues are contrived by the media and the left. They don't really exist. The only acceptable point that anyone can make against her in a democracy is if they fundamentally disagree with her on policy. And because they can't defeat her there, they rarely try. She continues to demonstrate that her heart is in the right place and that she is moral and ethical. At some point, America is just going to have to trust her.

Sarah Palin faces an uphill battle to win the 2012 presidential nomination. She will still be facing a hostile media, harsh attacks from the left, interference from Republican Party elites and a small block within the Tea Party movement itself that will criticize her pragmatism and commitment to purpose when it conflicts with purity. While the time for criticism and infighting is not now (we have a 2010 election to win), the time for planning has come. We know who the enemies are on the Democrat side. We must come to a better understanding of who we are now and be prepared to stand up for what we believe in, no matter who challenges us.

In preparation, we should note that the internal battle to take over the GOP should be fought quietly and respectfully at first. There will be plenty of time after 2010 to air our differences and come to consensus more openly. We should not bash other candidates, nor should their people bash ours. Now is the time to find out who are friends really are.

All political meaning can be boiled down to how people react to Sarah Palin. By her mere existence and example, she causes people to “cough it up,” whether it’s good or bad. You’ll notice that those who speak highly of Palin share the deepest connections with the values for which the conservative and Tea Party movements are fighting. Those who dislike her respond emotionally, almost as if out some own personal inner negativity, rather than intellectually. Attacks on Sarah Palin don't show disagreements with her on policy, but rather disagreements with her on some personal level.

It's easy to spot the enemy when they go to pieces at the mere mention of her name. Chelsea Handler, for example, called Palin "dumb" during an interview with Jay Leno last night. I didn't know who she was. I do now. The Alaska bloggers hammer Palin every day, even when she doesn't do anything. The mainstream media is highly critical of her as well. Their derangement is partially born out of that inner negativity thing, too, but it is more intentional in design - Palin must be stopped because she is a threat to liberal intellectualism in the higher educational and media systems and because the Democrat party has a lot of writers and broadcasters entrenched in the media who share the party's agenda.

Those on the Republican side who trash Palin are moderates or elitist insiders whose status within the political apparatus is at stake. They will reveal themselves by becoming unhinged as well, sometimes as badly as liberals do. Understand that these people are reacting appropriately. It is a matter of political life and death for them. Their only hope for political survival is to destroy her. Sludge cannot simply disagree with Sarah Palin. It can only hope to eliminate her. Just because there is a lot of sludge in the Democrat party doesn’t mean there isn’t any in the Republican Party. It may be less, but it’s still there and it needs to go. Palin is head of the clean up crew and she is an existential threat to all of that which needs to be cleaned, regardless of party.

This is not to say we should expect everyone to jump into the tank for Sarah Palin. As for the "kool aid" drinkers that hate her, they'll never change and we need not bother. But, there are those in the conservative and Tea Party movements who currently support other candidates, yet share Palin’s true core values of limited government and strong national defense. True allies in the movement will know they can succeed with Palin on top or on tap.

Backstabbers, on the other hand won’t help the movement. Palin supporters will not fight alongside those on the Republican, conservative or Tea Party side of this movement who have no knives because they’re already stuck in Sarah’s back. Palin supporters will, however, unite behind whoever the nominee ends up being if when they look around the bunkers they see friends. For the same reason, we would expect supporters of other candidates to unite behind Palin if she is the nominee and if we conduct ourselves appropriately as well. Eventually, we are all going to have to vote for whoever runs against Obama. If Sarah Palin gets the nomination, it will be the anti-Obama people who will fill that final segment of the coalition that she will need to win.

We recognize that there are a lot of people who are not strong enough to fight for Sarah Palin right now because they believe what the media is telling them. These are the same folks that listened to the media in the 2008 election. We don't need to alienate them. We need to educate them. We need to understand that they are not on Twitter nor do they write blogs the way a lot of us do. They go to work, come home and watch Couric or Letterman trash Sarah Palin. It's all they know! We must be unconventional in how we reach these people. Not everyone blogs or understands our language. There are people out there who still want to like her, but don't have enough reasons yet to actually believe in her.

As for moderates and independents that don't lean left or see her as a threat, they need to look at Palin's record as city councilwoman, mayor and governor and see that she demonstrates how conservatism is not the same as closed-mindedness. Conservatism is pragmatism. It is common sense.

With that said, here’s the strategy:

-Destroy liberals and progressives in the upcoming general elections.
-Defeat Republican party insiders and elites in the 2012 primaries.
-Defend Sarah Palin from attacks, even if they are from Republican insiders or the Tea Party fringe that puts purity over purpose and pragmatism. RINO's no. Moderation no. Pragmatism and purpose yes.
-Define Sarah Palin for those who don't understand her, or are afraid she can't win.

This could be the role of Palin's army as they ready themselves to help the Republican Party take back the "city." If we do this right, Sarah Palin can be at the head of that ticket when we make our final charge up that "hill."

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