Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Coalition

I've seen you guys. Dan, Stacy, Melissa, KLSouth and some of you other right wing or libertarian "sick freaks" out there. You love America. You love the TEA Party. You love what we are going to do to take back our country. I see you bash McCain or sometimes bash a candidate here or there that I like. But you know what? You always come back. You are always there when the Sh*t hits the fan. I want to be in the foxhole with you guys when we take the shining city back.

Tonight, I have seen a bunch of people on Twitter who may not always agree with me on the trees issue, but we can sure see the forest. It was a tribute to the cause to see everyone of you who followed the Joe Miller race tonight.

The support for Joe Miller tonight was incredible.

I have your back.

Let's go take this thing back.

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