Friday, February 24, 2012

Santorum is Right About Satan

You could hear the mainstream media leaping out of their skin, ready to portray another Republican candidate as an off the wall religious zealot as soon as the Mitt Romney leaning Drudge Report posted their own article about a tape of Rick Santorum telling a Catholic University audience at Ave Maria University in Florida in 2008 "Satan has his sights on the United States of America!" Laugh at what they want you to think is hokey no more because there are philosophical and religious observations and understandings that support his remarks.

Since even prior to biblical times, pagans and believers in multiple gods have interpreted the laws of the universe, or what I prefer to call natural law, in such a way that they always ended up defining or finding mythical value in an evil figure who lived in a place like Hades for example. The catastrophic events of life were always blamed on evil forces that counteracted the good that mankind has always been naturally striving to achieve even before the recognition of a monolithic God.

The fact that human kind has interpreted the laws of the universe in much the same way over the course of the species' history is enough to convince this blogger that there is something downright observant about what Rick Santorum told the crowd that day. We can argue degrees of belief or non-belief. This writer could put forth a dissertation that documents and uses religious and historical accounts to define and ultimately prove the existence of Satan, but I won't bore you with the details.

Instead, let's take a broader view of this as this is not about me imposing my religious beliefs on anyone. No matter how you interpret it, whether it be through the eyes of a Catholic or the eyes of an agnostic, the laws of the universe and laws of nature are what they are. The most holiest of men and the most morally vapid of men can all stick their hand into a fire and it will burn. Neither can change the nature of how that act results in harm.

The same can be said about how we apply economic, political and social theory. For example, even before the bible, primitive man lived in family units. Men didn't leave their women and children unprotected and women didn't drive their men away or leave them. It may not have been called heterosexual marriage back then. It simply was the way things worked in order to protect the family from the harsh laws of the universe that could destroy them. No matter how any social engineer wants to spin it, you don't improve society by messing with the laws of nature to the point where females run households without male partners and where males leave their families to go off and party.

They also resisted other tribes or units that would try to take them over or impose on them. Right now, the natural reaction to the onslaught of big government statism is very similar. We're responding genetically toward the prospect of losing our liberty by speaking out. Those who want to take it away are fooled by Satan into believing the Utopian goal of heaven on earth. The world "going to hell in a hand basket" depends on whether or not socialism and statism succeed. If it does, the place will eventually deteriorate beyond even their perceptions of how evil capitalism is.

You've heard the song You Don't Mess Around With Jim.
You don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off
the ol' Lone Ranger
and you don't mess around with Jim
The way it works is the devil wants you to tug on Superman's cape. He wants you to mess around with Jim. He does it through trickery. He does it through grey areas. He does it through your blind spots.

Satan doesn't show up at your house with a briefcase and offer you cash for your soul. He doesn't pull out a contract and ask you to sign. He waits until you have a momentary lapse of reason or if you drift away from your moral compass. We are all humans. We get caught up in the day to day. We sometimes rationalize things or make expedient decisions when time or will is not available to look at the long term ramifications.

It's as simple as a lane change. You go to move into the next lane and you don't realize there's someone there. That's your blind spot. We have physical blind spots and we have mental blind spots. Satan works those blind spots like a champ.

Our country has a huge blind spot. Too many still believe in the Utopian dream of universal socialism. They still believe that we can all be equal, protected from the fickle finger of fate and the perceived lack of self worth that many redefine as the greed of others. Yes, bad things happen. Yes, there are greedy people. But the omnipotent hand of government will not solve that. They refuse to accept the fact that a God who became man already went to the cross and handled that part of the deal for us already.

Freedom is instinctive. It is as instinctive as our understanding of Satan. Resisting this is like resisting the urge to go to the bathroom. It's natural. It's something we as existential beings have come to define ourselves by. Existence before we put our mental imprint on it has no meaning. It comes before essence. We must exist first before we can have essence. It is during the essence part that people try to make things up. That's what progressives do.

In existing comes the good and evil. We are part of a universe that operates independent of how we wish it will. Yet, it is a universe that we are capable of interpreting. Believe God created it or don't believe God created it; it came from somewhere and it is going somewhere. We're too small and too restricted by the mere flick of a millisecond on the universal clock to even have the balls to think that we can create a government that will dictate how free beings will operate within this universe.

We are fleas on an elephant's ass.

Christians stand before God and find solace in the fact that He is the answer. The big picture exists in the alpha and the omega. We are merely here to navigate it. If we think that we can manipulate academia, the media and the culture to change the nature of things, we are fools.

Santorum said:
This is a spiritual war. And the Father of Lies has his sights on what you would think the Father of Lies would have his sights on: a good, decent, powerful, influential country - the United States of America. If you were Satan, who would you attack in this day and age?

He attacks all of us and he attacks all of our institutions.
That's not hokey. That's pretty dead on if you ask me.

This country will go to the voting booths in November. We will choose to save our country. Or, we will choose to allow Satan to win. No, some guy in a red suit with a pitchfork tail isn't going descend upon our country if we vote for Obama. But, there will be a lot of gnashing of teeth and it will sure feel like hell in here.

Palin: Media Getting "Wee-Weed Up" Over Santorum's Satan Remark

Grizzly Fest is tomorrow. Check it out!
AGU: Grizzly Fest; Sat Feb 25 1pm ET

I'm still pulling for Newt Gingrich. His proposals on energy are dead on. Sarah Palin has complimented him on it. Energy is the key to reviving our economy and paying down our national debt. I continue to follow Sarah Palin and listen to what she has to say because she is dead on right about every issue. She should be running. But since she's not, we need someone who can bring it home. Newt can bring it home on energy. He is in total lockstep agreement with Palin. Read what she writes here!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sarah Palin and a Brokered Convention

The liberals are soiling themselves again over her.

Sarah Palin has been giving some ambiguous answers on Fox News during her rounds on the shows earlier this week. She told Eric Bolling that “I would do whatever I could to help." On other shows she's been more content to frame it in the context of whatever she could do to help the conservative cause as someone without a title. She proclaims to love her freedom and not being in the box that a political candidate would have to be in. Is Palin dead set against running so she can keep her other options open or does she have "unconventional" on her mind?

Predicting Palin is like predicting the weather six months out. It simply can't be done. Asking the question doesn't necessary answer it. Looking at the dynamics of the Republican presidential race and the vast matrix of opinions that people have about the former Alaska governor, one would tend to rule out her not offering herself as a candidate as part of a fracas that could occur at a brokered GOP convention in August. However, the most telling argument against this line of thinking comes from liberals themselves.

It's as if liberals have the same senses that animals have before the coming of a tsunami. Smug in their bubbles of manufactured truth and mythical Obamaism, they love the prospect of a second term for our fundamental transformer in chief. One can only picture Glenn Beck doing his imitation of the intellectual with the pipe and smoking jacket to understand how content liberals are as they look at our current field of candidates. Present them with the possibility that Palin could win the GOP nomination at a brokered convention and they fall to pieces.

Just read Politico, The Daily Kos, the Washington Post and other left wing propaganda organs. Notice how the smear machine is ratcheting up again. Do a search on "Palin" on Twitter and see how those who went home and put down their poison keyboards after she announced she wasn't going to run for president have suddenly pulled out the templates of all the hits on her that they spent over 3 years preparing in advance of what they feared would be their moment of doom: a Palin presidency.

They soil themselves. Their heads spin. They spew green vomit. Nicki Minaj's exorcism performance at the Grammy awards would have worked much better had she rounded up a bunch of Palin haters and included them as the recipients of the exorcism in her act. Even a skeptic like me would have found the imagery more relevant to her material.

These are the folks who called her dumb and unelectable. Well, riddle me this: how is it possible that people who think Palin is dumb and unelectable now believe she's methodically using her position with the Fox News Channel to steal the presidency? Intellectual dishonesty rears its ugly head again. Either Sarah Palin is so diabolical and so clever that she is capable of usurping the entire primary process to become the most electable candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984 or she's an idiot. Which is it?

Based on the latest liberal diatribes, she's a genius. They tremble in fear that she will not only offer herself up at a brokered convention, but they believe in the possibility of her winning the nomination that way and sweeping the country the way Reagan did in 1980.

They're not actually outright saying this. They're doing everything they can to downplay her again out of fear of this. Instead, they're trying to convince people that Sarah Palin is a cheap opportunist who is using her position at the Fox News Channel to keep herself relevant. If she's doing that, liberals, its you she has to thank for helping her out by keeping her name atop the link bar on left wing news and political web sites.

I don't believe in global warming, but when I'm freezing my butt off there are often times I actually wish liberals were right about it. The same goes here. While it will take a huge circumstantial cascading of grand proportions to put Sarah Palin into the White House, I pray with all my might that the liberals are right to be afraid.

Liberals will always tell you who they fear. Right now, they fear Sarah Palin.

Those who are not liberal or tainted by the mainstream media's caricature of Palin should clearly understand that Sarah Palin has her hand on the pulse of the American people. She epitomizes and articulates exactly what we are looking for in a great leader. Her choice to not run is a personal decision and one that we all must respect. But, the bottom line is if she did run, she'd kick Obama's ass and she'd kick it all the way from Washington to Chicago.

Palin would have emerged as the anti-Romney candidate at this stage of the process. Romney would have looked like a fool attacking her. The mainstream media, which has already used all of its arsenal, would be relegated to regurgitating old memes that would eventually wear thin with most mature thinkers regardless of whether or not they agree with Palin on the issues.

Palin still has viability only if a Republican Party that wouldn't stand up for her when she was so brutally attacked in 2008 and 2009 has a mea culpa and realizes that their downfall will come from not supporting Sarah Palin and the millions of people who stand behind her and who believe in what she believes in. By not grabbing her by the collar the way did with Chris Christie and by not providing the support she needs, the GOP establishment blew an opportunity to take back America the way Ronald Reagan did in 1980. Yes, they treated Ronald Reagan like one of Michael Vick's dogs, too. But he ran and won anyway.

Having the advantage of hindsight, if you had sent some of those establishment types back in time to 1979 knowing what they know now, they would be grovelling at Ronald Reagan's feet begging him if he had said he wasn't running. They didn't know it at the time, but the GOP establishment would find out later how much they benefited tremendously from simply having the word WINNER written in bold letters next to their party name. As much as the establishment have become the crony capitalists and beltway insiders that we despise today, they owe Ronald Reagan big time for transforming the GOP into a winning brand.

So here we are again. Because they continue to miss opportunities to clean house and represent the grass roots rank and file the way they are supposed to, the party that is going the way of the Whigs is blowing its next great opportunity to save itself. The thinking is not there. Their fear of the unknown or concerns about Palin's abilities outweigh the realm of possibilities that other candidates simply don't offer the party. Our country is about to be completely destroyed by socialists, anarchists, progressives, liberals and the Obama agenda. Yet the party still wants to play it safe. They're happy Palin's not in the race.

You will hear that any of our candidates can beat Obama frequently. And they can. But you'll never hear the words "save our country" unless the name Sarah Palin is used in the same sentence.

This is the party that sent a handful of rich donors to try to convince Chris Christie to run while millions of Palin supporters watched as the GOP basically ignored her. This is the party that generated a media frenzy designed to feign mass disappointment out of a few pundits and some establishment donors whose hearts were broken because Christie decided not to run. Meanwhile, the real story was that there were millions of Republican voters who could have been summoned at the snap of a woman's fingers - and the party wouldn't even ask her!

This election is about whether or not the American people are willing to have the guts to stand up against the stupidity of big bureaucratic government. If they don't, we lose no matter what. We can run any of the candidates we have now. If any of them wins, it means we stop Obama. If they don't, it confirms the oncoming of the thousand years of darkness that Reagan warned us about.

If the party and enough of the rest of us got through to Sarah Palin and decided to go all out for her, the excitement level would be through the roof. Do you see that kind of excitement level being generated by any of the other candidates? Any of our candidates can win. Any of them can lose. This includes Sarah Palin. But lets face it; if she ran and lost it just means that the rest of them would have lost, too.

The American people will be making a democratic decision at the ballot box whether or not they want to destroy their country in November.

This is not just any election. This is it. Bill O'Reilly said:
And right now the President is leading in all the polls against Romney, Santorum or Gingrich. So Americans are basically saying you know what? We're ok with the nanny state. We want four more years of it. Believe me, if this continues, you're not going to recognize this country in four years.
Sarah Palin presents the most clear contrast to the liberal agenda. If she was to run and win, it wouldn't just be another loss for the Democrat Party. It wouldn't be another "clean ourselves up so we can come back and try it again 4 years later." It would be a knife to the heart of liberalism.

Liberals know that. Liberals know that once the smoke of the smear machine fades and Palin shows her stuff on the national stage, their memes of her ignorance and inabilities will rest in the grave with the rest of their morally and intellectually bankrupt ideology. Sarah Palin, as Monica Crowley has often said, is an existential threat to liberalism.

She is the garlic. She is the stake. She is the cross. She is the holy water. That's why liberals squirm so much at the mere thought that there's even a ghost of a chance that she could be nominated a brokered convention.

Shouldn't this tell the Republican Party something?

The Republican Party is in trouble. The country is in trouble. Eric Bolling told Palin to her face that she's got "it" and that she doesn't even realize she's got "it." She has no ego. She continuously refers to herself as "little ole me." It should be time that the Republican Party wakes up and realizes that the hard road to taking this country back might require doing all it takes to get Sarah Palin to put herself into service at a brokered convention. The reality, though, is that this is highly unlikely.

This is not about pushing a pipe dream or throwing Palin supporters into another frenzy only to be disappointed. We know the chances of this are slim. But this scenario needs to be articulated not just so we can scare the crap out of liberals. We must record for history that if we ever lose this country it will be because we (and by we I mean the entire Republican Party) couldn't get it through Sarah Palin's thick skull that she is our best leader - our best hope. Even worse, it will be because we couldn't get it through our Party's thick skull.

If the GOP had any sense, they'd drag her out of her house kicking and screaming and demand that she stand before the brokered convention and be voted on. If the delegates had any sense, they'd vote for her. If Palin supporters had any sense, they wouldn't hold their breath waiting for this to happen. But if it did, what an amazing moment in American history it would be.

Have no illusions. We know the chances of this happening are slim. But they are not none. Bring on the brokered convention.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Energy it Will Take to Revive America

-writers note: this article contains strong adult language due to the necessity to provide the necessary emotional impact required to communicate the points being made here.

If you're old enough to remember, imagine if you fell asleep in 1992 and woke up today having missed the past two decades. You would probably be outraged, amazed, disappointed and totally alienated from the America that you knew. If you're not old enough, trust us on this one; America is an idea and a memory that doesn't exist right now. Restoring it will take a Herculean effort on the part of those who know what it should look like and those who would like to see what it was really like.

Quite frankly, America is a hostile place for freedom loving people. There is no other country on Earth that we can go to have what generations preceding us have had for over 200 years. If there was, we'd probably all be fleeing to get there just like those who fled to get here less than a century ago did. We live in a country where our government mandates what type of health insurance we have to buy - and that health insurance is one size fits all (ie: contraceptives for religious groups that don't believe in it). We live in a country where justice is decided more by bureaucrats than it is by judges.

We live in a country where the government forces banks to make shaky mortgages and then allows those same banks to take bailout money to stay afloat so they can kick people out of their homes because a few salesmen wanted to make a fast buck and a bunch of politicians wanted to pay back their political donors.

We live in a country that continues to heap trillions of dollars of debt upon its citizens and future generations.

We live in a country where as soon as you open a business, your financial future is always in jeopardy and the wolf is always at the door not because of the risks you took with your capital, but because at any moment a ground sloth bottom feeder attorney can take suit against you. The Federal Trade Commission could find something worthy of an action that can destroy you financially or some regulatory agency can eat away at your profits because of the high costs of compliance and still come in and bite you in the ass with fines and penalties for violating some stupid provision in a law written by lawyers who are helping their compadres make a lot of money in legal fees by allowing them to take frivolous action against your business.

We live in a country where traffic law enforcement is simply done for revenue raising purposes. We live in a country where one in three Americans at some time in their life will be arrested or detained. Our country sneers at strict child rearing and displays of religious faith and morality, but lets our culture degrade the imagery and information our youth get and then they lock them up for acting on it? We are not the permissive society liberals envisioned. We're a friggin police state because of them. We aren't free to raise our children or promote two parent households. So much for sophistication when it comes to sex, drugs and violence.

We live in a country where politicians enrich themselves through the information they receive as insiders and who lay the groundwork for themselves or their particular industries through the legislative process. We live in a country where judges protect the legal profession by making rulings or enforcing laws that they know are not in the best interest of the individual case.

We live in a country where the type of job you have is no longer decided by your college degree or lack of one,. Your potential, merit and your experience mean nothing anymore. It's all decided by the luck of the draw, who you know or in more rare instances because you, like Facebook, found one of those disappearing industries that is not highly regulated or pioneered yet. Go ask people who once made six figures a year who are now working at Home Depot or Walmart if all that hard work and education paid off for them. We live in a country where entrepreneurship is punished and where personal success through busting your ass is looked down upon.

Our system is so screwed up that is almost beyond repair. We have one last shot to take America back and restore it to what it was. If we miss this opportunity, we are headed for what Ronald Reagan described as "the thousand years of darkness."

Taking America back requires talking to your friends, your family and your co-workers. Even if they are on the other side politically, you must educate them and let them know that it's no longer cool to be a kool aid drinking liberal. Agree to disagree, but plead with them and explain to them what is at stake. This is no longer about winning a political argument in a bar, a smoking area, at the water cooler or at the dinner table. Print this blog post out and have everyone you know read it.

This is life and death. This is about whether or not you and your descendants want to be victims of a sick and heartless system or if you want to stand up and shout and tell those who are screwing us at every turn that they are the ones who will ultimately feel our pain. We need to flip a lot of tables. We need to be loud. We need to be unrelenting. We must stand up and even make spectacles of ourselves if that's what it takes. Don't be violent or stupid. Just be provocative.

If you're being foreclosed on, document it, keep a written diary of the experience. Put it on YouTube or write a blog. If you're being forced to purchase an insurance policy you don't want or which violates your conscience, get on a soap box or draw attention to yourself somehow. If you are trying to run a business, get a good PR company that will not only promote you but which will smear the forces that go against you. We're playing an ugly game. Under normal circumstances I would never recommend this. But if you're being figuratively punched in the face, you need to figuratively punch back. Two wrongs don't make a right. But sitting there and taking it is even worse.

Do this only provided that you are operating honestly, fairly and with dignity. You will know how well you are operating as a business if you are constantly taking shit from the government, the media and the legal profession. You will know how poorly you are doing as a business if you're getting beaten in the market. In the America I knew before we all hypothetically fell asleep in 1992, that's what it was all about. What we have now is a shit hole cesspool of a country because people fell asleep at the switch. They thought showing up at a polling place every year was enough.

They thought listening to the media was enough to keep themselves educated. The media? The media are a bunch of lying communist pigs who want to participate in the destruction of America. They're the primary reason we're in the shit hole we are in now. They not only didn't do their jobs and look into what was going on in the last 20 years, they intentionally participated in it!

We need to send citizen politicians to Washington who will completely destroy the power supply so that they can rebuild it in such a way that it is limited and restrained by Constitutional guidelines so that it respects the will of the people by allowing the people to operate freely and responsibly rather than because they are required to because of some stupid law or regulation.

We need to send citizen politicians to every legislature from the county right on up to the federal level. Take over Congress and control the power, the law and the power of the purse. That will at least get us halfway there. We have to fire Obama. Should he win reelection, everything I've written here will be just another useless rant against a machine that we will no longer be able to fix. This is our last chance.

We need to put someone in the White House that will just rip the plug out and stop the nonsense. Restoring America to greatness will require that we shut down all these federal bureaucracies that make us miserable. We need to focus on the laws that protect us from each other and the government. We must repeal those laws that give the government too much power. We need to hand off the issues of fraud to the attorney generals and the civil court system, not to dictatorial agencies who get paid by our very own tax dollars to screw us.

Unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in America and let the chips fall where they may. With all the customer service issues that we may have had to deal with in the 1980's, nothing compares to the disaster we deal with today. So a few things go wrong in capitalism. What has all of the legislation and the regulation done to fix the problems people complained out years ago? It's made it worse. It's made it a freakin hell of a lot worse.

Give me the days when the bullshit was confined to an individual transaction. A few people default on their mortgages because they're irresponsible, that's on them. When millions of people are losing their homes, something's wrong. It can't all be them. We have a shit hole of a banking system and a shit hole of a corrupt government that is bed with that banking system.

And jobs? Where are all the jobs? Think about what was just written about our regulatory environment and the way entrepreneurs in America are treated today. That's why there a fewer jobs today. All of these six figure bureaucrats who are f#&*king up all of our lives need to understand what it's like to lose it all the same way many business owners have. Let's see them out on their asses and lets take back America.
Open up America for business again. Get people producing for themselves, not for the government. Then drill. Drill like there is an unlimited supply of oil, gas and coal. Open up nuclear power plants. Open refineries. Let's reawaken this industrial giant.

Jeffrey Folks at American Thinker wrote it best:
One immediate effect of increasing U.S. oil and gas production would be increased employment. If the goal of energy independence were met, millions of new jobs would be produced -- an additional 9.2 million jobs, to be precise, the same number who now work in the energy sector. Not only that, but energy costs would be reduced for all Americans. And with a trade surplus rather than a deficit, America's currency would strengthen, thus lowering the cost of imports and reducing the prospect of inflation. Finally, government revenues from taxes and royalties would double along with production.
Therein lies our answer. We're over 16 trillion dollars in the hole and only going in faster. Our money is in the ground. Our freedom is in our throats. We need to speak up, speak out and get to work. Restoring America will require ruffling a lot of feathers. The establishment on both sides of the aisle must feel our pain. They must lose their jobs and their homes just like we have. This is not about revenge. This is about allowing the system to correct itself.

Out of the ashes we must emerge as the phoenix that once again rises to the heights we once considered "normal" as a nation. We took those heights for granted. Now that we have lost that, we must learn that we must never take it for granted again. Should we restore America, it will be a grander, more glorious place then it ever was before. Near death experiences always make people more faithful, more responsible and more protective of what they have. Let's make that happen.

If we don't, then be prepared to spend the rest of your lives saying "thank you, sir, may I have another."

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Restless Grass Roots

Many have felt that an angry tone or a momentary release of steam doesn't go over well when political figures speak to the public or the media. When Representative Allen West (R - Florida) said that the liberal ideas like “economic dependency” (some interpreted that he meant people with those ideas) should “get the hell out of the United States of America,” he hit a nerve with the Left. Criticize him for it? Hell no. Forget the words. He's right in the feeling that he is expressing because it is a feeling that we can all relate to! The Left needs to hear that from us and hear it loudly.

Forget protocol and traditional delivery to the media. Those went out the door years ago when Democrats became unhinged and people like Al Gore screamed "he betrayed America!" about George W. Bush. Yes, that's unhinged because it was fabricated in order for Gore to project that onto the liberal base. The release of steam from the normally well tempered West is the opposite. It is clearly representative of the growing loudness coming up from the kitchen tables, the water coolers and the smoking areas across the land. It just so happens that it channeled its way through the words of that of one who knows how the people really feel.

Good for Allen West. In your face, libs.

The grass roots are getting louder. When neither party properly represents the voice of the people, those who hear those voices, particularly Tea Party leaders like Rep. West, can't be blamed for giving expression to those voices. If it comes off a little loose cocked, it's because we're all a little loose cocked when talking about jobs we've lost, the growing debt being saddled around the necks of our children, the homes we're losing and the price of gas at the pump. Those who see the growing encumbrance of big government are not speaking nice nice. If that seeps out in the rhetoric of an Allen West, a Newt Gingrich or a Paul Ryan it's because they get it.

Americans are getting tired of mealy mouthed flip flopping politicians who tell them what they want to hear and who bend their message to the constituency. Instead, they are getting fired up by politicians who aren't afraid to open mouth and let it rip. Voters want to hear what they think. They want to hear what they feel genuinely being articulated back to them before they will embrace a candidate.

In a previous post, this blogger wrote:
Call it shrill. Call it undisciplined. Call it angry. But it is a reflection of how Americans feel. We are no longer content to stand by and let the idiots who are running our country continue taking us down the toilet. There is no reason to look down on or to describe as unacceptable the actions, words and feelings of a presidential candidate who clearly articulates what we are all feeling just because it might be harsh.
There are articles written that can express more concisely the points I'm trying to get across. I'd rather you read what they have written directly and bring to it an understanding of how restless the grass roots are getting in America. You'll find that the common sense lobe in your brain will cause you at some point to make you smack your head and be astounded at just how seriously stupid, out of touch and outrageously off to la la land many in our political system are on both sides of the aisle.

The truth about ‘electability’ by Yates Walker

Mitt's Scorched Earth Win by C. Edmund Wright

Hey GOP! Do You Hear Your Fed Up, Fired Up Base? by Janice Shaw Crouse

Project Obama: A Puppetmaster or a Puppet? by Victor Volsky

These articles should clearly explain what animals we're dealing with in both political parties. Defeating the progressive movement and the Democrat party gone hog liberal wild and replacing the establishment in the Republican Party with people from our ranks who can properly represent what the millions of us "little guys" are really saying around those kitchen tables and water coolers is paramount to the survival of our nation.

Mark Levin says it's a daunting task. But its doable if we all just keep talking louder, writing louder and encouraging those around to us to read articles like those linked to in this post in order to get them to understand better.

This isn't your father's election cycle. This is do or die for America.

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