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Keith Olbermann Fired!

Tucson And Palin Derangement Syndrome

Keith Olbermann is still unhinged.

More Crazy Loons on Twitter and Death Wishes For Sarah Palin

Even a congressional candidate!

I just laughed when I saw this video. I know it's mean and snarky and I should be offended, but Ed Schulz and Stephanie Miller are just caricatures of themselves.

This one is a spleen splitter:

Shannyn Moore, another Huffington Post Wingnut, posts a video of Sarah Palin talking to a protestor and tries to spin it like there's something wrong with the way Sarah Palin behaved. Palin later posted a link to the video on her Facebook page. Apparently, Sarah didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with her behavior.

AKMuckraker Runs Amuck On Huffington Post - Childish. Give the lady a coloring book and a juice box and sit her in the corner.

NC congressman apologizes for behavior on video

Chris Kelly Defends Poor Joe McGinniss and Terrorists Who Were Waterboarded! Waterboarding Todd Palin

Shannyn Moore Hits a New Low
Read the story on Conservatives4Palin

Bill Maher, Again
Maher Credits 'Tea Baggers' for Health Care Passage, Palin First to Know About Killing 'Useless' People
Go smoke another joint, Bill. But please don't give us anymore "shotguns" of your stupidity. That stuff will get into our heads and the next thing you know we'll all be hallucinating.

There's a Crazy Loon Running Wild On Twitter
Death Threats Against Palin, Cantor, TEA Partiers and Pro Conservative Websites (Update)

The Daily Kook
@Symbolman is his twitter handle, and he tweets stuff like this: "I think a fun Reality Show for Sarah Palin would be for her to make her dumb followers do Stupid Pet Tricks." He's the guy who traveled thousands of miles to see Palin on the Tonight Show so that he could lie to the Daily Kos about NBC adding a laugh track. NBC later debunked the myth. If Jeanne Devon isn't married, this guy is the perfect match for her.

Liberals Unhinged Tour starts in Anchorage Alaska where Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston are doing a comedy bit bashing Sarah Palin.

Chelsea Handler called Sarah Palin "dumb" on the Tonight Show Wednesday night. I didn't know who she was because I'm not one of those who lets the pop culture turn my brain to mush. But I know who she is now. She does a show and writes a blog for E!online, the same publication that put out the most made up story in entertainment journalism history about Palin's stop at the Silver Spoon during Oscars week.

Roger Ebert takes to Twitter to slam Sarah Palin, Tea Party movement

The Hollywood Gossip, in keeping with the adage that negativity is the devil's work, is now smearing Meghan Stapleton. I thought the beef was with Sarah Palin? Apparently it's not so much Palin or Stapleton that's got the problem here, but the writer, Free Britney and the editors over at the "hit print to make toilet paper" site.

News Hounds, which is a deranged anti-Fox News site, decided to provide some pretty words for the next round of toilet paper to spit out of my printer when they took Sarah Palin to task for her explanation as to why she wrote on her hand. Palin's excuse pathetic or is the News Hounds article pathetic? You make the call.

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*Warning! Some material on that page may be too traumatic for liberals with heart problems or who are under psychiatric care for fear and paranoia issues. If you have an extended Palin trashing fit that lasts longer than 4 hours, consult your doctor as that may be signs of a more serious problem.

Teeth clenching, frothing at the mouth, rabid, unhinged, crazy liberal!

Olbermann calls Sarah Palin 'an idiot'

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