Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Open Thread Tuesday 08/09/10

All hell broke loose yesterday. Sarah Palin's discussion with a detractor was twisted by the lamestream media in an attempt to further their no longer hidden agenda of smearing her. It was an epic fail. Dan Riehl wrote "Media Moths Flock To Sarah Palin's Flame." I say it's like a moth to a flame, where liberal media elitists go to die.

I dedicate this next tune to Ben Adler.

Voters in Georgia will be choosing the Republican gubernatorial nominee tomorrow. Sarah Palin takes a quick break from filming her TLC documentary about Alaska and flies in to say a few words for Karen Handel.

Support Karen Handel.

Let Them Eat Spinach! Michelle Obama goes to Spain.

Texas Dems Run From Obama.

No good Obama economic plan goes unpunishing when it seeks to offset Virginia's vibrant job growth under superstar Governor Bob McDonnell by eliminating 5,000 military jobs. It must be Jimmy Carter Redux.

I really let Kirsten Powers have it on Twitter Saturday night after she said she was "disturbed" by Sarah Palin's involvement in the NY Mosque controversy. Kirsten made up for it today.

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Til next time, Fight The Good Fight!

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