Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quotes of the Day 08/17/10

Dick Morris & Eileen McGann:
The Tea Party is not only electing Republicans, it is cleansing them. Their victories in intra-party contests in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and South Carolina shows that they are no happier with big spending Republicans than with Democrats of a similar persuasion. Many worried that the Tea Party would be a third party movement, splitting the vote and electing the Democrats. No way. Instead, they are winning their primaries and purifying the Party.
Sarah Palin:
Well, what the president seems to be suggesting is that everybody needs to be so tolerant of others' beliefs. That is fine. Then let him take that lesson and try to apply it to the debate on the other side if you were right now and talk to that imam, those others who want to build and choose that precise location for their mosque that is so offensive to so many people, and ask them to be tolerant. Ask them to understand America's feelings on this.
If you’ve been reading the blogs or watching the news you’ll no doubt be well aware of how the Democrats are spinning President Obama’s latest gaffe. Apparently by going against the majority of Americans the President is showing true leadership. The mere fact that he has the courage to voice his opinion even if it’s unpopular, according to the Democratic spin machine, that makes president Obama a courageous leader.

Well by this standard President Obama must be an outstanding leader.

Pushing an unpopular Health Care bill. Check
Digging America deeper into debt. Check
Suing Arizona over its Immigration bill. Check
Banning off shore drilling. Check
Apologizing for America. Check

How lucky we are to have such a courageous leader

But wait; hasn’t Governor Palin voiced her opinions on all of those issues too? As a matter of fact Governor Palin voices her opinion on every issue facing the nation, and judging by the criticism she‘s bombarded with every time, shouldn’t that by default give her “courageous leader” credentials?
Tammy Bruce:
The Emily’s List project? It’s called “Sarah Palin Doesn’t Speak for Me.” Sounds a little…reactionary, no? What is the project? They’re “Launching an On-Line Arena Where Americans Can Speak Out Against Sarah Palin’s Backwards-Looking Candidates.” Great–they’re setting up a forum where Women! can trash other Women! Sounds Progressively Liberally Intolerant and Misogynistically Hopey-Changey-ish to me. After all, Palin’s work has been a forward-looking, positive support of candidates–women and men. In typical fashion, instead of countering that effort with a positive project of their own, the only thing liberals can do is create something to attack and demean others. Keep going Leftists–every time you react to Sarah Palin you reveal yourselves as the panicked cannibals you really are.
Lori Calabrese:
Most geologists agree that the potential of recoverable oil on the Coastal Plain is in the order of billions of barrels and trillions of cubic feet of recoverable gas and that these resources may rival the initial reserves at Prudhoe Bay. The validity of these estimates can only be proved by drilling exploratory wells, but before oil and gas development in the Coastal Plain can proceed, Congress and the President need to authorize leasing and development.
Gary P. Jackson:
The arrogance of these Marxist-democrats is palpable. It’s as if only they know what’s best for you mere peasants.

Enjoy the video below and don't forget to watch Governor Palin on Greta Van Susteren's On the Record tonight!

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