Tuesday, March 27, 2012

After Obama's "election" he can be more flexible with that socialism stuff

'Manchurian' candidate reveals himself in open mic comment to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

Not wanting to think the worst of people, this blogger has always held out the possibility that Barack Obama was the next Jimmy Carter - a guy who's liberalism blended with benign incompetence to cause unintentionally disastrous results for the economy and our military. After today, though, we can think otherwise. Just like when Obama attended a dinner with William Ayers where all openly laughed at anti-Semitic jokes, sat in the pews at Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church and made his comment about people clinging to guns and religion at a private fund raiser, we see yet another glimpse into the private side of a president bent on changing our country in a very devious way. If you wondered what an unbridled Obama would be like if he gets re-elected, wonder no more.

The real Obama has been a student of Marxism and socialism since college and his views have not changed. He has been quoted by those who knew him in college and young adulthood as having radical views. Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott brings this and much more to light in their book “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s ties to communists, socialists and other anti-American extremists." According to WorldNet Daily:
...Obama has deep ties to an anti-American extremist nexus that has been instrumental not only in building his political career but in crafting current White House policy.

The book exposes an extremist coalition of communists, socialists and other radicals working both inside and outside the administration to draft and advance current White House policy goals.

“Indeed, this book will document, with new information, Obama’s own involvement with a socialist party whose explicit goal was to infiltrate and eventually take over the Democratic Party and mold it into a socialist organization,” Klein claims.
Obama means it when he says "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility." It's bad enough that he is speaking privately to the leader of a country that backs Iran and Syria today and which was our mortal enemy less than 25 years ago that he would be talking about giving them our missile defense secrets and unilaterally reducing our nuclear weapons in such a drastic way. It's even worse knowing that when it comes to all matters, including "fundamentally transforming" America, that the plans to bring about the radical and socialist changes that Obama has stood for all of his life are also more easily done when the election is over and he can be more flexible.
Rep. Joe Wilson ("You lie") said according to the Daily Caller:
Reacting to President Barack Obama telling outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have more “more flexibility” after the 2012 election, South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson told The Daily Caller that the president’s comments are “sadly” true.

“Sadly, that’s true and the flexibility that he was indicating has been to relax the missile defense system that we need and that was what was I believe specific in his conversation with the Russians but actually it applies to everything,” Wilson told TheDC at the Capitol Monday.

“I believe there will be unrestrained growth of big government, an infringement and a limitation on the individual freedoms of the American people and putting our security at risk at the same time."
It shouldn't take a genius with a PHD in political science to figure out what the real Obama agenda is. It's a two step program. The first step is to transform the United States into a European socialist style democracy. That part has been achieved. The second step can't be implemented until he has more flexibility, like when he is no longer beholden to an election to push the rest of his radical agenda and complete his plan of fundamentally transforming America into a fully functioning Marxist state complete with central planning and the collapse of our capitalist system (which will be necessary in order to bring the rest of America into the dependent class).
Today's radicals don't believe in killing millions of people or having a violent Bolshevik revolution. They believe they can bring it about with brainwashing (influencing thought through the culture, the media and the academia) and lull the people into it. Just like in the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man," all the noble rhetoric that Obama has been directing at Democrats and the American people are as false and misleading as the Alien's methods of catering to every one's needs while secretly fattening them up for the kill. The book "To Serve Man" was a cook book. The Aliens were slowly bringing humans to their planet to eat them by tricking them into believing they were benevolent.
The idea of "fundamental transformation" is also a recipe. It is a recipe for boiling the frog slowly enough so that it doesn't jump out of the pot. We are so close to be boiled. If we don't stop Obama by voting him out in November, all of our gooses might be cooked.
They are so close to socialism. We better wake up quickly.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sarah Palin: The Choice of Republicans

Imagine if the desperate donors who flew to Trenton with bags of money to convince Chris Christie to run saw Palin as the savior of the Republican Party. Imagine if governors like Nikki Haley and Bob McDonnell were willing to risk their political necks to call Sarah Palin before her announcement not to run and pledge their support. Imagine if leaders, both elected and unelected, in the Republican establishment had the foresight to see Sarah Palin as our next great leader. Imagine if the doubters and the shaky in the Republican media threw caution to the wind and became as orgasmic as Ann Coulter is about Romney about Palin.

It reminds you of that song by Louis Armstrong, doesn't it?

Okay, snap out of it.

Back to reality.

Sarah Palin made the decision not to run based on personal reasons. We can respect that she doesn't want her family dragged through another round of nonsense in the media. We can respect the fact that she has multiple sources of good income as a result of her hard work and effort in life. We can even go out on a limb and respect the fact that maybe Sarah Palin just never felt the love from the GOP Establishment.

The latest PPP poll shows that Sarah Palin now has a 68% favorable rating. This is higher than the ratings enjoyed by the Republican primary candidates. When Palin was considering a run for president, her favorability ratings were in the 45% range. She had not yet fully recovered from the relentless smear campaign which lasted from her VP run in 2008 to the day she announced she wasn't going to run.

But once she said she wasn't going to run, the smoke cleared. It was no longer necessary for her detractors to manufacture lies and promote false doubts about her. Sure, "Game Change" just came out, but that project was financed and launched before she announced she wasn't running. They have to show it. There are contractual obligations.

With the people now getting a clearer view of Palin without the smoke machine to throw them off, her numbers are returning to what they were when she was first announced as the VP candidate in 2008. By the time she delivers her blockbuster speech at the 2012 GOP Convention in Tampa, she will be respected across the board. Following the speech, delegates and party leaders will be seen wandering the halls scratching their heads asking themselves why they didn't just get behind her early on and ride her to the top.

Like in 1976, when people were saying "we nominated the wrong guy," Republicans will take a second look at Sarah Palin and smack themselves in the heads.

This is not to disrespect her decision to not run. This is to disrespect the Republican establishment and the conservative media for it's shear stupidity in not seeing this a year ago. Had everyone known what many of us in the Palin camp were trying so hard to tell them, and had those who resisted it realized that they were sowing the seeds of their own party's demise, there could have been a Republican revolution and a Palin revolution to blow the doors off of the convention this summer and ultimately in the general election.

The GOP establishment and the trembling tigers who are too afraid to risk showing bold colors turn wimpily to the pale pastels - moderates dressed as conservatives who will quickly hit the reset button in time to run like a leopard who freaks toward the center for the general election. They think Tea Partiers, people like Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are extremists. Of course they are, when you compare them to Barack Obama.

The liberals are the extremists, you dopes. We're right. What conservatism stands for isn't some whacky right wing nut job agenda. It's about the Constitution. It's about liberty. It's about common sense!

If we could just get the Republican Party to understand what we really need to do to fix this country, we could win almost as big of a battle as the one we must win to defeat Obama.

Sarah Palin busted her tail for over 20 years in Alaska. She was a city councilwoman, a mayor, an oil and gas commissioner, a governor and ultimately a vice presidential candidate. She was nearly beaten to a pulp, left for dead by the time she gave her "If I die, I die," speech following her resignation as governor of Alaska. Then she came back. If what Sarah Palin has been through isn't vetting enough for the presidency of the United States, then I don't know what is.

If all the boneheads that refused to see Sarah Palin as the one, if all the boneheads that didn't support Newt Gingrich, if all the boneheads who didn't support Rick Santorum and these same boneheads who now support establishment candidate Mitt Romney would have just deemed it so that Sarah Palin was as inevitable as what they are trying to make us believe about their beloved Mitt, Sarah Palin could have and possibly would have been convinced to run.

The mistake of not running Palin is not hers. It is the Republican Party's mistake. They should have insisted she run. Those guys with the suitcases of money who went to Trenton, they should have went to Wasilla and brought the millions of us who have been supporting Palin since day one with them. It would have been something to see all of us standing on her front lawn chanting "run, Sarah, run."

If the party and the conservative media had any brains, we wouldn't be talking about Etch-a-Sketch candidates and brokered conventions. Instead, we would probably be singing "What a Wonderful World" in anticipation of what our nation would look like after a Palin presidency.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Undefeated Breitbart: Steve Bannon Named Executive Chairman at Breitbart.com

Steve Bannon, the warrior who brought us "The Undefeated," has been appointed executive chairman at Breitbart.com. The film maker and conservative radio talk show host who has put his own time and money into fighting for bringing America back shows us how Andrew Breitbart's example and legacy will stand as the blue print for fighting the radical left in America.

"Laurence Solov, formerly president and chief operating officer, will take over the CEO role that Breitbart held," according to Politico. Dana Loesch, also a high level warrior in the effort to wrestle America from the hands of radical socialists and the wayward Obama presidency is managing editor at Big Journalism. Dan Riehl is another force to be reckoned with as he takes on Media Matters in this article.

Moving forward in the war to take on and eventually take back the culture and the media, Breitbart.com showcases a gutsy class of writers who are well known in the blogosphere by foot soldiers like me and others who continue to draw their rhetorical swords on blogs and Twitter. It's these generals and colonels in the movement who provide us and our followers with the information, the analysis and the strategy to point to as we make our points to those who want to agree with us - and even more so to those who don't.

Sticking it to the Left is not just about crafting the written word in such a way that it attracts readers. It's about outrageously defeating them at their own game. Their rhetoric, crafted in lies, is often dismissed by those who sit by and believe that the adults will ultimately control the room of our body politic. Yet, it's this same rhetoric that gets implanted into the minds of the busy people who have no time to delve underneath the surface of the pop culture to understand why it's rotting their brains while they watch the mainstream media give their purposely twisted accounts of current events.

Undoing 50 years of progressive infiltration into the media, the pop culture and the academia is a daunting task. Having to undo it in four years is even more daunting. Watching the Breitbart sites and its reporters turn the tables of the tactics on the Left the way they have in so short a period of time has to give hope to conservatives who must overcome their fears of getting their hands dirty in a blood sport that we must win at all costs lest our nation be destroyed.

Andrew Breitbart's untimely death may bring tears to the eyes and pain to the heart. But what Breitbart did was to set in motion a domino effect of journalistic and political efforts that will now spiral into something even greater than we can even imagine. Finally, after years of having the progressive movement boil the collective frog slowly, eat away at the woodwork of our political house like undetected termites and brainwash us into moral relativism through comedy and sarcasm, we've figured it out. Now that we know the animal that has been burrowing below the grass and eating away at our American roots, we can finally get in the tunnels, take it on and defeat it.

This is all thanks to Andrew Breitbart and the warriors who now fight on at Breitbart.com in his name and in the name of the American ideal. Duplicating yourself is a key to success in business. Multiplying yourself is a key to success in legacy. We are all Breitbart now. Let's go forth and finish the job.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The GOP Establishment and Ann Coulter

When Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich combined to get twice as many votes and delegates as Mitt Romney did in the Alabama and Mississippi primaries on Tuesday, it sent a message to the establishment which wishes to control the Republican party against the wishes of its rank and file. Despite what the polls say, conservatives combined continue to win more of the popular vote than Mitt Romney. Yes, Romney is picking up more delegates. His strategy is based more on math than it is about producing and providing a grand message that can capture the enthusiasm of the GOP base. His nomination is something only the Republican establishment and conservative turncoats like Ann Coulter can hope for.

What they forget is how the Tea Party and the conservative base poured out en masse in 2010 to take back the House of Representatives in an overwhelming way and bring us closer to victory in the Senate. "We won despite the establishment," according to Mark Levin on his radio show Wednesday night 3/14/12.

As I write this, Mark Levin is talking about how Romney supporters have to explain away Obamacare. Ann Coulter a few days ago decided that she would take a swipe at Palin (most likely because Palin's brand of conservatism is too pure to convince others to vote for Romney). Coulter was quoted on the Daily Caller as saying:
“One of the ones promoting that [a brokered convention] is Sarah Palin, who has suggested herself as the choice...”
“And just a more corporate problem is I think our party and particularly our movement, the conservative movement, does have more of a problem with con men and charlatans than the Democratic Party,” she said. “I mean, the incentives seem to be set up to allow people — as long as you have a band of a few million fanatical followers, you can make money. The Democrats have managed to figure out how not to do that.”
So it's okay for attorneys who have never run for public office to become celebrities because of their ability to be provocative, but it's not okay for anyone who has run to use their name recognition to speak out on issues of the day? The Democratic Party doesn't have con men and charlatans? Come on, Ann. Give me a break.

Mark Levin gives his response on his radio show show 03/14/12 at the 33:30 mark.

Mitt Romney would not have been a bad candidate in past elections. In fact, he was the best candidate in 2008. However, the party membership has become fed up with nominating establishment candidates and moderates. The rank and file have been revived by the Tea Party and the attention which was drawn to the conservative philosophy as a result of Sarah Palin's nomination for VP despite how badly Ann Coulter wants to sell us on Romney.

Mitt Romney, rightly or wrongly, represents the establishment. Despite Ann Coulter's previous arguments that even our moderates today are more conservative than they were in the past, we must take issue with a woman who calls herself a conservative when she so blatantly agitates 2/3 of the rank and file with her inflammatory remarks about the vice presidential candidate who saved the GOP from pure ruin in 2008 and who brought millions of people who were never politically inclined before into the realm of knowledge about Reagan conservatism. Coulter's remarks to the Indian River County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner in Vero Beach, FL while being a surrogate for today's symbol of the establishment is a slap in the face to the Tea Party and a slap in the face to the "few million fanatical followers" of Palin who so deeply abhor the direction that Barack Obama has taken this country.

We not only need to defeat Obama. We need to beat the GOP establishment. Yes, beating Obama is prime directive number one. If we have to do that first and then deal with the GOP establishment later, so be it. But, wouldn't it have been nice to get a 2 for 1 special in nominating Sarah Palin had she run?

All dreaming aside, the reality is what it is. We have a candidate in Newt Gingrich who is the best articulator of the conservative philosophy in the field. Yes, he comes with baggage. But, he's the most representative of what today's conservatives believe of those in the field (despite his glitches). Why do you think Sarah Palin voted for him in the Alaska primary? The Republican Party that nominated Gerald Ford, Bob Dole and John McCain continues to ignore the lessons that come with Ronald Reagan's nomination. We win when we nominate true conservatives.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. Here we go again as we head toward a possible Romney nomination. The GOP establishment didn't take all their support and their bags of money and get behind Sarah Palin. Now they won't do the same for Newt or even Santorum for that matter. Instead (as usual), they're throwing it all to Romney! It makes you wonder if the party is trying to commit suicide.

Conservatives are in a battle for our country. We can't be in a foxhole with someone like Coulter who would so easily stick the knife in our backs for the sake of political expediency on behalf of her candidate. Ann has a right to her opinion and to choose whoever she wants to support. But, she makes a mistake that alienates the very movement which she supposedly supported while making her millions. Charlatan? You betcha.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Future of Our Movement

If there is a positive to take out of Obama's 2008 win it is that it created both an educational era and an action era that the conservative movement had not seen since the election of Reagan in 1980. We learned how liberals have been using the Alinsky tactics against us for decades as they infiltrated our media, pop culture and academia. We learned that the Republican Party was the good ole boy party -willing to go along to get along as long as the reciprocation of their moderation would result in their being able to have their turn at the wheel of our political and economic ship. This resulted in the rise of the Tea Party, wherein lies the future of our movement.

We realized that we would have to understand the tactics of the left. We realized that if we were to win the game, we needed to understand the game. We had to come to terms that we could no longer sit on the couch, except when we had to go to the voting booth, expecting everyone to see the obvious points of adulthood, values and the American ethic.

When millions of Americans got off the couch and demonstrated at Tea Parties across the nation, it demonstrated a willingness of effort and beliefs that until then only the Left had been able to produce. It gave us hope. Our movement took a huge step in the right direction by getting our voices heard. Conservative media grew. Our presence on the web grew. The Tea Party movement helped take seats in the Senate and take back the House of Representatives. We were learning that we could attack the Left and beat it.

We had leaders like Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch and a number of others in the new media and on the local level who took up the cause and fought despite being smeared relentlessly in the mainstream press.

We discovered that the liberals own the game and we're trapped in the room with them. They are destroying our country. We are held hostage to socialist policies. We have political guns aimed at us. We can sit still no longer. We need to attack and take those guns from them and use them if we are to escape this hellacious room.

Andrew Breitbart has been called gay in a pejorative way. Our people have been called racists. Our women have been called worse than "slut" by the Left with relative impunity. Turning the tables on them doesn't mean lowering ourselves to their level; it means strategically using their psychological weapons against them. Despite Rush Limbaugh's unnecessary apology, his attack on Sandra Fluke would have been pure textbook if he had done it on purpose.

J.R. Dunn explains it best in a piece at American Thinker:
The problem with conservatism is that it is a school of political activity based almost completely on nonconfrontation. It is quietist, scholarly, and unassuming, acting very much in the mode of the upper-class William F. Buckley and the reclusive Russell Kirk. This is not altogether a bad thing. Conservatives have always argued -- with some justice -- that a major goal of the movement is to maintain standards, to avoid descending to the level of the opposition. But like anything else, it becomes a bad thing when it is taken too far, when conservatives allow themselves -- as they so often do -- to be bullied out of the arena and on to the sidelines and irrelevance. (Buckley, to his credit, and as Gore Vidal well knows, never allowed it to go quite this far.) This is so common that it shocks both sides when it occurs otherwise. Recall the "blue-blazer riot" at the 2000 Florida election recount, with all the staid, Brooks-wearing paleos banging on the windows and shouting, "I say there," at the vote-counters. Nobody ever saw that before. The problem is, we haven't seen it since, either.

This is not meant as an attack on the bow-tie brigade. We need those types. We need the WASP ethos and the civilized behavior that it promotes. But we also need the hard boys in their black t-shirts and shades who can jump into the trenches and give as good as they get -- the kind of cadre that conservatism has for many years lacked.

Enter Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart created a new format for conservative action -- informed by left-wing tactics, utilizing IT to carry the message, utterly fearless, completely outrageous, and at the same time modulated with infinite care. There has been nothing similar in American political activism, though the left, curiously enough, came closest.

The American left has always been confrontational, from the strikes and marches of the early movement through the recent antics of the OWS. This became media-oriented in the 60s when figures such as Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin took what they'd learned in the civil rights movement a step further with the Yippies, an antiwar outfit that utilized difficult art of carom ridicule (acting like a complete ass and reflecting it back on your opponents), to the point of perfection. But the Yippie esthetic collapsed into chaotic violence at the Chicago Democratic convention in 1968, and while it prevailed in later actions on the left, it was a much tamer phenomenon.

The right, needless to say, ignored it. Until Breitbart, who brought it into the new media age by adapting it to the technologies of video and the net, along with the understanding that the authorities will act silly enough if you just give them the opportunity. What Breitbart did was take over the left's artillery and turn it in their direction. No wonder they hated him.
We will have to get our hands dirty. We will need to be blunt and straight forward as well as be crafty. We will need to challenge them in creative ways. We will need to avoid their traps. We need to stop focusing on the things they want us to talk about and start focusing on what we need to articulate to the American people. Our country is dying. If we can't get that point across then we're done.

We are seeing the Republican Party falling back into the hands of the good ole boy network. Ideally, we should learn a lesson from the liberals and how they infiltrated and took over the Democrat Party. The progressive movement took over the party apparatus starting in 1968 and eventually gained access to the most powerful office in the world. That's scary stuff, but it's also a lesson we should very well learn. We need to emulate what they did if we are to take it all back.

Now, will we be able use the Republican Party as our apparatus? The GOP should see taking the bold conservative path as a clear way to win. Yet, they resist. The more they resist, the more they lose touch. The more they lose touch, the more adamant the Tea Party needs to become. We need to put it on the line. Word to the Republican Party: bring us into the fold or go the way of the Whigs.

Despite what Andrew Dodge and Christopher Barron say about Newt Gingrich in their column, they articulate a need and a growing sentiment that this lifelong Republican can understand and prepare himself to embrace if need be. What they write at The Daily Caller is a major plate of food for thought:
Many in the tea party movement believed that the Republican Party could be changed, could be saved from its big-government ways. It was certainly fair to surmise that changing the Republican Party into a truly limited-government party would be easier than changing the party of FDR, LBJ and Barack Obama.

Most of the Republican and conservative establishment has been leery of the tea party from the very beginning. Indeed, many within the Republican and conservative establishments were openly critical of the tea party. Social conservatives like Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, former governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and current presidential candidate and former senator Rick Santorum all bemoaned the tea party’s lack of focus on social issues and the tea party movement’s libertarian streak.

Moderate talking heads like David Brooks and David Frum, along with their ideological soul mates on the Hill, attacked the tea party as “radical” and ridiculed tea party activists as politically naïve.

Both the moderate and the conservative establishment types feared that the dirty, unwashed masses of the tea party might actually change how things are done in Washington — leaving them and their K Street buddies out of power and out of work.


The Republican Party, believing that we have nowhere else to turn politically, treats the tea party and tea party activists with the same plantation mentality that the Democratic Party treats minorities in this country.

The truth is that the tea party movement is bigger than just one candidate or one election. Our country is facing big challenges: out-of-control spending, a federal government that has grown beyond its constitutional bounds and an exploding federal debt that has us on the brink of fiscal ruin.

The tea party is still the best chance we have for righting our fiscal ship. To do so, however, we must declare our political independence once again. We as a movement need to make it clear that we will continue to fight for what is right, regardless of partisan labels, and that we will support candidates who share our values whether they are Republicans, Libertarians, independents or even Democrats.

It is time for the tea party to stand on its own again, to stand for what is right and to stand up to partisan politics as usual.
If I ever leave the Republican Party it will be for these reasons. The Tea Party is our movement. If it can't do for my Reagan Republican wing of the party what I hope and pray it can it do (and what the writers are saying about my hope for it to do), then pray it can stand on its own and win. But either way, we have to win.

The Tea Party is the future of our movement. One way or another, it has to prevail. Either way, we need to be all in.

We're All Andrew Breitbart Now.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Beating Them at Their Own Game

Breitbart knew the strategy that can defeat the Left.

Prior to the creation of Patrick's World USA, this blogger had done a website right around the time of President Obama's iinauguration. It was the Fight For the Right! page that would be the blueprint from which I would communicate the necessary information about how the conservative movement could win back the country. In formulating this page, my research led me to an article by Andrew Breitbart. During the years since, Breitbart had been a "general" as Mark Levin described him today and had been a leading warrior for our cause.

Conservatives knew that the media had outright lied and was complicit in Obama's 2008 win. But what we were just finding out was how to combat that media. For far too long, we sat as sheep on our couches watching election after election be decided by information provided to an apathetic public by a media well versed in a subtle yet effective form of mind control.

Breitbart came up with the answer. "So now that the right is vanquished and thoroughly out of power, why doesn’t it learn from its conquerors and employ similar tactics?" Read the whole article. It's a masterpiece.

It was from here that this blogger began pushing the "media lies" theme and giving thought to the tactics that Breitbart and others like him were bringing front and center. I wrote:
Liberals own the board now and as such we are stuck with their rules.

We have to accept the fact that we are going to have to beat them at their own game before we can change the rules. If we infiltrate pop culture and the New Media grows, the voice of conservatism won't be as drowned out by the mainstream media and Hollywood elites. It's our opportunity now to turn the tables on the left. We can no longer bring a knife to a gunfight.
His websites, his articles and his activism demonstrated how Andrew Breitbart was not just another conservative. It demonstrated that he was a modern day giant in the conservative movement. If the conservative movement takes back the Republican Party and takes back the country some day, Breitbart should be remembered as a founding father of the revival of the conservative movement.

When the chips were down and Governor Sarah Palin had left office to return to the private sector, Andrew Breitbart was a warrior. It was during the period between Palin's resignation and the Going Rogue book tour that things were the darkest for her. The arrows and spears of vitriol were being hurled relentlessly at her. Not many came to her aid. But Andrew stepped out in front of the incoming fire, hoisted his rhetorical sword from its sheathe and did battle for her.

You must read this article before continuing further.

Andrew Breitbart stood before the metaphorical Tiananmen Square tanks of the left wing mainstream media and never flinched. He advocated that we infiltrate the culture and the academia in order to take it back. He advocated taking on the media and exposing them as liars. This, dear readers, is my cause. Andrew stood for every strategic maneuver I advocated in our battle against the Left. He was the embodiment and the epitome of what the conservative movement must do if they are to save their movement, save the GOP and save America.

What a great warrior! There are no words to adequately and emphatically describe what a wonderfully great warrior he was. God bless Andrew Breitbart and God rest his soul. There is a special place in heaven for those who get the deal. As a caller into the Glenn Beck show said "he may be able to do more for us from where he is now."

God bless you, Andrew. Rest in peace, friend. We will continue the fight. - Sarah Palin

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