Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ace of Spades and The Other McCain Call AK GOP Senate Primary for Miller

We have our first calls of the Alaska GOP Senatorial primary. Robert Stacy McCain is reporting that Ace of Spades HQ has called the race for Joe Miller.

The Associated Press says there are 16,000 absentee ballots. The law says they can be counted immediately when the polls close. The question is, have they been counted? If they have been and are included in the totals than there are roughly 2000 votes left to be counted. Miller leads by 1960. You do the math.

(Update: Dan Riehl informs me that it is expected to take 1-3 weeks to count Alaska's absentee ballots. The powder may have to stay dry a little longer than we hoped. Larry Sabato, however doesn't think Murkowski can make up the votes needed. Ace of Spades has more on the absentee ballots - says there are 8,000, not 16,000 as the AntiPalin had originally reported)

If the absentee ballots have not been counted, than votes cast prior to Miller's late surge in the polls could potentially break Murkowski's way. However, military absentee ballots would break toward Miller given the fact that he is a military guy and given the fact that the Alaska military folks are heavily pro Palin, and there is a "campaigner" named Track amongst their ranks.

All said and done, we've been trying to treat this like a no hitter and not talk too much until we knew more. The entire Palin army was out in full force on Twitter. @KLSOUTH agreed that we need to not start counting Linda Murkowski's chickens that would come home to roost before they hatched. Did I say the Palin army was out in full force? Yes, and that includes its leader, Sarah Palin, who tweeted for everyone to keep their powder dry as the race tightened.

Tammy Bruce, Dan Riehl and Robert Stacy McCain wore the leather off of the soles of their shoes providing valuable information and keeping everyone up to speed with breaking news in the election.

Joe Miller, himself, was also on Twitter. He joked "What's a 'Beltway traffic jam'? Is that when a caribou herd crosses a road?"

Palin responded "Keeping fingers crossed, powder dry, prayers upward... but Joe Miller just tweeted @JoeWMiller What's the moose hunting like in the Beltway?"

What a sweet time it was to be on Twitter last night.

Tonight, pending any routine disasters and allowing for monkey wrench time, my BlogTalk Radio show will be a gloatfest. To catch my drift, read my latest post, which will also appear later today on PalinPromotions and PalinTwibe. That's pretty funny because Martha Cano of Palin Promotions and Karen Allen of Palin Twibe will be my guests tonight. We may be drinking heavily. There will be a party going on for sure!

That popping sound you will hear today will be the sound of a cork when more media outlets come on board to announce Miller's victory.

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