Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sarah Palin Exposes Another Idiot: Robert Ehrlich

Originally, I was going to withhold my thoughts on Governor Palin's endorsement of Brian Murphy for governor of my neighboring state of Maryland. As is with all things Palin, whenever there is even a tinge of doubt (which is extremely rare and always a tinge when there is any), I wait and usually the governor's move plays out much to my liking. I must always resist my temptations as a political science guy to go to the textbook. But this one was easy to overcome. As Greg Gutfeld said, Palin exposes idiots just by being herself. Add Robert Ehrlich to the list.

Brian Murphy is a strong conservative. He is an excellent grassroots candidate who is exactly what we need in power. Just look at what he stands for. Sarah Palin gives valid reasons for her decision to endorse him. He is an outsider and it is time we got rid of the political insiders, what I like to call the "sludge" within the Republican party. Ehrlich has proven he is sludge.

My first reaction to Palin's endorsement was great guy, great conservative, but what a longshot. What chance does Murphy have even with her endorsement? But I understand now moreso than ever that after hearing what this Erlich clown had to say, that if Palin had picked a name at random out of the phone book and endorsed him against Erlich, that it would have been a worthwhile endorsement and that I should never have questioned why. This is just one clip:
“She clearly has a following, but on the list of proposed Republican nominees next cycle, she certainly is not on the top,” Mr. Ehrlich said in Annapolis. “She was only a governor for a year. I certainly would have liked to seen her finish her governorship. My personal issue with her goes more towards the fact she quit.”
This is an attack from an ignorant man, a Republican insider, who doesn't realize that she governed for nearly two years (not one - use a calculator moron) and who, it can be inferred, has no knowledge or understanding of the reasoning behind and the circumstances that led up to her resignation. If he did, as a good Republican, he would be outraged at what the liberals did to contribute to that resignation. But RINOs fear liberals and instead would rather validate their point of view regarding her resignation than to stand up for a fellow Republican, even if he had to do it diplomatically.

Is he that afraid of her that her endorsement of a little known is that big of a threat to his candidacy? Or is he just one of those who see it coming; that what Palin represents is an enema for the Republican party and people like him don't want to be part of the excrement. I've said it before and I will say it again. While the Democrats have more sludge than the Republicans, the GOP still has sludge.

And so, for the lady who went to Belmont Park, I gladly place my deuce on the nose of a longshot. Sometimes the one who sees weakness in the chalk is the person whose shoulder you want to look over when they are reading the Daily Racing Form. I strongly and emphatically endorse Brian Murphy to defeat the Jay Ramras and Lisa Murkowski of Maryland.

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