Friday, September 7, 2012

Trickle Down Poverty

As more and more people leave the workforce due to the economy, many are missing out on an important fact. While President Obama and the Democrats are crying out for higher taxes on the rich, the rich are getting poorer too. Most people won't cry for the millionaires of this world, but they are taking a hit. What we should be crying over is the fact that as high income earners see their net worth going down they stop spending money. They stop hiring people. When they lose money, we all lose money in the form of lower sales, less jobs and less capital in the financial pipeline.

A friend who works as a handy man since he lost his job was in an upscale area here in Richmond, Virginia to fix a dishwasher. He went to a nice house where a lovely family lived. They had four children, two cars and a well kept house. The man paid my friend $300.00 in change. "Times are getting tough, aren't they?" my friend asked. He said the man had a melancholy look on his face and shook his head in agreement. "They sure are."

I spoke to a customer of mine a couple of months ago who was no longer able to pay his mortgage. He was once a six figure income earner who lost his car dealership when Obama "saved the auto industry." Now, he's renting and living a lifestyle he has never known.

Everywhere I go, I hear stories of people who can't get people to buy their services. The answer is always money trouble. In the food chain of economics, the big fish are still bigger than the rest of them, but even they are getting smaller. As they get smaller, the rest of the fish down the food chain get smaller. When there's no money in the pipeline, it's harder to get capital. Without capital and without the ability to earn, Americans may find themselves all broke if we continue to go this way.

Those who may think the government is there to help will find that after they become dependent on the programs, even they eventually will run out of money.  If Obama is reelected, you'll find us conservatives miserable for the next four years while the liberals continue to revel in their hope and change collecting their food stamps and disability checks. But after all that happens, those who love big government will join us in poverty long after Obama is gone. It's only a matter of time if we keep going on like this.

Ronald Reagan was the master of trickle down economics. A rising tide lifts all boats. Obama is the master of trickle down poverty. A draining swamp will leave even the biggest of yachts bottomed out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tell a Little Truth With Many Lies

Bill Clinton's speech worked. It mixed sugar and crap and it gave the Democrats an actual articulation of what their philosophy should be. But was it the philosophy that it is?

Clinton's segment on how Democrats want to cooperate with Republicans was the weakest part. It was Obama who rammed Obamacare down our throats without soliciting or working for any Republican votes. It was Obama who said "I won, you lost" to Eric Cantor and John McCain.

The ratcheting up of our national debt to pay off cronies in the green energy area while continuously denying oil and coal producers the ability to produce and create jobs is a far cry from cooperation.

Now, pepper that with some remarks about how Reagan did it and how Clinton worked with the GOP to get his initiatives past and there is some level of truth to what he said in some areas of the speech. But it's not so much that the speech hammered home time tested truths; it's that the speech was effective in hammering home a product that everyone wants to hear.

Government working with the private sector. All of us in it together. It sounds great. It actually works when you don't have regulators choking off industries and cronies in the legal profession going after companies with frivolous lawsuits. If the government was truly on our side, Obama wouldn't be misrepresenting centralized planning and a top down solution as bottom up or middle out. The big lie is what the progressive movement has been using to win and it's failing.

Bill Clinton is the only one that actually made the big lie sound good. He used facts and figures. He used them well sometimes. He is the greatest three card monty dealer in the history of politics. He let the American people win this time around. People were "leaving the tables with twenties." It was a great speech. More importantly, it was an effective speech.

The Republicans took a hit. Now, the question is: is it a short term hit and can we come back from it? The answer is yes, but it depends on whether or not it's a good idea to not go to the liberal and Alinsky playbooks and  throw the socialism bomb. Obama's associations are his weakest links and they can be our greatest assets.

Also, we were starting to beat the media. Bill Clinton gave the media fodder and they will run with it. Romney will have to debate like Socrates if he wants to win the debates. But, win the debates he must.

For tonight, we took one straight through the heart. Tomorrow, we will recover and we will take on the forces of liberalism. Our Republic still depends on the American people waking up and realizing that those unpaid bills, those smaller pay checks and their inability to find higher paying jobs is not the product of the Bush Administration. It is the product of a government that is swelling to the size of a badly infected appendix. If we don't do something soon, it's going to burst no matter how well Bill Clinton mixed the sugar and crap and put it into a nicely done paper bag.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Taking Down the Shields

In the movie Independence Day, the U.S. Air Force attacks the enemy space ships only to find that they are impenetrable to both conventional and nuclear weapons because of their electronic shields. It was frustrating to see the President's and those in the control room's reactions after the attack had to be stopped. It wasn't until they studied the aliens's tactics (and the President actually mind melded with an alien) that they realized what their true intentions were. It was to kill. Realizing they could use one of the alien's own vehicles to fly into the mother ship and plant a virus in the program that controlled their shields, the President authorized the mission and it was a success.

You'll remember Will Smith and Judd Goldblum smoking cigars after narrowly escaping from the mother ship. The aliens started out by using our satellites to communicate and by luring our citizens onto the rooftops of buildings to view the tranquil ships which hovered above them. There was a sense that these aliens might be benevolent and that they had come to help the people of Earth. The crowds flocked and the people celebrated at the mere thought that there were greater beings than themselves who could help make their lives better.

Suddenly, those who were analyzing what was happening realized that the aliens were using our communication systems to coordinate an attack on Earth. When the ships began to use a massive fire weapon to vaporize cities and released their war planes on the Earth, many feared it was too late. But it wasn't. President Whitmore kept it all together despite his own personal tragedies (his wife dies in the movie) and became nearly Reaganesque when he gave his "this is our Independence Day" speech. The people of Earth individually came together and were led by a President who gave them the freedom to be creative enough to solve and ultimately resolve the problem.

This is what it has been like to be in exile as a conservative Republican since 2008. This is what the fight has been like. This is how close we have come to the political equivalent of death.

We know liberals are not aliens from outer space. We know that the Democrat Party is not looking to blow up the world. But the analogies this writer sees are clearly evident in how Democrats have used our "communication system" to coordinate the attempted destruction of conservatism, Constitutionalism and religious expression in our culture. Our "communication system" - the mainstream media, academia and the pop culture - was completely taken over without us realizing it until as late as last decade when Rupert Murdoch founded Fox News to counter the ever growing imposition of the liberally biased "straight news" that was making its way into our living rooms and classrooms.

When John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate, it was as if we had unleashed all of our force on the Democrats. Surprised that it didn't work, we analyzed and looked for reasons why. If there was ever a slogan that we could use to answer that question, it would have to be "it's the media, stupid."

We attempted a full frontal assault on liberalism without really understanding their tactics. Their shields held and Obama won. We didn't understand the game. The McCain campaign shied away from attacking Obama's associations and trying to paint him as a socialist. The media and the Left had no problem attacking Palin and her children. They had no problem trying to paint her as a right wing extremist. We were playing tiddly winks and they were playing dodge ball.

If there is any one silver lining that shines out of the dark disaster that was the 2008 election, it is the wonderful fact that we woke up, figured it out and are now in a great position to defeat the Democrats in 2012. The proliferation of conservative blog sites, web sites and users of social media has brought us even. We know that in order to defeat them, we must know what game they are playing and learn how to play it better. They own the board. Beating them on that board is the only way to take it back and reset the rules.

To do this, we must take down their shields. Their shields are a powerful weave of media outlets, Hollywood cultural figures and academics who teach in our classrooms at both the K-12 level and in higher education. When Sarah Palin said Obama was palling around with terrorists, those who controlled the flow of that information to the public laughed. They sloughed off the idea that maybe journalists should look into how Obama formulated his political philosophy. If they had done their job properly, they would have found a Marxist mentor, an unrepentant terrorist and a radically progressive minister about as high on Obama's list of influences as Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are on mine.

In other words, I could never B.S. the nation into thinking I was a moderate. I was a Reaganite in college. What would make you think I wouldn't be one now? Obama was a Marxist in college. What would make you think he wouldn't be one now?

But, what if I had the shield of the mainstream media to run block for me? What if every criticism and every question about my past associations were deflected by those we should expect to investigate them? This is why Obama won in 2008. This is why many fear he can win again in 2012.

The tide is turning, though.

There is a sense of optimism. Paul Ryan says emphatically "we can do this!"

Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin and scores of conservative writers and media contributors are showing us that we can win. We can be good at the game. We can find ways to defeat them. We are able to go around the shields at the grass roots level in Republican primaries. People are waking up and realizing that the media lies. We are infiltrating. We see articles coming out of Newsweek and Politico written by "embedded" writers. We see ABC's Jake Tapper admitting that the media tipped the scales in 2008. We see Yahoo firing a bureau chief over racially charged remarks.

There are chinks in the armor. Their shields are starting to come down.

In order to defeat Obama in 2012, the first step is to defeat the media. When Clint Eastwood says "And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go," it is the ultimate "virus planted into the alien's computer." It's the pop culture icon making a statement that the media cannot hide. The media spent the last four years protecting Obama, smearing the Tea Party, lying about Sarah Palin and portraying the Republican Party as racist. Take all the money they spent and all the money the Obama campaign spent on its smear campaign against Mitt Romney and laugh at how one sentence from a famous actor just took all that down. One empty chair and one sentence.

No, it's not time to celebrate just yet. But, boy is it time to get more optimistic. Four years ago, the fact checkers would have picked Paul Ryan's VP acceptance speech apart. Today, we are picking the fact checkers apart. Four years ago, the media fired at will. Today, we take their rhetorical missiles out as they are just leaving the silos. Four years ago, Mitt Romney would have been portrayed as Thurston Howell III. Today, he is a kind family man who is successful. Four years ago, being a family oriented woman who was successful was a crime. Today, we can come out of hiding and openly proclaim that success and hard earned wealth is American again.

We can be proud to be conservative again. Romney's campaign can neutralize the media with the help of surrogates. There is an online army that didn't exist in 2008. If you're reading this post, you are part of that army. You are contributing to the success in the first front line battle of the 2012 campaign. Take down the  media shields and the rest of the Obama campaign is done. Break through the front line of armored divisions and infantry and you will find nothing standing between us and that skinny kid from Chicago standing behind the curtain pulling the levers that make the wizard's voice boom and the fire blow up high around the talking head that once promised to heal the planet and cause the waters to recede. The illusion of hope and change is coming to an end.

When we advance past the media front line and begin our march on the presidency, the final whimper you will hear is "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." The gig is up. The cat is out of the bag. The Obama presidency is a failed presidency. It will join Jimmy Carter's and Franklin Pierce's on the ash heap of history.

You're beginning to see the media meltdown. It's happening on MSNBC. The anchors and contributors are going ballistic. They're accusing the GOP of being racists. They're making things up. Chris Matthews is angry. He's being mocked by Republicans for the thrill up his leg. We're getting to them.

Remember the cigars Will Smith and Judd Goldblum had in Independence Day? Don't light them just yet. Just keep an eye on how well we're doing against the media. If we keep doing what we're doing and the Romney campaign keeps doing what they're doing, the time for lighting the cigars will be here soon.

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