Monday, February 29, 2016

Megyn Kelly Joins the Media Mind Control Team

Just go back to the 2008 election and you will see how the media manipulated the propaganda to turn Obama into a god and Sarah Palin into a pariah. It's an all too familiar strategy devised by the liberal media to use the shiny object of deceit and innuendo to distract viewers from the facts and push their agenda over the will of the people. Now Megyn Kelly and Fox News are using that strategy in a feeble and obvious attempt to defame, yes libel and slander Donald Trump.

Regardless of what you think about Donald Trump, if you're not alarmed by this, than you need to go read some Kafka and Orwell. If they can do it to Trump, they can do it to your candidate too when and should they become a threat to their agenda. The likes of Megyn Kelly and some of the brass at Fox News, all of MSNBC and most of CNN think they're smarter than you and they will plant whatever morsels of doubt in your head piece by piece and day by day until you succumb mentally or you're just too busy to research every claim.

The way the media employs mind control is they try to implant doubts in the voters minds. The more issues and innuendos they bring up, the more they create false smoke hoping that people will say where there's smoke there's fire. Just like they did to Palin, it's all false narratives that they run up the flagpole. Do it over and over and over, rinse and try another hit angle until they wear you down. It's a much more devious employment of the tactic that gave us the old political joke "when did you stop beating your wife?"

Folks, the media doesn't want you to vote for Trump because he supported Democrats, once said he was pro choice or had business bankruptcies. They ran out of facts after that. But even so, those facts which were explained effectively by the candidate, are not why they don't want you to vote for Trump.

The reason why they don't want you to vote for Trump is because he's the guy who's going to walk into "The Temples of Syrinx" and flip the tables on the establishment and the smug elites in the media and both major political parties. Up until now, everyone has accepted divvying up with the boys as acceptable. With Palin 2008 and what she did prior in Alaska, Americans got their first example of how the cronyism and inside game is no longer acceptable. The public was turning until the media put in the stymie.

Now that the media is running out of facts, we're seeing pundits and media outlets basically using their own excrement, throwing it at the wall and hoping it sticks. It's the day before Super Tuesday and they are crapping their drawers.

The funniest one was when they totally guessed at what was never seen and claimed Trump's tax returns would show he was involved with the mafia. They dragged out Mitt Romney of all losers to try to destroy Trump. He's the same guy who folded like a lawn chair in the third debate against Obama in 2012. Armed with facts about Benghazi, the wimp never said a word. Now he's ready to take the poop out of the media and establishment's diaper and throw it at Trump.

After what the media did to McCain and Palin in 2008, conservatives ought to be ashamed of themselves if they believe an Axelrodian style campaign to discredit Trump.

If you honestly don't like Trump, then don't vote for him. But don't take Megyn Kelly into the voting booth and ask her for her opinion because she's only going to lie to you.

I'm a free thinker, and I'm a free presser. I may not totally buy into Trump's argument about changing the libel laws, but if we don't stop falling for the media's chicanery, I can easily warm up to where he's coming from.

You may think you're John Galt. But you can easily be Sarah Palin, a woman almost completely destroyed by the same media tactics now being used against Trump. The media lies. Recognize that whether you like Trump or not.

Donald Trump has way more money than Palin did. He has come to finish off the work she started. He may be a monster to some, but he's our monster. Let's let the movement vote and decide whether or not he should be our nominee. Please don't leave that decision up to the media.

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