Thursday, January 6, 2011

Polls Schmolls

Calling All Palin Patriots: Pre-Season Is About to Start

As we enter the new year, we watch a continuation of the revolution that started when Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie won their respective governorships in 2009. Since then, Republicans have taken back the House of Representatives with freshman Tea Party candidates being swept in by a tide of dissatisfaction with the growth of government and out of control debt under the Obama Administration. The GOP has picked up seats in the Senate and have continued the wave of gubernatorial victories in follow up to the off year wins in Virginia and New Jersey. Now we head into the pre-2012 primary season. It's pre-season. There is one final puzzle piece to put into place to make this whole thing happen.

Don't stare too hard at the hypnotic circle. The Left, the media and the Republican Establishment don't want you to vote for Sarah Palin. They know how the movie ends and while it ends well for America, it doesn't end well for them who will be ousted from their comfy positions of power and who will watch as a system of cronyism that has run this country for over a century is pushed aside for true free market, true merit based systems of mobility and advancement.

The current approach they are using is to try to convince the American people that Sarah Palin is unelectable. They are using polls to try to convince you now. The Daily Caller published an article yesterday and an article today that cites Sarah Palin's falling poll numbers. It is another attempt by the Establishment to place doubt in our minds. Polls will by flying fast and furious in the upcoming months. Some will show Palin up, some will show Palin down. Don't get too crazy about any of them.

Mark Blumenthal at Huffington Post writes:
Speculation about the 2012 Republican nomination is already underway and, as always, national "horse race" poll questions are central to that conversation. While we will certainly track those polls on HuffPost Pollster, anyone hoping to make sense of the battle for the Republican nomination should be forewarned: Over the course of the next year, such polling for national primaries will have little value in predicting the ultimate winner.
It is crucial that activists begin to prepare to do the internal battle required to select the 2012 nominee. But it must be done fair and square. Palin has been targeted. That needs to be offset so that when the candidates hit that campaign trail, they start out on equal footing. This is about choosing a horse, not knocking another one down.

This is not about just undoing what Obama has done. This is not about getting it back to the way it was. This is about moving it to a level it has not been at since Ronald Reagan was the president. Only this time, it needs to go deeper and further so that it never gets erased the way Ronald Reagan's influence was erased. The final puzzle piece is taking back that Reagan city on a hill and making sure we really secure it this time. Now, who do you really think can do that if we support her with all we have?

Check out this awesome post by Josh Painter at Texas For Sarah Palin and please read my post on Organize for Palin to really understand what we're getting at here.

I'll be talking about this tonight on my BlogTalk Radio Show at 10:30 pm ET.

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