Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why I'm Voting For Trump

I will be voting for Trump because I believe he believes in conservative solutions. Some may say he's not a true conservative, but an intelligent businessman knows to deal in reality when solving real problems. As such, Trump will do the conservative things not because he's an ideologue but because he is smart enough to know that true solutions work.

When establishment Republicans continue to attack Trump for telling it like it is, it tells me they don't know how to win. The GOP has been loosing because it keeps pushing milquetoast candidates like Mitt Romney. Conservatives sucked it up and voted for him.

We have a winner in Trump. He'll run it like a business and take no guff from our adversaries. He will repeal and replace Obamacare. He will kick the hell out of ISIS. He'll be strong on immigration. He's pro-life and pro second amendment. He's our only shot at getting conservative Supreme Court justices.

What else does the GOP want in their candidate, and why are even some conservatives carping? Backing Trump means we take it back. What's the worst thing that can happen? We take it back and figure it out later.

For the naysayers and worrywarts, while I believe Trump can do it, if he can't we will still be heading in a better direction than under Hillary.

Vote wisely.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Case for Donald Trump

As a conservative Republican, this writer has suffered through primary after primary where the Establishment candidate always won only to be destroyed by Democrats in the general election. Since 1996, the GOP has continuously nominated milquetoast candidates. Only George W. Bush has won, and it was in overtime. 

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, we all disagree with the liberal philosophy of those who run on the Democrat side. Government can't do it all and it spends like a drunken sailor. Say what you say about Donald Trump, but he is not a liberal. Is he the perfect conservative? No. But he is not Hillary Clinton.

Government can keep us safe from outside aggressors, mediate disputes among the states and promote the general welfare by using what is supposed to be constitutional limited power (which today it's not) to make sure the lights stay on, the roads are good and that people can conduct business freely, legally and without the burdens of regulation and social engineering. The last time I checked the Constitution, I didn't see any power enumerated to the Federal Government that allowed it to regulate or micro-manage the people into conforming with deluded Utopian views.

The Federal Government was designed by our founders to be the referee for the states and individuals, as well as the protector of the rights granted in the Bill of Rights. It was not designed to pick winners or losers or favor one group or special interest over another. Under the rule of establishment leaders from both parties, this whole idea has been dying a death by a thousand cuts.

The reason why the GOP establishment can't beat the Democrats or achieve their legislative goals when they control Congress is because they are outdated in their style, approach and strategy. They remain beholden to special interests and are locked into an old power structure which allows them to govern outside the will of the people. They become out of touch with the people as they become entrenched within a system where the highest motivation is to protect their own power and positions, even if doing so is at the expense of the will of the people.

In the past, the electorate became cynical and began to accept this setup. However, as the country fell deeper and deeper into debt and the internet helped people learn more about the inner workings of government, more ideas flourished and the people became more empowered to have more of a say in their government. They were no longer insulated from the truth by the mainstream media. They could now take to the internet and social media to not only learn why things were getting so bad, but to also develop a stronger belief that they could actually fix it knowing that there really are millions of other similar voices out there that want it fixed as well.

With the rise of Andrew Breitbart and the Tea Party movement after the election of 2008, the notion that you can't beat city hall died as dozens of establishment republicans were sent packing after losing primaries to those candidates who more effectively represented the true will of the people, not the media version. The people could now connect online and learn new tactics and strategies. 

The first step was to examine why liberals were always winning even though their ideas are severely flawed. Once we figured that part out, we could now take this knowledge and use it to our advantage. The Tea Party embarked on a strategy of defeating establishment candidates through primaries. The new media grew and the proliferation of talk radio and conservative websites is now underway. Why not take back the pop culture with a candidate like Trump?

The problem with establishment Republicans is not so much that they are entrenched in the outdated good ole boy way of doing politics, but rather their unwillingness to accept change. Instead of embracing the will of the people and running campaigns toward that direction, they chastised the people by rejecting the Tea Party and cowering to political correctness out of fear that challenging radical Islam or standing up for traditional values would cause them to be branded as Islamaphobes or homophobes. Yet at the same time, liberals were out there mouthing off about every crazy cause from environmentalism to gay marriage knowing that there were Republicans who actually believed they would lose votes by opposing them.

The progressive movement has been playing a rough and effective game. They apply Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals knowing full well that voters don't vote for what's true, but what they perceive to be true. They mastered the techniques of marginalization, media control, the influence of pop culture and using academia to teach leftist ideology to everyone from kindergarten through college. 

Republicans need to stop whining and complaining about this. Instead, they must recognize that the Democrats strategy works. Liberalism as a governing philosophy doesn't work, but Democratic techniques for obtaining power do work. Conservatism as a governing philosophy does work, but Republican techniques for obtaining power don't work.

Democrats have everything they need to win. They have the mainstream media, the pop culture and academia. 
The only thing they don't have going for them is the truth. Use their strategy against them or play from a new playbook like Donald Trump has been doing, and conservatives can win. Conservatives have natural law and the truth on their side. It's the one commodity that liberals can never add to their strategy. 

Liberalism is based on an idealistic view that imperfect humans can control other imperfect humans to create an unobtainable Utopia where everyone is taken care of from cradle to grave. It's a ponzi scheme. Once no one has to work (produce), you eventually run out of other people's money and the Utopia collapses.

Allowing society to evolve in a productive way means people have to be free to succeed and fail. Failure and poverty will always exist collectively, but are not permanent states of existence individually. A free and mobile society doesn't imprison people in generational poverty created by a welfare state. Instead, a rising tide will lift all boats. People will navigate the rough waters in their lives, but a free environment will also allow them to reach the calm waters as well.

Beating the establishment and the left requires beating them at their own game and with their own tactics. Romney's performance in the 2012 election is a prime example of why the old textbook doesn't work. Trump's re-writing the playbook. By branding his opponents with nicknames and using his pop culture persona, Trump is getting the attention he needs to win. Barack Obama did it with his rallies, too. Although the styles are different, the desired outcome is the same. If someone is perceived as a winner (whether he is or not), the people will come.

Whether you like it or not, we are an American Idol, Apprentice, reality show society. Candidates like Barack Obama won because they put on the best circus, not because they are good at policy. It's the strategy, stupid. Donald Trump used the strategy and defeated 16 of the best presidential candidates in the GOP primary. 

Donald Trump is not the conservative many want him to be. But, conservatives must see this as an opportunity to beat the Democrats. If Trump can lead us to the promised land, conservatives will have much better seats in the shining city than they do now. Trump is not the perfect conservative, but this writer is with him because I love the fact that someone has finally decided to throw out the old stale GOP playback and employ a strategy that gives us a much greater chance of winning. Some may want the old playbook, but it's not going to happen. We need to win! Trump's hitting hard and he's crushing his opponents the same way Democrats have done to us. 

If the strategy is the first reason to like Trump, then the second reason to like him is because the government needs to be run like a business. We the people are the investors. We are not government's servants. Trump has the business experience needed to make sure our tax dollars are not spent into the bureaucratic black hole.

Here's more from my blog: https://patricksworldusa.blogspot.com/2016/01/some-conservatives-will-get-over-it.html?

Monday, February 29, 2016

Megyn Kelly Joins the Media Mind Control Team

Just go back to the 2008 election and you will see how the media manipulated the propaganda to turn Obama into a god and Sarah Palin into a pariah. It's an all too familiar strategy devised by the liberal media to use the shiny object of deceit and innuendo to distract viewers from the facts and push their agenda over the will of the people. Now Megyn Kelly and Fox News are using that strategy in a feeble and obvious attempt to defame, yes libel and slander Donald Trump.

Regardless of what you think about Donald Trump, if you're not alarmed by this, than you need to go read some Kafka and Orwell. If they can do it to Trump, they can do it to your candidate too when and should they become a threat to their agenda. The likes of Megyn Kelly and some of the brass at Fox News, all of MSNBC and most of CNN think they're smarter than you and they will plant whatever morsels of doubt in your head piece by piece and day by day until you succumb mentally or you're just too busy to research every claim.

The way the media employs mind control is they try to implant doubts in the voters minds. The more issues and innuendos they bring up, the more they create false smoke hoping that people will say where there's smoke there's fire. Just like they did to Palin, it's all false narratives that they run up the flagpole. Do it over and over and over, rinse and try another hit angle until they wear you down. It's a much more devious employment of the tactic that gave us the old political joke "when did you stop beating your wife?"

Folks, the media doesn't want you to vote for Trump because he supported Democrats, once said he was pro choice or had business bankruptcies. They ran out of facts after that. But even so, those facts which were explained effectively by the candidate, are not why they don't want you to vote for Trump.

The reason why they don't want you to vote for Trump is because he's the guy who's going to walk into "The Temples of Syrinx" and flip the tables on the establishment and the smug elites in the media and both major political parties. Up until now, everyone has accepted divvying up with the boys as acceptable. With Palin 2008 and what she did prior in Alaska, Americans got their first example of how the cronyism and inside game is no longer acceptable. The public was turning until the media put in the stymie.

Now that the media is running out of facts, we're seeing pundits and media outlets basically using their own excrement, throwing it at the wall and hoping it sticks. It's the day before Super Tuesday and they are crapping their drawers.

The funniest one was when they totally guessed at what was never seen and claimed Trump's tax returns would show he was involved with the mafia. They dragged out Mitt Romney of all losers to try to destroy Trump. He's the same guy who folded like a lawn chair in the third debate against Obama in 2012. Armed with facts about Benghazi, the wimp never said a word. Now he's ready to take the poop out of the media and establishment's diaper and throw it at Trump.

After what the media did to McCain and Palin in 2008, conservatives ought to be ashamed of themselves if they believe an Axelrodian style campaign to discredit Trump.

If you honestly don't like Trump, then don't vote for him. But don't take Megyn Kelly into the voting booth and ask her for her opinion because she's only going to lie to you.

I'm a free thinker, and I'm a free presser. I may not totally buy into Trump's argument about changing the libel laws, but if we don't stop falling for the media's chicanery, I can easily warm up to where he's coming from.

You may think you're John Galt. But you can easily be Sarah Palin, a woman almost completely destroyed by the same media tactics now being used against Trump. The media lies. Recognize that whether you like Trump or not.

Donald Trump has way more money than Palin did. He has come to finish off the work she started. He may be a monster to some, but he's our monster. Let's let the movement vote and decide whether or not he should be our nominee. Please don't leave that decision up to the media.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Some Conservatives Will Get Over it About Trump

Trump is succeeding because of his strategy. Some ideological conservatives are missing the point. It's about winning, not purism. You want your purism? Take the country back first, and understand why we lost it in the first place.

The media killed us in 2008. Trump is beating the media (that's why Palin jumped on board). The pop culture beat us in 2008, Trump and a lot of supporters are from the pop culture.

The GOP Establishment wouldn't get on board with Kemp or Palin. They let Quayle get Palinized (an advisor handed him index card spelling potato with an e and no one fought back from our side). Now the Establishment smells their demise because Trump is so strong, and they may be jumping on (after bashing him like they did Reagan in 1980) like they did in 1984 when they realized that Reagan was their meal ticket.

They forgot that when nominating Dole, McCain and Romney that the grass roots of the party was more Quayle, Kemp and Palin (and don't forget Steve Forbes either). 

Trump is not Ronald Reagan because there will never be another Reagan, but Trump has tapped into the same coalition of voters. Lesson to the GOP Establishment, listen to the voters. Give us what we want, not what you want. Political parties exist to win elections, not to force the party's elites' wants down our throats.

God bless Andrew Breitbart and rest his soul. He told us to read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and to learn and understand their tactics if we want to understand why we lost and Obama won. He encouraged us to use their tactics against them. What happenned next was the million plus turnout for the Tea Party protest in DC.

Some may not think Trump is ideologically pure. But he is the battering ram we need to take back the Shining City on a Hill. And he knows how to run things, unlike the Democrats and congressional Repulicans. When Trump wins and makes America great again, conservatives that don't like him will get over it. They will find the political landscape friendlier than it ever was for our ideas.

With a defeated media and a Democrat party in disarray, Rich Lowry and his friends will realize that the only thing left for us to take over once we complete our takeover of the pop culture is to take over the academia. That's where his folks over at National Review can get back to the Bill Buckley school of educating America on conservatism. They will come around and realize their hit on Trump was poorly done.

I'm a conservative. I'm voting for Trump. I know our movement will only grow stronger once we've broken free from the shackels of political correctness and the media's ability to tell us to sit down and shut up.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I LOVE The Way He Plays the Game!

I've always said we need to beat the Democrats at their own game rather than playing with an outdated playbook. Obama didn't win on his issue positions. He won because he created a persona that everyone bought into because of the bandwagon effect. Did "redistribute the wealth" destroy his candidacy? No. Did "Mexico sends their worst" destroy Trump's? No.

Democrats won with the pop culture and the media. Obama became a celebrity with his grandiose speeches. Trump is the guy from The Apprentice. While the media carried water for Obama, Trump gets his help from the media, too, only in a different way. He plays a rough game - not afraid to ruffle feathers at Fox and getting face time on CNN. He takes the ball out of the hands of the media and puts them on notice that the response to lies and attacks will be swift and hard from his own mouth and keypad. He doesn't leave it to campaign operatives or surrogates.

I know you're supposed to not get in the mud with the pig. What if the Republican establishment still thinks it's not good to get in the mud? What If the pig already just pulled us In and we don't want to acknowledge It? Donald Trump knows we're already in the mud. There's no time to be politically correct.

I may not always like what he says, but man I love the way he plays the game. This is exactly what we need to do to win. I just wish Trump was on top of the Ticket in 2008. He would've called Katie Couric a washed up lush and that whole Sarah Palin thing would've immediately been brought under control. He's paying for that microphone, Mr. Bream. Who's paying for everyone else's? Ask the Establishment on either side of the aisle.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's Been a Long Time

It's been a long time since I've written a blog post. My schedule has been incredibly tight as I have been walking the tight rope of life trying to survive financially both personally and in my business. The Lord has to get all the credit for me being able to keep the roof over my head and still have a business. And, there is a reason why I've had to live like this.

I work a full time job (four 10 hour days a week Monday through Thursday) and work with my business partner on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Every time I get to the precipice of personal financial collapse, I find a way to come up with the money either through bonuses, negotiations, loans or creative due date movements. Every time I get to the precipice of business collapse, my business partner and I also find a way to get a customer to pay in the nick of time or we use our own money (which leads back to the personal side issues) to save it. It's been a balancing high wire act for sure.

The nightmare started when I was laid off in 2011. The four months I was out of work due to the Obama recession nearly cost me my house. But I saved it. Having been back to work since December of 2011, it's been one long two year game of playing catch up.

When things were at their darkest and I thought I wouldn't be able to make a mortgage payment or when things were at their darkest and I thought the business would have to shut down leaving me with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, I turned to the Lord in prayer and asked Him to take my burden from me; and if it was His will that I should succeed or fail then so be it. I asked Him to give me the strength and I promised Him I'd do the work.

The Lord provided me in my faith. He allowed me to help my business partner grow in his faith. I don't know exactly how I'm still surviving because it's all been a blur. But, some how some way I've been able to keep it together with spit and glue.

Today, my business partner and I are working on obtaining business lines of credit. Pray this works. We have the potential to take on a fairly large sized client by the end of the year. We have an investor who is involved in another line of business with us now. Things are starting to look up. But, we are in no way out of the woods yet. Our server blew up yesterday, so now we are going to be set back more time and more money to get that up and running. It's one thing after another. Most people would have quit and gone on welfare by now. But this mouse still believes there's cheese in the maze somewhere.

It never used to be this way. The capital markets flowed with cash. Businesses expanded regularly. New small businesses popped up everywhere. Many of those grew into large companies. Yes, you always had to pay the price for success. Entrepreneurs have always succeeded and always failed. But today, the success to failure ratio is nowhere what it was in the years past when we were creating record numbers of millionaires in this country. What I just described were the Reagan years (and it spilled over into the Clinton years). We are now in the Obama years. Conservative, free market approaches to how our country was run made us the greatest nation on Earth. Today, liberal, collectivist approaches are destroying us.

My business partner and I believe we will be successful despite the collapse of our once great nation. If we were willing to endure five years of this stuff (that's how long we've been in business) and we have the perserverence to make it work and never quit, we should reap rewards beyond our wildest dreams. But unlike the way it would have been had this been the Reagan years, it will take twice as much hard work, twice as much suffering and twice as much sacrifice to make it happen. The reason it has to happen: we have no choice. If our business fails, we are destroyed financially.

Our country is over $17 trillion in debt. If our government was a business, it would be the most incompetent business ever run and the free market would have destroyed it years ago. Both my employer and my own business has to comply with ridiculous Orwellian regulations that are imposed upon them by this gargantuan government gone mad. If my business extorted money from people using the law or if it printed its own money, we'd go to jail. But the government? No, they actually can do all the things that their regulators and the statutes tell us we can't do. I'm not saying we should be allowed to extort and counterfeit. I'm just saying the government shouldn't be allowed to either.

If we have become the nanny state, then the nanny is a very abusive one. She beats us. She destroys us financially. She keeps the poor pinned down in poverty. She rewards bad behavior and punishes good behavior. She suspends kids from school for using their fingers to play a wholesome game of cops and robbers, but she'll take the gun out of your hand before you shoot the person robbing you. She takes God out of school, but puts sex education (some of it deviant sexual education) in.

If our government was a private business, it would be forced into bankruptcy. Its executives would go to jail for mismanagement of funds. Its customers would suffer because the product and service they would get would be piss poor. Websites wouldn't work and the price of the product would sky rocket. If our government was a private business, it would be run out of business. If USA, Inc. was ever audited by its own regulators, it would be shut down. If USA, Inc. was ever indicted for fraud and misuse of money, its executives would go to jail.

If I ran my business like the government runs its, I'd be in jail and be completely destroyed financially. Try to find a private business that's $17 trillion in debt and see if it can just raise its debt ceiling or get a triple AAA credit rating. Logic and common sense no longer applies!

The whole flipping thing is upside down. What's right is wrong and what's wrong is right. Life in America is like one big acid trip. Only the hallucinations are real.

So what's the reason I work like a dog? I'm broke. If I am ever to survive this nightmare we call America, I'm going to need lots of money. Becoming wealthy isn't about the mansions, the yachts and the strings of polo ponies. It's about survival! It's about being able to take care of your family and inner circle while the ship we call America goes down. It's about doing God's will and having the means to help others. I'm not interested in luxury. I'm interested in financial self defense. Wealth is to the individual what national defense is to the nation.

The arduous sacrifices and the prices that had to be paid by those who have become successful were voluntary. Read Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Robert Ringer or any other book written by a successful person and you will find the keys to success. The reason why it doesn't work for everyone is that most people won't do the things necessary to become successful. And, that used to be okay. Success is hard. It's unconventional. It goes against the grain of everything we were taught. It wasn't for everyone.

We had a country where if you worked hard, you earned enough to raise a family and enjoy a comfortable middle class life. Surely, the extravagances weren't necessary and the problems like car repairs and home appliance repairs were setbacks, but for the most part, you could have a family and enjoy weekends. Those that wanted more were blessed to live in a country that gave them the environment to work harder and make the sacrifices for the bigger and better things. Those who wanted to make the extra sacrifices lived in a country where they were free to do so.

Today it seems most households are in distress. The family is being torn apart. People are working twice as hard just to stay afloat. Weekends off? What's that? Family time? What's that?

We have come to the days Ronald Reagan told us about. We are in the days where we are telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free. We are in the days where we are telling our children and our children's children what it was like to earn what you have.

We no longer have that choice of being middle class or working harder to move up. The middle class is the toy boat about to get sucked down the whirlpool in the drain. The sacrifices, the price that once was only required for the successful are now required of us all. The weight that has to be lifted now is much heavier than the one our last generation had to lift. Unfortunately folks, the sacrifices are no longer voluntary. We all have no choice now but to do it

Welfare and food stamps is not the answer. Obamacare is not the answer. All of that is going to implode. If you're not ready financially when that happens, your screwed. Just as I am a prisoner to my business (it's either get it profitable or else die financially), we as Americans are prisoners to this great experiment gone bad. If we don't get it back in line with the tenets of our founders, your grandchildren will be telling their grandchildren about how America fell.

It may cost tens of thousands for me to get out of my business. But it will cost America tens of trillions to get out of whatever this is now. Call it socialism, call it secularism, call it progressivism. But most of all, call it garbage.

If we don't have a revival from the grass roots on up, we're doomed. This isn't about religious zealotry or traditional evangelization. This is about life and death. It has to start in the house, then on the block, then in the neighborhood, then in the town, then in the county, then in the churches and the boardrooms. It has to start from the bottom and grow its way up.  Right now, we are being run by a top down model that is a complete failure. It is controlled by government and it is controlled by elites in both political parties. It's time to put an end to that.

If the bubble gum machine is filled with black licorice bubble gum (you know, the kind everyone hates), you can't fix it by smashing it. And, you certainly can't fix it by adding more black bubble gum to it. The way you fix it is to put a penny in, take out a piece, open the top and add a red one in its place. The pennies are the price. The pennies are our hard work at self improvement and re-prioritization. It took the progressive movement nearly 100 years to get us to where we are. Replacing the bubble gum in the machine is going to take time and effort - one red one in and one black one out at a time. But it must be done. There is no choice.

When everyone asks generations from now where America has been since we last heard from her, let's hope the country can explain its absence the way I've explained my absence from blogging.

Pray for strength and do the work. God bless you all.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Killing the GOP

Bill Hughes at City on a Hill Political Observer serves up a piece which stirred this bloggers thoughts regarding the Republican Party. We have seen the Establishment versus the grass roots battles in GOP politics come and go since long before the coming of Ronald Reagan. Yet, today it seems to be more pronounced than ever. Hughes discusses the thoughts of Chuck Heath, brother to 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin about a third party, the American Party. This comes at a time when many grass roots conservatives and Tea Party supporters are trying to decide whether to stay in or leave the Republican Party following the devastating loss to Barack Obama in 2012.

As a lifelong Republican, this conservative has always found it to be the best vehicle by which to form coalitions that are not too extreme and which can provide a powerful infrastructure to candidates who wish to support the betterment of America. As time has gone on, this observation has moved from concern over the extreme to where we are today: concern over moderation for the sake of capitulation.

Let's face it. We got our butts handed to us in the last two elections. Despite all the carping from the party's elite about extremism and their consistent attempts to dress a conservative party in moderate clothing, we lost with their kind of candidate twice to Obama. The Establishment plays it safe when selecting candidates because of their grossly mistaken belief that the party can attract more centrist, non-ideological voters while not turning them off to those who could cast misperceptions about the party's compassion for the poor, women and minorities.

John McCain and Mitt Romney are far from being right wing extremists whether in reality or in perception. When the party elite cringe at the idea of Sarah Palin on the ticket or distance themselves from the words of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, they either unknowingly or unintentionally distance themselves from the core values upon which our country was built.

Most non-junkies of politics believe that the Palins and the Limbaughs of our side are extremists because that's what they're told by the media. They are not, of course, when you actually listen to them instead of judging them based on third hand comments.

In the days following the ratification of the United States Constitution, they would have been seen as patriots and political experts whose opinions and interpretations of the Constitution would be seen as similar to those of the founders. It is progressives who are the true extremists as they deflect by painting our leaders and opinion makers as extremists in order to retain their own power. They project upon us their own inner truths lest they be found out and revealed for what they really are.

A president who circumvents the Constitution regularly by executive fiat and who surrounds himselves with radicals who think the Constitution is an antiquated document that no longer needs to be followed to the letter can win elections today but someone like Sarah Palin can't?

"We are in different times" they say. Or they will sugarcoat it by saying that the Constitution is a living breathing document. The United States has elected the most radical, extremist president in its history (twice no-less) and its propagandists in the media, pop culture and academia have successfully gotten enough of the citizenry to believe what Obama is doing is "normal." The reality is they're so far to the left that it gives the illusion that conservatives are on the extreme side.

The center of the political spectrum could be somewhere between communism and liberalism for them. Therefore, anyone further right of a centrist now falls on the extreme edge. Constitutionalism and all of the political philosophy espoused by our country's founders are seen as being on the edge of that spectrum. Liberty, individualism, entrepreneurship and self reliance are extreme ideas in today's America.

We are the last ones standing against a tide that continues to turn harder and harder against us.

But, there are still enough of us left to fix this if we understand where we're at. We're no longer in the canoe racing them down the river. Our canoe has tipped and we are riding backside down and feet foward through the political rapids. The day that we can sit in a vessel again that has not capsized may be gone unless we understand how to get it back.

The first step is to admit we have a problem. Staying in the Republican Party is going to require that the party leadership recognizes that moderation for PR reasons is a failed model. Most moderates and party elites are where they are today because they rode the winning wave of Ronald Reagan.

Prior to Reagan's election in 1980, the party elite was afraid that we were electing a B actor and a right wing extremist to the presidency at a time when the Soviet Union and America were at hair trigger on the nuclear button. But, by 1988, these same folks were raking in the dough while basking in the light of a party which now had a winning brand.

Fattened by the glory of power and drunk from the Potomoc water, these establishment types took to securing their positions, choosing going along to get along over continuing the fight that Ronald Reagan told us had to passed on from generation to generation. Instead of looking ahead and realizing that our future generations would need to be taught our principles, they secured and defended their cushy positions while assuming the people would never be that stupid so as to fall for liberalism.

How wrong they are. The proof is here. The progressives have achieved both of their objectives. In term one, they transformed America into a European style socialist democracy. Now in term two, they are completing the peaceful transition to a new brand of collectivism. Call it what you will; it's really just communism achieved without physically slaughtering your own people. This time around they mentally slaughtered us instead.

Through their indoctrination of students in the public education system as well as at the college and university levels, their messages of "tolerance" of deviancy as pushed through music, art and movies and the their successful efforts at mind control by using the mainstream media as its propaganda arm, the progressives have achieved nearly all their goals. Yet, the Republican Establishment continues to think we can just win this thing at the ballot box or in the halls of Congress while ignoring the culture and the socio-economic factors that have to be in play at the individual, family and community levels.

The Establishment has talked a good game about God, family and country, but they've done nothing to help conservatives and the grass roots nurture and grow those ideals. Everytime you have a Sarah Palin, a Herman Cain or a Mark Levin speak out, the party leadership bails on us. Someone needs to remind these paranoid meglamaniacs who steer the GOP that being afraid of running an "extremist" like Sarah Palin for president is the equivalent of the Democrat Party being afraid to run an extremist like Barack Obama.

They need to learn how the Democrats and the progressives did it. If a football team keeps losing to its rival, it needs to study the films and find out why what their opponents are doing is working and figure out why what they're doing is not. It's not about ideology. Most Americans don't believe in abortion, gay marriage, reckless spending or uninhibited immigration. They just think it's cool to have a hip president who likes the same music and they do.

Many Democrats, particularly African Americans, are church going people. We may need to look more into how they are able to reconcile their personal conservativism with their political liberalism later; but for now it's more important that we and the Republican elite realize that winning elections is not just about what we do the few months before an election. It's about what we do in our industries, in our homes, in our communities and in our culture. Infiltration must come before liberation if we are ever going to get our country back.

What is so bad that could possibly happen by running Sarah Palin? McCain lost. Romney lost. The GOP Establishment was afraid to have Sarah Palin speak at the convention. We still lost anyway. What if she had run for president and lost? Nothing would be different than it is now. But what if she won?

Which brings us to the question of "should I stay or should I go now?" For now, the strategy needs to be a continuous effort to not only take back the culture, but to take back the Republican Party. Yet, we must heed the words of Chuck Heath and others and not be closed minded about the third party option.

There may come a time when the GOP is unwinnable for conservatives. If that time comes, we will all have to stay tight and work hard. We're going to have to stay tight and work hard either way.

And, if Chuck Heath's sister decides one day that the GOP is no longer the way to go and she wants to go third party, I will follow. I'm a free thinker who makes up his own political mind. I know where I stand on the issues. However, Sarah Palin is a true leader. She has more smarts (and more importantly, more common sense) than most of the intellectual elites in both parties despite their efforts to portray her as an idiot. As a free thinker, I choose to follow her.

Whatever direction we need to go in as a movement, I'm there. Sarah Palin need only to say the word.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Can Blog From My New Samsung Galaxy 4G Phone

If my country is going to go down the tubes, at least I have a modern phone that I can use to chronicle it's decline.

It's going to be a long road ahead. After I graduated college I went canoeing with my college friends. I want to pass on the advice I got from a river guide (Jim Cantore also gave this advice for those caught in a flash flood on The Weather Channel).

When the canoe tips and you're in the rapids, ride on your back with your feet forward and use your body to navigate the waters.

While our technology has gotten better, our society and culture has gotten worse. At least I have this phone. Feet forward and ride on your back. We may be out of the canoe, but we can ride this out.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Circus Animals and the Dope Show. Where Do We Go From Here?

There are a lot of folks who are criticizing the Republican Party and Mitt Romney for their establishment ways and failed campaign. These people are pushing for a wave of activism in the conservative grass roots and advocating for the takeover of the Republican Party. I agree with the forward thinking part of this. I do, however, believe that the strategy should be a more positive one. Our focus now needs to be on understanding what happened objectively and moving forward vigorously to make the party more responsive to the people who make up its rank and file.

Those who are critical of John Boehner and the Republicans floating ideas on moderating their positions on things like immigration and abortion are right to think this is the wrong strategy. Even Mark Levin this week was very critical of John Boehner. We all know how much this writer respects and admires Levin. So, I’m not going to say he’s wrong.

What we do need to recognize, though, is that reality is much different than theory. Criticism is not as good as solutions. Pushing out the establishment’s leadership is not going to be done by simply criticizing them. It has to be done from the bottom up. Boehner isn’t going to be leaving the speakership any time soon. Nothing will reverse the Romney loss. However, starting today, we can recruit and nominate Tea Party candidates and our future leaders going forward. Eventually, the good water will displace the bad.

First, start from a position of realism. Those who voted for Obama are thrill seekers. They voted for food stamps, free phones, entitlements and that good old fashioned warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you win. They didn’t vote their long term best interests. They ignored the reality that this country will eventually become like Greece as we continue pursuing the same leftist policies that history has already shown us to be recipes for failure.

America is on a binge, buzzing from all the free stuff their getting. But, they’re ignoring tomorrow’s hangover. When the hangover comes, they will regret the binge and eventually listen to us. That may take decades. We can’t wait that long. We need to figure out how to win now.

We live in a new reality. Logic and common sense no longer apply in today’s America. Say something that’s not politically correct and you’re cast out. Live a normal life and run a business, you are taxed and punished for success while being whipped into submission by government regulations.  Pray openly, maintain a heterosexual marriage, discipline your children or grab a burger at a local joint while super sizing the soda and you are a racist, an extremist or a right wing fanatic. Support gay marriage, abortion on demand, class envy and a secularism that prohibits open displays of faith and patriotism and you are now the new normal.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, call your mortgage company. See how well these volumes of regulations work. Find out firsthand how difficult it is to speak to a decision maker or to get a straight answer from severely scripted call center reps. Go set up your own business and find out how impossible it is to make a profit after you spend all your capital on compliance and taxation. Welcome to Obama’s America.

While you wait on line at the store staring at your watch because you’re late for a meeting or your lunch hour is about to run out, the takers are standing around kibitzing and wasting time doing nothing ahead of you. Drive on the roads between the h ours of 9 am and 5 pm. All those other cars on the road are not sales people heading to their appointments. They’re unemployed. They’re on disability. They’re under employed and work part time hours. This is Obama’s America.

There are more of them than there are of us. The takers are growing in numbers while the makers are shrinking in numbers. Getting America productive again is not going to happen if you take the food stamps and the cell phones away. It’s only going to get productive again when we offer people a better choice. It’s time to shut the door on the freebies and encourage those who are already on the freebies to get off of them by giving them a better deal.

This is where the takeover of the Republican Party begins.

Mitt Romney is a good man. There are a lot of things he could have done differently in his campaign. He may have won had he pushed the Benghazi issue more (or even more so, he could have won if his opposition research team unearthed the numerous scandal s and hit the Obama campaign hard). He may have won had he been better at selling us on how drilling will put thousands of dollars into each of our pockets in the form of more jobs, higher wages and more capital flowing through our economy.  But, Romney went on the same assumptions that most of us have been operating under for all previous elections: that given the right information, the people will make the right decision every time.

Not this time.

Give them enough stuff and they’ll ignore the right information.

The American electorate is full of slobs. They’re pigs gorging themselves at the trough of government hand outs. The only way to get to these slovenly creatures back into production is to package up a job that pays more than what they’re getting from the government and sell it to them. I’m not saying lie to the American people. But, look at what Obama did. He sold the people a grand illusion. We can do that.+

Sean Hannity said on Friday’s Hannity show “we must adopt the tactics of the left without the lies.”

They elected a candidate from the more “extreme” part of their base. We can do that.
The idea we have to moderate and move to the center is utter nonsense. It’s the same losing formula that cost us every election we didn’t win since Reagan. If the Democrats can nominate a radical left wing progressive socialist and win, it shows us that moderation doesn’t work. Instead of complaining about what the Democrats do, why not learn from them?

I know we reject the idea of style over substance. I know we’re supposed to be the adults in the room who treat politics with reverence and respect. But times have changed and we need to change, too. We need to recognize that in order to win, we must accept the notion of an American idol presidency and that the American people are not going to listen to Paul Ryan speeches no matter how chock full of facts and correct details they are. The slobs, the pigs, the American people wanted Mitt Romney to light his hair on fire and he didn’t. They wanted another Sarah Palin on the ticket. Mitt Romney got 2 million less votes than John McCain. Why? There was no drama.

Barack Obama got 8 million less votes than he got four years ago. Why? Those people had buyer’s remorse, but they were still bored. There was nothing for them to vote for.

If the Republican Party was a musical act, we’d be Englebert Humperdink. We need to be the Sex Pistols. Yes, we need to light ourselves on fire. We need to be outrageous. We need to be Breitbarts. We need to have each other’s backs so that when we speak out in what liberals will define as insensitive ways that we can stand up to them. Yes, there are tons of blacks on food stamps and in poverty. Yes, there are tons of unmarried women who mooch off the government. To quote Sam Kinison:  SAY IT! SAY IT!

What do you think Bill Maher, Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews are doing? They’re saying it for their side. They’re saying their version of what we consider to be outrageous. They are outrageus; and people watch them.

I’m not saying we should be racists, homophobes or sexists. We’re not. They packaged up crap in the right bag and it sold. Why are we having such a hard time packaging up the good stuff in the right bag? We can be just as outrageous as Michael Moore, Al Gore, Van Jones and the like. Let’s piss them off. Let’s tell them how blue the sky is (even if they have successfully lied enough to get everyone to think its green) and watch their heads spin. Don’t duck and run. Even if it’s uncomfortable, say it! We may be outnumbered. But we don’t change who we are fundamentally. The inner core stays the same. It’s how we express that inner core that needs to change.

We need to write song lyrics that are vicious to the left as those written by Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley and Jimi Hendrix were to the right. We need to paint our faces and sing. We need to infiltrate. We need circus animals and girls on trapezes. We need right wing rap and heavy metal libertarianism. We need jugglers and clowns. I know its foreign to us, but we must learn. How do you think they beat us?

To quote Marilyn Manson, “we’re all stars now in the dope show.”

When football teams first discovered the forward pass, those who believed the game should be played on the ground lost unless they learned how to throw the ball. Don’t misunderstand what’s being said here. We’re not lowering ourselves to them. We are infiltrating and beating them at their own game. There’s a difference. They say never wrestle with a pig because in the end you both come out dirty. But, the pig already jumped us and we have no choice.

We need to win this thing back precinct by precinct. We need to grow the Tea Party not just into a political organization but into a lifestyle. When we produce actors, musicians, teachers, professors and academics out of the conservative grass roots, we will win again. When we expand the new media and compete head to head with the mainstream media, we will win again. When we attract African Americans and Hispanics with a winning message that appeals to their base instincts, we will win again.

When we recognize and accept that America is no longer America and that what we had under Ronald Reagan is gone, we will win again. America is no longer Rockwell. It’s van Gogh.  When we craft a new conservative America that looks close enough to what we have now, but which functions more efficiently and fiscally sound, we will win again. When we finally beat them at their own game, we will win again.

What should our strategy on illegal immigration be and how do we attract more Hispanics?

We need to listen to them. The lesson of this election is that we didn’t listen to Hispanics. There are a lot of them that are here legally who resent those who come here illegally. But these same people have friends and family who are here illegally. It bothers them to think the GOP is against their friends and family. We can find a way to change the bureaucracy so that the responsible ones can get legal status. From there they can follow the same legal path to citizenship as every other immigrant does. I’m not talking about outright amnesty. Seal the borders. Make it final. No more illegals from this point forward.

The key to stopping the children from raiding the cookie jar is lock the cookie jar so no one else can get in it. The ones who already raided it are done. It’s over. We can’t unring that bell. We are conservatives. We hate bureaucracy. Push the anti-bureaucracy theme for responsible yet illegal aliens and give them a system that allows them to register, document residency and employment status. Let them show us they have children in school and that they pay their taxes. If they can show they are self sufficient and have not come here to raid our entitlement system, give them a green card and have them pay a reasonable fine for breaking the law.

How do we win over African Americans?

We must appeal to their sense of logic and common sense. We must explain that it is not normal for 93% of any demographic group to vote the same way. Tell a brother to think for himself and not let the culture of dependency, poverty and broken families stop him from making a buck or being successful. Blacks are religious and family oriented. They see these things and opportunity the same way everyone else does. They just vote differently because of group think. It’s called political socialization. They’ve all been taught to vote Democrat.

The key is to get them to start thinking more deeply. Get them to ask themselves why so many of their friends and family are still on government assistance or incarcerated. Then get them to ask themselves what exactly has the Democrat Party done to change this? Why is it that more African American got good jobs under the Reagan administration than under any previous administration to that point?  Conservative African Americans can become role models,  philosophical catalysts and entertainers in a positive way. Ultimately, appeal to their desire to make money. They’re no different than any other demographic group in what they want from the American experience.

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