Media Lies and Hypocrisy

"But more and more Americans are looking at some of these networks, that biased journalism, and they're saying, nah, that gig is up, we're not believing that stuff anymore..."
- Sarah Palin

It is the media's failure to perform its primary function -- unbiased reporting of the news -- that makes it so lame. By acting as Barack Obama's publicity agents rather than journalists, the media lost what little remaining credibility it had with the majority of Americans. - Josh Painter

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Anatomy of a Smear: Partisan press wildly exaggerates a story based on flimsy evidence, the story is granted credence by allegedly objective media outlets, and a candidate is toxified. They are at war, and this is how they fight.

The minority left has a majority of the microphones and keyboards in the media.

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"I don't blame people for not really knowing what it is, in some instances -- what I stand for or what my record is because if I believed everything that I read or heard in the media, I wouldn't like me either."  - Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin's Journey into the Media’s Heart of Darkness

The Out of Touch Media Destroyed By Focus Group

No Palin Setback Too Small for Couric Who Skips How Palin 'Acted in Good Faith'

On my Fight for the Right page (which I wrote about 2 years ago), I said the number one key to victory in taking back our country is to "Convince people that the media lies to us and expose liberal bias and double standards frequently." It's working and we're starting to win now.

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From the toilet paper roll:

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TPM (Toilet Paper Magazine) finds malcontent Tea Party Candidate to use for hit piece on Sarah Palin.

There's plenty of room in the toilet paper dispenser for more

Retracto, the correction Alpaca, will be keeping us informed on media lies thanks to the great work of Andrew Breitbart over at Big Journalism. Just click on the picture to catch Retracto's latest updates.

Palin Media Bias:

The reason, then, that Palin may appear “dicey,” a long shot for the White House and unconvincing as a savvy political player is owing not to any calamitous personal deficiencies—after all, she has succeeded brilliantly in most of her undertakings—but to the well-coordinated offensive launched against her by the media, the special interest groups and the entrenched Beltway power brokers. That is, she has been targeted for extinction by the 30% minority who control the levers of power and influence. They have her in their “crosshairs.” - David Solway

There is always a steady background of attacks on Gov. Palin from the Left, but they ramp them up in direct proportion to the good vibes that she generates for herself. They are desperate not to let her redefine herself from the character they have tried to define her as. - Josh Painter

Jamie Weinstein: Palin vs. Edwards, Case Study in Media Bias

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HuffPo's Sarah Palin Foot Fetish

Huffington Post Hits Sarah Palin Over the Head With a Dead Body

  Arianna Huffington lies to Roger Ailes and tells him that hate
  mongering stuff on her website is "not approved."

Arianna Huffington writes this about Van Jones being the victim of a "vile and vicious smear campaign": "And that if every mistake, misstep, boneheaded decision, or error in judgment becomes an automatic disqualifier for public service, then we're going to be left with a political landscape filled with nothing but wrinkle-free, foible-free, passionless automatons who have never made a mistake because they never took the risk of having an original thought." This is intellectual dishonesty at its best given how Ms. Huffington handles Sarah Palin.

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