Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Okay Liberals, Let the Game Continue!

When US intelligence agencies illegally record a conversation between General Flynn and the Russian ambassador then leak that to the press to advance a leftist agenda to destroy the Trump administration, that's a bigger violation than discussing dismissing Russian diplomats prior to inauguration.

That information should have been classified and immediately brought to the president and vice president in private. Then the VP (not Reince Priebus) could have recommended that Flynn step down later.

Obama is creating a shadow government within our government. There are still many bureaucrats in there that are in on it.

If anything, we need to find the source of the leaks and Trump needs to start firing people within the intelligence community and the general bureucracy.

The CIA, the FBI and the federal bureaucracy is not happy that they are no longer running the country. Trump is an existential threat to the "real government" and they don't like it.

And the media is running the front line war. They are the opposition party.

This is not kool aid drinking. This is reality. If liberals can step back and get off the non-existent yoga rugs that were never actually in Hillary emails that she bleach bitted, then maybe we can start looking at the realities of the situation.

So when Hillary does underhanded stuff, we need to rely on Wikileaks to hack the information? When Flynn has a conversation, its okay for American intelligence agencies to record and leak the information?

In a sense, the liberals are taking a page out of our playbook which we stole from their playbook. So kudos. But their hypocrisy is so glaringly obvious when liberals accuse conservatives of doing the same thing they were doing.

These are the new rules of politics. If anything, Saul Alinsky taught us a lot. Republicans must continue to fight using his strategy. Saul Alinsky is to politics what the strategist in football who invented the forward pass is. Once the opponents started using it, the games got good.

Alinsky tactics work no matter which side of the aisle you are on. Donald Trump taught the GOP to take on the media bias. It's up to to Republicans to learn and move the ball forward. May the games continue.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The City Starts to Shine Again

After a long eight years of anguish and despair. "the carnage" comes to an end. With the replacement of the crimson drapes in the oval office with gold ones, the cleaning and the buffing begins. America is starting to become that shining city on a hill again.

The Tea Party movement and the conservative movement can take heart in the fact that no one in their camps ever killed a cop, burned an American flag, lit a car on fire or looted a store. We may have done a little fighting amongst ourselves in blogs and on social media, but even the remaining #nevertrump folks on our side don't need therapy dogs or safe spaces.

As the city begins to shine again, we are optimistic that the "hood like" nature of Obama's America with murders in Chicago, police being killed and the long welfare and food stamp lines will give way to rule of law and economic prosperity while many leave the welfare lines to go to work at the newly created jobs that are on the way.

This is not a racist analysis. This is a mathematical one. African Americans have long been kept on the government dole in order to keep them voting for the Democrats. With a blazing economy, many will be going from the hood to the crib on their own dime earned in a booming Trump economy. Casting a ballot for them will no longer be a vote to take what others earn, but to keep what they earn.

The city will shine for all races regardless of their ideological or sexual orientation. The only thing that can hold back identity politics oriented individuals will be themselves.

Throwing tantrums, whining and complaining or protesting without a legitimate grievance will make whatever identity or splinter group you say you are part of look silly and less credible. The rest of us grown ups will be Americans regardless of what we do in our bedrooms or bathrooms because there is no room in the public square to impose one life style or belief system over another.

Patriotism will trump prejudice, as our President said. We are all Americans first.

I'm willing to keep my lifestyle out of your face if you're willing to keep your lifestyle out of mine. But if you want to go make some money together, work together or help people together, sign me up.

Let's keep the garbage out of legislation and let's go live freely. Our magic is not in how we can regulate each other, our magic is in our hearts. No healthcare mandate or EPA regulation can make us better. If one is not living by the golden rule then that's on them. It's not on us.

We can make and live by our own decisions. We don't need government to do that for us. We have been given a great responsibility by having been blessed with freedom. Give up responsibility, give up freedom.

The power is being returned to the people. If we can handle it, just watch this city shine again.

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