Friday, July 22, 2016

Taking Back the Shining City

We're on Our Way

After the 2008 election, we watched Sarah Palin shed a tear as John McCain gave his concession speech. What went wrong? Relying on old school strategy, public funds and a traditional establishment strategy, the Republican party got its ass kicked. A change in strategy was necessary. As a movement, those who wanted it that badly have found its voice and battering ram.

When Dr. Ben Carson speaks and writes, you will understand. When you read what the late great Andrew Breitbart wrote and said, you will understand. When you listen to what Governor Sarah Palin has said, you will understand. Allow me to twist James Carville's words: it's the strategy, stupid.

We've reverse Alinsky-ized them. Ridicule Black Lives matter. Ridicule an email deleting political hack. Ridicule the GOP establishment. Take to social media to post blazing poignant memes portraying Obama as a terrorist sympathizer and Hillary Clinton wearing prison clothes. Brilliant!

That's how you take it back!

The Republican party has never, until now, recognized the reason why they lose all the time. Yes, we know entrenched establishment politics and the go along to get along strategy was their greatest weakness. But, the real reason they lost so much is they never (until now) recognized that the Democrats were using a different playbook. Their plays worked.

The Democrats used Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" the way football coaches used their playbooks. They control the media, the pop culture and academia. They eliminate God from the discussion for the sole purpose of removing truth from the equation. Insert God and the truth, use their playbook and we win.

We get that now, finally.

The Palin movement melded into the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement melded into the pro-Constitution "We the People movement" which spun off our most cynical members. They went with Ted Cruz, who bet his personal political ambitions on the loss of his party's best chance of winning the presidency. But the bulk of us are still here to finish this thing off.

The victory we await requires strong hearts and strong stomachs. We have wanted this for 8 years. Now we stand outside the city, armed to the teeth with an anti-media pop culture icon candidate with conservative kids who have been through the halls of academia.

How are we doing so far?

If you want a field general to take back the Shining City on a Hill, you need a guy who can kick the crap out of the media, lead pop culture and show America how academia won't destroy the minds of children that are brought up with the right upbringing.

I would hope that Andrew Breitbart is smiling down from heaven seeing how far we've come. If you're going to take back America, first you have to take back the Republican party. We've done that.

Now, the business at hand is to rhetorically blundgeon Hillary Clinton so bad that she lays on the metaphorical pavement with the political blood coming out of her party's head.

There will be no shutting down Palin from using the words "palling around with terrorists." Steve Schmidt is gone. There will be no Romney wussying out on Benghazi. He's a washed up has been that was never there. There will be fire and brimstone against the media and against Hillary. We finally have someone that can do this.

The movement is the American people. They chose one of their own, a private citizen, over 17 talented politicians because they know that politicians are all talk and no action.
Perfect or not, Donald Trump is the battering ram that we know can not only bust through the door of a city on a hill that has lost his shine. He will allow us to restore its luster.

We didn't need the most polished, perfect guy in the world. We needed a winner. We have one now.

Because he is beating them at their own game, we will win. We've waited long enough. The time has come. Let the naysayers jump off the bandwagon when we're this close. We can win win without them. The rest of us are going in and we're taking back the city and we're going to make it shine on that hill again!

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