Thursday, August 9, 2012

Living the Stats

I haven't been able to post a lot lately. I'm working twice as hard as I ever did for 10% less money. Life under Obama is the worst its ever been in the nearly 49 years I've been on the planet. Surely, not all of it's Obama's fault. I'm not here to blame all my life's problems on the President. I take responsibility for not being prepared for this. Yet, when I look at the root causes of the growing number of financial problems I find more and more Americans running into, all the data tells me that the fish stinks from the head down.

Yes, there's a lot of body rot, too. Our moral and cultural decline contributes to much of why the fish stinks from the head down. The rot in our collective body has now made its way to the head and once there, the brain gets eaten away. Here are the stats.

I lived during the Reagan years. Most of the people who have lived during the Reagan years will probably break for Romney by a 10% margin. Rudy Giulianni suggested on Hannity tonight that if only people over 40 voted, that would be the margin of victory for the former Massachusetts governor. Most of those under 40 never experienced the Reagan years. They don't know what great is so they think what we have right now is alright.

The young don't have mortgages. The young think that the world is great because they're hooking up or they're enjoying a formal education because of all the loan money they're getting. They can drive nice cars because they have no other real expenses. Those in their 30's are just starting to become bitter and the only thing they know is that Bush and the Republicans sucked. Clinton was the man; so they vote Democrat.

Those who are receiving benefits such as food stamps, disability, welfare and grants for education are being relieved of the necessity of self sufficiency. They will vote for Obama because for them, they get a check or a stipend and the time they would have had to devote to working and struggling to make ends meet is dedicated to XBox360 or Play Station III instead. Toss a few beers and couple of doobies in there and Utopia is right there waiting for them at the crack of noon when they wake up. I'm not saying all people on benefits are like this, but think about how easy it is for many of them to live that lifestyle on our dime if they so choose.

For the rest us, the pillars of our society - traditional marriage, capitalism, the presence of the Lord in our daily activities, hard work for just reward and the ability to own and maintain a home - are collapsing around us. We are in an Orwellian world where the surreal replaces logic and common sense. We find ourselves alienated and disconnected from all that was at our very core. We are losing America as we and those who came before us for over 200 years knew it.

I've lost a job and nearly lost a house. I've found a job that pays $8,000 a year less than the one I lost. I modified a mortgage on a house that is now under water. Liberals tell me I watch too much Fox News. Fox News has nothing to do with why I'm struggling to figure out how I'm going to fill a $400 shortfall in my monthly budget so I can avoid falling back into the financial rut I was in a year ago.

I understand that voting for Romney isn't going to miraculously change my condition. But I sure as hell know that if Obama is elected, we're done. Not just me done, we're all done. America is done.

When the President and his campaign advisers lie to the American people it pisses me off. It pisses me off even more when stupid people actually believe them. This isn't about ideology. This is about reality. This is about the destruction of our economy and our liberty. Those who choose to believe Obama contribute to this pending destruction. They don't realize that in the long run they will ultimately join us in the misery when the money runs out.

There may be nothing we can do to save the country if it turns out there are more of them than there are of us. But if by the grace of God Romney wins and we are given a second chance to renew and restore America, some day down the road America has a chance of becoming a shining city on a hill again. I'm not looking for that to happen overnight. I'm just praying that we're not headed down the road that ancient Rome and so many other fallen empires have traveled in their twilight years.

It's important to fight for what we believe. I'm not being a jerk about it. But, when someone tells me they're voting for Obama or they debate me on Obama, I simply tell them here's the choice: you can either vote for the destruction of your country or you can vote to renew and restore it. There is no gray area. You have a right to your opinion, but I want you to know that you are not realizing how bad it's going to get if you don't see it our way.

People are always asking me how its possible that someone as bad as Obama is as president can still be considered the favorite to win in 2012. The answer is simple. Our society is a cesspool. We are in cultural decline. The liberals have successfully infiltrated the media, the pop culture, the academia and the political class to such an extent that many Americans are already either intellectually indoctrinated or bought out by the hand outs they get from the government.

When the people become so greedy that they vote themselves the riches of the treasury, the nation goes broke. Those receiving all the benefits are the takers. They don't produce. Yes, some of them are legitimately disabled and a lot of them are receiving their well deserved social security benefits. But the portion of those who are caught in Obama's catch-22 where the heavily regulated and highly taxed economy is bleeding jobs at an unprecedented pace are finding themselves having to turn to the government for help. This is what the progressives want them to do. It's part of the plan.

Four years ago, I wrote that the goal of Obama and the progressives was to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a European Socialist Democracy. Today, I write that they have achieved that. That is only step one. If you understand Obama's associations and his formative years in college, you'll understand that the agenda is to achieve a Marxist revolution. Only this time, they want it to happen peacefully. Step 1 is the European Socialist Democracy. Step 2 is The Temples of Syrinx (start at the 4:20 mark). It is their vision of imposing a Marxist collectivist Utopian system where the government cures the ills for all.

This is pipe dream. It's totally unrealistic and undo-able. Changing or controlling human nature from the top down creates so many more unintended consequences than any other governing strategy. It also collapses on itself when, as Margaret Thatcher pointed out, it runs out of other people's money.

It is with this collapse that we lose Divine Providence. The Lord has built into our universe the concept that obedience to His laws of nature and laws of reason is the mechanism by which we flourish and receive His graces. We cannot so much buck God's laws of nature than we can buck the laws of physics. Removing God from the public square and dismantling traditional marriage won't work the same way as building a car engine out of plastic won't. The liberals are messing with things that work and trying to make things up. They live in a fantasy world that will never exist. Their Utopia will ultimately lead us to hell on Earth.

Should Romney win in November, we should all fall to our knees and pray that we have not already lost Divine Providence. We should pray that we as a nation are given a second chance to revive that which made us great: character and hard work. Pure capitalism trumps pure socialism every time. Belief trumps non-belief every time. Free people build their personal characters, educate themselves and raise their families from the bottom up, not from the top down. It's not up to the government to tell us who we should be. It's up to us to tell them who we are.

If we are given our gift of liberty back, we must cherish it and never again allow ourselves to become so slovenly that we have to wake up one day and run to fields with Gadsden flags because we entrusted the Republican Establishment to take care of things for us. The time for big government is over now. It must end. If it gets any bigger it's going to suffocate us.

Now go tell your friends. Have them read this if need be.

The fate of America as we know it is at stake.

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