Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sell Myths and Smears If You Can't Debate the Facts

The left is getting desperate. I see Rosie O'Mouthy and Janeane Granolfalo were dumping on a bunch of conservatives. Bill Clinton and James Carville are going to be working to undermine the Tea Party. Watch liberals and government insiders get more down and dirty as they see the writing on the wall going into the 2010 mid terms.

Liberals are not the tolerant folks they appeared to be when they gave us "sophisticated, if we could just join hands" feely goody stuff. That was a ruse in the 1960's and 1970's to make them look like harmless little "peace and love" fuzzballs while they slowly burrowed into our political fabric like grubs before the metamorphosis into the socialist, progressive beetles that they are now. Liberals may have once fought totalitarianism in government, but they have always been in love with totalitarianism in thought.

Knowing full well that you could not mess with certain laws of nature, it would make sense that they would annoint themselves as intellectual elites so that they could assume the power of the intelligentsia and attack the fundamental fiber of existence so as to remake it in their own image and hopefully, if successful, in our own minds.

It makes a nice smoke screen when liberals frame the Tea Party movement as anti-intellectual. But, the elites are not intellectuals; they only hijacked intellectualism. A real intellectual would break this stuff down and see how whacked the left really is. These are not intellectuals. They are demagogues. Conservatives are presenting provable facts, time tested theories and ageless philosophy as common sense, and we're the idiots?

When you can't debunk the theory that the sky is blue, it's much easier to call those who think it is stupid. When you can't debunk the theory that climate change is a natural phenomenon that has been occuring for eons, you must cast your opponents as idiots because they are too stupid to think that man is responsible for it. In fact, not only did they avoid head on debate in this one, they actually hid the emails and the data!

When you can't debunk real facts like out of control spending and trillion dollar plus deficits, you create "facts" like we've saved over 2 million jobs or that the stimulus saved us from a depression. Correction: all the stimulus did was buy us time (h/t to Glenn Beck). But dare say that and you're a moron.

So what's a poor liberal to do? Name every conservative in the book and tell the world that the millions of people who listen to them are idiots of course. What O'Donnell and Garafolo did is the equivalent of pulling out a phone book, reading every name in it and saying they're all dumb. Once the left is finished smearing the entire citizenry, who will be left?

And yet not one liberal is actually debating point on any of our issues. Sarah Palin has been talking up a storm over policy lately. She's given speeches, gone on Fox News, written on her Facebook page and what has happened? After all that "substance" everyone claims she lacks, the only thing the left has for her is writing on her hand and a pot shot at Trig. That's sad.

Glenn Beck was right yesterday on his TV show and again this morning on his radio show. Look into what's really going on folks. These people are trying to fundamentally transform America. They're running into a bit of rough patch right now because those pesky facts keep getting in their way. But destroy enough people and those stupid facts that are preventing them from getting their way won't be in the way anymore.

UPDATE: I just read an interesting article, Sarah Palin, Closet Elitist? Apparently the opening words of the Constitution "We the people" implies exclusion. Debunk all of us! What a great strategy!

In a comment I posted on the article, this blogger says:

The money line in the whole article is "The invocation of 'the people' sounds inclusive, but it is a technique of exclusion. (This was also the case in the preamble to the Constitution.)"

Yes, using "we the people" to define the mass of humanity who loves freedom and liberty does exclude those who don't. You're right, Leon, that Palin's use of "the people" is in similar context. Given your penchant to question the first three words of the Constitution as being exclusive, I'm sorry you are upset that you're not included in the group. That freedom and liberty stuff, along with the Constitution you question probably isn't for you anyway, so don't sweat it.

I want to thank the folks who have already checked out this site. There are some really good folks involved in the movement to take our country back. Check out the blogs I follow on the right side of this page.

A shout out to Rachelle Friberg who just got a gig hosting Team Sarah radio. Also, a shout out to Jedediah Bila, who now writes for the Daily Caller! And don't forget to listen to Eddie Burke on KBYR radio!

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