Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Powerful Palin Army Smacks Down the Media and the Establishment... Again

I'll trade you a Jonathan Martin and John F. Harris for Jedediah Bila and Dan Riehl. I'll even throw in a couple of draft picks or players to be named later. Earlier in the week, Martin and Harris (sounds like a comedy team, doesn't it?) produced a really sophomoric piece for the Alaska Dispatch that failed miserably at painting Sarah Palin as the Right's Al Sharpton. It was the flagship piece of a number of what appear to be coordinated attacks on Sarah Palin which came out earlier this week. Like the man who takes a whack and says, "thank you sir, may I have another," the media tried for the umpteenth time and failed. The response from the Palin army was swift, precise and dead on target.

The mainstream media has got to be tired of wearing out the same transparent technique over and over again. The smear campaign is akin to the quarterback of a football team telling the opponent's defense what the play call is in advance. There are two things that are certain in life. You try to take the cheese out of a mousetrap and your fingers get zapped by the metal bar; and you write a bunch of hit pieces on Sarah Palin and you are slammed by the Palin army. I just can't figure out why the Palin deranged writers in the lamestream media keep going after the cheese.

Even after Journolist, these guys don't get it. We see you. You're not even trying to hide it anymore.

Within hours of the release of a bunch of hit pieces on Monday, it was smackdown time. Rush Limbaugh. Boom. "Look, "I don't understand all this [anti-Palin vitriol]," The Right Scoop quotes Limbaugh as saying to people on the GOP side. "The problem is Obama!" Hugh Hewitt. Boom. "Incredibly, Politico.com did not dissect the president's press conference on Friday, but is leading this week's coverage with a relentlessly negative story on Palin." Yup, Politico regurgitated the Alaska Dispatch puke and got it all over themselves.

Hey guys, our opponent is over here (pointing to the White House). Sarah Palin's on our side, you idiots.

They're doing everything they can do to try to convince us she's unelectable. We'll never know how strong she is until real people step into the voting booth. You're not going to find this out from watching a bunch of idiots sitting around a table on ABC on Sunday morning or by reading a bunch of nonsense on Politico. "And as far as her 'electability,' that decision rests with voters, not with those media and establishment voices who are decidedly desperate to shove her off the stage and to shape the 2012 presidential narrative," Jedediah Bila at Human Events writes as she sets the Palin record straight.

"I suspect it would be extremely gratifying to see what happens if and when it came time for the back benchers, aides-de-camp, political henchmen and bought and paid for wussified DC pundits to shut up, so their not-so-fearless leaders desperate to become president would have to take to the spotlight and deal with her one on one," Dan Riehl writes.

It's as if the media and the elites are triple daring Sarah Palin to run. They create their own monster as they put out hit piece after hit piece thinking that it's going to deter Palin from running or deter people from supporting her. It's having the opposite effect. Her support is more galvanized. You see the Palin warriors like Hugh Hewitt, Jedediah Bila, Dan Riehl, Cubachi, Josh Painter and the folks over at Conservatives4Palin come out almost in formation, like waves of F-16 fighter jets running cover for the tanks on the ground as the heavy artillery from Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin fires off round after round.

There are so many more Palin warriors out there that I couldn't possibly name them all here. Yet it's the same old has-beens who keep putting out the hit pieces on Palin. You're going to be amazed at how strong the Palin army is should she announce. They will come pouring out from everywhere. The Left and the Establishment are going to feel like MacCarthur when the Chinese came over the hill during the Korean War.

Tammy Bruce handles some of Sarah Palin's Lightwork on the O'Reilly Factor yesterday.

The Palin warriors are here to stay. The army grows each day as this writer finds more and more new people coming on to Twitter to stand up for the Governor.

Many fear the mainstream media will do to her in 2012 what they did to her in 2008. Fear not. Should Sarah Palin take the triple dare and run, she will find that there will be legions of followers ready to take the hits for her and stand up for her. There will be no free ride for the media this time around. Every lie, every smear and every falsified story will be met head on with fervor and a dissection with scalpel-like precision from the growing pro-Palin forces who are forming their own media (there's even a site called PalinTV!). Try as they will, the mainstream media will breath its last breath on January 21, 2013 as they try to hide the horror on their faces as they cover President Palin's innauguration.

We win. You lose.


  1. Seems like I find a new pro-Palin site everyday. Great read!

  2. Great post, you rabble rouser, you! :)

    As Sarah herself said in her keynote at Young America's Foundation's "Reagan 100 celebration" last month:

    "There's a whole army of patriotic Davids out there across this great country ready to stand up and to speak out in defense of liberty, and these Davids aren't afraid to tell Goliath 'don't tread on me.'"

    More here: http://bit.ly/fVU8Tc

  3. I'm a becoming a fan of this blog, but you've set me back here. You've got your facts wrong--bigtime. Martin and Harris didn't write anything for Dispatchula. They wrote it for Politico. And the Craptastic Dispatchula piece is just passing the Poolitico thing along, not trying to paint palin as anything at all. You really need to learn how the internet works if you want to be taken seriously.

  4. Great post Mr. Adams. Count me in as one of the many powerful armies of Ms. Palin. We will no longer be intimidated by the dirty tactics of the liberal media.

  5. Palin is not afraid of the Left and their media, nor the elite GOP. She’s the warrior we need as president. She’ll hire the right people, to do the right jobs, and restore our country to the principles and practices that made it great in the first place.

    Sarah Palin has proven her fortitude over the last couple of years. Other hopefuls can just promise it.


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