Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Can Blog From My New Samsung Galaxy 4G Phone

If my country is going to go down the tubes, at least I have a modern phone that I can use to chronicle it's decline.

It's going to be a long road ahead. After I graduated college I went canoeing with my college friends. I want to pass on the advice I got from a river guide (Jim Cantore also gave this advice for those caught in a flash flood on The Weather Channel).

When the canoe tips and you're in the rapids, ride on your back with your feet forward and use your body to navigate the waters.

While our technology has gotten better, our society and culture has gotten worse. At least I have this phone. Feet forward and ride on your back. We may be out of the canoe, but we can ride this out.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Circus Animals and the Dope Show. Where Do We Go From Here?

There are a lot of folks who are criticizing the Republican Party and Mitt Romney for their establishment ways and failed campaign. These people are pushing for a wave of activism in the conservative grass roots and advocating for the takeover of the Republican Party. I agree with the forward thinking part of this. I do, however, believe that the strategy should be a more positive one. Our focus now needs to be on understanding what happened objectively and moving forward vigorously to make the party more responsive to the people who make up its rank and file.

Those who are critical of John Boehner and the Republicans floating ideas on moderating their positions on things like immigration and abortion are right to think this is the wrong strategy. Even Mark Levin this week was very critical of John Boehner. We all know how much this writer respects and admires Levin. So, I’m not going to say he’s wrong.

What we do need to recognize, though, is that reality is much different than theory. Criticism is not as good as solutions. Pushing out the establishment’s leadership is not going to be done by simply criticizing them. It has to be done from the bottom up. Boehner isn’t going to be leaving the speakership any time soon. Nothing will reverse the Romney loss. However, starting today, we can recruit and nominate Tea Party candidates and our future leaders going forward. Eventually, the good water will displace the bad.

First, start from a position of realism. Those who voted for Obama are thrill seekers. They voted for food stamps, free phones, entitlements and that good old fashioned warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you win. They didn’t vote their long term best interests. They ignored the reality that this country will eventually become like Greece as we continue pursuing the same leftist policies that history has already shown us to be recipes for failure.

America is on a binge, buzzing from all the free stuff their getting. But, they’re ignoring tomorrow’s hangover. When the hangover comes, they will regret the binge and eventually listen to us. That may take decades. We can’t wait that long. We need to figure out how to win now.

We live in a new reality. Logic and common sense no longer apply in today’s America. Say something that’s not politically correct and you’re cast out. Live a normal life and run a business, you are taxed and punished for success while being whipped into submission by government regulations.  Pray openly, maintain a heterosexual marriage, discipline your children or grab a burger at a local joint while super sizing the soda and you are a racist, an extremist or a right wing fanatic. Support gay marriage, abortion on demand, class envy and a secularism that prohibits open displays of faith and patriotism and you are now the new normal.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, call your mortgage company. See how well these volumes of regulations work. Find out firsthand how difficult it is to speak to a decision maker or to get a straight answer from severely scripted call center reps. Go set up your own business and find out how impossible it is to make a profit after you spend all your capital on compliance and taxation. Welcome to Obama’s America.

While you wait on line at the store staring at your watch because you’re late for a meeting or your lunch hour is about to run out, the takers are standing around kibitzing and wasting time doing nothing ahead of you. Drive on the roads between the h ours of 9 am and 5 pm. All those other cars on the road are not sales people heading to their appointments. They’re unemployed. They’re on disability. They’re under employed and work part time hours. This is Obama’s America.

There are more of them than there are of us. The takers are growing in numbers while the makers are shrinking in numbers. Getting America productive again is not going to happen if you take the food stamps and the cell phones away. It’s only going to get productive again when we offer people a better choice. It’s time to shut the door on the freebies and encourage those who are already on the freebies to get off of them by giving them a better deal.

This is where the takeover of the Republican Party begins.

Mitt Romney is a good man. There are a lot of things he could have done differently in his campaign. He may have won had he pushed the Benghazi issue more (or even more so, he could have won if his opposition research team unearthed the numerous scandal s and hit the Obama campaign hard). He may have won had he been better at selling us on how drilling will put thousands of dollars into each of our pockets in the form of more jobs, higher wages and more capital flowing through our economy.  But, Romney went on the same assumptions that most of us have been operating under for all previous elections: that given the right information, the people will make the right decision every time.

Not this time.

Give them enough stuff and they’ll ignore the right information.

The American electorate is full of slobs. They’re pigs gorging themselves at the trough of government hand outs. The only way to get to these slovenly creatures back into production is to package up a job that pays more than what they’re getting from the government and sell it to them. I’m not saying lie to the American people. But, look at what Obama did. He sold the people a grand illusion. We can do that.+

Sean Hannity said on Friday’s Hannity show “we must adopt the tactics of the left without the lies.”

They elected a candidate from the more “extreme” part of their base. We can do that.
The idea we have to moderate and move to the center is utter nonsense. It’s the same losing formula that cost us every election we didn’t win since Reagan. If the Democrats can nominate a radical left wing progressive socialist and win, it shows us that moderation doesn’t work. Instead of complaining about what the Democrats do, why not learn from them?

I know we reject the idea of style over substance. I know we’re supposed to be the adults in the room who treat politics with reverence and respect. But times have changed and we need to change, too. We need to recognize that in order to win, we must accept the notion of an American idol presidency and that the American people are not going to listen to Paul Ryan speeches no matter how chock full of facts and correct details they are. The slobs, the pigs, the American people wanted Mitt Romney to light his hair on fire and he didn’t. They wanted another Sarah Palin on the ticket. Mitt Romney got 2 million less votes than John McCain. Why? There was no drama.

Barack Obama got 8 million less votes than he got four years ago. Why? Those people had buyer’s remorse, but they were still bored. There was nothing for them to vote for.

If the Republican Party was a musical act, we’d be Englebert Humperdink. We need to be the Sex Pistols. Yes, we need to light ourselves on fire. We need to be outrageous. We need to be Breitbarts. We need to have each other’s backs so that when we speak out in what liberals will define as insensitive ways that we can stand up to them. Yes, there are tons of blacks on food stamps and in poverty. Yes, there are tons of unmarried women who mooch off the government. To quote Sam Kinison:  SAY IT! SAY IT!

What do you think Bill Maher, Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews are doing? They’re saying it for their side. They’re saying their version of what we consider to be outrageous. They are outrageus; and people watch them.

I’m not saying we should be racists, homophobes or sexists. We’re not. They packaged up crap in the right bag and it sold. Why are we having such a hard time packaging up the good stuff in the right bag? We can be just as outrageous as Michael Moore, Al Gore, Van Jones and the like. Let’s piss them off. Let’s tell them how blue the sky is (even if they have successfully lied enough to get everyone to think its green) and watch their heads spin. Don’t duck and run. Even if it’s uncomfortable, say it! We may be outnumbered. But we don’t change who we are fundamentally. The inner core stays the same. It’s how we express that inner core that needs to change.

We need to write song lyrics that are vicious to the left as those written by Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley and Jimi Hendrix were to the right. We need to paint our faces and sing. We need to infiltrate. We need circus animals and girls on trapezes. We need right wing rap and heavy metal libertarianism. We need jugglers and clowns. I know its foreign to us, but we must learn. How do you think they beat us?

To quote Marilyn Manson, “we’re all stars now in the dope show.”

When football teams first discovered the forward pass, those who believed the game should be played on the ground lost unless they learned how to throw the ball. Don’t misunderstand what’s being said here. We’re not lowering ourselves to them. We are infiltrating and beating them at their own game. There’s a difference. They say never wrestle with a pig because in the end you both come out dirty. But, the pig already jumped us and we have no choice.

We need to win this thing back precinct by precinct. We need to grow the Tea Party not just into a political organization but into a lifestyle. When we produce actors, musicians, teachers, professors and academics out of the conservative grass roots, we will win again. When we expand the new media and compete head to head with the mainstream media, we will win again. When we attract African Americans and Hispanics with a winning message that appeals to their base instincts, we will win again.

When we recognize and accept that America is no longer America and that what we had under Ronald Reagan is gone, we will win again. America is no longer Rockwell. It’s van Gogh.  When we craft a new conservative America that looks close enough to what we have now, but which functions more efficiently and fiscally sound, we will win again. When we finally beat them at their own game, we will win again.

What should our strategy on illegal immigration be and how do we attract more Hispanics?

We need to listen to them. The lesson of this election is that we didn’t listen to Hispanics. There are a lot of them that are here legally who resent those who come here illegally. But these same people have friends and family who are here illegally. It bothers them to think the GOP is against their friends and family. We can find a way to change the bureaucracy so that the responsible ones can get legal status. From there they can follow the same legal path to citizenship as every other immigrant does. I’m not talking about outright amnesty. Seal the borders. Make it final. No more illegals from this point forward.

The key to stopping the children from raiding the cookie jar is lock the cookie jar so no one else can get in it. The ones who already raided it are done. It’s over. We can’t unring that bell. We are conservatives. We hate bureaucracy. Push the anti-bureaucracy theme for responsible yet illegal aliens and give them a system that allows them to register, document residency and employment status. Let them show us they have children in school and that they pay their taxes. If they can show they are self sufficient and have not come here to raid our entitlement system, give them a green card and have them pay a reasonable fine for breaking the law.

How do we win over African Americans?

We must appeal to their sense of logic and common sense. We must explain that it is not normal for 93% of any demographic group to vote the same way. Tell a brother to think for himself and not let the culture of dependency, poverty and broken families stop him from making a buck or being successful. Blacks are religious and family oriented. They see these things and opportunity the same way everyone else does. They just vote differently because of group think. It’s called political socialization. They’ve all been taught to vote Democrat.

The key is to get them to start thinking more deeply. Get them to ask themselves why so many of their friends and family are still on government assistance or incarcerated. Then get them to ask themselves what exactly has the Democrat Party done to change this? Why is it that more African American got good jobs under the Reagan administration than under any previous administration to that point?  Conservative African Americans can become role models,  philosophical catalysts and entertainers in a positive way. Ultimately, appeal to their desire to make money. They’re no different than any other demographic group in what they want from the American experience.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Alienation

    We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats' feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar
    Shape without form, shade without colour,
    Paralysed force, gesture without motion;
    Those who have crossed
    With direct eyes, to death's other Kingdom
    Remember us-if at all-not as lost
    Violent souls, but only
    As the hollow men
    The stuffed men.

       -TS Eliot

It's a strange environment. Coming to the realization that all the things that are wrong with our country are now the norm puts one into a state of alienation unlike ever before. The notion that we are a free people is destroyed by our inability to choose our own healthcare and insurance in a free market that offers choices. It's destroyed by anvils of regulations that sit on American businesses and energy producers. Even the banking system has changed beyond recognition with capital being choked off by the burdensome rules placed on it by our ever growing government.

Where am I? I don't even recognize the place anymore.

I saw America under Ronald Reagan. It was the beautiful shining city on a hill that we all hear about. My philosophy is based in the endless optimism and the gleaming infrastructure of a country that was moving from the post war era into an era of unprecedented prosperity. Applying that philosophy to what we have today ended last night with the re-election of President Obama.

We've gone from shining city to trailer park. We've gone from the land of abundance to the hood. We look more like Detroit than we do Manhattan. I don't even recognize the country anymore.

The decaying future ahead will require adjustments on my part. Having been accustomed to driving on a smoothly paved three lane highway, I will need to learn to drive on narrow cobblestone roads. Adjusting my approach to life doesn't mean adjusting my values or core convictions; it just means adjusting how I actually navigate outside of my own mind and soul when interacting with the rest of a nation as we begin our journey into the thousand years of darkness that Ronald Reagan warned us about.

This means recognizing incompetence, selfishness and the common denominator mentality as the new norm. The idea of self reliance, free enterprise and family values have gone the way of the horse and buggy. We live in the new world that accepts mediocrity. The sheep are sheep no more. They are now pigs.

It's normal to see everyone using EBT cards at supermarkets as they hold up the line while they try to keep their children - many of whom were born out of wedlock - under control or because they are kibbitzing with the checkout clerk (oblivious to the growing line behind them - "I'm here to get what's mine, what I'm entitled to.").

It's normal to see people closing up businesses and feeling no shame in their failure. The government that takes care of all of our needs also takes care of all of our excuses. It's okay, you can go on food stamps, too.

Less people work today than four years ago. Population growth doesn't mean more people working. It just means more people on the dole. Obama's giving us free phones! Obama's paying for our education! Obama is feeding us, clothing us, wiping our asses for us. We don't have to worry anymore. This is hope and change! There is no decency anymore.

James Lewis at American Thinker sums it up best:
No -- the balance of decency in America has changed. Every society has normal, decent people and the other kind. The America we grew up in was fundamentally decent. Decency was the expected standard.
Now the balance has changed.
The evidence for our sleazified culture can be seen all around. It is in our pop music, which has lost melody and now just has rhythm. We have a President who won on revenge against middle class values. That's what he meant by telling his people to vote for revenge. And they did -- showing us exactly who they are.
We are now a society divided between the makers and the takers, and the takers are on a campaign of theft and revenge.
Yesterday, 60,652,149 Americans raided the treasury by pressing a button, pulling a lever or punching a chad. Getting handouts used to require paper work and trips to the Department of Social Services. Now, it simply requires going to the polls and voting Democrat.

We all know how this movie ends. As our debt continues to pile up and the producers no longer have the incentive to produce, we will run out of other people's money. When that time comes, I dare a liberal to get in my face and blame it on George W. Bush. It won't even be Obama's fault. It will be the electorate's fault. For it is in the election results that the dumbing down of America has manifested itself.

Selwyn Duke at American Thinker explains:
But let's start with a simple fact: Mitt Romney is a photogenic, articulate, moderate Republican who was up against a scandal-ridden, leftist radical presiding over a listing economy and foundering foreign policy. Still he couldn't win. 
Or, I should say, voters chose to lose.
Because what the American people were before, they are no more.
I know, I know. The media deceived the citizenry. Romney started playing not to lose instead of to win. There was vote fraud. There was that storm and Chris Christie playing Misty for Mr. Limp Wristy.
Oh, it's not that the above isn't true. But no candidate is tactically perfect; Obama certainly made his share of mistakes. There also will inevitably be unforeseen events during any campaign, and they don't matter when enough people can distinguish good from evil. And the left does steal hearts and minds through the media and votes through electoral sleight-of-hand, but this merely reflects our cultural decay. And it's only getting worse.
America has changed. Not only have the demographics changed, but over the course of the last several decades, the progressive movement has gained their foothold. Taking the country required generations of indoctrination (read the article). You'd have to think that even Ronald Reagan couldn't win in today's America. If we can't elect a "normal" candidate over a radical socialist, it says something about our country.

This is not pessimism. This is reality.

As optimists, we believed that four years of Tea Party politics, Breitbart journalism and the proliferation of conservative new media could trump over 50 years of progressive infiltration into our media, our academia and our pop culture. We are still right to use their playbook in taking it back. We were just wrong about the time frame. It will take decades, probably centuries to undo what has been done to this country - and this is assuming we don't collapse, Balkanize or go the way of Ancient Rome before then.

Conservatism is not dead. It's just going to require a different approach to getting it back into the governing philosophy of our nation. We must move ethnic groups to stop the group thinking and begin to question philosophy individually. There is no way you can convince me that 93% of black people all think alike. The same goes for the Hispanic and Jewish vote. We need to encourage them to stop falling into the trap of group think and start getting people to think for themselves so they can treat themselves not as a member of a racial group but as a member of a diverse country instead.

But the task gets even more laborious. Can we ever reverse the decline in decency? What is it going to take to clean up our cultural sewer?

The proliferation of conservatism is not about having more white people in the electorate. It's a much more daunting task. Four years ago it was about teaching sheep to be sheep no more. Today and into the future, it will require teaching pigs how to not be pigs. Taking away an Obama phone and food stamps from a spoiled voter will not endear them to you. It will only be when they run out of money because the economy has collapsed that they will join those of us who have already been financially devastated by the destruction of the capitalist system. Only then, will we be able to get them to understand what we are saying.

Therein lies the rub. By not taking our medicine and suffering the pain that was masked by the methadone of bailouts and stimulus four years ago, we will all die a political, economic and cultural death at the hands of the cirrhosis of our financial liver that could have been avoided had we gone cold turkey in 2009 and 2010 and rode out the sweats and the shaking.

But we are not like the greatest generation. They sacrificed their lives for us in Europe and Asia in order to save our country. Today's Americans couldn't even sacrifice a few big screen TVs or phones with gadgets on them to bite the financial bullet for the few short years necessary to reset our economy. Instead they wanted more. They pulled up to the trough of government and gouged themselves when we needed restraint the most. All of us, Republicans sooner and Democrats later, will pay for the inability of the American people to look past the novelty and culturally exciting prospect of having Obama as president. 

The American people showed us yesterday by their votes that collectively we are slobs.

Just as T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men" ends with a whimper instead of a bang and just as "The Waste Land" ends with a man sitting on the shore coming to peace with the emptiness around him, we now must come to terms with our own lives and the future of our country. It's not like wealth and abundance is on the map anymore. Even normalcy may now be a pipe dream. From here forward, we navigate the new normal. Like domesticated animals thrown into the wild, we will have a hard time at first. Co-existing in the jungle of a liberal America with its overwhelmingly massive government and maze of bureaucracies will not be easy. But survival often isn't.

Life is not about comfort. It's about holding on. It's about survival. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pray For America

Voting for the future of America

It's crunch time. They have been doing polls for almost two years now. None of the polls is giving us a clear winner. The answer we are looking for will be provided to us after Tuesday's election. That's the real poll. It will only be then that we will find out whether there are enough of us left to save our country. The time for prayer is now.

Those who will be voting for Obama will be choosing the destruction of America as we know it. The radical progressive agenda to fundamentally transform America requires that they get enough people to (whether knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally) vote for a candidate who is on record through either word or deed as having supported Marxist views, wealth redistribution, the destruction of coal and other traditional energy production, the unprecedented growth of government, the unprecedented growth of debt and the stifling of the free market system. If there are enough people to out-vote us, it's over. Country gone.

It's time to put all of us in one corner and all of them in the other. If there are more of us than them, we win. God will have blessed us with His divine providence and we will narrowly escape another moment in our history that could have been the end of the Republic as we know it. If there are more of them than us, we lose. The question is answered and we move forward preparing ourselves for the new normal - a new normal that we can use the last four years as the benchmark or starting point for understanding how the way things will be.

Divine providence will no longer be with us. It cannot co-exist with the stifling of liberty. It cannot co-exist with the moral decay that accompanies a government that believes it can ram its pro abortion, anti-marriage (man and woman) secular agenda down the throats of those who believe in God's Word and traditional lifestyles. This is not about us being intolerant. Those who have different lifestyles than we do will always have the same right to be free under our Constitution. It's the codification of those lifestyles at the expense and to the detriment of ours that will bring about the end of the greatness that once made our country strong.

We are on the brink of becoming a society of animals who loot the treasury as easily as the thugs in Staten Island loot homes. Just look at the growing numbers of people on food stamps, the Obama phones and the increased pressure to take wealth from those who earned it and give it to those who would just as easily key our cars for having Romney stickers on them or who would cut us in line at the store because they think they're entitled to it.

You all see it. You drive on the roads. You have business dealings or consumer transactions with mindless people behind desks, cash registers and the other end of telephone lines. You see how people act in public. You see how they act in stores and supermarkets. It's so ghetto. It's so white trash. It's so demeaning to people of all races to see the way people act today. It's downright disgusting.

And not that every Obama voter acts that way. But I guarantee you, if you ask any of those who I describe as being an "animal" who they're voting for, they will tell you Obama. This is because Obama and his agenda (both overt and covert) relies on the dumbing down of America. It relies on people being reliant and being unruly so that the need for government grows. It relies on creating a society where the government stands for the lowest common denominator rather than for a citizenry that can make its own choices and live with the consequences of those choices while setting standards high so they can achieve great things.

Democrats won't pass school vouchers. Why? Because it eliminates their excuses for failure. It eliminates the ability to blame the Republican Party or conservatives. It eliminates their ability to call white people racists because their kids attend better schools. It's time for those who are part of districts that have failing schools to look themselves in the mirror and stop pointing their fingers at others.

Let's hope the grown-ups win and we can clean up our broken political system. When the economy provides jobs instead of hand outs, people take ownership of their lives. The number of "animals" decreases as the number of employed increases. The number of "animals" decreases as the need for handouts decreases. Let's clean the cage and close the zoo. If Mitt Romney wins, America will be back in business again.

This is it, folks. The time has come. Pray. Pray real hard. Then go vote.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 7 2012 NFL Football Picks

There can be no more losses to Rachelle. Having to put pictures of heels on my Twitter page is enough. This manly man is not going to lose to a girl again. It's time to send her home a loser this week.  The stakes are high. I have to tweet a picture of me in an Obama hat if I win and Rachelle has to tweet a picture of her with the words Loser as an overlay.

Here are my picks for this week:

10/21 1:00 ET Tennessee At Buffalo
10/21 1:00 ET Arizona At Minnesota
10/21 1:00 ET Cleveland At Indianapolis
10/21 1:00 ET Baltimore At Houston
10/21 1:00 ET Green Bay At St. Louis
10/21 1:00 ET Dallas At Carolina
10/21 1:00 ET Washington At NY Giants
10/21 1:00 ET New Orleans At Tampa Bay
10/21 4:25 ET NY Jets At New England
10/21 4:25 ET Jacksonville At Oakland
10/21 8:30 ET Pittsburgh At Cincinnati
10/22 8:40 ET Detroit At Chicago

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Candy Crowley Helps us Pierce the Media Veil

Everyone is exposed to the facts now.

Whether you believe President Obama or Governor Romney won last night's debate, the ultimate outcome is that the blatant exposure of the biased liberal media is encapsulated in how Candy Crowley moderated the contest.

Shortly after Obama's inauguration, this blogger laid out an approach that involved focusing on the media lies combined with a bite size effort to take back Obama voters, particularly independents. For the last three and a half years, the internet has exploded with conservative websites and blogs. The media continued to lie and run cover for Obama as if this takeover of the new media would have no effect. John McCain lost by 8.5 million votes. The task before us in 2009 was not to convince "the 47%," but rather find those 8.5 million soft voters and flip them. Frank Luntz's focus group tonight on Hannity leads this writer to believe we've done that. Candy Crowley's performance last night on the debate leads this writer to believe that we have also finally (with less than 3 weeks to go) pierced the media veil.

When Crowley cut Romney off while he was attacking Obama on Fast and Furious, it was as if the ref in the Ali-Frazier fight had grabbed Frazier's arm right before he was about to hit Ali. It changed the outcome of the debate. Then when she interjected after Romney challenged Obama on what he said in the Rose Garden on 9/11/2012 about the Benghazi attack, it not only proved the point about media bias, it also placed Benghazi-gate front and center for a mainstream media that has so desperately tried to avoid talking about it.

There is no denying that the efforts of Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh put the team in position to win this election. It was Crowley's fumble that gave us the ball at the most opportune time.

Libs will be libs and cons will be cons. But ultimately, the portion of the American people who don't pay much attention to the cyber war (that conservatives are winning by the way) and who don't watch the 3 cable networks are getting their doses of truth directly from the candidates in the debates and from a media that struggles to avoid Obama's abysmal record, yet which can no longer avoid reporting on those stories.

The trend is similar to what happened in 1980 when Ronald Reagan overcame a large lead by Jimmy Carter. Liberals portrayed Reagan as a monster just as they have portrayed Romney as one today. However, when the American people got to see the real Reagan and the real Romney, they were able to get their heads around the reaction needed to give them the permission necessary to save face on their misguided vote in 2008. Simply put, Romney turned out to not be the monster the media created him to be. In doing so, the media that once controlled public opinion in 2008 has now lost all credibility.

For those who voted for Obama in 2008 and  are now are switching to Romney, it's not a blow to the ego to make that change. Those who voted for Obama can now honestly justify their flip with two simple reasons: Obama's record blows and the media lied.

If I had voted for Obama, I'd be angry. I'd be telling my friends that the reason why I'm flipping to Romney is because Obama failed to bring our economy to where he promised it would be and because I now realize that I was duped by the mainstream media. It's hard to say you were wrong, unless someone screwed you into making that bad decision by lying to you - whether it was the candidate himself or the mindless lemmings who called themselves journalists.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Trickle Down Poverty

As more and more people leave the workforce due to the economy, many are missing out on an important fact. While President Obama and the Democrats are crying out for higher taxes on the rich, the rich are getting poorer too. Most people won't cry for the millionaires of this world, but they are taking a hit. What we should be crying over is the fact that as high income earners see their net worth going down they stop spending money. They stop hiring people. When they lose money, we all lose money in the form of lower sales, less jobs and less capital in the financial pipeline.

A friend who works as a handy man since he lost his job was in an upscale area here in Richmond, Virginia to fix a dishwasher. He went to a nice house where a lovely family lived. They had four children, two cars and a well kept house. The man paid my friend $300.00 in change. "Times are getting tough, aren't they?" my friend asked. He said the man had a melancholy look on his face and shook his head in agreement. "They sure are."

I spoke to a customer of mine a couple of months ago who was no longer able to pay his mortgage. He was once a six figure income earner who lost his car dealership when Obama "saved the auto industry." Now, he's renting and living a lifestyle he has never known.

Everywhere I go, I hear stories of people who can't get people to buy their services. The answer is always money trouble. In the food chain of economics, the big fish are still bigger than the rest of them, but even they are getting smaller. As they get smaller, the rest of the fish down the food chain get smaller. When there's no money in the pipeline, it's harder to get capital. Without capital and without the ability to earn, Americans may find themselves all broke if we continue to go this way.

Those who may think the government is there to help will find that after they become dependent on the programs, even they eventually will run out of money.  If Obama is reelected, you'll find us conservatives miserable for the next four years while the liberals continue to revel in their hope and change collecting their food stamps and disability checks. But after all that happens, those who love big government will join us in poverty long after Obama is gone. It's only a matter of time if we keep going on like this.

Ronald Reagan was the master of trickle down economics. A rising tide lifts all boats. Obama is the master of trickle down poverty. A draining swamp will leave even the biggest of yachts bottomed out.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tell a Little Truth With Many Lies

Bill Clinton's speech worked. It mixed sugar and crap and it gave the Democrats an actual articulation of what their philosophy should be. But was it the philosophy that it is?

Clinton's segment on how Democrats want to cooperate with Republicans was the weakest part. It was Obama who rammed Obamacare down our throats without soliciting or working for any Republican votes. It was Obama who said "I won, you lost" to Eric Cantor and John McCain.

The ratcheting up of our national debt to pay off cronies in the green energy area while continuously denying oil and coal producers the ability to produce and create jobs is a far cry from cooperation.

Now, pepper that with some remarks about how Reagan did it and how Clinton worked with the GOP to get his initiatives past and there is some level of truth to what he said in some areas of the speech. But it's not so much that the speech hammered home time tested truths; it's that the speech was effective in hammering home a product that everyone wants to hear.

Government working with the private sector. All of us in it together. It sounds great. It actually works when you don't have regulators choking off industries and cronies in the legal profession going after companies with frivolous lawsuits. If the government was truly on our side, Obama wouldn't be misrepresenting centralized planning and a top down solution as bottom up or middle out. The big lie is what the progressive movement has been using to win and it's failing.

Bill Clinton is the only one that actually made the big lie sound good. He used facts and figures. He used them well sometimes. He is the greatest three card monty dealer in the history of politics. He let the American people win this time around. People were "leaving the tables with twenties." It was a great speech. More importantly, it was an effective speech.

The Republicans took a hit. Now, the question is: is it a short term hit and can we come back from it? The answer is yes, but it depends on whether or not it's a good idea to not go to the liberal and Alinsky playbooks and  throw the socialism bomb. Obama's associations are his weakest links and they can be our greatest assets.

Also, we were starting to beat the media. Bill Clinton gave the media fodder and they will run with it. Romney will have to debate like Socrates if he wants to win the debates. But, win the debates he must.

For tonight, we took one straight through the heart. Tomorrow, we will recover and we will take on the forces of liberalism. Our Republic still depends on the American people waking up and realizing that those unpaid bills, those smaller pay checks and their inability to find higher paying jobs is not the product of the Bush Administration. It is the product of a government that is swelling to the size of a badly infected appendix. If we don't do something soon, it's going to burst no matter how well Bill Clinton mixed the sugar and crap and put it into a nicely done paper bag.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Taking Down the Shields

In the movie Independence Day, the U.S. Air Force attacks the enemy space ships only to find that they are impenetrable to both conventional and nuclear weapons because of their electronic shields. It was frustrating to see the President's and those in the control room's reactions after the attack had to be stopped. It wasn't until they studied the aliens's tactics (and the President actually mind melded with an alien) that they realized what their true intentions were. It was to kill. Realizing they could use one of the alien's own vehicles to fly into the mother ship and plant a virus in the program that controlled their shields, the President authorized the mission and it was a success.

You'll remember Will Smith and Judd Goldblum smoking cigars after narrowly escaping from the mother ship. The aliens started out by using our satellites to communicate and by luring our citizens onto the rooftops of buildings to view the tranquil ships which hovered above them. There was a sense that these aliens might be benevolent and that they had come to help the people of Earth. The crowds flocked and the people celebrated at the mere thought that there were greater beings than themselves who could help make their lives better.

Suddenly, those who were analyzing what was happening realized that the aliens were using our communication systems to coordinate an attack on Earth. When the ships began to use a massive fire weapon to vaporize cities and released their war planes on the Earth, many feared it was too late. But it wasn't. President Whitmore kept it all together despite his own personal tragedies (his wife dies in the movie) and became nearly Reaganesque when he gave his "this is our Independence Day" speech. The people of Earth individually came together and were led by a President who gave them the freedom to be creative enough to solve and ultimately resolve the problem.

This is what it has been like to be in exile as a conservative Republican since 2008. This is what the fight has been like. This is how close we have come to the political equivalent of death.

We know liberals are not aliens from outer space. We know that the Democrat Party is not looking to blow up the world. But the analogies this writer sees are clearly evident in how Democrats have used our "communication system" to coordinate the attempted destruction of conservatism, Constitutionalism and religious expression in our culture. Our "communication system" - the mainstream media, academia and the pop culture - was completely taken over without us realizing it until as late as last decade when Rupert Murdoch founded Fox News to counter the ever growing imposition of the liberally biased "straight news" that was making its way into our living rooms and classrooms.

When John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate, it was as if we had unleashed all of our force on the Democrats. Surprised that it didn't work, we analyzed and looked for reasons why. If there was ever a slogan that we could use to answer that question, it would have to be "it's the media, stupid."

We attempted a full frontal assault on liberalism without really understanding their tactics. Their shields held and Obama won. We didn't understand the game. The McCain campaign shied away from attacking Obama's associations and trying to paint him as a socialist. The media and the Left had no problem attacking Palin and her children. They had no problem trying to paint her as a right wing extremist. We were playing tiddly winks and they were playing dodge ball.

If there is any one silver lining that shines out of the dark disaster that was the 2008 election, it is the wonderful fact that we woke up, figured it out and are now in a great position to defeat the Democrats in 2012. The proliferation of conservative blog sites, web sites and users of social media has brought us even. We know that in order to defeat them, we must know what game they are playing and learn how to play it better. They own the board. Beating them on that board is the only way to take it back and reset the rules.

To do this, we must take down their shields. Their shields are a powerful weave of media outlets, Hollywood cultural figures and academics who teach in our classrooms at both the K-12 level and in higher education. When Sarah Palin said Obama was palling around with terrorists, those who controlled the flow of that information to the public laughed. They sloughed off the idea that maybe journalists should look into how Obama formulated his political philosophy. If they had done their job properly, they would have found a Marxist mentor, an unrepentant terrorist and a radically progressive minister about as high on Obama's list of influences as Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are on mine.

In other words, I could never B.S. the nation into thinking I was a moderate. I was a Reaganite in college. What would make you think I wouldn't be one now? Obama was a Marxist in college. What would make you think he wouldn't be one now?

But, what if I had the shield of the mainstream media to run block for me? What if every criticism and every question about my past associations were deflected by those we should expect to investigate them? This is why Obama won in 2008. This is why many fear he can win again in 2012.

The tide is turning, though.

There is a sense of optimism. Paul Ryan says emphatically "we can do this!"

Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin and scores of conservative writers and media contributors are showing us that we can win. We can be good at the game. We can find ways to defeat them. We are able to go around the shields at the grass roots level in Republican primaries. People are waking up and realizing that the media lies. We are infiltrating. We see articles coming out of Newsweek and Politico written by "embedded" writers. We see ABC's Jake Tapper admitting that the media tipped the scales in 2008. We see Yahoo firing a bureau chief over racially charged remarks.

There are chinks in the armor. Their shields are starting to come down.

In order to defeat Obama in 2012, the first step is to defeat the media. When Clint Eastwood says "And when somebody does not do the job, we got to let them go," it is the ultimate "virus planted into the alien's computer." It's the pop culture icon making a statement that the media cannot hide. The media spent the last four years protecting Obama, smearing the Tea Party, lying about Sarah Palin and portraying the Republican Party as racist. Take all the money they spent and all the money the Obama campaign spent on its smear campaign against Mitt Romney and laugh at how one sentence from a famous actor just took all that down. One empty chair and one sentence.

No, it's not time to celebrate just yet. But, boy is it time to get more optimistic. Four years ago, the fact checkers would have picked Paul Ryan's VP acceptance speech apart. Today, we are picking the fact checkers apart. Four years ago, the media fired at will. Today, we take their rhetorical missiles out as they are just leaving the silos. Four years ago, Mitt Romney would have been portrayed as Thurston Howell III. Today, he is a kind family man who is successful. Four years ago, being a family oriented woman who was successful was a crime. Today, we can come out of hiding and openly proclaim that success and hard earned wealth is American again.

We can be proud to be conservative again. Romney's campaign can neutralize the media with the help of surrogates. There is an online army that didn't exist in 2008. If you're reading this post, you are part of that army. You are contributing to the success in the first front line battle of the 2012 campaign. Take down the  media shields and the rest of the Obama campaign is done. Break through the front line of armored divisions and infantry and you will find nothing standing between us and that skinny kid from Chicago standing behind the curtain pulling the levers that make the wizard's voice boom and the fire blow up high around the talking head that once promised to heal the planet and cause the waters to recede. The illusion of hope and change is coming to an end.

When we advance past the media front line and begin our march on the presidency, the final whimper you will hear is "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." The gig is up. The cat is out of the bag. The Obama presidency is a failed presidency. It will join Jimmy Carter's and Franklin Pierce's on the ash heap of history.

You're beginning to see the media meltdown. It's happening on MSNBC. The anchors and contributors are going ballistic. They're accusing the GOP of being racists. They're making things up. Chris Matthews is angry. He's being mocked by Republicans for the thrill up his leg. We're getting to them.

Remember the cigars Will Smith and Judd Goldblum had in Independence Day? Don't light them just yet. Just keep an eye on how well we're doing against the media. If we keep doing what we're doing and the Romney campaign keeps doing what they're doing, the time for lighting the cigars will be here soon.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Living the Stats

I haven't been able to post a lot lately. I'm working twice as hard as I ever did for 10% less money. Life under Obama is the worst its ever been in the nearly 49 years I've been on the planet. Surely, not all of it's Obama's fault. I'm not here to blame all my life's problems on the President. I take responsibility for not being prepared for this. Yet, when I look at the root causes of the growing number of financial problems I find more and more Americans running into, all the data tells me that the fish stinks from the head down.

Yes, there's a lot of body rot, too. Our moral and cultural decline contributes to much of why the fish stinks from the head down. The rot in our collective body has now made its way to the head and once there, the brain gets eaten away. Here are the stats.

I lived during the Reagan years. Most of the people who have lived during the Reagan years will probably break for Romney by a 10% margin. Rudy Giulianni suggested on Hannity tonight that if only people over 40 voted, that would be the margin of victory for the former Massachusetts governor. Most of those under 40 never experienced the Reagan years. They don't know what great is so they think what we have right now is alright.

The young don't have mortgages. The young think that the world is great because they're hooking up or they're enjoying a formal education because of all the loan money they're getting. They can drive nice cars because they have no other real expenses. Those in their 30's are just starting to become bitter and the only thing they know is that Bush and the Republicans sucked. Clinton was the man; so they vote Democrat.

Those who are receiving benefits such as food stamps, disability, welfare and grants for education are being relieved of the necessity of self sufficiency. They will vote for Obama because for them, they get a check or a stipend and the time they would have had to devote to working and struggling to make ends meet is dedicated to XBox360 or Play Station III instead. Toss a few beers and couple of doobies in there and Utopia is right there waiting for them at the crack of noon when they wake up. I'm not saying all people on benefits are like this, but think about how easy it is for many of them to live that lifestyle on our dime if they so choose.

For the rest us, the pillars of our society - traditional marriage, capitalism, the presence of the Lord in our daily activities, hard work for just reward and the ability to own and maintain a home - are collapsing around us. We are in an Orwellian world where the surreal replaces logic and common sense. We find ourselves alienated and disconnected from all that was at our very core. We are losing America as we and those who came before us for over 200 years knew it.

I've lost a job and nearly lost a house. I've found a job that pays $8,000 a year less than the one I lost. I modified a mortgage on a house that is now under water. Liberals tell me I watch too much Fox News. Fox News has nothing to do with why I'm struggling to figure out how I'm going to fill a $400 shortfall in my monthly budget so I can avoid falling back into the financial rut I was in a year ago.

I understand that voting for Romney isn't going to miraculously change my condition. But I sure as hell know that if Obama is elected, we're done. Not just me done, we're all done. America is done.

When the President and his campaign advisers lie to the American people it pisses me off. It pisses me off even more when stupid people actually believe them. This isn't about ideology. This is about reality. This is about the destruction of our economy and our liberty. Those who choose to believe Obama contribute to this pending destruction. They don't realize that in the long run they will ultimately join us in the misery when the money runs out.

There may be nothing we can do to save the country if it turns out there are more of them than there are of us. But if by the grace of God Romney wins and we are given a second chance to renew and restore America, some day down the road America has a chance of becoming a shining city on a hill again. I'm not looking for that to happen overnight. I'm just praying that we're not headed down the road that ancient Rome and so many other fallen empires have traveled in their twilight years.

It's important to fight for what we believe. I'm not being a jerk about it. But, when someone tells me they're voting for Obama or they debate me on Obama, I simply tell them here's the choice: you can either vote for the destruction of your country or you can vote to renew and restore it. There is no gray area. You have a right to your opinion, but I want you to know that you are not realizing how bad it's going to get if you don't see it our way.

People are always asking me how its possible that someone as bad as Obama is as president can still be considered the favorite to win in 2012. The answer is simple. Our society is a cesspool. We are in cultural decline. The liberals have successfully infiltrated the media, the pop culture, the academia and the political class to such an extent that many Americans are already either intellectually indoctrinated or bought out by the hand outs they get from the government.

When the people become so greedy that they vote themselves the riches of the treasury, the nation goes broke. Those receiving all the benefits are the takers. They don't produce. Yes, some of them are legitimately disabled and a lot of them are receiving their well deserved social security benefits. But the portion of those who are caught in Obama's catch-22 where the heavily regulated and highly taxed economy is bleeding jobs at an unprecedented pace are finding themselves having to turn to the government for help. This is what the progressives want them to do. It's part of the plan.

Four years ago, I wrote that the goal of Obama and the progressives was to fundamentally transform the United States of America into a European Socialist Democracy. Today, I write that they have achieved that. That is only step one. If you understand Obama's associations and his formative years in college, you'll understand that the agenda is to achieve a Marxist revolution. Only this time, they want it to happen peacefully. Step 1 is the European Socialist Democracy. Step 2 is The Temples of Syrinx (start at the 4:20 mark). It is their vision of imposing a Marxist collectivist Utopian system where the government cures the ills for all.

This is pipe dream. It's totally unrealistic and undo-able. Changing or controlling human nature from the top down creates so many more unintended consequences than any other governing strategy. It also collapses on itself when, as Margaret Thatcher pointed out, it runs out of other people's money.

It is with this collapse that we lose Divine Providence. The Lord has built into our universe the concept that obedience to His laws of nature and laws of reason is the mechanism by which we flourish and receive His graces. We cannot so much buck God's laws of nature than we can buck the laws of physics. Removing God from the public square and dismantling traditional marriage won't work the same way as building a car engine out of plastic won't. The liberals are messing with things that work and trying to make things up. They live in a fantasy world that will never exist. Their Utopia will ultimately lead us to hell on Earth.

Should Romney win in November, we should all fall to our knees and pray that we have not already lost Divine Providence. We should pray that we as a nation are given a second chance to revive that which made us great: character and hard work. Pure capitalism trumps pure socialism every time. Belief trumps non-belief every time. Free people build their personal characters, educate themselves and raise their families from the bottom up, not from the top down. It's not up to the government to tell us who we should be. It's up to us to tell them who we are.

If we are given our gift of liberty back, we must cherish it and never again allow ourselves to become so slovenly that we have to wake up one day and run to fields with Gadsden flags because we entrusted the Republican Establishment to take care of things for us. The time for big government is over now. It must end. If it gets any bigger it's going to suffocate us.

Now go tell your friends. Have them read this if need be.

The fate of America as we know it is at stake.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Educating and Empowering the Citizenry with The People's Vote

"An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people." - Thomas Jefferson

Chuck Kirkpatrick is the founder and CEO of an innovative website The People's Vote. He and Director of Social Media Strategy Daria DiGiovanni will be on my Blogtalk Radio Show Friday night 7/6/12 at 11 pm. Listen in to find out more about the site. I'll also be talking about why this November's election is a do or die election.

Harriet Baldwin provides information on The People's Vote site and concept:
What IS The People's Vote?
Based on the 100 year old Initiative and Referendum Process, ThePeoplesVote.com is a nonpartisan, internet based, ballot and social utility that creates Advisory Propositions, at the federal, state and local level in which citizens learn about and cast votes “online” on the most popular public policies, before they become law. Ballot results are analyzed, sorted by Congressional District, and instantly communicated to Congress.
Check out my broadcast and go to The People's Vote site for more information.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

We Will Know Our Nation's Fate on November 6, 2012

We are riding the political roller coaster where the polls are up and the polls are down, Obamacare stands, Fast and Furious gets contemptuous and our economy continues to sputter under the heavy hand of a mammoth government which is taxing and regulating our entire business and financial infrastructure into the ground. Four years of Obama's hope and change leaves us teetering on the edge of fiscal and social disaster. As elections go, this one is the biggie. This is the one where the American people decide to either destroy their nation or put it back on a track toward restoration and renewal.

Political friends and foes alike are all over the map on who's going to win. There are Obama supporters who see him losing this go around and there are Obama supporters who see him winning. There are also Obama supporters who are defecting. There are Romney supporters who see him losing and there are Romney supporters who see him winning. There are also a lot of conservatives who would prefer a different nominee. Some are voting for him anyway; others are not yet sure.

When talking with the vast swath of these people across the political spectrum, one thing is certain: uncertainty. The polls don't tell us much yet because it's too early. They swing back and forth with each passing day. For this writer, it's a hard call. I know who I want to win and I know why I want him to win. But as far as analysis, this is all I have: we will know our nation's fate on November 6, 2012.

This is the election that will tell us how fiscally knowledgeable we are and how morally and socially healthy we are as a country. Simply put, on that fateful Tuesday in November, take all those intellectually tainted by their own laziness and their willingness to be lied to by the mainstream media, the moral and emotional dirtbags who peddle their negativity and cultural crassness and those who stubbornly refuse to see the harsh reality of how Obama's policies and political philosophy are bringing us closer and closer to becoming like Greece and have them all stand in one corner. Then, take all the commonsense constitutional conservatives, Tea Partiers, diehard Republicans, patriotic Americans and citizens across the socio-economic spectrum who are simply fed up with how the government is running things and put them in the other corner.

If we count all those who both knowingly and unknowingly stand in the corner with those who history will remember as the dirtbags who destroyed America as we know it and there are more of them than us, we lose. The founding fathers will be proven right that this great democracy is ours to fight for and keep or ours to lose because of our own shortcomings. Thomas Jefferson believed that the most dangerous thing to our democracy was a falsely educated or uneducated populace. If we have become that now, God help us.

On the other hand, if there are still more of us than them, we take our first step back toward restoration. Think of it like the Roadrunner cartoon where the coyote has already gone past the "Achtung" sign where the road ends and turns to gravel and boulders before finally stopping at the cliff's edge. We're already past the Achtung sign (and getting really close to the edge of the cliff now). We will have to turn around and undo all of the damage that Obama and the Democrats have done before we can even get back on the good section of highway again.

Which leads me back to who I'm voting for and why. I was hoping to vote for Sarah Palin. If she had gotten the nomination, some would have resisted and others would have warmed up to her. Then there's the large group who already consider her to be their leader. America needed Sarah Palin right now. She didn't run. But she continues to fight. Sarah Palin would have came to Washington, kicked ass and turned this country around without any doubt. It could have been four to get it straight. Eight to make it great.

So with that said, we only have one nominee and the choice is between him and Obama.

The future of the Tea Party and the future for those who dream of one day watching Sarah Palin take the oath of office is now in the hands of one Willard Mitt Romney. For many like me, he is not the most exciting candidate in the world. He still carries the lingering odor of the establishment and his pragmatic nature leads him further to the right than he was years ago. Like or dislike Romney. Like or dislike the GOP establishment. Regardless, voting for his opponent is political suicide for our nation.

Quite frankly, the dynamic that would have helped Palin in a roundabout way is the same dynamic that now helps Romney. Had Palin gotten the nomination, the GOP establishment would have no choice but to hold their nose and support her given the alternative in Obama. Only now, its the conservative base that has to hold their nose and pull the lever for Romney. But pull it for Romney we must.

Romney is not that bad of a prospect for president. He has business skills. He is an extremely intelligent man. He has a wonderful family and a very likable wife. There are some moderate and RINO aspects to him, but he's not John McCain. He is running a well financed and much more disciplined campaign than McCain ran.

He is also embracing the idea of having surrogates use the same tactics the left uses against us. Republicans and conservatives have woken up to the notion that we have to get our hands dirty. In the past, we've pulled our punches. Not this time around! We used to play tiddly winks while they played dodge ball. We're finally picking up the ball and hitting them back with it.

On top of that, Romney is an executive with executive experience. That's a lot more to say than what Obama has.

Before you start tweeting me about this Romney stuff, allow me to finish.

I admit Romney is boring. Romney is a technocrat. We need the fire of  a Palin. We need what Reagan gave us in 1980 when our country was in a similar situation after four years of Jimmy Carter. We're not going to get that from Romney. Forget about the warm and fuzzies this time around and just keep your eye on the prize. We can't have Obama win again. Period.

Romney's not the second coming. But he is a good guy and we can vote for him. In the last election, I voted for Palin not McCain. This election, I'm voting for all of us not Romney.

If you ever had a job where your boss was a tyrant and you hoped the sharp guy or gal sitting next to you who you admired so much would take his place after he got fired, you probably were somewhat okay when they replaced him with some corporate guy rather than the person you knew deserved the job. One thing you did know was at least the nightmare was over. Whoever the company chose to replace the tyrant with would obviously have to be much better than that tyrant.

Also, the election of Romney buys us time. Remember, if Obama wins, the game is over. The country's gone.  If Romney wins, that's four more years to keep recruiting Tea Partiers to run at the state and local level. We can build our minor leagues. We can strengthen our bullpen. The future of America is the citizen politician. Look at how the liberals did it. Infiltrate, infiltrate, infiltrate. We can burrow into the pop culture, the academia, the political establishment and the media. This is ultimately how we will and must win long term.

It's very important that we communicate properly to those under 45. Many of the people you talk to were either not alive or too young to remember what America was like under Reagan. Tears stream down my face when I compare the memories of my country then to the dark monster it has become now.

If you fell asleep in 1988 and woke up in 2012, the shock would be unbelievable. The horror you would feel and the hair raising limb numbing shock that would overcome your being would make you physically ill. Our country is by far way different and way worse off than it was then. If I hadn't experienced the decline gradually over the course of years, I would never have believed this could have happened. My Lord, it's so surreal it makes me shake to think about it.

America can be that great again. America can be that shining city on a hill again. We must defeat Obama at all legal costs. We must elect whoever is at the head of our ticket now so that we can live again to fight and someday put a Palin, a Rubio, a West or a Ryan in the White House. Our next Reagan walks among us. But it is truly us who have to all be that collective Reagan now. We must renew and restore ourselves as we renew and restore our nation.

We have a great band with an okay singer. They got a great singer with a horrible band. Ultimately, our music will sound better than there's if we just keep playing. Someday, our front woman or front man will lead us back to that beacon of hope. Until then, keep praying. And, God help us if we lose. This is our last chance. This is do or die.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fast and Furious: Plot to Disarm American Citizens

A speculative opinion, but what else could it be?

What could the president and the attorney general possibly be trying to hide? What if the gun running fiasco that is Fast and Furious was a plan to discredit the gun industry so as to create a political environment more favorable to stronger gun control laws? What if this plan is in the documents Eric Holder refuses to release and now the president is trying to hide by using the veil of executive privilege? Socialists and those who want to "fundamentally transform America" have long believed that past attempts at imposing Marxist philosophy failed because of violence. What if they tried one more time to impose Marxism by disarming the American citizen and removing the violence factor?

If the documents that the Obama administration are hiding contain conspiracies to use this as an excuse to push for stiffer gun regulation and ultimately put the government in control of the citizens' guns, it would be beyond scandalous. Not even the Obama-mania media could retain their credibility if it was blown wide open that the Obama administration planned on disarming the American people so that they wouldn't react violently to the imposition of the socialism that might come in an Obama second term.

Regardless of what people may think of Mitt Romney, if Romney is elected this threat goes away. If it comes out that this was the plan - and that it was being run by the same Eric Holder who refused to prosecute New Black Panthers for intimidating voters at polling places - it would make sense why the administration is going all out to protect these documents.

On the anniversary of Watergate, this scandal is turning out to be a huge problem for Obama's reelection campaign. At best, its a pure example of how incompetent this administration is and how no right thinking American could want four more years of it. At worst, it's a plan to continue with the socialist agenda of the Left. Either way, it's enough reason to not reelect Obama.

This may be just an opinion. But prove me wrong. Show us the documents.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Everything I've been Writing About Can Be Summed up in a 36 Minute Speech

In the early days, we were just a rag tag team of commenters and bloggers. Today, we are an army. I've probably spend untold hours putting out blog posts and tweets, re-tweeting my fellow warriors and joining forces with those who I watched explode into known names across the conservative social sites. I'm so proud to be a little guy in the big battle. Moreso, I'm so pumped to see it going the way it's going. We're becoming a force. We're starting to win.

After the 2008 election, it was so frustrating to see how weak we were. We had no real presence on the web. The mainstream media was destroying the truth. This blogger wrote that in order to win in 2012 we would have to convince America that the media lies. We're there.

Lately, my work and business responsibilities have kept me from blogging the way I used to. I've been jotting things down and trying to put together thoughts for a big "we're going to beat them at their own game this time" post. Then I watched Sarah Palin's speech at Right Online.

As a friend of mine who watched the speech with me pointed out, "she just said everything you've been talking about for the last four years." Then I realized, I don't need to write the blog post. It was already written for me.

This is what I'm talking about!

Thanks to The Right Scoop for being the man from the very beginning. He has been an inspiration. While I tend to be flowery and lengthy in my posts, TRS has been short, sweet and to the point. It's probably a lesson to be learned. By posting Sarah Palin's Right Online speech, TRS has said all that needs to be said.

If you haven't watched it, watch it. If you've watched it already, watch it again.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Why the Tactics are Necessary

Mitt Romney scored big by campaigning in front of the failed Solyndra factory. David Axelrod, at the same time, was being heckled at his speech in Boston. The Romney campaign is showing bright signs that today's GOP may have learned its lessons following Steve Schmidt's failed 2008 GOP presidential campaign. As our economy heads "forward" toward disaster, the Romney campaign isn't shying away from harsh rhetoric and the hard dirty work of its surrogates. These tactics are necessary because defeating Obama and the socialist agenda will not happen unless we not only engage them in their game but defeat them at it.

There are still those who may be turned off by the tactics of gutter politics and the sharp spinning of events that shape the candidates' reputations. However, they will need to be convinced that winning a street fight requires fighting - not the kind of civility they're used to in past elections (especially from the historically more formal and docile GOP). If we were reviewing the "game films from 2008," we'd clearly see a GOP that was out punched and out smeared by its opponents. To make matters worse, the "referee" (the media) aided and assisted the Democrats with their tactics.

The lessons learned are many. Since 2008, we have witnessed the proliferation of conservative blogs, websites and social networking sites along with the embracing of "Breitbartian" tactics in the new media which is beginning to offset the effects of the slobbering love affair, as Bernard Goldberg calls it, between the traditional mainstream media and Barack Obama.

Although the coalition is an odd one between establishment Republicans on one hand and conservatives, libertarians and Tea Partiers on the other, the glue that keeps the army together and strong is one Barack Hussein Obama. Knowing that America as we know it will disintegrate into a mere memory if our current failure of a president is reelected, the GOP and its allies are ready to go all out to defeat the nightmare of socialism and its standard bearer.

Our country has lost millions of jobs. Unemployment continues to be high. Many have given up looking and dropped out of the job hunt completely. Incomes have come down across the board (there are less million dollar earning households in America today than there were four years ago and there are more people on government assistance than ever before).

Today's economic numbers show that we are not moving "forward" and the economy has not "turned the corner." In his speech today in Las Vegas, "Mitt Romney called Friday’s jobs numbers that show unemployment grew to 8.2% last month a 'harsh indictment' of President Obama’s economic policies and argued that the president is a failure and has put his personal goals ahead of creating jobs."

As our national debt spirals out of control and our economy continues to sputter and tank, it is becoming more and more evident that this election is not just another presidential election. The future of our nation is at stake. You can tell people the choice this year is between voting for the destruction of the America as we know it or for the restoration of America as it should be. Don't be taken aback by the tactics. We may not like having to use them, but they own the game. We have no choice. The alternative is even worse.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moms Playing a Key Role in Beating the Lamestream Media

It wasn't too long after President Obama's inauguration speech that I got involved in blogging. Originally, I had set up a website prior to opening this blog site. The first point I made was how crucial it would be for our survival and ultimately for victory in 2012 that we learn the tactics of the left wing media (you know, the major networks, big city newspapers and websites like The Daily Kos, The Huffington Post and Politico) and defeat them at their own game. A mother from Alaska became a Fox News contributor and inspired women, who she dubbed "Mama Grizzlies," to join her in the fight.

Mama Grizzlies across America reared up on their hind legs and took to blogging, the social media and the newly exploding forum of publications, internet sites and video outlets which form today's powerful and influential new media. Liberals were beginning to use a term more and more: right wing media.

Until 2012, the media was predominantly liberal. Sure, we had the Weekly Standard, Newsmax and a few other established conservative publications which evolved out of the Goldwater - Reagan era. But the mass media, the only real source of information for average working Americans who don't spend hours each day on the internet scouring for concepts and truth, controlled the information. They're the ones who convinced America that Barack Obama was the second coming and that an angry old man with a ditzy running mate should not be elected.

They lied to America.

When Governor Sarah Palin was getting lied about by liberal loonies after returning to Alaska, women across America came to her defense. Websites like Team Sarah, Conservatives4Palin, PalinTwibe and others were started by women. Sarah Palin herself resigned her governorship to become part of the new media. She wrote a book titled Going Rogue that chronicled how a small town girl from the middle of nowhere in Alaska could go on to become Governor of her state and run for vice president of the United States.

Palin quickly became a master of the new media, using Facebook and Twitter to deliver a message that the mainstream media so nervously feared would get out there. With two words, "death panel," Palin nearly took down Obamacare. Because of Palin's effort, the Speaker of the House took to using trickery and deception to get the bill passed.

A real woman told us how she wouldn't want to have her Downs Syndrome son's worthiness to live be decided by a panel of government bureaucrats or how old people would be subject to end of life counseling where they would be told they wouldn't be able to get medical care because they're just going to die anyway. A demagogue of a woman, Nancy Pelosi, tried to tell us otherwise. But, the new media would have none of it.

In the new media, Monica Crowley, Andrea Tantaros, Dana Loesch, Jedediah Bila, Tammy Bruce, Dr. Gina Loudon and countless more became the faces of a new feminism - women who would become examples to the rest of us that female conservatism was cooler and hipper than radical left wing feminism.

In the political realm, Michelle Bachmann, a mom, ran rallies and committed herself to the repeal of Obamacare. Women like Nikki Haley, Pam Bondi and Jan Brewer were becoming popular and well known figures in the fight against Obama's radical socialist agenda.

Today, it could be argued that the new media is actually defeating the old media. Andrew Breitbart's dream of taking on the establishment and bringing minions of conservatives into the media to offset and defeat the mainstream media is coming true.

John Nolte at Big Journalism wrote:
New Media should also take a victory lap for without Citizen Journalists engaging in trench warfare with the corrupt media, Obama would've gotten away with spiking the bin Laden football, dividing this country racially over Trayvon Martin, launching his reelection campaign in a stadium full of empty seats, looking like a human rights champion with his calculated decision to stop lying about his position on same-sex marriage and, most recently, coordinating with the corrupt Washington Post to portray Romney as an anti-gay bully with a hit-piece that has now fallen apart under New Media scrutiny.

Oh, and don't forget the utter collapse of the Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street movement.  
Through blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, everyday Americans are taking The Truth back and holding Obama's Media Palace Guards accountable for their lies and biases. 
In 2008, we were outnumbered. Today an army of conservative bloggers that were motivated to stand up for moms like Sarah Palin and take on the Obama agenda rule the internet. Those hateful Alaska bloggers who were often cited as sources in the smear campaign against vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin are slowly being relegated to the dust heap of history as new media blog sites grow like wild flowers.

Like John Nolte said, we need to recognize our achievements as a whole. As I would like to say today, on Mother's Day, we also need to recognize the achievements of a key part of our online and new media army: moms.

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why We Must Elect Mitt Romney President

After you read the following articles from American Thinker, you will understand why it is imperative that Obama not get second term. Since Mitt Romney is our nominee, we have no choice but to vote for him. The alternative is death to America as we know it.

Please read these before reading the rest of this post:

'Forward!' with Obama, Axelrod, Jarrett and Frank Marshall Davis by Paul Kengor
Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans by Steve McCann
Defeat Obama: The Power Of One Patriot! by Lloyd Marcus
Anti-Capitalist Obama Administration Targets Debt Collectors by M Catharine Evans

The only difference between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter is Obama is doing it intentionally. All of the big government socialism - the idea that wealth should be redistributed from the haves to the have nots- has always been the goal of the progressive movement in America. Class warfare divides the country and ripens it for the transformation that we were promised during Obama's first run for the presidency in 2008. Defeating him will also have to be intentional. Doing so will require tactics that Republicans and conservatives have not been familiar with until recently when they learned about Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.

The rise of the Tea Party movement proved that we could get the adults off the couches and out into the streets and the fields of America to speak out against the rising deficit and out of control government spending. The "conservative" Conservative movement suddenly found its Breitbarts and Palins. This changed the movement not because the movement was calling for changing itself but because conditions on the ground required it.

Now that we have gotten our shoes dirty in the fields where we flew our Gadsden flags, it's time to get our hands dirty. Getting underneath the hood of the American body politic requires that we are going to have to bang a few wrenches and bleed a few hoses if we are ever going to fix this thing.

This is our last chance.

Ripping off the tie and tossing the suit jacket aside to jump into the water to save the drowning nation means that conservatives and Republicans, including those in the Establishment are going to have to accept doing and saying things that were typically outside of our comfort zones. We are about to nominate Mitt Romney at a time when the GOP really needed Sarah Palin (we still have the Tea Party and they doing very well right now building it from the ground up). But, if we are going to survive as a nation, we are going to have to hope that Romney will embrace the one tactic that he used against his opponents in the GOP primary: we are going to need his surrogates to smear Obama the way he smeared Gingrich and Santorum. And, we will need barrels of smear.

Some will reach this point of the post and reject the notion based on a misunderstanding that this blogger is advocating lowering ourselves to their level. Saving our nation is not about becoming like them. Saving our nation is about understanding how they are defeating us and responding to that in the appropriate arena. When you're getting your face punched in, you don't talk civilly to the person punching you. When the media is lying to you and the Democrat machine and the Obama campaign are using psychological tactics that have so far convinced nearly 50% of the people to consider voting for Obama in 2012, it's proof that traditional and conventional tactics are not working.

It's time we understood their playbook. It's time we get out of the box. It's time we recognize that infiltrating the institutions and taking them back for the noble sake of the people and their Constitution requires the same tactic used by the Left to take them for more sinister reasons.

For example, you've heard about the so called Republican war on women. Why? Not because there is one, but because the Democrat machine and their media robots created the question and now the question begs an answer which only those in the media and the Democrat Party are glad to provide for their own question.

Remember Breitbart. Our existence as a nation depends on us doing these things, not because we want to cheat or gain an unfair advantage, but because our very survival is at stake. They did it to win in 2008. We must do it to survive in 2012.

Arguing facts doesn't work anymore in today's political environment. The facts are on our side and yet we still keep losing elections. Convincing sheep to not be sheep, and convincing people who have had their brains turned to mush by the Obama propaganda machine that stands on the shoulders of decades of progressive infiltration into the media, the culture and the academia will not be solved by proving to those who believe 2+2 = 5 that 2+2 =4.

The way you do it is prove it this way. 2+2 = 5 minus 1 = 4. We need to use their own tactics against them.

There is no civil discourse with the radical left. Their response to the truth is spinning heads and green vomit. It's vitriol. It's hate. It's demonetization. Look at how they've been using race as a distraction. They can't defend their economic record. The truth is the danger zone for liberals and they must keep everyone's attention diverted from it long enough to get re-elected.

The Alinsky tactic is not to provide an answer. It's to raise the question. "So when did you stop beating your wife?" It's the assumptive that occurs when a question is raised in such a way. "How many beers did you have tonight." Answer none and you are denying their assumed premised. You are liar. You are under suspicion.

Learn, my friends. Watch how this works.

Forget whether or not you're a birther or whether you believe Obama was born in Kenya or not. That's not the issue here. I could care less if there is a real birth certificate on microfiche locked in a vault somewhere in Hawaii the same way that liberals could care less that there was bona fide proof that Sarah Palin never required rape victims in Wasilla to pay for their own rape kits. We're not looking for answers here, folks. We're trying to defeat low life Democrats.

The next time you think about playing it safe or you scratch your head about why the GOP is nominating Romney, just remember that the trembling tigers on our side haven't won a real election since Ronald Reagan. The GOP won that one despite the play it safe trembling tigers who thought an actor who played alongside a monkey couldn't win because Reagan and his army outflanked the media.  The Democrats put a radical leftist and an aging gaffe-meister on their ticket in 2008. They won. Why have the Republicans gotten so caught up in playing it safe?

It's time to stop being intimidated by the Left! Let's not answer the question. Let's not say Obama was born in Kenya. Let's raise the question. Let's get everyone in the conservative media and everyone in the Republican Party to talk about the birth certificate.


We're just asking.

Did Obama have a gay drug infested liason? We're just asking.

A bad insurance salesman will tell you you need life insurance. A good insurance salesman will ask you "what will happen to your family if you die?"

When overcoming those mental hurdles while trying to swallow Romney as our nominee, just ask yourself "what will happen to your future if our country dies?"

Sharpen those rhetorical swords and be ready to take it on the chin. I'm not saying that Obama is a gay Kenyan drug using socialist with megalomaniac tendencies. I'm just asking.

I'm not saying Romney is a smear merchant. I'm just hoping.

Lord knows we need some people on our side who can be as effective or more effective than the dirt machine that has become the modern Democrat Party. God help us if we don't bring a bazooka to the next gun fight.

Be prepared to state that "the choice is between destroying America or restoring it" at your next political argument. Beyond that, don't argue facts. Facts don't work on liberals. You have to intentionally beat them with tactics, not just win a debate.

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