Sunday, February 27, 2011

Congratulations Team 10 For Iron Dog Win

"We love competition," Sarah Palin said while waiting for the finish of the Iron Dog snowmachine race in Alaska. Todd had crashed, but recovered and came in second with teammate Eric Quam. Team 10, Huntington and Olds had broken a belt earlier and figured it was the race breaker. But they hung in there and raced hard. When Todd crashed, their bad luck was erased and they went on for the win. 

According to ADN:
"Four hours ago, I thought it was over," Huntington said.

"But we regrouped and here we are," Olds said.
America, do you understand?

Congratulations Tyler Huntington and Chris Olds.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Left Has Created Their Own Monster

Had any member of the Tea Party talked about killing black babies the way a New Black Panther member talked about killing white babies or physically assaulted a union protester the way that a union protestor assaulted Tabitha Hale, the Left and their syncophantic organ grinders in the media would be yelling bloody libelous murder. It’s time for us civil people on the right to recognize that they are not like us. They prove by their actions that they are sub-human hypocrites. We prove by our actions that they are liars.

Because they have rendered their argument as hollow, we should remain dignified yet cast off our fears of being marginalized. In other words, we should accept right now in advance that we are justified to beat the crap out of the next union thug who assaults a woman. This is not to say we go looking for provocation. Rather, this is to put the thugs on notice that we no longer care what the media says about us. They can no longer hide behind the media shield.

We're up against some serious shit here. Internally, we are being eaten away by enormous debt and the soft tyranny of big government. Internationally, a Muslim extremist movement that in some ways is more of a threat than communism was in the 1970's is causing upheaval in the Middle East. Now, let's start thinking about who can beat Obama and who can destroy liberalism.

h/t Texas4Palin

"Let's not let our side make her failure a self fulfilling prophesy. In other words, you say...  she can't win.... she can win if you support her. She can win if you go out there and help campaign for her. And, and, believe me I believe with all my heart she can win. What, between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, that's the choice? Give me Sarah Palin any day of the week."

If we all just got behind her and pushed her to the top, the GOP would win big time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Which version of Sarah Palin are you going to believe?

If you didn't know it, you'd think there are two Sarah Palins. The first one is a vindictive dumbbell who doesn’t know that Africa is a continent. The other Sarah Palin, the real Sarah Palin, is a self made woman who is happily married, has raised five children, has been a mayor, an oil commissioner and a governor, has written two best selling books and is a millionaire. One is a caricature drawn from the minds of the Palin deranged. The other is uncut and unfiltered. Which one are you going to believe?

Desperate liberals see the writing on the wall. They see public employee unions being stopped dead in their tracks – the days of fattening themselves on taxpayer dollars drying up as quickly as the money. They see Americans embracing conservative values again. They see the real Sarah Palin and it scares them to death. That's why they can't let the rest of us see her. That's why it is imperative that they get the voters to see their version of Sarah Palin.

The media and the Alaska bloggers have been wasting their time and resources trying to dig up dirt on the fake Sarah Palin, which they present to the American people in place of the real Sarah Palin. It's dog chases tail syndrome. In their obsession to destroy her, they have filed dozens of frivolous ethics complaints, written thousands of hit pieces and alleged all kinds of wrong-doing. After all that, they have nothing but a caricature.

The Sarah Palin caricature they have been selling us is the one getting her butt kicked in the polls.
Asked about her low poll numbers — a recent Gallup poll showed that over half of Americans viewed her unfavorably — Palin audibly sighed. “Yeah,” she said, later adding, “I get my butt kicked.”

“I look at those poll numbers and I say well, if I’m going to do this, then obviously I got to get out there and let people know who I am, what I stand for, and what my record is. I can’t rely on a liberal-leaning press,” she said.
This is because the real Sarah Palin has not yet re-introduced herself to the American people. The Left trembles in fear as they await the moment when the brakes lock and they skid helplessly as she announces her candidacy for president and millions of her supporters pour out of the woodwork. They will become their own caricatures, alien creatures grabbing their heads, screaming out like a cartoon character in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”

The media frenzy will begin. The major newspapers, networks and websites will light up with Palin-mania. Twitter and Facebook will be stretched to capacity as the chatter begins in earnest.

Then, they will try to sell us on the first Sarah Palin again and again. They will be selling us the fake Sarah Palin all the way through her second presidential term if they have to. They will not give up their Sisypheian efforts to stop her. But resistance may be futile once the real Sarah Palin hits the debate stages, the streets and the diners that make up the presidential campaign trail.

Frank Bailey's and Jeanne Devon’s manuscript suggests without evidence that Sarah Palin broke some kind of campaign finance law and contradicted her Troopergate testimony, or something like that. I don't know. Maybe she knocked off a liquor store, too (but they decided not to use that one in this manuscript). As Ian Lazaran at Conservatives4Palin points out:
Nobody in the media has conceded that Bailey has failed to produce even one e-mail that the Governor allegedly wrote that would implicate her in any wrongdoing when it comes to the RGA ad or would directly contradict any statement that she made under oath in the Troopergate saga. The media is shamelessly allowing Bailey and an extremist like Jeanne Devon to get away with claiming that they have thousands of e-mails from Governor Palin without also noting that none of the e-mails prove that she ever engaged in any improper or illegal activity.

The media has also failed to note that all of the e-mails that Bailey claims to have received from Governor Palin have yet to be authenticated. Remember that Bailey admits to having access to her e-mail account and knew the password that she used to get into her account.

Because he doesn’t have any e-mails that prove the Governor engaged in unethical conduct, Bailey resorts to using e-mails that she allegedly wrote to slam her character, intelligence, and competence.
They have tried everything they possibly could to destroy the real Sarah Palin. Yes, alleging what they are alleging, they are telling us that they have exhausted all means available to stifle Palin’s political speech and now all they got left are false criminal allegations. It’s called totalitarianism, folks. They want to railroad her.

Don’t sweat it, though. Although the fake Sarah Palin is still taking the hits in the polls and in the liberal media, the real Sarah Palin always trumps. When the real Sarah Palin spoke directly to business owners on Long Island, they liked her. Check out these video clips. One attendee said (at the 1:40 mark):
Nobody took their eye off of her. They listened to her every word. They were appreciative about a lot of the things she said. And they connected. And she connected.
The moderator, Kenneth Law, a Democrat, said "I think the Long Island business community walked away probably feeling better about her than before they walked in the door." (2:00 mark of the ABC video. )

When the real Sarah Palin walked past the fake one on Saturday Night live in 2008, the ratings went up. When the real Sarah Palin debated Joe Biden, she beat him. The real Sarah Palin got 5 million people to watch the premiere Episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska." The real Sarah Palin electrified the crowd at the 2008 Republican National Convention. In fact, that was why they invented the fake Palin in the first place.

At some point, even those who dislike Sarah Palin are going to get sick of the lying Left. It's one thing to preach to the choir and feed them red meat. It's another to lie to the choir and feed them bad meat.

There is only one real Sarah Palin. You either agree with her or disagree with her. Everything else is BS.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Don't Sweat Frank Bailey's Manuscript About Sarah Palin

Muddy flapper Jeanne Devon Co-wrote the piece of toilet paper and owner of Huffington Post AOL touts it.


They smell she's running so they're scared. Of course the hit pieces are going to come out.

Why Nobody Should Be Worried About Frank Bailey’s Hilarious Manuscript/Open Thread

Frank Bailey swings at Sarah Palin, misses

If any publishing house wants to blow their money and actually purchase and sell this manuscript, a bridge from Brooklyn should come free when you buy it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sarah Palin Brings the Media Criticism Upon Herself

Watch as followers of the morally, intellectually, and now financially bankrupt ideology known as liberalism spin anything that Sarah Palin says faster than Linda Blair's head in "The Exorcist." Whenever she has a strong or effective presence, the media manufactures something to counter/weaken her effect. Everytime she says something that's right on the money, it's as if she put a cigarette out in the media's eye. They hate the truth. She brings the media criticism upon herself by merely existing.

Do you want to know if Palin did good today? Test it. Look for the media hit pieces. If the strip turns red, she hit the mark. Seriously. Watch how the hit pieces come flying out everytime she does something strong.

Sarah Palin's appearance at the Long Island Association luncheon must have been stellar given how quickly the All Barack Channel (ABC) came up with this doozy: Sarah Palin Lashes out at Obama during Luncheon, Takes a Swing at Michelle (h/t Jedediah Bila). It seems that every lunatic that has crazy voices going on in their head puts them into their articles.

For those who still believe in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and the mainstream media, I hate to break it to you but here's what really happened at the luncheon. 

One attendee said:
Nobody took their eye off of her. They listened to her every word. They were appreciative about a lot of the things she said. And they connected. And she connected.
The moderator, Kenneth Law, a Democrat, said "I think the Long Island business community walked away probably feeling better about her than before they walked in the door." (see 1:40 mark and ignore the spin that ABC news throws in leading up to that point - h/t Conservatives4Palin)

Despite the nonsense the media will want you to believe, Governor Palin did not mock Michelle Obama. PalinTV had the quote from CNN:
“No wonder Michelle Obama is telling people to breast feed their babies, because the price of milk is rising so high.”
She then warned the dozens of reporters at her question and answer event, “That better not be the takeaway here.”
Apparently, some reporters were more interested in listening to the crazy voices in their heads and didn't catch either the meaning of the joke (she was mocking inflation, not Michelle) or that part about the takeaway. I wouldn't be surprised if the media gets shut out of future events. She let them in this time. She gave them a chance. She kicked ass. They failed. She gave a great interview. Then the media went off and lamed it up once again.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughts of the Day 02/17/11

Jedediah Bila is at the luncheon and meeting with the Long Island Association featuring Sarah Palin.

Market Watch says U.S. consumer prices were up 0.4% in January. The biggest jump (nah, Sarah Palin didn't call any of this, did she?) is in gasoline and food prices. (h/t @marleed)

Dick Morris has a sobering assessment of the damage that Obama has already done.

Whitney Pitcher has a sobering analysis of President Obama's budget.

Yesterday's presser to protest cutting of funding for public broadcasting had a funny twist, or what Cubachi calls the Muppet Lobby.

As we head into the 2012 presidential primaries, it is The Calm Before the Palin Storm.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Scuffles Will Come and Then We Nominate a President

When The Huffington Post asked about Sarah Palin at CPAC over the weekend, a Romney supporter gave them the quote they were probably looking for after to speaking to dozens of people there. "'Intelligence versus not-so-intelligent,' was the pitch by Ken Merritt, a Virginia-based Romney supporter." Donald Trump spoke at the conference and said "Ron Paul cannot get elected." The Paul supporters booed. It's going to be a big field for this horse race and there will be some scuffles along the way. The key is going to be who campaigns the best.

All the nonsense and the digs will mean nothing when the field actually announces. Yes, Sarah Palin will be starting with lower numbers than she would have had the media not lied and misrepresented her record. One poll has her down in New Hampshire and another has her up in New Mexico. But, the fact of the matter is after all of that she is a top tier candidate in a field that has no super strong front runner and a lot of candidates who can catch fire. Until the campaigning starts, the poll numbers mean nothing.

If she was able to withstand the media onslaught and be positioned with Romney and Huckabee as part of the front pack, that's pretty darn good for someone who dodged a destructive blow by liberal ankle biters in Alaska and a hostile media both locally and nationally by resigning her governorship.

Some people still don't understand clearly how her resignation empowered her to be in a better position to help Alaska and to help America compared to what would have happened to her and the state of Alaska during the last two years had she stayed in office as government grinded to a halt and her family was personally bankrupted.

The truth of her resignation is explained on Alaskans4Palin.
The truth is that many Alaskans, while disappointed to lose her leadership, continue to support her today. We view her resignation as our Governor as one of the greatest forms of intentional self-sacrifice ever seen in Alaskan politics. To purposefully give up power, for the good of the people, is unheard of in politics today.
Those who use her resignation as part of a greater argument destroy the credibility of their arguments. Take this piece on The Daily Caller which builds up a debatable argument about how Palin's use of big government to advance her views on feminism that can be debated. Then the writer blows it here. "The potential candidate must network, organize, and fundraise like the dickens. And once they get elected, they don’t resign halfway through their term of office."

Playing the "quitter" card ultimately won't work in the long run as people get to see Palin campaigning on a presidential level completely in control of her own organization. What Palin does on the campaign trail will have a lot more impact as it will be fresh, innovative and a showcasing of her ability to campaign and fundraise on a grand scale. Many seem to forget that she was an avid campaigner when she ran for governor beating the sitting Republican governor, Frank Murkowski in the primary before going on to win the general election.

This is the same Sarah Palin that could be running for president. Only she's bigger and more national now. She was introduced to a nation hungry for leadership and they took to her instantly until the media stepped in and tried to destroy that bond. Now, she will be coming back to reestablish that bond directly with the people.

There will be battles between all the camps that we can expect and understand. We know Ron Paul people don't like Donald Trump. We also know that Palin people don't like Mitt Romney. But, ya know what? Let's give everyone a shot at this thing. The best player wins. I may be holding my tongue now. But once the horses are on the entry sheet, I'm ready to go. I wouldn't sweat the polls and the scuffles. If we all respect each other, we will have a fair fight to nominate the next president of the United States.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Palin, or anyone else for that matter, for president?

Once again the polls are all over the place. The CPAC straw poll has Ron Paul as the choice for president. The Fox News poll has Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney in a virtual tie. The Fox News Bracket online vote has Palin winning division 1 and Paul winning division 2 (it's hard to tell from the number of voters on each side which one actually has the most votes head to head).

I figured I'd just put this out there since three months from now this will all mean nothing unless Paul has a surge in the national polls and becomes a contender. Otherwise, this still shows Huckabee, Palin and Romney as the front runners with Gingrich making a strong showing.

Many are saying right now that the Republicans really don't know yet who they want to be the nominee. Therefore, the best campaigner who can get their message out most effectively and who avoids minefields along the way should be able to capture it. Palin is strong in all these areas (one hitch, though, is media "manufactured" minefields).

Counting Palin or anyone else out now would be foolish at this point. It will be a competive primary with a lot of options.  As Jedediah Bila said, bring it on.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Birthday Wish to Sarah Palin, Fellow Reaganite

When I was in college between 1981 and 1985, I became interested in politics because of Ronald Reagan. While I was in New York, all the way across the country on the other side of our continent out of Alaska, another student my age was navigating her college years. There was no Twitter, no Facebook and no blogs. There was a newspaper, a library and a television. Whatever caught me about Reagan caught her and drove her to work her way to the top of the American political landscape.

American exceptionalism, entrepreneurship and family values resonated all the way across this great land because we were Americans. As we headed toward the Obama years, that spirit waned. This Reaganite who thought that this country had seen its final great days had his hopes suddenly lifted and his spirit revived by someone his age who knew the deal and who had seen it the same way. She had made it the vice presidential spot on the national ticket.

So from an old 47 year old who has your back to a young 47 year old who knows the deal, it is my birthday wish that you fulfill your dream of helping America back to greatness again.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Media Involves Itself Again, Creates Santorum - Palin Feud

Rick Santorum was not trying to diss Sarah Palin. But, some of his own guard was down and his words came back to bite him. This is all because Andy Barr at Politico decided to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Santorum called the story garbage and tried to set the record straight today. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin was too busy researching economic policy and Egypt policy so that she could answer Sean Hannity's questions tonight. One thing she did not research was soap opera journalism. And because she wasn't aware of the controversy (she told Hannity this was the first she heard of it after he played the Santorum clip with SE Cupp), she addressed Santorum's actual remarks unfiltered.

After being nickeled and dimed by the media the way she has been for over two years, it's understandable that the sword would come out quickly. Palin has almost become trained to the quick draw given the number of crazy stories that the media drums up about her. The media has created its own monster and it continues to feed it with "garbage" stories like that on Politico.

Palin landed some serious questions on the economy and Egypt tonight. The media found a way to dupe Rick Santorum and to some extent Sarah Palin into a pissing contest so that Palin's serious answers to serious policy questions will be overshadowed.

One can only guess that this will end up being a blow over. I can't see Palin and Santorum not patching it up and getting past it once they both get to take time away from important research required of potential presidential candidates and look at the soap opera to see how they both ended up being unwilling participants in a game played by the media which would rather include themselves and drive a story instead of simply reporting. This is another case where the media creates the story and then gets the characters to play into it.

Santorum's lesson from this is to tread lightly on the Palin issue. Palin's lesson from this is, unfortunately, that she may have to take some time from researching really important issues to keep one side of an eye open for what the media is trying to do. Sarah took Santorum to task tonight based on a straight up replay of his words. Santorum genuinely isn't trying to pick a fight. Once they both get another look at this, they'll realize that the media duped them by playing on their blind spots.

This is about a media that doesn't like Republicans. If they can get two big ones to go at it, it helps their liberal agenda. Beware of the anti-Palin spin. You know it's coming. Santorum will also take heat for this. Those on Palin's side will take him to task for the poor words that made him appear sexist, and that's fine. But the real culprit here is the media.

ABC actually has a good take on the whole thing. (h/t @HeyTammyBruce)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shhhhh, Palin went up in the latest poll. Don’t tell anybody.

Of course everyone knows that Sarah Palin is up 35% in the latest CNN poll, right? Well, only if you read Conservatives4Palin or happen to be on the CNN website looking for hit pieces about her. It’s simply too early to be deeply analyzing polls right now. But the mainstream media seems to love trotting out the polls when they show Palin’s down and using them to mass produce hit pieces about her demise (they have been declaring her politically dead for two years now – that’s a lot of typing for nothing). Ah, but when Sarah’s up in the polls, crickets.

Normally when a poll comes out that shows good numbers for Palin, it’s this blogger’s first instinct to play it off and not get too excited. Yes, polls give us what Mike Huckabee calls “a snapshot in time.” But when electing presidents, we don’t look at still pictures. We look at a movie.

The point here is not about how great the CNN poll makes Palin look. It, like previous polls up or down for Palin, shows that she, Romney and Huckabee continue to run side by side going into the first turn with whoever’s nose just happens to be sticking out at the timing poll being the one that gets tagged “the front runner.” The point is the media isn’t reporting it this way. Instead, they run a little blurb when Huckabee’s out front or they act like it’s business as usual when Romney’s out front. You’ll never hear it when Palin’s out front. But if she has a big drop in her numbers, Google lights up like a Christmas tree and the anchors on MSNBC scramble to their chairs like buzzards to a dead animal.

If the mainstream media were coroners, they’d lose all credibility after pronouncing a patient dead hundreds of times only to watch in horror as the patient rises off the table, dusts herself off and gets back in front of a room full of her numerous followers or a camera where for some reason the viewership rises instantaneously upon her appearance.

You are told over and over again that this woman is so unpopular that she can’t possibly become president. Yet, Fox News’ rating jump whenever she is on. Her events sell out almost immediately. The polls show she has just a good a shot as anyone else. But, the media doesn’t want you to see that. Instead, they turn into Beavis and Butthead and create a story like “ha ha, she said ‘blood libel.’” Then they get people to think she’s anti-Semitic (play that race card, baby). Then, after the doubt is planted, they poll.

“Ah, look at this! She’s down, baby, down.” I can just hear the editors now. It’s like listening to Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry” on a never ending loop. Get the PDS infected loon on the set, we need dirty laundry. Paul Bond at The Hollywood Reporter writes:
Plus, MSNBC and, to a lesser extent, CNN viewers are overwhelmingly partial to Democrats (73 percent of MSNBC viewers and 63 percent of CNN viewers voted for Obama, according to a Wilson Research Poll) and like all good TV, drama is necessary to keep it going. They crave a boogeyman to fill the void created when President George W. Bush left office, and she’s now the face of the opposition. Palin fits the bill nicely, given her presentability...

"MSNBC will never find anything like Sarah Palin," [Documentarian John] Ziegler says. "It's much cheaper than real news. Just take Sarah Palin, add guests, some hatred, and mix. No other topic can replace her right now because that would require actual reporting."
Some day Americans are going to wake up and make up their own minds. The media is lying to you about what the poll numbers mean just as much as they are lying to you about what the unemployment numbers mean. They are lying to you about Egypt (those nice little democracy loving people, nah they’re not commies or Muslim brothers). They are lying to you about the debt ceiling. How are they possibly going to handle it when millions of Palin supporters come out of the woodwork once the real race begins?

Check out my BlogTalk Radio show tonight at 11pm ET 8pm PT. Camille Friend of The Design Conservative and Jennifer of Cubachi are my guests.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What do you mean she’s the next Reagan?

While there will never be another Ronald Reagan – just like there will never be another Abraham Lincoln – there will also never be another Sarah Palin. While we have had 44 presidents, it is the rare great one which comes along every couple of generations or so that stands out. You can probably name only four or five great presidents off the top of your head. When we say Sarah Palin is the next Reagan, we say it meaning she’s the next great one.

Andrew Coffin writes on Big Government (h/t @PATR2012):
Governor Palin went out of the way in her [Young America’s Foundation Reagan 100] speech to not lay claim to the mantle of Ronald Reagan. "Many people today are looking for the next Reagan. But he was one of a kind, and we won’t see his like again," she said later in her speech, but it’s his principles and values to which we must lay claim.
Her devotion to Reagan’s fundamental philosophy is what makes Sarah Palin our next great one. She will look differently than he did. She will speak differently than he did. But she has emerged from all the leaders we have had since Reagan as the rare embodiment of not only his philosophy and character, but of his courage and tenacity to fight for that philosophy. "She may just become to her era what Reagan was to his," Tony Lee writes at Human Events.

This is not to say that others are not devoted to Ronald Reagan. Many conservatives consider themselves Reagan conservatives and rightfully so. Conservatism (and its popularity) owes much to Reagan who brought it to the masses in a way that had never been done before. Sarah Palin and other conservatives of our times are products of that.

While we understand and respect others’ devotion to Reaganism, we believe that Sarah Palin is the full package. She not only brings his philosophy and values to the forefront. She lives them. She is charismatic in that she is one of the few who can do to a room what Reagan did. Watching her deliver the vice presidential nomination acceptance speech in 2008 was like watching Reagan. It was electrifying.

No one is ever someone else. But if there was ever someone who best fills that void created by the passing of the great Ronald Reagan, it’s Sarah Palin.

The historical parallels are all there. We have a president who’s direction and execution of policy is out of touch with the country, just like the late 1970’s when Jimmy Carter was president. We have a so-called “polarizing” figure that provides a stark contrast to the unpopular liberal policies of a sitting president. We have an electorate uncertain about Palin much the way they were uncertain about Reagan when he was the shadow opposition.

There are those who doubt. There are those who are not sure yet. I urge them to read further: Not Sure About Sarah Palin?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Statue of Liberty Centennial: Ronald Reagan

It was 1986. All was well in America. We can get there again. Just believe that we can get there again.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Debunk, Debate, Defeat

Palin supporters are ready to take on the media and the culture

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Palin army has developed a “missile defense shield” that puts the Patriot missile program to shame.  Having built a myriad of blogs with the dedicated work of some serious writers who thoroughly research their work before posting, the Palin army is lean and mean when it comes to responding to libelous and slanderous attacks on Sarah Palin.

During a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's play "The Mikado" Sunday night at the  MCT Community Theatre, "a single couplet, inserted by director Curt Olds into a song sung by the character Ko-Ko, a pacifist executioner" called for the beheading of Sarah Palin and prompted an apology from the MCT's director, Michael Gill, according to The Missoulian. This "flash point" was observed by an audience member who“radioed” the position in to a local newspaper via a letter to the editor which was then picked up by Warner Todd Huston and Texas4Palin. Conservatives4Palin posted a nearly instantaneous response (blogger's note: the C4P article was written by Stacy Drake who will be a guest on my Blogtalk Radio show tonight).

The Palin army grew from a group of bloggers and Team Sarah members who were outraged at the level of vitriol that was still in full swing following the 2008 election. The liberals had created their own monster by continuing their vicious, slander filled attacks long after the election was over. Had Sarah Palin been a has-been with no widespread support, there would have not been the great push back that we saw following the 2008 election. Nor would there have been a need for a smear campaign. They knew, as Monica Crowley pointed out, that she was an existential threat to liberalism then. And they still know it now.

Instead of recoiling and waiting for the next candidate to follow, Palin supporters flooded the blogosphere to respond to the smears and to stand up for the one person who had finally arrived to be the voice of a conservative movement that had been longing for a messenger since the passing of Ronald Reagan. Sarah Palin is a real leader with the true message. Political stars of that magnitude on the conservative side come once a generation or two. Palin supporters were not about to let the Left and its complicit media destroy that messenger. 

Rising stars like Jedediah Bila, Dr. Gina Loudon and Tammy Bruce joined voices with the more established publications like Front Page MagazineAmerican Thinker and Newsmax to take on the smears emanating from a deranged mainstream media. With ideological support from Fox News Channel and talk radio, the Palin army fights a war they are confident they can win now that the left wing media has become unhinged and is unravelling following the Journolist scandal and the Tucson shootings.

Conservatives4Palin, Texas4Palin, CubachiLegal Insurrection, Motivation Truth, Conservative Girl With a Voice, US forPalin, A Time For Choosing, The Other McCain, The Right Scoop, Red State and Riehl World are just some of the numerous sites that take the Left to task when they become unhinged about Palin, the Tea Party and the conservative movement. Newsbusters and Big Journalism regularly and consistently report on the blatant bias which is becoming so obvious in today’s media.

The numbers continue to grow. "In addition to the numerous pro-Palin sites that occupy the blogosphere, there is a new site that has launched tonight – Alaskans4Palin.com," (emphasis mine) according to a submission to Conservatives4Palin.

This is an army that is now well positioned at all levels of the media. Although still outnumbered in the mainstream media, Palin earns strong support in the new media, on Fox News Channel and on talk radio. The Left and its mouthpieces which make up most of the mainstream media can no longer attack, lie or spin their progressive misrepresentation of Palin, the Tea Party and the conservative movement with impunity. Palin supporters have taken up a big chunk of a New media that has risen up to destroy the monopoly that the progressive mainstream media once used to poison the hearts and minds of America.

Don’t expect 2012 to be a blow out by the liberal media this time around. Most of the sites like those listed above along with Palin Promotions and Organize 4 Palin didn't exist in 2008. This time around, there will be no smear or lie that will live long enough in the mainstream media to distort the thinking of those who may have otherwise been led to believe that Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house or that she sanctioned a policy where rape victims would have to pay for their forensic kits.

Because of traditional media’s abdication of its role as objective watchdog, voters will have to turn to the new media to get the correct information about candidates from now on. The days of taking the big 3 nightly newscasts as gospel are over.

Winning back America is dependant on a more analytical electorate than ever before. People will have to read blogs, tweets and the columns of professional writers to get the variety of opinions required in making educated voting decisions. Democracy can only thrive when there is an informed electorate. This will require that every voter does his or her homework before walking into that booth.

If that upsets you, it should. We should be able to turn on the television or pick up a newspaper and be reasonably informed about government and those who ask for our votes. But, as Sean Hannity pointed out, journalism died in 2008. The coverage of Sarah Palin was the final death blow to the media. In their zeal to destroy Sarah Palin, they forgot to do one very important thing: their jobs. Instead, they have destroyed whatever shreds are left of their credibility.

There was a time when newspaper columnists and editorial writers debated issues. And, in the normal course of things if some found themselves in disagreement with a politician, they wrote about it without lying or smearing. Instead they employed logic, a gum shoe approach toward the gathering of facts and a healthy back and forth discourse that didn't make anyone on either side sick with disgust.

Today, these out of touch writers, pundits and cultural figures are going to learn that they will become an immediate flash point for pro-Palin writers and pundits every time they make themselves targets by mouthing off without properly linking facts and logic. This doesn’t mean we want to silence debate. It just means we want the debaters to grow up and we want the unhinged media to “stop making things up.”

The disingenuous media are finding out that their hit stories about Palin, other conservatives and the Tea Party can now easily be brought down by the growing number of conservatives who take to their keyboards or to the airways to be the "Patriot missiles" that now defend the Palin fortress and the conservative movement from the agenda driven commentary of progressives which the lamestream media can no longer disguise as straight news.

Their gig is up.

It's time to stand up and stand firm as we debunk, debate and defeat the lamestream media and the misguided culture which they feed.

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