Monday, August 23, 2010

Todd Palin "Shoots" Stalker

Todd Palin took pictures of a stalker who acted very strange during a meeting with Sarah Palin where he videotaped them. After Sarah Palin asked him a couple of simple questions which generated creepy responses, she was still congenial enough to shake the person's hand and thank them.

But it got worse when the video stalker followed them throughout the airport and Todd had to confront him twice.

Apparently from the looks of the video, "Queen Sarah" a/k/a the woman who quit her job for money and to become a rich celebrity travels with little entourage and a disturbingly low level of security. While we would not want to be separated from our beloved heroine by large security details and entourages befitting a rock star, the time may have come that she should probably have some kind of a ring around her. If someone that disturbed was able to gain access to her like that, there should be no further hesitancy on her part to have a security detail.

While I normally don't like to tell Sarah what to do, I will break protocol here and strongly suggest that she protect herself from the sickos of the world (and the sickos who twist things like this on their blogs). If it means we have less access to her, so what. The liberals always lie about her being a diva, stuck on herself or doing what she does simply because she loves to be in the limelight. 

Sarah, it's time to stick it to the liberals again and become the monster that they fear you to be. It's time to go rock star, not for your ego's sake but for ours. Like Greg Gutfeld once said, "if you're going to be accused of a crime you didn't do, why not commit the hell out of that crime." Walking through an airport casually dressed, carrying your own luggage and mingling with the folks is why you are so real. But that's no longer the way the future president of the United States should travel given the whackos in this world.

Ronald Reagan had to give up some of his access to the public and eventually travelled by limousine with security detail prior to becoming president, not out of desire to be above the people, but out of necessity for his own safety.

It's time we get serious about the lunacy problem.

See the full story at Conservatives4Palin.

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