Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome To Patrick's World USA!

I am happy to announce that I am consolidating all my blogging and web posting through one centralized site, this one. If you don't know what Patrick's World looks like, take a look at the top left of this blog and notice the picture from the 9/12 Tea Party march on Washington in 2009. Pundits have regularly used the number 1.7 million when referring to the number of people who attended that day. That is Patrick's World.

Patrick's World can be found at Sarah Palin rallies, Tea parties, in your workplace, in the neighborhood where you live and most of all, deep down in your heart. Patrick's World is a shining city on a hill that was perfected by Ronald Reagan, who brought our country back in line with the vision of our Founders. We knew of that place once as "morning in America."

While the political version of the shining city on a hill is run down, and the visual image of a city in decline and decay is what most people see today, Ronald Reagan's vision of that city remains embedded in our hearts and minds. We once lived in that city. We are exiles who have waited to return to that city. And now, we are coming home.

When Ronald Reagan left office and eventually passed on from this world, we allowed the city to go into decline. We had no one to lead us, fight for us or give us a voice. Today, we are our own voices, millions strong standing for limited government, low taxes and strong national defense. Some of us have accepted Sarah Palin as our leader. Others have not.

For those who have not, I encourage you to learn as much as you can about Sarah Palin. If you are able to look past the false media impressions of her and the vicious smear campaign waged by liberals and the press, you will find a woman who loves our country with the same heart and spirit as Ronald Reagan. If every one of us gets behind her and pushes her to the front, our support, our voices and our hopes can be stronger in unison than in fragments.

And if you can't find it within yourself to accept her as your candidate or leader, please understand one thing: we can't do it without her. At best, she should be our president. At worst, she should be an integral part of a coalition that brings us home again. But in my heart, she is our next great one. She can bring us home.

Now on to the technical stuff.

This website will allow me to be more interactive. I can place blog posts easily on the home page and update the other pages much more quickly than when everything was scattered around.  Please leave comments on my articles so that I know you were here. They are loosely moderated, meaning that I will delete offensive stuff. But I will be fair and balanced even if I disagree with you.

Please click on the links to the advertisers. This is a for profit site. It makes money everytime you click on a link to one of the advertisers. Help me to put my efforts into generating income so that I can help political causes and earn some money as a writer. In return for that compensation, it will always be my number one priority to make this site an enjoyable and informative place for my readers.

This website will not only serve as a centralized link to all my pages, but will also give me a forum to speak more informally on news and issues of the day. Here you will find news updates and things that have caught my attention or interest. Come back periodically to check this. It is my goal to make this a "go to" site like Conservatives4Palin or Texas4Palin. It will be a mix of news, opinions, thoughts and interaction with those of you who wish to follow the site.

I will also be posting articles on Liberty's Lamp that will chronicle the evolution of Sarah Palin as a presidential candidate. Eventually, her inauguration and presidency will be chronicled there as well. I will be posting conservative opinions and editiorials on The Shining City on a Hill Townhall blog. I will be fighting for conservatism and Sarah Palin as an ordinary barbarian on Unsheathed. My orginal website Patrick's World is still up because it is an outline of the conservative philosophy and chronicles the individuals and writers who have contributed to the movement.

I also contribute to Palin Twibe Blog and Sarah's Web Brigade. Please frequent those sites as well. They are a place to hear from some of the coolest, smartest and most dedicated people in the conservative blogosphere.

I encourage as many of you as possible to join my site as a follower, contribute comments and send me tweets or emails about any opportunities that may be open for me or to give me any advice as to how I can make this site more profitable and entertaining. While this site will not provide access for contributors to post directly, it is a goal to some day have multiple contributers and much more reader interaction. I will be looking for an application that will allow readers to place links to their articles and posts so that we can create a community that way. I'm currently working on ideas to create a page that people can sign into and use. It may be a ning page or it may be something else. I don't know yet.

Thank you. And please come back often.

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