Monday, August 9, 2010

She's as Cool as Cucumber

Sarah Palin met a detractor face to face in Homer on Friday and handled it with dignity and grace.

We all know the blogger I am about to link you to, Shannyn Moore. Go to her post on The Huffington Post and scroll down. For objectivity sake, I recommend watching the video first before reading Moore's article. The video should tell it all. Without the blogger's twisting of the circumstances surrounding the event and without the blogger's picture of the torn down sign (which for all we know could have been taken later that day after everyone had left), we intelligent readers can see a calm cool Sarah Palin handling a discussion with a detractor with dignity.

Anything else alluded to in the blogger's article is pure bias and pure speculation on her part. She is unable to show Sarah herself using any obscenities or acting in a hostile way. Nor is she able to actually show how and when the sign was taken down. Since Moore or her television show production company
(Update: article corrected for accuracy) Billy Sullivan, owner of Dockside Fish where the sign was hung had a cell phone camera (end update) and was also able to get a picture of the sign down, it raises the question of why they didn't film the taking down of the sign or the alleged profanity used by one of the Palin children. It kind of reminds me of what was said about racial epithets or spit being sent someone's way from a Tea Partier.

As for 1st amendment rights violations, don't make me laugh. Shannyn Moore was free to post the video on Huffington Post and this blogger clearly credits her for use of the video here. I would not want to interfere with hers or the protestor's 1st amendment rights by ignoring the event or censoring it from the "Palinosphere."

The blogger tweeted about protestors appearing at her documentary taping. From the looks of the blogger's own video post, there is only one - count them slowly, now - protestor with a huge sign proving once again that those with fewer numbers must scream louder and post bigger signs if they are to be heard.

As for Shannyn Moore's comment "[the cameraman] was even told by one of the Palin daughters, 'You're an A-hole'. Charming family values," let's be fair to a kettle calling a pot black. Moore had no problem with "charming family values" when she called Palin a "Ho" on her Twitter page. Remember for liberals, the values are only used when they are useful for their side.

(Update: Moore does a rhetorical eye roll in her article, which the Lamestream Media didn't cover. The only "eye roll" was the alleged one by Sarah Palin. It turns out, Sarah was "rolling her eyes" to look behind Bristol because that's where the guy with the cell phone camera was. Sarah then waved to the camera.)

(Disclaimer: I am linking to the article, rather than posting the video here out of respect for Ms. Moore's first amendment rights as well as for the sake of journalistic integrity. Many of my readers may not be happy about having traffic driven to Ms. Moore's article or her YouTube site, but it is Ms. Moore's intellectual property. Comments on this post will be moderated and removed for profanity, libel or slander. Intellectually honest disagreements will not be removed).

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