Monday, August 30, 2010

Finding God Open Thread

Glenn Beck found the antidote and he gave it to us on Saturday. What does the left fear most? God. God represents a higher morality that exposes their shortcoming and inner weaknesses by juxtaposition. As such, those who seek God and who seek to restore our nation's honor are seen as a threat. Some liberals may say they believe in God, but are they willing to follow Him or would they rather justify their sins at the altar of moral relativism? Only God can confer righteousness on us and only we can seek that righteousness from God. In the absence of striving for that higher standard and that way of the Lord or in resistance to it, the Left is simply left with being and nothingness. - read more here.

Sarah Palin on the Jumbotron

I took this one from the car while driving!
I can't believe how good it came out.

Watch the whole Restoring Honor rally or view parts of it here.

Sarah Palin's Speech at Restoring Honor Rally. View text here.

We Have Come to Restore Our City

‘Restoring Honor’: The Day After Wrap-Up & Whitewash

Gateway Pundit: Restoring Honor Rally

UPI Rally Pictures

Glenn Beck Rally: How Big Was the Crowd?

‘You Can See November from the Washington Monument’

Governor Palin's Call to Restore Honor and Protect the Constitution

Glenn Beck says America is wandering in the darkness because of 'divisive politics'

"We're not here to curse the darkness, we're here to turn on light." -Glenn Beck

"Look around you. You’re not alone. You are Americans!" - Sarah Palin

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