Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kyle-Anne Shiver: Sarah Palin carries the torch

Carrying Liberty's Lamp

Kyle-Anne Shiver writes at Big Journalism:

At present, with a “post-American” president at the helm, Sarah Palin carries the torch of liberty and American exceptionalism in the palm of her lovely hand. She is the surviving embodiment of the spirit of 1776 and the Reagan reformation.

She is at once the American phoenix and the shining city on the hill, captured in the imaginations of a people still yearning to be free and determined to strive for greatness, even if the rest of the world prefers to drown in mediocrity, corruption and defeatist socialist uniformity.
Need anyone say more?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity Radio Show 02/26/10

Thanks to Conservatives4Palin for embeds.

Don’t give up on potentially great leaders

by Jededhiah Bila

A majority of the e-mails that hit my inbox this week expressed disheartened sentiments over Scott Brown’s decision to help advance the Senate’s jobs bill. While my readers were primarily focused on what so many of them referred to as Brown’s “betrayal” of their hard work to help him get elected, their disgust with politicians in general was a close second.

One question I was asked by many was ‘Have you lost hope in everyone?’ While I fully comprehend their apprehension regarding candidates’ promises, I responded to one reader in particular with this: No. I’ve seen too much rugged Americanism in people like you—people who inspire me every day—to have lost hope in everyone.

...Read the rest at The Daily Caller.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rep. Ryan To Obama: "You're Not Listening" To The People"

from WISGOP.org

Now I know why Sarah Palin likes this guy so much.

It's a Pig!

Today's summit is expected to be smelly. The Obama administration is trying to sell a health care program that Sarah Palin writes "you might call putting 'perfume on a pig'" and "doesn’t pass the smell test." A commercial that ran this morning refers to Obama's "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig" quote to describe the health care proposal. Newt Gingrich has been firing away with all barrels as well, and is holding a live blog on the summit today. The twittersphere is abuzz with all kinds of chatter, a lot of which is decrying the role of government in running health care. The obama administration may be thinking that the pig will be served better if cooked and served on a plate with nice garnishments. I'm sorry, Mr. President, no matter how you dress it up, it's still a pig. It's also a Rat Trap.

Until our body politic can get over the idea that the government can fix things by running them, regulating them or re-making them, we will never have the thing we love most in this country, no not health care, but a true free market. A true free market would allow insurance companies to sell insurance across state lines and allow more choices and more pooling options to buy insurance as well. The government's role should be that of referree, not player. It should get out of the way and get on our side, not take the whole thing over and run it worse than it's already being run now.

My Take On the Insurance Industry

If the liberals ever blew an opportunity to find bi-partisan agreement, the sweet spot if you will in negotiations, it's insurance reform, stupid. We all know how frustrating it is to deal with insurance companies and pay premiums that rise dramatically every year. The public option? Kill the insurance companies. If your child was misbehaving, would you kill them? No, you would modify their behavior. Some Republicans (well, 19 of them in the House) also don't get it. If you remove the exemption to anti-trust laws and allow insurance companies to compete across state lines, the free market will fix the problem. It worked for car insurance.

I'm not a big fan of insurance companies. But I am a big fan of capitalism. I'd rather see an insurance company go out of business because the free market punished their incompetency than to see an insurance company go out of business because of the public option. Let's get this thing right on philosophical grounds and the rest can be worked on later.

For example, how can we honestly say how many people are naturally priced out of the market due to poverty and / or lack of coverage through work, and how many people are artificially priced out of the market until we actually have a real market? Once we figure that out, then we can look at tax cuts, tax credits and other ways of covering the uninsured. There's no reason to mess up 300 million people if only 20 million really need the help.

Let's see what happens today. If the president still wants to try to put perfume on the pig, we're looking at more of a fight. If the president listens to the American people, gets rid of the pig and finds a much better animal to replace it, then we may be on the right track. I doubt he will do this though.


Watch Hannity on Fox News Channel tonight 9 pm est. Sarah Palin will weigh in on the summit. Watch On the Record with Greta Van Susteren at 10 pm est. Newt Gingrich will weigh in on the summit. These two will probably give us the best insight into how it went today.

See Tammy Bruce's web page. The picture of the pig is great!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Icebergs Melt In Hell

This Sunday's reading from the Gospel of Luke (the temptation of Jesus) prompted my pastor to go into a detailed homily on how the devil works. It was pretty much in line with something a minister I know told me as well a few years ago. The devil is the great deceiver and he works in many subtle ways.  At one point, my pastor talked about whiners and complainers who have nothing good to say and offer to take no constructive action in solving problems. He then hit the money line: "negativity is the work of the devil." I poked my ex-wife (it's a long story, but we are still very good friends) because we had discussed just the night before how we allowed the devil to ruin our marriage with negativity. I also thought of the Alaska bloggers.

We cannot physically beat the devil, according to my pastor. He is more than just a cartoon drawing of a red demon with a pitchfork and a tail. He is a powerful and complex being who fills any vacuum where God and morality does not exist. We can only call upon the power of God in our battle with the evil one. We can only defeat evil with good. So from this, this blogger draws strength because, like a splash of holy water, just the mere discussion of God and religion burns the skin of a blogger named Jesse Griffin.

There are other Alaska bloggers, of course, hell bent on the destruction of Sarah Palin. Conservatives4Palin goes into some serious dissection of these angels from hell in A Tale Of Two Ears by Jesse Griffin, Skinny White Sunday: Profanity Phil Revisited; Updated and Shannyn Moore and Daily Kos Find Hypocrisy Where It Doesn't Exist.

Which brings us to Texas4Palin, which quotes Stacy Drake from A Time For Choosing. While I love the Texas4Palin quote, here's the money paragraph that brought me to my feet with a fist pump:
This is just another episode in which Shannyn Moore beclowns herself in an attempt to hurt Governor Palin. She failed tremendously as she always does. Normally I would type here that she should take a step back and try to realize that using small children is vile and evil but why bother. These people have proven over and over again that they have no morals and no decency. The depths in which they are willing to sink to trash Governor Palin knows no bounds.
"Shannyn Moore: Just a Girl From Hades" and Jesse Griffin are just some of the people who are responsible for starting the smear campaign against Sarah Palin during the 2008 election. They would be nameless empty shells of themselves if it was not for the DNC and the Obama campaign making contact with them in order to involve them in David Axelrod's "AstroTurf" campaign against Sarah Palin. These are the same bloggers who also fanned the flames of the frivolous ethics complaints long after Axelrod and the DNC were gone.

Now it's time to hold their feet to the fire (okay, sorry about the pun). Griffin quotes an unnamed doctor regarding the "hoax" surrounding the birth of Trig Palin. The doctor allegedly says "I believe there is more than enough evidence for the Alaska State Medical Board to investigate Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's participation in this matter, and to determine if she breached standards set by that Board for physician conduct."

Okay, doctor (if you really exist - Griffin asks us to take his word for it, claiming he checked the person out and verified it), put your money where your mouth is. Go ahead and file a complaint with the Alaska State Medical Board. I want to see this.

Is Griffin really trying to tell us that medical practitioners in the state of Alaska are complicit in covering up maternity issues and identity issues surrounding the birth of Trigg Palin? Are you telling me that there are doctors willing to risk losing their medical licenses hiding secrets that could have netted them millions of dollars if they brought them out in the 2008 campaign? Are you telling me that medical practitioners in the state of Alaska were willing to allow a crazy woman who is "unstable," as Griffin so ridiculously points out, to become vice president of the United States?

I don't think so.

I want to know who the unnamed doctor that Griffin refers to on his blog "The Immoral Minority" is. Not because I want them to identify him or her so we can bash him or her in the pro-Palin blogosphere. I want this person to file the complaint and have the issue put to rest so that we can expose Griffin in the pro-Palin blogosphere and show the world once again what a liar he really is.

These bloggers keep telling us the Palins are headed for an iceberg. Do you know why there are no icebergs? Icebergs melt in hell.

As for hell, Jesse Griffin and Shannyn Moore can take the rest of those poor pathetic mouthpieces for the great deceiver with them when they go.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Palinista's, I Understand. Now let's Coalition Build.

Since CPAC opened its conference last week, there was some discord within the conservative and Tea Party ranks, which included some Palin dissing, which I refered to in my post on Sarah's Web Brigade. On Sunday's "This Week," Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger also stepped out of line and did some GOP dissing over the Stimulus Bill. I'm not here to tell people to not have opinions. I'm just here to ask people to watch how we say things and to remember Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment about speaking ill of fellow Republicans, or in today's case, fellow conservatives and Tea Partiers.

There is nothing wrong with pointing out why Sarah Palin didn't attend CPAC or why people are questioning her for not going. There is nothing wrong with people questioning how Ron Paul won the straw poll or if Romney's people are the core of CPAC. Sarah Palin spoke at the Tea Party convention a couple of weeks ago and questions were raised. Questions were also raised whether libertarians or Romney-ites have co-opted CPAC. This is legitimate debate and discussion among friends - provided it doesn't turn into bashing or name calling. The speakers who spoke and the message that was delivered was still ours: limited government and strong national defense, just as Sarah Palin's message was to the Tea Party Convention.

Gov. Schwartzenegger, who dissed fellow Republicans, appeared on the same show as George Will, who on a different ocassion dissed Sarah Palin. These folks are a different story. RINOs and elitists are not part of the movement. So go at them all you want. But Romney, Pawlenty and Ron Paul and all their supporters are going to be needed come crunch time to take down Obama just as much as Palin, Gingrich and Huckabee and their supporters are going to be needed. It's not time to multiply by using division.

Is Palin the best candidate? Yes.

Does that mean we bash Romney and Paul? No, even if I'm not exactly happy that some of their supporters have been bashing Palin. Two wrongs don't make a right.

There are some very close allies in the Palin movement that I don't want to offend with this. I'm not coming down on anyone in particular. I just want to throw out a general broad brush. It's okay to have differences with other potential candidates. But let's not be afraid of them. Sarah Palin can beat them, straw poll or no straw poll, if we stay tight, we stay above the fray and we save our energy for defeating the liberals. Let's not fight the GOP 2012 primary, just yet.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sell Myths and Smears If You Can't Debate the Facts

The left is getting desperate. I see Rosie O'Mouthy and Janeane Granolfalo were dumping on a bunch of conservatives. Bill Clinton and James Carville are going to be working to undermine the Tea Party. Watch liberals and government insiders get more down and dirty as they see the writing on the wall going into the 2010 mid terms.

Liberals are not the tolerant folks they appeared to be when they gave us "sophisticated, if we could just join hands" feely goody stuff. That was a ruse in the 1960's and 1970's to make them look like harmless little "peace and love" fuzzballs while they slowly burrowed into our political fabric like grubs before the metamorphosis into the socialist, progressive beetles that they are now. Liberals may have once fought totalitarianism in government, but they have always been in love with totalitarianism in thought.

Knowing full well that you could not mess with certain laws of nature, it would make sense that they would annoint themselves as intellectual elites so that they could assume the power of the intelligentsia and attack the fundamental fiber of existence so as to remake it in their own image and hopefully, if successful, in our own minds.

It makes a nice smoke screen when liberals frame the Tea Party movement as anti-intellectual. But, the elites are not intellectuals; they only hijacked intellectualism. A real intellectual would break this stuff down and see how whacked the left really is. These are not intellectuals. They are demagogues. Conservatives are presenting provable facts, time tested theories and ageless philosophy as common sense, and we're the idiots?

When you can't debunk the theory that the sky is blue, it's much easier to call those who think it is stupid. When you can't debunk the theory that climate change is a natural phenomenon that has been occuring for eons, you must cast your opponents as idiots because they are too stupid to think that man is responsible for it. In fact, not only did they avoid head on debate in this one, they actually hid the emails and the data!

When you can't debunk real facts like out of control spending and trillion dollar plus deficits, you create "facts" like we've saved over 2 million jobs or that the stimulus saved us from a depression. Correction: all the stimulus did was buy us time (h/t to Glenn Beck). But dare say that and you're a moron.

So what's a poor liberal to do? Name every conservative in the book and tell the world that the millions of people who listen to them are idiots of course. What O'Donnell and Garafolo did is the equivalent of pulling out a phone book, reading every name in it and saying they're all dumb. Once the left is finished smearing the entire citizenry, who will be left?

And yet not one liberal is actually debating point on any of our issues. Sarah Palin has been talking up a storm over policy lately. She's given speeches, gone on Fox News, written on her Facebook page and what has happened? After all that "substance" everyone claims she lacks, the only thing the left has for her is writing on her hand and a pot shot at Trig. That's sad.

Glenn Beck was right yesterday on his TV show and again this morning on his radio show. Look into what's really going on folks. These people are trying to fundamentally transform America. They're running into a bit of rough patch right now because those pesky facts keep getting in their way. But destroy enough people and those stupid facts that are preventing them from getting their way won't be in the way anymore.

UPDATE: I just read an interesting article, Sarah Palin, Closet Elitist? Apparently the opening words of the Constitution "We the people" implies exclusion. Debunk all of us! What a great strategy!

In a comment I posted on the article, this blogger says:

The money line in the whole article is "The invocation of 'the people' sounds inclusive, but it is a technique of exclusion. (This was also the case in the preamble to the Constitution.)"

Yes, using "we the people" to define the mass of humanity who loves freedom and liberty does exclude those who don't. You're right, Leon, that Palin's use of "the people" is in similar context. Given your penchant to question the first three words of the Constitution as being exclusive, I'm sorry you are upset that you're not included in the group. That freedom and liberty stuff, along with the Constitution you question probably isn't for you anyway, so don't sweat it.

I want to thank the folks who have already checked out this site. There are some really good folks involved in the movement to take our country back. Check out the blogs I follow on the right side of this page.

A shout out to Rachelle Friberg who just got a gig hosting Team Sarah radio. Also, a shout out to Jedediah Bila, who now writes for the Daily Caller! And don't forget to listen to Eddie Burke on KBYR radio!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome To Patrick's World USA!

I am happy to announce that I am consolidating all my blogging and web posting through one centralized site, this one. If you don't know what Patrick's World looks like, take a look at the top left of this blog and notice the picture from the 9/12 Tea Party march on Washington in 2009. Pundits have regularly used the number 1.7 million when referring to the number of people who attended that day. That is Patrick's World.

Patrick's World can be found at Sarah Palin rallies, Tea parties, in your workplace, in the neighborhood where you live and most of all, deep down in your heart. Patrick's World is a shining city on a hill that was perfected by Ronald Reagan, who brought our country back in line with the vision of our Founders. We knew of that place once as "morning in America."

While the political version of the shining city on a hill is run down, and the visual image of a city in decline and decay is what most people see today, Ronald Reagan's vision of that city remains embedded in our hearts and minds. We once lived in that city. We are exiles who have waited to return to that city. And now, we are coming home.

When Ronald Reagan left office and eventually passed on from this world, we allowed the city to go into decline. We had no one to lead us, fight for us or give us a voice. Today, we are our own voices, millions strong standing for limited government, low taxes and strong national defense. Some of us have accepted Sarah Palin as our leader. Others have not.

For those who have not, I encourage you to learn as much as you can about Sarah Palin. If you are able to look past the false media impressions of her and the vicious smear campaign waged by liberals and the press, you will find a woman who loves our country with the same heart and spirit as Ronald Reagan. If every one of us gets behind her and pushes her to the front, our support, our voices and our hopes can be stronger in unison than in fragments.

And if you can't find it within yourself to accept her as your candidate or leader, please understand one thing: we can't do it without her. At best, she should be our president. At worst, she should be an integral part of a coalition that brings us home again. But in my heart, she is our next great one. She can bring us home.

Now on to the technical stuff.

This website will allow me to be more interactive. I can place blog posts easily on the home page and update the other pages much more quickly than when everything was scattered around.  Please leave comments on my articles so that I know you were here. They are loosely moderated, meaning that I will delete offensive stuff. But I will be fair and balanced even if I disagree with you.

Please click on the links to the advertisers. This is a for profit site. It makes money everytime you click on a link to one of the advertisers. Help me to put my efforts into generating income so that I can help political causes and earn some money as a writer. In return for that compensation, it will always be my number one priority to make this site an enjoyable and informative place for my readers.

This website will not only serve as a centralized link to all my pages, but will also give me a forum to speak more informally on news and issues of the day. Here you will find news updates and things that have caught my attention or interest. Come back periodically to check this. It is my goal to make this a "go to" site like Conservatives4Palin or Texas4Palin. It will be a mix of news, opinions, thoughts and interaction with those of you who wish to follow the site.

I will also be posting articles on Liberty's Lamp that will chronicle the evolution of Sarah Palin as a presidential candidate. Eventually, her inauguration and presidency will be chronicled there as well. I will be posting conservative opinions and editiorials on The Shining City on a Hill Townhall blog. I will be fighting for conservatism and Sarah Palin as an ordinary barbarian on Unsheathed. My orginal website Patrick's World is still up because it is an outline of the conservative philosophy and chronicles the individuals and writers who have contributed to the movement.

I also contribute to Palin Twibe Blog and Sarah's Web Brigade. Please frequent those sites as well. They are a place to hear from some of the coolest, smartest and most dedicated people in the conservative blogosphere.

I encourage as many of you as possible to join my site as a follower, contribute comments and send me tweets or emails about any opportunities that may be open for me or to give me any advice as to how I can make this site more profitable and entertaining. While this site will not provide access for contributors to post directly, it is a goal to some day have multiple contributers and much more reader interaction. I will be looking for an application that will allow readers to place links to their articles and posts so that we can create a community that way. I'm currently working on ideas to create a page that people can sign into and use. It may be a ning page or it may be something else. I don't know yet.

Thank you. And please come back often.

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