Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Thank you, Iowa! Pella represents the state beautifully & Iowa reflects America's good heart. Hard working optimistic heartlanders= love you -Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin came to Pella, IA yesterday and the love affair was mutual.

Despite not being a declared candidate for president, Governor Palin received more attention than any of the declared candidates when they appear in the state. There was a media swarm; and even many of those members of the press could not secure tickets for the screening of "The Undefeated." It's a testimony to her ability to draw people by the droves that there were so many who wanted to attend the screening and the barbecue which followed who were not be able to attend because of limited space and ticket availability. About 300 people attended the screening and around 1,000 attended the barbecue.

The Palin operation has become a grass roots movement of a large number of people who are organized and kept informed by those who became activists following her 2008 vice presidential run along with new activists who have joined the Palin movement since her resignation. Yes, that's right. Since resigning as governor, although Palin hit rock bottom in terms of polls and popularity shortly thereafter, more people have come to "have her back" now more so than ever before following a nearly three year slime fest by the mainstream media and the Republican establishment.

Palin's poll numbers still show lingering effects of a smear campaign that portrayed her as an evil intellectual lightweight bent on returning the world to the days of the dinosaurs. But, the task "The Undefeated" has undertaken to finish correcting the record is far less than that one would have imagined two years ago if looking ahead to 2012 from then. Palin remains a top tier candidate who would be competitive with the rest of the Republican field in the primaries should she choose to listen to the voices of the millions of people who are calling on her to run.

Her ability to do what she has done with her One Nation bus tour and to draw such high demand in Iowa is a testament to her strength and ability, particularly after having withstood a flood of politically motivated frivolous ethics complaints as governor of Alaska, being accused of the Arizona murders in a blood libel against her and after several hit books against her were published as the left sifted through 24,000 pages of emails looking for the gotcha one that didn't exist.

It’s not going to be easy to run for president. It will require a near perfect campaign on her part. But the biggest obstacle, the media, is finally falling on its face. The failure of the media’s email witch hunt (in fact, it helped Palin demonstrate how well she governed) and now the movie “The Undefeated” is the one-two punch to the media’s face that Palin supporters have been waiting for since the 2008 election.

The Sarah Palin sale is not one that requires selling her record. Her record stands for itself. The Sarah Palin sale is one that requires selling people on the fact that the media lies. Only when people stop listening to the media memes and bullcrap can the real sale of Sarah Palin begin. While "The Undefeated" does sell Palin's record, it does so in pursuit of the real sale: to prove once and for all that the media myth about Sarah Palin is an utter lie. Those who have participated in the sliming of Sarah Palin, especially well accredited journalists who have spent years building their integrity and gaining stature at their respective media outlets, ought to crawl away from the past three years humiliated, guilt ridden, disgraced and disgusted by their behavior. There is no difference between Journolist-gate and Weiner-gate. In both instances, some really morally inept people exposed themselves for what they really are.

The crystal ball in 2009 told us that 2012 might not happen for Palin. She could enter the race lower in the polls than expected and hinge her hopes of victory on a massive turning on the media by the public due to some unexpected event outside of her control. It was thought that her book tours, Fox News appearances and whatever movies and documentaries which would have been produced could enhance her chances in 2012; but many didn’t count on her being as effective as she has been, not because she wasn’t capable but because they believed that the media would still stop her cold.

Had this more challenging scenario played out, Palin supporters would still be fighting to the death for her and her chances of winning would still be enough to warrant entry into the race. However, the skies are much brighter now and the landscape much more navigable.

The key to all this was the constant pounding from the blogosphere and in conservative media in much the same fashion as the constant pounding against her was taking place on the left. The left got to put its bad thoughts into the minds of the public first; so it became the role of conservative bloggers, websites like Conservatives4Palin and the hundreds that are on the Palin blog roll, the Breitbart sites, talk radio and conservative talk show hosts and pundits on Fox News to flood the minds of American voters with as much or more positive information so as to offset and overcome what was being put out in the negative.

The task was akin to flushing out hundreds of millions of gallons of bad water in a lake by displacing it with hundreds of millions of gallons of good water. Those who understand the concept of how people are able to self improve by putting enough positive thoughts into their heads so as to flush out the negative ones can see how this tactic has worked so well for those on the Palin side. If you are reading this post now, chances are you are one of the many Palin supporters who have been willing to fight to the death for her and who have stuck this thing out through thick and thin. For that, you deserve high praise and a never ending river of compliments.

Yet the one who has astounded all of us the most is the (potential) candidate herself. Sarah Palin has worked harder than anyone ever has in three years to prepare herself for the presidency. In many ways, she has single handedly carried out all of the required tactics laid out by this conservative blogger and many like me. She has infiltrated the media by getting an analyst job with Fox News. She has infiltrated the pop culture by appearing on The Tonight Show (remember her all in good fun take down of William Shatner after which they both walked off stage arm in arm after mocking each other?), by supporting her daughter Bristol’s participation in Dancing With the Stars and by producing the wildly popular Sarah Palin's Alaska television series. She has infiltrated the intelligentsia's minds by writing two books, giving substance laced speeches to specialty groups and by penning op-eds which took on global climate change and health care reform.

While her online army, the Media Research Center and Andrew Breitbart among others were clanging swords constantly day after day with the loony left who were just making things up and discarding their journalistic integrity in the name of saving their socialist destruction of America from being thwarted by Governor Palin, Palin herself led the charge from her Facebook and Twitter pages. She was revered by those followers posting on their blogs, tweeting, debunking myths and taking on fire from the haters because she would join them in their battles, riding in like Xena the warrior princess to settle online clashes that had been going on for days in minutes.

Her army certainly had her back for sure; but she is their leader who fights from the front and has never been known to leave one Palinista behind wounded on the battlefield unattended. She has done the work. She is a model of success. Leaders never ask their people to do anything they wouldn't do. Leaders never show hurt, doubt or fear. Leaders make lemons out of lemonade. They think outside the box. Failure is never final, but rather knowledge gained without having to pay tuition. Those who overcome great adversity often go on to be successful. Sarah Palin is all of this and more. As such, she is the most qualified person in America today to take on the presidency.

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'The Undefeated' Will Vaporize Media Caricature of Sarah Palin

Three years of smearing Sarah Palin will be wiped out by with the release of the movie.

Tomorrow, we will know about the reactions to the screening of "The Undefeated" in Pella, IA. from the media and those who are attending the post screening barbecue this evening. We will also be able to follow Tammy Bruce and Jedediah Bila, who are attending the events, on Twitter. Whitney Pitcher, from Conservatives4Palin, and Jackie Siciliano, from Team Sarah have already seen the movie. They will be guests on my BlogTalk Radio show tomorrow night at 11pm ET, 8pm PT to discuss the movie and reaction to it.

It's pretty clear from all accounts of those who have seen the movie that it's a game changer. The mainstream media and the liberal blogosphere have gone to extreme lengths to try to destroy Sarah Palin since the day she walked on stage on John McCain's running mate. While there are still some residual psychological effects on people who think Sarah Palin can't win, for the most part Governor Palin emerges with the highest favorable ratings of all announced and potential Republican presidential candidates.

Imagine that. They had her dead when they were filing frivolous ethics complaints. They had her dead when she resigned as governor. They had her dead when the tabloids (and by tabloids, I mean the LA Times, the Washington Post and Politico) were passing around rumors about divorce, Trig's birth, mental instability and hair loss. They had her dead when they accused her of pulling the trigger in the Arizona murders. Joe McGinness moved next door and wrote a hit book that failed. Frank Bailey's book failed. Those books were supposed to be the final acts of a well orchestrated three year smear campaign.

Then came "The Undefeated." The smear campaign was a vicious air and ground assault on Palin. The daily shelling of vitriol and hit pieces was relentless. It was the Left's Vietnam. They napalmed Governor Palin incessantly. They leveled villages of conservative thought. They sent ground troops of writers like Andrew Sullivan and Jeanne Devon. They bombed from the air with the likes of Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Joe Scarborough. All it took to defeat these smear merchants was one nuclear weapon: "The Undefeated."

It didn't help that the vaporization took place at a time the Left least needed it to happen. They had just spent thousands of dollars and recruited hundreds of people to sift through 24,000 pages of emails. Wile E. Coyote couldn't have had worse happen. The emails exploded in their faces as they only bolstered Palin's credentials as governor. How great is it to watch the lame stream media burnt, frayed and powdered looking up with that helpless coyote look on their faces to see an anvil with the words "The Undefeated" written on it just as it starts to fall?

In a post that should be read in its entirety, Kunta Evans writes:
On the heels of all of this is the release of the 24,000 pages of e-mails during her time as governor which have been all too hastily poured into by big media and their hired help so desperate to find more fodder to spread to the masses. But all they've seemed to uncover is overwhelming evidence that she was a hardworking, fiercely loyal, tough, savvy chief executive that had total command of the issues facing the people of her state. None of this was a surprise to me or anyone else that have decided to throw our support behind Gov. Palin. It was a treat though to get to hear reporters say as much, perhaps surprised at what they found.

The same is occurring as The Undefeated is released nationwide as word spreads and demand dictates that more theaters buy rights to show it. It gets to the truth of who Sarah Palin is and what she stands for. It vehemently contradicts the slanderous, libelous, trashing of a rock-solid, honest, servant-hearted warrior. I, for one, can't wait to see it and will drag as many people as I can to see it with me - even people who are convinced she and Tina Fey are one and the same.

What an interesting piece of irony that the increased exposure of Sarah Palin during the last few months is creating momentum for her that defies the concerted smear campaign waged by the MSM, the very same MSM who's being exposed for forsaking among other things fundamental American decency.
If Sarah Palin runs, the media has already shot all of its ammo.

At any time, Sarah Palin could announce her candidacy for the presidency and step right into the top tier of candidates in as competitive a position as they are. That's not bad for someone who should have been politically dead after the beatings she has taken from the media and the establishment. That should be the number one thing she puts on her resume when applying for the job. If she could be in the position she is in now after all that, that's presidential mettle of the highest order.

Gay Marriage Shows How Intellectually Dishonest Liberalism is

New York state just passed gay marriage. This would make New York appear very tolerant, except that they aren't equally tolerant of other forms of personal freedom such as public prayer, displays of things like nativity scenes and Menorahs and what kind of food you can eat. This, instead, is just another example of how hypocritical and how intellectually dishonest liberalism really is.

Where are the priorities? Liberals pick and choose which personal freedoms they want to promote and which ones they want to stifle. I spoke with the owner of a business for 21 years in New York State who told me that the regulatory and taxation environment was downright abusive. She told me the IRS loves to audit small businesses and nickel and dime them on the tax code. So New York's priority is to legalize same sex marriage while their economy crumbles and people leave what is considered the least free state in the country.

Liberalism chokes under the weight of its own intellectual dishonesty. Liberals love personal freedoms when it suits their purpose, yet they're the first to clamp down on personal freedoms when it doesn't. What's even worse is their ideas about personal freedoms are so off base. They're pro drug legalization, but anti-food choice. French fries with trans fats in them are more dangerous than marijuana. They're counterparts in Washington DC are looking to do even more to regulate food.

It's okay to blow a few joints in the public square but not okay to hold a prayer meeting. It's okay to take the life of an unborn child, but smoke a cigarette and you're public enemy number one. The one who aborts their unborn child has the right because it's her body. The person who smokes or eats french fries made in trans fat oil is not afforded the same right over their body. Liberalism is an intellectual disaster.

Gay marriage is a touchy subject in today's PC environment. Traditional marriage has been watered down by a culture that promotes promiscuity, out of wedlock births and extramarital affairs. Liberals want to equate gay marriage with tradional marriage, the very institution that they've torn down through their cultural influences over the last 40 years.

Gay people may take issue with me on this, but the fact of the matter is marriage is between a man and a woman and its primary function is to provide a stable environment in which to procreate and raise children. Without the procreation aspect, it's not necessary. People live together all the time and it's not marriage. People of all persuasions have sex. That's still not marriage. It's not as tolerant as it appears when a group uses the legislative process to codify something that degrades and redefines an institution in such a way as to be offensive to those who view the institution reverently and traditionally.

If people want to do things in the privacy of their own homes, that is between them, their partners and their God. It's not a state matter. Those who complain that same sex marriage gives partners things like shared medical benefits and rights of consent are missing a viable alternative. There are other ways of conferring those rights that don't amount to changing the nature and definition of marriage.

We are small government people, and as such we should oppose a government that prevents people from entering into contracts with each other. It should be legal for employers and insurance companies to allow non-related people to be included on policies not because gay people deserve the same right as married people, but because all people deserve the same right to purchase products and enter into private contracts without statist restraints.

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Official: Obama Has Destroyed the Economy and Flushed Our Money Down the Toilet

Here's why no company in America should ever make this guy CEO. Here's why no country in the world should ever elect this guy president.

Barack Obama Creates Misery

CBO: Stimulus almost doubled U.S. debt

National Debt out of control and Democrats want to spend more money!

Underemployment Rises to 20.3% in March. If you think it's gotten any better since then, just check out today's job numbers. We now have more idle men and women than at any time since the Great Depression. Real Unemployment is not the same as what the official government number is. There are people who have given up looking, and the government doesn't count them either.

American Thinker: Inflation climbs to 3.6% in May. Palin was right!

US Housing Crisis Is Now Worse Than Great Depression

The price of gasoline when Obama was inaugurated. The price of gasoline now.

Networks Link Bush to 'Skyrocketing' Gas Prices 15 Times More Than Obama

President Obama Why Won’t You Drill?

Obamacare Devastation: 1/3 of Employers To Drop Health Coverage in 2014

These are the facts.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why We Republicans Don't Have a Viable Front Runner

Some in the GOP have had no backbone when it comes to standing up for one of our own.

If everyone would have stood behind Sarah Palin after the media tried to destroy her two and a half years ago, we’d have a front runner. We have too many “trembling tigers” in the GOP who are “afwaid” that the media might make people vote for Obama again.

If we would have had a friggin backbone and stood up to the media early on while Sarah Palin was getting her ass kicked by DNC inspired bloggers and ethics violation complainants, then we wouldn’t be sitting here waiting for her movie The Undefeated to put the truth out. We’d already know it.

I know a lot of good conservatives on here who have stood up for Governor Palin when many in the mainstream as well as the Fox media wanted to turn their fair and balanced debates into arguments about gravitas and electability. But there have also been a lot of wishy washy conservatives fretting over the is she electible meme. We have a country to take back from some vicious sickos who have no problem with making stuff up, dragging Governor Palin's children into everything and calling us racists, and there are conservatives who want to fret over whether Palin has gravitas? She would be seen as electable if you wusses would have stood up for her against the onslaught of a sick and vicious mainstream media, which she has slain despite your unwillingness, or impotence, to draw sword for her.

The fact of the matter, Governor Palin has been through more crap and has been more vetted than any other presidential candidate. She’s worked harder than anyone running for president. She has put in an amazing effort at keeping herself viable, no thanks to some on our side.

We can sit here and whine all we want that we have no front runner, no Reagan. But she’s been under our nose the whole time.

Read more: No Risk, No Reward

This post was inspired by a post by Dan Riehl.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When Real Unemployment Hits Home

The primary responsibilities of my regular full time job are to manage the accounts receivables and oversee collections and billing for a training media publishing company. As the economy declines, the company has moved from an aggressive telemarketing sales approach toward one more based on Internet and demand based marketing with payment up front instead of sending product out and invoicing on a net 30 basis. With this shift in the company’s business model, my position is being eliminated at the end of July. Telemarketing sales people along with a heavy hitter manager have recently been laid off. I tell you this not just to lament a pending job loss, but to paint a larger picture of of why I believe so strongly in the America conservatives are fighting for.

People who know about my blog have a wide range of reactions when I tell them about it. Some think it’s great that I would speak out and fight on behalf of a cause that I believe in. Others criticize me because they don’t agree with me politically. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, it’s the ones who think I do this as a hobby that get it wrong.

I can’t say it more seriously and more soberly than I am stating it now as I push resumes out, network and work closely with a business partner to raise capital and bring on investors so we can get our business to the point where I can make a full time living. This political stuff is real life. It’s not a hobby and it’s not a game. Our system has been destroyed by big government, out of control regulations and unsustainable spending. Americans must have opportunities to be successful and to make a living. This country requires a free market system to make that happen. We must fight hard for this or watch our country go into the dust bin of history.

My career strategy is an all of the above approach. I seek opportunities everywhere, whether it be in my career field of accounts receivables/credit & collections, in my aspirations to build a debt buying/debt selling business or in areas that were part of the original plan when I graduated college with a dual B.A. in Political Science and Literature when I was looking to get into political writing, political activism or law.

This post is not designed to be a cover letter or a networking strategy to get a new job; however if you're looking for someone who can be serious about political writing or being active in promoting the cause full time, I’m available.

This blogger set out to support a conservative comeback after Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008 because I thought it was imperative then that we push back on government mismanagement and intrusion in order to protect and our free market system during the ominous Obama years that stood before us. It is even more imperative now.

My writing has always been unpaid and voluntary. It’s been a back door strategy for personal success insomuch as supporting a Constitutional system of limited government means a larger private sector in a free market system that gives people like me options and opportunities. It's just not happening like that under Obama.

We need to support policy that enables an economic environment which allows companies to grow so that there are opportunities for movement and personal growth within them. We need to support a system that allows for a better flow of capital so that entrepreneurs like me can get our businesses to the point where we can be successful. We must encourage people to get into careers where political activism and writing can provide a full time living for people who speak out because they want to help contribute to a better United States of America.

This all of the above approach is taken with the idea that eventually something will break and people like me will have the chance to rise above the level of just above broke - a level liberals seem content to want to keep all of us at.

As a student of success, I know I am completely responsible for my abundance or lack thereof. President Obama is not personally responsible for me, but he is responsible for ruining America’s economy. I am merely a victim of collateral damage. It's up to me to make it happen now. I can't rely on government. Government has been worthless.

I also know that people can be successful in down economies if they just work even that much harder. This makes you a stronger person because you have to fight that much harder and deal with that much more adversity. Anyone can make money in a good economy. It’s making it in a bad one that will really give you a personal sense of satisfaction.

I know that company I am being laid off from is not making money because the business to business market is being adversely affected by the economy. I don’t blame my employer for taking the necessary steps to lower costs by laying off a high paid sales manager, an eight person sales and telemarketing department and by eliminating the need for a full time accounts receivables manager when most of the customers will be paying up front by credit card. I do, however, blame the federal government for not doing the same thing. My employer knows what it has to do to survive. Apparently the federal government doesn’t.

I don’t tell people we are in the beginnings of a depression because I’m losing my job. I analyzed the numbers and worked on my theory prior to being informed of the pending layoff. Real unemployment could be near 22%. The layoff just confirms a lot of my conclusions.

You don’t see new rich people being created anymore in our country. Instead, you see higher food stamp and entitlement rolls. You don’t see the rich people living the high life nearly as much as they used to either. There are less people coming to money areas like Lake Gaston. There are less people boating, less people buying or renting condos on the lake and less people in the stores. The rich make up a small percentage of the population at the top of the economy. When the effects go that far up the food chain, something's seriously wrong.

When a heavy hitter sales manager, others at or above my career level and I are experiencing job losses or having to cut back economically, it’s not personal. It’s not about woe is me, I’m losing my job. It’s about woe is us - way too many of us are losing our jobs. America may be losing its way of life, too.

The country is on the highway to hell. We are on a bridge to nowhere. The Obama bus will keep going until either we stop it or it runs off the open edge of the unfinished bridge and lands in the water.

I will stand for people like Sarah Palin and on the principles of our Founders until they officially tell us we have gone the way of ancient Rome. I will send resumes out, get a new job, work diligently at building my business and work harder at being able to positively impact the political arena until they tell me America is dead.

This is not about complaining about my personal situation, it’s about fixing it. It’s not about me getting another job. It’s about all Americans waking up to the fact that this country has to be saved now or it’s done.

Time is running out.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Sarah Palin Should Go All in to Win

When the chips are down, go all in. I’ll see your bet, Mr. Ziegler and I’ll raise you.

Unsubstantiated rumors are swirling that a Sarah Palin presidential run announcement is coming soon. It could be wishful thinking or it could be that she may be forced to show her hand now if what John Ziegler is claiming is true. He writes on The Daily Caller that “in spite of being approached by Sarah’s husband Todd only a month ago and specifically discussing the possibility, I won’t be working on any Palin presidential campaign.” After he interviewed her for Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted, he told her then “you can’t beat Obama in 2012. The media won’t let you. They won’t let him lose and the narrative about you is too negative to correct in three-and-a-half years.” There’s nothing new about Ziegler’s argument. We’ve heard this before and we’ve heard the converse arguments as to why she can win as well. There is only one way to prove which argument is right.

The electability arguments have been screamed across dinner tables, on twitter, in blogs and in media publications for the last two years. We can argue it until we’re blue in the face. The fact of the matter is no matter which side of the argument you are on, it is strictly an opinion.

If we decided everything based on opinion, we would be crowning the Miami Heat as NBA champions today. The 2008 Super Bowl could have been handed to the New England Patriots in much the same manner.  Left to the naysayers, the Soviet Union would have defeated the USA hockey team in 1980 and the Berlin Wall would still be up (since Reagan wasn’t electable, President George H.W. Bush would have never written the line into his speech).

There’s only one way to settle this question. Only a Palin run can answer this for sure. It’s why they run the primaries.

We can try to disagree agreeably as conservatives to the extent that while Palin supporters are adamant about her running, it’s not always necessary to rhetorically slit someone’s throat if they disagree (unless they’re some loony left wing writer or some Republican establishment type of course). There are legitimate arguments as to why she won’t or shouldn’t run, but there aren’t legitimate arguments as to why she can’t.

Ziegler is already quite aware of how Palin supporters will respond because he was one of them. He knows the online army of Palinistas with their blogs and websites respond with laser like precision when it comes to return fire. Toned and trained by nearly three years of taking incoming fire for Palin, her “ad hoc” army is a lean mean fighting machine capable of filleting even the most established writers at the slimmest sleight. Ziegler knows what he’s facing by publishing his article.

The Palin army is understandably conditioned to react to any Palin diss with a full frontal nuclear strike. One would expect them to rip Ziegler’s lungs out and throw his carcass on the decomposing mountainous heap of mainstream writers who have been skewered by the Palinista sword. Ziegler will hear from them, but he won't feel their full collective wrath since, for the most part, he is being ignored by both the media he once stood up against and now by the Palin camp.

No one begrudges the man his opinion. How many times have we not scratched the lottery ticket because we thought spending the dollar would be a waste of money or in Ziegler's case we've spent way too much money and we haven't won? Palin and her supporters are not unreasonable people. They understand people have different opinions about her chances to win. It would have been okay for Ziegler to give them his opinion. But to put it in writing on the Daily Caller is a definite burning of a bridge.

The best way to analyze his piece is to understand motive. It’s not about money (he turned down payment for the article). It’s not about hatred (he loves Sarah Palin). It’s not about any skeletons or new information that has surfaced that would make him change his mind about her (he still points out there’s nothing there that warrants the unfair attacks on her). So what is it about?

For Ziegler, this is about hurt. He’s hurt because Sarah Palin didn’t mention him in Going Rogue. He’s hurt because her people didn’t get back to him on faxes, voice mails and emails about important issues. He’s hurt because he has been “taking bullets” for her and he’s not being appreciated. It’s understandable that he could have had some souring issues with the way she and her staff interacted with him. But why harpoon her potential presidential campaign by going public with these complaints at a time when Frank Bailey’s book had been beaten back by a successful bus tour, an upcoming movie and a blow up in your face email wild goose chase on the part of the mainstream media?

If he’s looking for sympathy, he can find it from those of us who think he just turned down the biggest opportunity of his life. If there were any concerns about dysfunctional staff or people who were not looking out for Palin’s best interests, these concerns could have been better addressed from within a campaign than by a parting shot after he declined the offer.

If Ziegler loves Sarah Palin and he declined the offer because he doesn’t think she can beat Barack Obama, does that mean he isn’t confident in his own abilities to help her overcome that? Getting Sarah Palin into the White House is not about people quibbling over whether her staff is handling their emails properly, but rather an issue of getting as many people as possible to be the battering ram that helps Sarah Palin break through the gate into the once shining city so that we can restore and renew it.

Once one of the Palin army’s biggest guns, Ziegler has chosen to pack up his weapons and walk away from what will be one of the greatest contests in American electoral history because he’s hurt, feels unappreciated and frustrated that the Palin's won't believe him when he tells them they can't win. It's a shame because he was a great defender of her, and would have had a great future in the movement.

Whether Ziegler believes she can win or not should not be the deciding factor. It's hard to understand how he or anyone else can really believe that Sarah Palin, or any other Republican candidate for that matter, can’t beat Barack Obama with this economy. But it's their opinion, and unless she runs the issue can never be put to rest.
John Nolte at Big Government writes:
What Ziegler and those who agree with him need to understand is that the MSM doesn’t intend to let anyone beat Barack Obama. They intend to pull a “Palin” — to decimate and salt the earth behind — whoever threatens the re-election of Their Precious One. Barack Obama is a failed president. Period. If 2012 is what it should be — a referendum on the incumbent — he loses in a landslide. Therefore, the White House and their MSM allies intend to do everything they can to ensure 2012 is all about toxifying the GOP nominee — regardless of who it is — into someone who cannot be elected. Anyone who thinks the MSM will take it easier on a nominee not named Palin hasn’t been paying attention.

The bottom line is that whoever our candidate is, beating Obama is not the existential problem — our candidate must beat the media...
Ziegler loses his argument when he says “her just getting in the race greatly reduces the chances of an electable conservative, like Tim Pawlenty, getting enough traction to win the nomination.” With all due respect to Governor Pawlenty, why would he have any better of a chance going up against Obama’s media minions and the entrenched establishment than Sarah Palin would?

He loses his argument again in the paragraph immediately following the Pawlenty one.
Her supporters will tell you that such heresy is just what the media wants you to believe. That I am naively falling into their trap. That an energized base is all we need to win. In this case, no matter what the great Rush Limbaugh says, that is all absolute hogwash.
Ziegler is wrong again here. But who am I to say he’s wrong unless Sarah Palin runs? Who is Ziegler to say he’s right if she doesn't? This isn’t a hit to Palin’s candidacy. This is simply John Ziegler’s opinion.

Based on Ziegler’s argument, Ronald Reagan could never defeat Jimmy Carter. Yes there are differences in that Reagan never resigned his governorship – and under normal circumstances without the mitigating circumstances surrounding it I would cede Ziegler’s point – yet the outcome will be decided by the American people, not the media or Obama operatives.

It seems like John is packing up his weapons and leaving the Palin army quietly. It's sad to see him go. He's done some great work in the fight against the mainstream media, which is what this is really all about. If there's any sympathy here toward Ziegler, it's because he allowed his own personal feelings to stop him from positioning himself to be a hero in the movement.

William Jacobson writes:
His article is all about him, his feelings, and his imagined facts. There is little substance, in fact almost no substance, to many of the negative conclusions he reaches. Here is a good example, in one of the sure-to-be quoted passages from the article:
There’s also the fact that Sarah’s entire operation is increasingly managed like a CIA field office; that she’s adopted a bunker mentality; that she’s trusting the wrong people, some of whom I know are simply exploiting her.
Yet what actual evidence does Ziegler cite; what quotes from people are included; what substance is there in the article other than the fact that Ziegler himself is offended that his opinions that Palin should not run may not be resonating with Palin (in fact, that's not even clear).
This shouldn't be about whether or not Sarah Palin didn't return your phone call. It should be about what you want for the country. One should never walk away from a fight, even if it's a disagreement with one of your own. Sarah Palin's vision for the country is far beyond whether John Ziegler thinks she's electable or not.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Palin Emails Should Help Her Politically; Media Falls on Its Face Again (Updated)

There was outrage from her legions of supporters. Major media outlets were recruiting people to sift through 24,000 pages of emails that Sarah Palin wrote or received during her time as governor of Alaska to look for dirt. No other politician has ever been put under that kind of scrutiny. The mainstream media intention was obvious: find emails that would be damaging to Palin's political career and focus the public on them. The outcome, however, is turning out to be quite different.

Instead it has turned into the ultimate Wile E. Coyote moment for the mainstream media whose antics since Palin hit the national stage in 2008 have been as comical as what happens in the cartoon series "Road Runner." The mainstream media has tried to blow her up, drop boulders on her, get her to eat poison and trap her in ingenious contraptions involving catapults and boxes of TNT. Just as in the cartoon, the hapless media falls off cliffs, has anvils fall on their heads and is repeatedly blown up by hit stories and lies that keep backfiring.

The media coyotes even followed their Road Runner on the "One Nation" tour bus in as hilarious a fashion as the theme of the cartoon is. Now we have the emails. Allow the mainstream media to introduce themselves. Their name is mud.

How disappointing for the deranged it must have been when they woke up to this headline on Politico this morning: Sarah Palin emails provide no big bombshells. "It was the bombshell that wasn't..." Holly Bailey on Yahoo writes in an article titled Sarah Palin emails mostly confirm what was already known about the ex-governor.

Palin's emails will actually help her supporters portray her as an intelligent, engaged and effective executive as well as serve as an inside look at what went on while she was achieving her many accomplishments as a governor who had an 80% approval rating from the people.

Doug Brady writes at Conservatives4Palin, "Much to the media’s chagrin, the emails show a serious and highly effective executive who was in full control of her administration." The article concludes that Politico "is conceding that this surreal “colonoscopy” by the cartoonish mainstream media is backfiring and that the emails bolster the message in the soon to be released movie "The Undefeated."

The emails paint a picture of an extremely competent, observant and politically astute executive and leader. This could give strength and add more substance to arguments as to why she would be an effective president. She clearly demonstrates the political and intellectual wherewithal necessary to be a strong executive.

This leaves the complicit media scratching their heads. The best they could do with the emails is to post a front page article on Politico laced with opinion to try to portray the "good Palin" as someone from the distant past. Molly Ball writes that the emails "brought back the memory of a long-lost Palin: the popular, charismatic, competent woman of the people." She goes on to call the emails "reminders of a sympathetic figure who was not yet the brittle, divisive caricature Palin has become."

Ball concedes, however, that "If critics were hoping to see Palin revealed as a hypocrite, they’re out of luck. Her private statements are in line with her public ones..."

This blogger disagrees with Molly Ball's premise. The emails far from show a different Palin "before her darker tendencies — defensiveness, thin skin, grudge-keeping — hardened into tics." Instead, they give us great insight into the evolution of Sarah Palin as she went from being a local hero to being a national one. Palin is still a popular, charismatic, competent woman of the people. Molly, that has not changed. It is the perception of her that has changed.

The real reason why Alaskans turned on Palin is not because she changed, but because they didn't. When "mommy" went away to better herself and help Alaska get its name on the map, many acted like children who kick and scream when their mother is out of the room for too long. They should have been happy that their once favorite daughter was moving into a better position to showcase Alaska in such a way that the attention would help the people of the state have better lives.

Their reaction gave us an image of Alaska as a place filled with Levi Johnston types, wacky bloggers, crazy lady ethics violation filers and malcontents instead of the image Palin worked so hard to portray. Palin did much to present the beauty of Alaska and the self-reliant strength of its people not only in the example she brought to the main stage, but by getting people to become interested in the positive aspects of Alaska and its pioneering people because of her television show on The Learning Channel.

It's hard to say the Palin who ruthlessly and rightfully weeded out corruption in Alaska is different from the woman who seeks to do the same today on a national scale. Palin has always been a threat to the establishment since she walked into her first PTA meeting.

As for Palin's suspicion of the media, it's not paranoia as twisted writers would try to make it out to be. Someone who needed to keep on top of the local media to make sure they got the stories about her initiatives right and who has been so brutally beaten by the national press is quite justified in emails that demonstrate a desire to make sure that the record is straight.

Reading those emails reminds us of how good Sarah Palin was back then and how much bigger, more experienced and more knowledgeable she has become today.

As for the media, meep meep.

UPDATE: Read this post by Josh Painter. I think he says it all there.
It would indeed be sweet irony if the same media which has been trying to destroy Sarah Palin for nearly three years may, by overreaching, find itself largely responsible for undoing the same damage it inflicted upon Gov. Palin. The irony could only be made sweeter if she runs for the White House and wins the race.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Fish Stinks From the Head Down

We are in the beginnings of a depression.

A bump in the road is a short lived event. But when the road is crumbling beneath you, those bumps, divots, soft spots and potholes go on for miles. It will ruin your car if you keep driving. Another analogy is that of a car that’s overheating. When the check engine light comes on, it’s time to pull over and let the car cool off. America, the check engine light is on.

We’ve seen the pictures of President Obama eating ice cream. Well, it’s time for a double dip. You might as well hand the man a Slurpee and get the checkbook out of Timothy Geithner’s hands as quickly as possible. There is a housing crash, a dollar crash, a manufacturing crash and a job marked crash going on right now. Don’t ask Joe Biden to explain this to you. He’s running cover.

The more these men do to try to fix the problem, the worse it gets. Our spiral into financial disaster began when TARP mutated from the book balancing act that should have cost the United States about 1/3 of what it actually did because it was supposed to provide money to help homeowners and banks offset the losses on their balance sheets when the prices of homes dropped below the amount of the mortgage. Instead, homeowners got minimal relief and the program turned into nothing more than an unwarranted bailout for banks and a handful of insurers and automakers.

Just look at a breakdown of $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program. That’s a lot of crony capitalism. Notice how small of a percentage went to homeowners or to programs that would bridge the difference between house prices and actual mortgages. The solution never really addressed that problem. Instead, it was an inside job which allowed thousands of mismanaged financial institutions to be propped up because the government was effective in propagandizing us with the words "too big to fail."

The argument has been made that there weren’t enough private investment groups available to do a controlled bankruptcy and sell off the assets to capitalists willing to take the risk of reviving these institutions so they could be better run and operate in a more modern form. But, that’s like saying there wasn’t enough kids available to put together baseball teams for a league because the kids were forced to go to summer camp. Government regulation has all but chased any private money out of the market unless you count recirculation of printed dollars amongst Wall Street investors who continue to be the only people in America today getting or staying rich.

This is not a smack at Wall Street investors. It’s a smack at the system. No one begrudges anyone in America from making money. One likes to hold on to that last shred of hope that we are in some ways still a capitalist system. The problem is they are playing with monopoly money. There is no real velocity of money in the private markets anymore. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck.

This was followed by the Stimulus, which also failed miserably according to researchers at the Harvard Business School. Steven Van Nuys at American Missive:
...we probably didn’t need Harvard to do a study for us to learn that Keynesian stimulus does little to stimulate lasting private sector economic activity. There is already abundant evidence of this- and two recent events prove particularly instructive.

Most significantly, Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package failed to stem the rise of national unemployment. In fact, unemployment turned out much worse than the Administration’s projection of an 8 percent maximum if the law was passed. As we all know, unemployment has been hovering at or very near 10 percent for over a year since the law’s passage. Not surprisingly, a big part of the reason for this is that companies nation-wide have been doing the very things that the Harvard researchers found local firms doing: hoarding cash, holding back on hiring, cutting expenses, and blaming the overall uncertainty caused by government encroachment into the private sector for their behavior.
Whether you have an economic system that hands out money to people who work at unproductive jobs with unproductive companies or you simply cut them a check, the fact of the matter is unless you are producing something or providing a tangible service, it’s socialism. The money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

The United States sits on a gold mine in the Gulf of Mexico, the Continental Shelf, in America’s heartland and up in Alaska. It’s called oil and gas. The only way out of this mess is to toss out strangling regulations, get rid of the EPA and its left wing green agenda and drill, baby, drill.

Real wealth can be generated from not only the actual production and exploration of oil and gas, but from the collateral businesses that will result from this unleashing of our industrial giant. The manufacturing sector will be boosted by a need for equipment and the servicing of that equipment. The housing sector will be boosted by the need for housing in areas where workers will have to live. The service sector will be boosted by the need for people to get their coffee in the morning, eat lunch or buy dinner when on or near the job sites.

Instead of raising the debt ceiling, we need to do what households do when their budgets get tight and the debt gets high. We need to spend first on the essentials of government, service the debt and start from a zero sum budget on whatever else is left over. Whatever we can't afford of what's left over needs to be reformed; and we need to call on the states and the private sector to step in where the federal government is no longer able. We need to go to a two tiered flat income tax structure, cut corporate taxes, eliminate the death tax and create a 5% fair tax on consumption in a way that works toward lowering the amount of our GDP that is taxed by the time we balance our budget. Tax increases are out of the question and should be off the table. We must eliminate burdensome regulations. America can reward itself after it pays off the debt and the balances the budget by reducing or eliminating the consumption tax or by reducing flat tax rates.

This is not rocket science! But it’s a shame that our so-called “great financial minds” just sit there scratching their heads trying to spin their inability to solve the problem when the solution is as plain as the nose on their faces. I'm just a blogger. How come I get it and they don't? There's a lady in Alaska who calls it common sense. This is something the elites, the Egberts and the bookworms know nothing about.

America is the frog that has slowly been boiled to the point where leftists, radicals and socialists now occupy key positions of financial decision making. These people are resistant to anything that they believe are not environmentally sound or which in their Marxist minds creates a disparity between the rich and the poor. Their attitude is if it doesn’t work, subsidize or stimulate it and if it does work, redistribute it. No capitalist in his right mind is going to play in that system. There's your depression and there's why you see jobs falling off the table to the tune of over 400,000 a month.

It’s time for the frog to jump out of the pot and do something about the hand that turned on the stove. Nothing short of a lawful reverse Bolshevik revolution will do here.

There is no civil discourse that can replace the fact that all these people who have overseen the financial collapse of our nation have to go. This means President Obama, too. He is incompetent. If he’s not incompetent, then he’s complicit. Either way, the fish stinks from the head down. The time to fundamentally restore our system is here. We cannot wait any longer.

By this time next year, the dollar will be worthless, real unemployment (not the bogus numbers the Department of Labor keeps putting out) will be higher than it is now and millions of more people will be out of their foreclosed homes. We are in the beginnings of this depression now. We will need to analyze the upcoming quarters to tell for sure, but we know that GDP is dropping and unemployment is rising past the top edges of what would be defined as a recession.

The media won't tell us this because they are covering for the loser in chief who simply won’t do it right. Someone give President Obama and his people a coloring book and crayons. Sit them in the corner so the grown ups can take over and get these problems solved.

We can no longer be tolerant of having leftists, socialists and radicals in charge of our economy. This is not a time for civil discourse or business as usual where the two parties take turns in power so that each set of cronies gets a crack at it. We must demonize the type of people who are in power now and who are responsible for America’s great decline. Yes, that’s right. We must do whatever is necessary within the law to make sure that America knows who these people are, what they've done and why they need to go.

Time is running out. It will only be when liberals, leftists and those in the establishment on both sides of the aisle who are responsible for the mess we are in lose their jobs that the rest of us can start getting ours back.

Jedediah Bila On Patrick's World USA Blogtalk Radio

Jedediah Bila, Fox News commentatator, writer for Human Events and The Daily Caller and author of the book Outnumbered: Chronicals of a Manhattan Conservative, appeared on the Patrick's World USA BlogTalk radio show last night. She talked about what it's like to be a conservative living in Manhattan and what she thinks of Sarah Palin and how the media portrays conservatives.

She believes it's 90-10 that Sarah Palin's running.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mainstream Media Is Not Reporting On Incredible Trend in Palin Poll Numbers

Palin is 2.2% behind Romney and has been trending upward for months now.

The one who can lead us with the beam of liberty in her eyes and the fire of freedom burning in her belly is growing stronger with each passing day. While there are many among us who have yet to believe in the possibilities, many more are seeing the light as the media myth crumbles before them.

Proof that the media myth is crumbling is in the numbers. RealClear Politics reported Palin's poll numbers as gloomy just a little over 5 short months ago. Today, she is at the highest she's ever been in the polls since polling for 2012 started. For those of you in the media, this is called a story and it needs to be reported.

According to the Washington Post/ABC News, Governor Palin Has More than Tripled Her GOP Primary Support from April. Palin is also back in the top tier of presidential candidates and within 2.2% of Romney according to RealClear. Her successful One Nation bus tour and a new movie is sinking the smear campaign which has been going on since she was first chosen to be McCain's running mate.

See All 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination Polling Data.

The new movie, ‘The Undefeated’ could be a game-changer for Sarah PalinJosh Painter writes: "What [Rob Bluey, director of The Heritage Foundation Center for Media and Public Policy] found most compelling about the film is that it has the potential to help reverse the negative perception of Gov. Palin that was created by the corrupt media which got Obama elected."

We are starting to see people finding their way past the brainwashing that Palin's detractors have been perpetuating upon us for nearly three years now. Dennis Miller is starting to get back on the Palin train. Chris Wallace says it's the first time he thought of her as a serious candidate for president. Michelle Malkin pointed out how Gov. Plain's supporters serve as an ad hoc rapid response team in response to the left's frequent attacks on her. That's what I've been talking about. The army grows!

Take a bow, Palin army. Your efforts are paying off.

Read the whole thing here:
The Light Grows Brighter

Listen to Patrick's World USA on Blogtalk Radio tomorrow night 11pm ET. My special guest is Jedediah Bila.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sarah Palin: A Boffo Performance

"I thought she was a boffo performance today. It was the first time that I ever saw her and thought this woman is a serious, if she decides to run, candidate for president and a serious possiblity to be president." - Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday

Someone asked me during the weeks following Obama's election in 2008 if I thought that Sarah Palin's mistakes on the campaign trail would damage her ability to be a viable candidate in 2012. I explained that it was important to look at all politicians and study their performances along their respective campaign trails to get a frame of reference. Politicians speak for a living. They say millions of words and phrase their arguments and answers to questions in thousands of ways. It is statistically impossible for any human being to be perfect with every word and every answer. I pointed out that if you applied the same standard to Joe Biden, he probably wouldn't be viable as a vice president.

Then I made my signature point. I explained that people were trying to project her future by putting under the microscope a couple of missed answers during the Katie Couric interview (which I also pointed out contained nearly three hours of footage of Sarah Palin landing all the other questions). With this, I closed my argument. Sarah Palin is not a snapshot in time. She is an evolving candidate. In fact, she was one of the strongest, most exciting candidates the Republicans have run since Ronald Reagan. If you think she's even just good or barely good now, wait until 2012. She'll be a behemoth.

A lot of people didn't agree with me back then, but they are starting to agree with me now.

Kirsten Powers, on Fox News today, said that Sarah Palin is bigger than she ever has been and that she is now stating the policy positions that she has formulated after putting her head down two years ago and studying policy. This is a paraphrase, as the transcript of what Powers said is not yet out. But she basically wins my argument for me. Sarah Palin was good in 2012. Today, she is a behemoth.

Tell me if I was right. On August 11, 2009 (nearly two years ago) I wrote this:
This blogger has always described her as an evolving candidate. Watching Sarah Palin go from Governor, to vice presidential candidate and to potential presidential candidate is like watching the part of Ronald Reagan's political evolution that I missed because I was too young.

For those who don't think she's intelligent, you're in for a big surprise. For those who think she is intelligent, you're in for even a bigger surprise. Sarah Palin is not a figure frozen it time. The experience of a national campaign trail and the strength she gains from withstanding a smear campaign that no other American politician has had to endure is just the beginning.

This blogger has read her letters and writings. She communicates concisely when she needs to and she communicates esoterically when she wants. She can be a straight shooter or she can be a allusionist who uses literary or musical references to make her point. Those who disagree with her can't hear her through their bias, so they ridicule her.

She has turned her Facebook page into a research paper. This blogger is made to feel lazy after reading the amount of research she has done on healthcare reform and Cap and Trade. It just so happens, these are the two biggest issues of the day. If Katie Couric interviewed her now, Palin might just well school her and school her severely.
Which brings us to today. Chris Wallace and others are finding their way past the brainwashing that Palin's detractors have been perpetuating upon us for nearly three years now. Liberal and Establishment pundits and writers have wasted thousands of hours of air time and millions of keystrokes tearing this woman down with full knowledge that Palin would evolve into what she is today if they didn't go all out to stop it.

They knew she'd be back. All the lies and all the hits have their genesis deep in the minds and hearts of fearful Palin detractors who had to prevent us from seeing the truth at all costs. They knew the minute she hit the trail in 2008, if they simply allowed people to see Palin as she really is that they would like her and trust her enough to vote for her for president some day. That baby had to die in the crib. Despite their intense effort to destroy her with their Herculean work effort to churn out hit piece after hit piece and  to mock her across the mainstream media and in the pop culture, they have failed.

They have never believed she was dumb or unelectable. They only wanted us to believe that so that they could continue to pursue their liberal and establishment agendas unimpeded by the one person who could blow the lid off the whole effort to keep America out of the hands of those who would expose these agendas as the morally and intellectually bankrupt ventures they really are.

Should Sarah Palin run for president, her policy positions are clear. Her answers to how to fix the economy are exactly what this country needs. Palin told Wallace:
What President Palin would do is cut the federal budget, making sure that we're crowding out private sector investment. We will cut that spending. We have no choice. We're going broke. We're going bankrupt.

We have absolutely no choice. And cut the burdensome regulations and mandates that really quash an entrepreneurial spirit in America and do burden our businesses, and create uncertainly. And that's why we kind of stuck in neutral now, why businesses can't expand.

I would taxes. The second highest corporate tax rate in the world we are burden with. No, we need to cut that to incentivize businesses to stay here on our shores, in America. And not outsource all these jobs and opportunities.

And then one of the most important things, Chris, that we have to engage is unleashing our domestic energy production opportunities. It does come down to "drill, baby, drill," in addition to an "all of the above" energy policy that really is non-existent in the Obama administration.

Energy is the key to prosperity, to security. And until we start tapping our domestic, conventional and alternative sources to energy, we're never going to get there.
This is a message which should encourage an electorate looking for the right candidate. It is the Reagan message of reawakening our industrial giant. Palin has a plan that has already been proven to work.

Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday June 5, 2011

Sarah Palin on Hannity June 3, 2011

Sarah Palin on On the Record May 31, 2011

What you saw on Greta Van Susteren's show, Hannity's show and on Fox News Sunday was the next leveling up of Sarah Palin, the evolving candidate.

A boffo performance indeed!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Special Interest Group That Should Support Sarah Palin

You hear it all the time. Sarah Palin marches to the beat of her own drummer. She is beholden to no one. Yet, there is one core special interest group that should be ponying up money for her campaign in a hurry. Yes, there is a group of people in this country who would have their self interests completely and unabashedly fulfilled by a Palin presidency and a Tea Party Congress. You might want to start calling lobbying firms because chances are you are in that group.

People who fall into this group will have to do what members of all special interest groups have to do: gain favor in Washington. It all sounds so dirty. Industries have always lobbied Washington to open (or in some cases manipulate) the market. Why? Our so called “free enterprise” system is regulated by pages upon pages of law. Any time an industry wants to open a plant (think EPA) or market a product (think FDA), the government becomes part of that decision.

There are actual cases where children have had to shut down lemonade stands because they didn’t have a license or governmental approval to set up their stand at a particular location. A few campaign contributions to a pro-lemonade stand candidate and maybe greasing a licensing board member or two could have fixed that. Considering that government is so heavily involved in everything from the lemonade stand on up, it's surprising that people would even be shocked when they hear about sweetheart deals being cut in the halls of Congress.

The special interest group I am speaking of is "the American citizen." If you belong in this special interest group, chances are your lemonade stand is not in compliance. The guy down the block who owns a convenience store that sells lemonade knows all the right people in all the right places. And, because he pays more in taxes to the government, they will side with him over your little lemonade stand every time. The law, as written by the candidate the convenience store owner contributed to and the lobbyist who he met for lunch, says you can’t put your lemonade stand there.

Think about how long ago the movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" was made and you'll understand how long Americans have felt the frustration. For nearly a century, the little guy (who happens to be part of the overwhelming majority of Americans) has operated on the premise “you can’t beat city hall.”

But this premise is no longer being accepted. The sheep have actually woken up and are now beginning to believe that they can change things. This is not a Utopian pipe dream. This is millions upon millions of people finally figuring out together that we have been screwed by our government, lied to by our media and convinced we can’t be successful by our culture and the constant beatings we take in day to day life.

"It is no coincidence that our present troubles parallel and are proportionate to the intervention and intrusion in our lives that result from unnecessary and excessive growth of government," Ronald Reagan said in his first inaugural address.

People used to think that when something went wrong that the government needed to pass a law to fix it. But after having passed so many laws, the tangled web we weave creates scores of new problems and leaves the original problem masked or buried in perceived correction. The cure is worse than the disease.

Government regulation has become a cancer that has spread throughout our free enterprise system. It now threatens to shut off our most vital organs: our financial institutions, our industry and our energy sector.

Unless the government is reigned in by someone who believes the market should decide whether or not your lemonade stand survives and is willing to seriously slash the size and scope of the government, our free market system will die a slow and painful death.

Liberals and statists will decry this idea. They fear that left to our own devices, we will be greedy and corrupt. Apparently, they missed the part about how big government as it exists today is already greedy and corrupt. Our Founders did not envision a nation run by bureaucrats. They didn’t create the Department of Health and Human Services or the Education Department. They didn’t create the EPA or the FDA.

Fear not, those who misunderstand our position as anarchistic. There is something called the Attorney General’s office. It’s job is to prosecute fraud. There is something called the court system to resolve disputes. And, there are things called Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau and the Internet to spread the word when someone or some business acts unscrupulously. You don’t need a bureaucrat to impede hundreds of businesses because of a few bad apples. We just need the market and the rule of law to weed them out.

The free enterprise system is not the economic Wild West liberals want you to think it is. When people make a lot of money, it means they hire people. Those people no longer need to be on welfare or food stamps. When individuals can better themselves economically by gaining experience in their industries and by providing goods and services to others, the good of the society is perpetuated at a much lower cost than by which government can do it. When people run into hard times, safety nets that don’t become permanent drains of taxpayer dollars are there for them. It’s a lot easier to get out from under when there is an up to go than when there is no up to go.

When people become more self sufficient and more self-regulating, they can govern themselves from the bottom up. Move our society and culture in this direction and the need for big federal government and cookie cutter bureaucracies is seriously and significantly reduced. Many of our businesses don’t rely on trillions of dollars taken by force from the people. If they did, they would become bloated and inefficient. They would eventually fail or they would be shut down. Think about this. If the financial company that you had your retirement plan was run like social security, they’d be shut down for being a ponzi scheme.

Imagine a business environment where businesses popped up everywhere in the manufacturing and energy sectors. Collateral businesses such as construction companies, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, delis and clothing stores would grow around the bigger industries as they developed. The big trees shade the nice lawn.

Redistribution of wealth, “compassionate” government and punishing those who have more than you do doesn’t work. History has proven this. Our country is on the brink of failure because of this.

We could have jobs and economic growth tomorrow if we fix our tax system and our entitlement programs, allow businesses and people to keep more of what they make, stop impeding the growth of our industries with cobwebs of regulations and drill, baby, drill.

Sarah Palin can make all of this happen. If these things are in your best interest, you should be supporting her.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today's reading material, and Mitt's people are crying about a bus or something

Do you really know what I think? Here are some articles that lay out how I see some of the issues:

Dr. Krauthammer and Gov. Palin: Analyzing the Analyst

Why The Elites Hate Sarah Palin

Everything I Need to Know About 2012 I Learned From American Idol

We are an American Idol society. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we need to elect an entertainer for president. What I am saying is we need to understand our pop culture and not just dismiss it. Conservatives must embrace our pop culture and infiltrate it.

Horror for US Economy as Data Falls off Cliff

I'm not trying to be an alarmist here. I see what's happening at my own job and in my own business. This economy needs an infusion - not from quantitative easing but from real production like oil and gas. I believe you can drill your way out of this economic mess provided you massively slash the size of the federal government and reform entitlements. We need a courageous leader to do that. She's on a bus right now.

Will Palin bus tour rain on Mitt's parade?

I'm a Republican. I have nothing against the other candidates. I think they're good candidates. I just happen to think my candidate is better. Besides, who are these GOP party leaders? They don't represent me. Here's the battle: We need to take back the GOP and restore it (Reagan, constitutional conservatism is what makes up the underlying planks of the party - the establishment is ruining our party by turning into into the party of moderates and cronies). Then we need to defeat the media. Finally, we need to take back the White House and the Senate. This is not just another election cycle where power changes hands. This is do or die. Do we want the establishment to defeat Obama and return to business as usual (albeit better than Obama) or do we really want to make this country great again? I refer you back to the lady on the bus when considering how to answer that question.

My new Townhall blog post at The Shining City on A Hill:
Why Republicans Won’t Play the War Powers Act Card

Libertarians think I'm a war monger and neo-cons think I'm too traditional. Well the fact of the matter is, policy is philosophy as well as national defense. Radical Islam and the stated intentions of a world Caliphate is as dangerous today as communism was 30 years ago. Beware of the urge to not engage on the world stage, but also don't be out their doing things willy nilly either. Using our military is about a much larger picture than just helping humanitarian causes and regime changes.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

The rumors of Sarah Palin’s political death have been greatly exaggerated. For nearly three years now, we have heard media pundit after media pundit tell us that she was not intelligent enough, not popular enough and not serious enough to be president. Reporters, columnists and pundits have written thousands of columns, spent countless hours on TV and cable news programs and have talked themselves hoarse at cocktail parties trying to convince us that Sarah Palin was a flash in the pan, and that she was done. Yet the wheels keep turning.

This is a story about someone who once “drove” the Alaska state bus, which had its tires flattened by bloggers and frivolous ethics complainants. This is a tale of a woman who rode on the McCain bus only to be quickly thrown under it following his loss to Obama in the 2008 presidential campaign. Now she has her own bus.

When Sarah Palin was nominated for the Republican vice presidential spot, the Obama campaign, the DNC and the media set out to destroy her. As Monica Crowley has said, “Sarah Palin represents an existential threat to liberalism.” Therefore she had to be stopped at all costs. Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year, the media poked her, lied about her and demanded that she sit down and shut up.

These great intellectuals of the written word were the self-anointed formulators of the processes that all politicians would have to adhere to if they wanted to get elected to higher office. Only those with sophistication, an open mind toward moral and social relativism need apply. Only those who would prostrate themselves before the altar of the new world order, the green movement, the pro-choice movement and the intellectual engineers of all the people living life in a peaceful Utopia, would curry great favor and live protected lives where power would be theirs provided that they “divvy up with the boys.”

Then she came along.

You can imagine the sweat on the brows of those who feverishly sent messages back and forth to each other on the Journolist listserv. You could just imagine the Obama campaign operatives calling emergency meetings. Even the awkward political threesome between moderate Democrats, moderate Republicans and lobbyists was suddenly under just as much of a direct threat as liberalism was. The Republican establishment, long part of that game, didn’t see her as their meal ticket to political domination. Instead of standing up and backing a fellow Republican, they locked the doors and hid the skeletons deep in their closets. They saw that the days of the merchants peddling their wares in the Temple were about to end.

You don't hear people using the phrase “you can’t beat city hall” much anymore. You can thank the Tea Party for this. This once silent majority who stayed home and just took it, now have a voice. They are members of the non-privileged class that makes up a majority of the citizenry, yet were once unable to fight power, money and corruption in a political system that took our country from Great Depression to Great Recession without lining a single pocket but those of their own.

It is as comforting to citizens who long for the days of Morning in America as it is discomforting for those in both political machines to know that there is someone out there with the Mr. Smith Goes to Washington attitude and that there is strength in numbers in a movement known as the Tea Party.

How symbolically ironic it is that the press which once demanded that Sarah Palin bow before it or take on the slings and arrows of smear, lies and innuendo now chases her, reduced to being called paparazzi - a description beneath their fragile egotistical view of themselves.

Palin once dodged the bullets of the media, her name dragged through the mud and her governorship destroyed by a concerted effort of those who could not tolerate anything less than an Armani suit with a good pedigree to lead them, or at least do their dirty bidding for them.

How ironic it is that Sarah Palin once called on the press to treat her fairly and to "stop making things up" and now the press is complaining that she's not treating them fairly. She has turned these once powerful elites into Monty Python's flying circus.

The Republicans have good candidates. But the choice here is between candidates who can run the country properly and one who can bring the country back to greatness again. The choice here is to nominate the lesser of two evils and vote for them against Obama or to nominate someone who has not only taken on and taken down the political establishment in her own state, but who now poises herself to do the same for the rest of the country. We can stop Obama by voting for someone who can return to business as usual or we can stop Obama by voting for someone who can restore this thing and bring it back to being the shining city it was meant to be.

If there is any indication as to who can take one term to get it straight and two terms to make it great, just look at the $12 billion surplus that Alaska runs today. Just look at how many jobs, direct and collateral, that can be created by unleashing America's industrial giant and by opening up oil and gas exploration and resource development here at home. Imagine the prosperity that would be created by a truly free market that rewards producers when we bring it back in place of the current crony capitalist-socialist hybrid system that currently punishes success and subsidizes failure.

The media may have led you to believe otherwise. But the wheels on Sarah Palin's bus continue to roll. If we let that bus go all the way, we will some day look back on this nightmare and thank God it's over. She can lead us to the days ahead where we can feel that same pride and experience that same prosperity as we did the last time someone in America took on the establishment and won.

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