Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's the Plan, Man?

Say it ain't so, Joe? What's the plan, man? Time for me to get a new t-shirt.

But here's the real question, libs. How are you going to destroy Sarah Palin now? You've tried everything only to be thwarted by Palin's persistence and work ethic.

I can't find it anywhere, but I know I wrote that Sarah Palin has been working her butt off.  So I'll just let her speak for herself:
And here I am, thousands of miles away from DC out on a commercial fishing boat, working my butt off for my own business, merely asking the Democrat politicos and their liberal friends in the media: “What’s the plan, man?”, and they seem to feel threatened by my question.
This does not bode well for liberals. Normally, they attack her outside the arena of ideas with all the crazy memes you all know about. But now, they are engaged in a major argument with her inside the arena of ideas. Why threatened by her question? Because they can't answer it. She's right and she has them in a corner.

Yup, the "dumb Caribou Barbie" has the left stumped in an intellectual argument about policy. Oh boy, this is going to be fun. This could end up being as bad for the left as a nuclear physicist losing a debate to a guy who starred in a movie next to a monkey.

They took her into the alley and tried to beat her, and she came back like Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan and mopped the street with them. They took her on in the media, and again she came back and mopped the papers and the internet with them. Now, they are admitting she's a formidable candidate. Now, they're admitting they can argue with her in the political arena. They finally got up the cojones to take her head on and she still beats them.

They took her on on the most substantive thing she said on Fox News Sunday last week. They must have figured stories making fun of her for writing on her hand or what her children did this week is not going to fly anymore. And once again, they are finding that no matter what weapon, what angle or what approach they come at her with, it's futile.

Resistance is futile. Sarah Palin has the upper hand now and soon it will be "Bedtime for Bonzo" for the left.

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