Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anthony Martin: White House insider says ATF gun smuggling scandal to dog Obama

How's that iceberg working out for you, Alaska bloggers?

So there may be a Hawaiian Obama tsunami that is made up of the water from the melted Alaska Palin iceberg. Don’t misunderstand this. Two rights don’t make a wrong and bad behavior or bad reporting doesn’t justify bad behavior or bad behavior. But, when you liberals made the rules, you made them this way. You won the election in 2008. Therefore, until we can regain control of the board, we have to play by your rules.

It's like when the characters in Star Trek confronted their alter egos in a parallel universe.

Do I believe some of the stories I read about Obama in the blogosphere about sex scandals and birth certificates? While I reserve the right to continue to follow the smoke in search of the fire, the answer is no and in some cases, not yet. I do want to point out that even if untrue or partially true, these stories are much more believable than the conspiracy stories about Palin.

I do encourage journalists and bloggers to dig deeper, just as the Alaska bloggers encouraged their minions to dig deeper into Trig trutherism and all the divorce rumors about the Palins. It was this challenge that led Palin supporters to become even more certain that she is the person she is. In debunking those myths and proving them wrong, we grew closer to Sarah Palin in spite of the unscrupulous efforts to draw us further apart.

Let's just take the one story about Obama that now seems to be bubbling to the surface and finding it's way up the media flagpole for now and put the shoe on the other foot for the libs.

Anthony Martin has an interesting piece about the Obama ATF gun smuggling scandal.
A White House insider has come forward to report that the gun smuggling scandal that has engulfed the ATF will dog Barack Obama for the foreseeable future. The insider told blogger Mike Vanderboegh, who along with National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea broke the story of the growing scandal at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), that the still-developing scenario at the Department of Justice is a story that has the potential of crippling the Administration.

Obama stated yesterday that there was wrongdoing but that he did not give his approval to the scheme to walk U.S. guns into Mexico where they were placed into the hands of drug cartels.
Martin follows it up with this piece.
In the continualy-developing story of scandal at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives concerning the deliberate placing of U.S. guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, the question has been, how far up the line of authority in the Department of Justice does the scandal go? Who knew about it, when did they know it, and did they give explicit or implicit approval to the gun smuggling scheme?
Apparently, it can now be confirmed that officials at the very highest levels of the Department of Justice not only knew about the illegal scheme but promoted it for the purpose of tracing illegal guns among Mexican criminals, and, to pad statistics that supposedly 'prove' that lax U.S. gun laws fuel the drug cartels.
So the Obama administration is illegally sending guns to Mexico to get people killed so they can prove that our gun laws here in America are lax. Is he intentionally trying to collapse the American economy and siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and a rebel group in Libya with "flickers" of Al Qaeda, too?

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Foreign Policy on the Fly

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In a world where power politics is the international language, being clear in both words and actions are critical when communicating with the rest of that world. Back in February, the President said Qaddafi must go. Then he dithered on a no fly zone and created a leadership vacuum long enough for the Arab League and the United Nations to come up with a plan that he could get on board with only after being talked into it by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice. When he finally agreed to go with the no fly zone, he pulled the ouster of Qaddafi off the military strategy table. This left many scratching their heads.

Obama weakened his hand when he used humanitarian reasons as the premise for going in without including a statement of intent regarding the removal of Qaddafi. Thus, there was no articulation of an end game. This is a grave failure since a complete military objective with a stated outcome should always be established before sending Americans into battle.

Securing a no fly zone so that civilians are not slaughtered by a suicidal megalomaniac like Qaddafi shows America’s concern for life, but we can’t just set up no fly zones everywhere in the world where there are humanitarian problems unless it can be clearly stated there is a greater military and geopolitical reason for doing so. There has to be more to it specifically as it relates to our military interests in the region.

The confusion is further compounded by Mr. Obama’s telegraphing of the intent to not use ground troops. There are two things a president must know how to do if he is to be taken seriously as a leader. First, never make a threat you can’t fulfill. Second, never tell the enemy what you’re not willing to do. It’s fine if you don’t want to use ground troops, but by stating that publicly the President boxed himself in. Situations are fluid, and one can’t guarantee that an emergency situation may require a flip-flop on that statement. Besides, who on the ground was doing the spotting for the precision guided missiles?

The problem is even further compounded by the President’s speech last night. He didn’t make anything clearer. In fact, this morning, Ambassador Rice indicated a willingness to arm the Libyan rebels. Is this a policy change? Is this a new initiative? Why was this not mentioned in the speech last night?

And why is the UN delaying taking over command and control? Are they not ready to do so? Is the President rushing them and they need more time? Are they unwilling to do so because they’re upset at the President’s poor handling of the communication aspects of the operation? Or, is it simply that it’s just a stupid idea for America to hand off control and leadership to other nations when we know that America is best suited for a leadership role in these types of operations?

All of these questions are not designed to pad this article. If the administration knew what it was doing and wasn’t running our nation’s foreign policy on the fly, these questions wouldn’t come up. This Qaddafi must go, no we’re not doing this to oust Qaddafi confusion was tough to get through yesterday. Today, we have a different plan to arm the rebels to oust Qaddafi but we’re not sure yet because we want to float that idea first. This is not how you run foreign policy.

Obama was for ousting Qaddafi before he was against it before he was for having the rebels do it with our guns. So tell me, what’s tomorrow’s plan?

Liberals will read this and say that no matter what Obama does, he can’t win in the eyes of conservatives. Obama would have had Sarah Palin’s support of a no fly zone on February 23. He would have had John Bolton’s support for taking out Qaddafi. All he had to do was exercise a clear and concise foreign policy that everyone could wrap their heads around. Instead, he has created a crisis of confidence in his leadership abilities with how he has so haphazardly handled the situation. He has put himself in a political no win scenario even if he does oust Qaddafi because it will look like it was done by the gang that can’t shoot straight. This is not a Monty Python movie. This is a serious military and geopolitical operation.

Let’s not miss the big picture here either. You have uprisings in Bahrain and Syria as well as other countries in the region. The area is simmering with revolutionary desires. We’re not looking into that? We’re not using our intelligence services to find out if this is being instigated by Muslim extremists interested in a Caliphate? Are we working with allies in the region to create friendships and alliances with the right people on the ground in these movements?

Taking out established regimes, even if they are dictatorial, requires precision intelligence and diplomatic boots on the ground. Before hastily flip-flopping on Mubarak and Qaddafi, the President should know who the rebels are. He knows there are elements of the Muslim Brotherhood deeply involved in Egypt. In fact, some reports are showing that they are muscling in on what originally was a pro-democracy movement. If a theocracy is established in Egypt, we have Obama’s ineptitude to thank. If the moderates and the military fight that off and do establish a secular government in Egypt, it will be no thanks to Obama who has been silent, and sometimes even conciliatory on the role of the Brotherhood.

Before we go running around setting up no fly zones and backing rebels everywhere, the administration needs to get serious and tighten up its operation.

For America’s sake, let’s hope that doesn’t dampen our patriotic spirit and willingness to support the efforts of our military. We should always support our country and our military at a time of war. But it’s never easy to have your country involved in a volatile region like the Middle East when there is such a lack of confidence in our president.

We need to have the confidence to get it done right now or we will have to have an even stronger will to battle the growing threat of those who want to a world caliphate down the road as they solidify their support from Muslims in the region. Many are not confident that President Obama sees this. That’s why there is such grave concern about how he is handling our country’s foreign policy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Run, Baby, Run

For over two and a half years now, Sarah Palin supporters have been writing their fingers to the bone, speaking out in their communities and standing up against vicious opposition from hate-filled hearts towards her. Some, like Jedediah Bila and Tammy Bruce, have taken to radio and television punditry to advance the cause and stand up for the one person who has taken more slings and arrows than any other politician that comes to mind because they all believe in her. They recognize that she stands for and articulates the core values that have resonated silently inside all of us since the torch was doused with the passing of Ronald Reagan.

The comparisons to Reagan are many; but it’s not about the next Reagan anymore since many are growing weary with the references. It is, however, about relighting that torch and carrying it forward again. People like Michael Reagan and Bill Kristol who once extolled Sarah Palin as the fresh new face of a Republican Party that had lost its way have grown cold having given into the pressure from the establishment within their own party as well as by allowing the false doubts perpetrated by the mainstream media to slowly seep into their heads. It’s as if many in the GOP are giving up on that dream – that belief that we could again have a leader that inspires us to go through the political desert and the dark forest of our current political culture with full faith and optimism knowing that, despite the fatigue and despite the lack of political food and water, if we just keep moving forward we will get there. We will get there to that shining city on a hill once again.

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What She Said

I've spend a lot of time writing and trying to articulate my positions on things and I was trying to find the right way to articulate it. All those lunch hours and late night research sessions. Ah, let me save myself and the rest of you some time. Here's what I'm really trying to say:



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Patrick's Doctrine

I’m going to dust off the Poli Sci degree here and see if I can’t make sense out of this Libya thing. I’m getting flack from a fellow conservative because she thinks I’m a war monger. I’m hearing all kinds of stuff from the intelligentsia on both sides that this whole thing is just way too complicated and we shouldn’t be doing anything. Some folks don’t understand how I can stand behind the military operation yet still think Obama is going to screw it up. So let me give you my take. Call it Patrick’s Doctrine.

In 1991, I argued with a socialist who asked me why we still needed a military if the Cold War was now over. I told him “terrorism.” I’m not an oracle, but when 9/11 happened I remembered that conversation and realized that maybe the American government wasn’t taking terrorism seriously up until then.

On 9/11, I had a conversation with a co-worker and outlined what I would recommend as the best response to the attacks. We take out the Taliban in Afghanistan and go after al Qaeda there. Then we attack Iran, take out their government and turn the country over to the students and moderates. Then we should do exactly what we ended up doing in Iraq – regime change and rebuilding the infrastructure.

Here’s what didn’t happen. We didn’t take out Iran. Because we didn’t take out Iran, the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan became the Iranian proxy war against the United States. Just like al Qaeda had been at war with us long before we knew it, Iran is at war with us now. They are also at war with Israel.

Some would challenge me that Iran and Iraq were not responsible for 9/11; and with the exception of long degrees of separation that is true. However, this was a missed opportunity for the United States to demonstrate to the rest of the world that we understood the language of international power politics. This was our opportunity to respond with overwhelming force to the attacks of 9/11 and march from Afghanistan to the Syrian border, putting the world on notice that any attack on America would result in such a serious response.

At the Syrian border, we would be in a very believable position to use that opportunity to address the Hezbollah and Lebanon issue with one simple question to Syria: “how would you like to be next?”

I would expect the Syrians under that scenario to back off and do what we asked them to do with regards to Lebanon and Hezbollah.

Then the military campaign would come to an end. The intelligence war would continue whereby we would dismantle terrorist organizations by cutting off their funding and disrupting their infrastructures. We have a CIA and we have Special Forces. That’s what they’re there for.

This is not about being a war monger. This is not about taking the lives of American sons and daughters lightly. This is about taking a stand in a hostile world that will listen to nothing less than what I outlined above.

Because we are not taking that approach, thousands of civilians, many of them Muslims as well as thousands of American soldiers have been killed in some form of violence in the Middle East. How’s that for a lack of war mongering? Think about how many people could die from lack of military intervention as opposed to how many that could with it.

Instead of leading a world that respects our might and sees us an example of stability and an ally that can be called upon to help resist aggression, we follow a world that laughs at us. The Middle East is collapsing under our nose and we have done nothing to stop it.

This would not be happening if my plan was implemented. Even if the plan didn’t go as well as expected, we’d still be heading in the direction where al Qaeda was on the run, Iran was no longer a nuclear threat and Iraq would be, well, what Iraq is today. George W. Bush did the Afghanistan part and the Iraq part of my plan. He just didn’t complete the job with Iran.

Now we have Obama who golfs while the Middle East burns and dithers while the rest of the world puts together a coalition for a no fly zone that he shows up late for. Better late than never, though, because the no fly zone is necessary. Conservatives have been calling for it since as early as February 23, 2011. That’s over a month ago.

I’m not so much concerned about Obama not getting Congressional approval as I am concerned about why it took him so long to have to act in a hurry without it. Congress has the Constitutional authority to tell the President he needs their approval ultimately; and if Obama wants to avoid impeachment he probably wants to address this as soon as possible.

The problem is that Obama has muffed this thing so badly that when he does go to Congress they’re going to blast him.

The United States should have taken and retained the lead on this. We should have clearly defined our military objective to establish a no fly zone and assist the rebels in removing Qaddafi. The end result should have been defined as the establishment of a secular government of their own making as long as they renounce a caliphate and respect human rights. Some question the motives of the rebels; but they are much more easily controlled than the established regime of Qaddafi.

Aside from the would have, could have, should have stuff I outlined in the opening section of this post, let’s take the actual realities as they are now and come up with Patrick’s Doctrine.

Patrick’s Doctrine would clearly state that in the interests of not having Muslim extremists come to power in unstable countries, the United States military reserves the right to take action not for the purposes of nation building or meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign countries, but rather to specifically address threats from those who espouse a world caliphate and to defend ourselves from acts of terrorism in accordance with the Bush Doctrine.

It is in our national defense interests to consider those whose goals are to create worldwide Sharia law or to support international terrorism as threats to our national security. This is as serious as when the Soviet Union’s stated goal was to create worldwide communism. Let me repeat that. This is as serious as communism was during the Cold War.

Why we would not use our military to defend ourselves is beyond me. Setting up a no fly zone in Libya isn’t of itself a response to a direct military threat to the United States. But when taken in the context of the big picture, it represents an opportunity to address an instability in a part of a much wider region that is becoming more and more unstable. This is creating a ripe environment for Muslim extremists to come to power and creates a vacuum for Iran to fill. Those who want to build theocracies bent on a world caliphate are looking for these kinds of conditions.

If the U.S. can't handle something like a Libyan no fly zone, then it will only become harder for us to handle the big stuff when our enemies become more emboldened by our paper tiger-like approach.

Steve Forbes said five years ago that we should not put off the conflict with Iran. He predicted that our failure to address that conflict and suffer the short term economic effects would result in our paying high prices for oil over the long term.

Because we have put off the conflict with Iran, they now have ships in the Mediterranean. They are capable of ordering rocket attacks in Israel right now as we speak. A line from the Pink Floyd song “Time” says “one day older and one day closer to death.” Well, we are one day older and one day closer to a nuclear Iran.

Muslim extremists see this as their best chance. America is imploding. Just as the world capitalized on the implosion of the Soviet Union, mark my word, those intent on a caliphate see this as their chance to give Allah what they so misguidedly think He wants. A weakened America opens Israel up to destruction at the hands of the Muslim extremists who are working toward that end. Jewish Israel and Christian America out of the way, and it’s caliphate time!

The bad news is we didn’t do what we should have done right after 9/11. Our liberals yelled bloody murder every time we tried to take any kind of military action outside of Afghanistan. They hamstrung us. They are partially responsible for where we are today. A little more “war mongering” then would have put us in a much better position to have a lot less “war mongering” now.

But, because reality is reality and what’s done is done, we need to do what Americans do best: wait until the last moment and have a heroic effort to save it.

The good news is we can still fix this. The window of time grows smaller and smaller. But, action now combined with a complete removal of the Obama administration in 2012 will go a long way toward getting us back on the right path.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sarah Palin is a Threat to More than Just the Establishment Here at Home

-cross posted from Shining City On a Hill

Sarah Palin’s trip to India and Israel is a great opportunity for her to boost her foreign policy credentials, solidify future potential alliances, learn more about the issues by engaging directly with the movers and the shakers and develop relationships which will be important to her should she become president. But, it’s also an opportunity for those who are enemies of America to size up a potential opponent; and if you are a Muslim extremist bent on establishing Sharia law worldwide, Sarah Palin represents a serious threat.

Because liberalism and elitism in both major political parties here at home are protecting their own interests, not enough is being understood about the role Palin would play on the world stage should she become president.

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher experienced the same issues along their ways. They were seen as lightweights from the uneducated classes that couldn’t fully grasp the complexity of things like détente, global interconnection, the complexities of intelligence gathering and the concessions that had to be made in order to keep people safe – even if it meant toning down rhetoric or letting a domino country or two fall. They couldn’t grasp the complexity of these things not because they were unintelligent. It was because they didn’t accept the premise behind these things in the first place.

While opponents of Reagan on both sides of the aisle saw a cavalier cowboy who would say something inflammatory enough to cause the Soviet Union to go to war with us, they operated from the premise that we could be scared but the Soviets were too cold to fear us. Reagan knew defeating the Soviet Union wasn’t going to come from pressing the button and throwing the planet into World War III. He knew that defeating them required us to have a set of convictions and be willing to stand up for those convictions in much the way a child stands up to a bully.

You can put all the greatest political, intellectual, military and diplomatic minds in the country into a room and have them overanalyze any issue. In their great complexities and in their deep thinking rooted in years of education and research, you will find one difficulty with their methodology. “We win, you lose” is too simple a concept for them to grasp.

This is not to say people shouldn’t be educated and shouldn’t analyze problems. This is to make the point that in any competition or conflict, the ultimate underlying meaning is winning is everything. One never wins out of weakness or fear, but rather out of primal brute strength. Calling out an “evil empire” or demanding that its leader “tear down this wall” may sound provocative to “trembling tigers” that are comfortable in their positions of power on what is now becoming a rocky boat, but it’s a language better understood in international power politics than it is in our domestic language of civil debate.

You earn the respect of your enemy when you demonstrate the ability to stand up to them and defeat them. Getting together, holding hands and singing Kumbaya may work in the feel good confines of Berkeley, but it’s a completely foreign language to forces outside our bubble of Constitutional democracy. The only language they understand is force; and if we don’t speak to them in that language, they won’t understand us.

Force can be defined as political, economic or military. But the fact of the matter is you don’t communicate with people who are using triggers, detonators and suicide bombers by calling a meeting.

There are too many people in America who don’t understand that there are millions of Muslim extremists throughout the world who want to destroy us. There are too many people in America that don’t understand that these people are already in the process of establishing a world caliphate. If we wait for the “plane to hit the building” this time around, it may be too late.

Once again, it’s not the complexities of the situation that disqualify people like Palin the way the elites would have us believe; it’s her unwillingness to accept the premise that really drives them nuts. Just as it was with the Soviet threat, the idea of peaceful coexistence or curling up into a ball and only attacking them if they attack us are still being seen as viable options against Muslim extremism. Coexistence and isolationism didn’t get us out of the Cold War; and these will not prevent a worldwide caliphate either. “We win, you lose” is the only way to stop them.

When it comes to the language of international power politics, you must remember that the world does not operate under a civil democracy where disputes are settled in courts. It’s a wild frontier out there with armed maniacs willing to die for Allah. It’s not about being scared of them. It’s about understanding their language so that we can communicate with them. Their language is brute force. Until we learn to speak that language fluently, we will always have problems relating to a world that doesn’t relate to us through our prism of civility and a naiveté that assumes they value life the way we do.

Sarah Palin understands the language of international power politics. She's fluent in it. When she uses mama grizzly imagery, she is talking about the primal condition of nature. Here in America, we are civil human beings. But out there in the world, a lot of those people are just animals.

The elites and the liberals in America may worry that she will rock their little boats and upset their little apple carts, but they can take solace in the fact that this country will still be a familiar enough place for them to survive in if she does win the presidency. One cannot say the same should Obama win a second term.

Watch how we react when the electricity goes off or if there is no food in the store. They say you can’t release domesticated animals into the wild because they won’t survive. Well, we humans better realize that we, too, have been conditioned like domesticated animals. Our problem is we are spoiled as a nation. See those folks over there in the Muslim world? The extremists don’t have that problem.

Americans are easily distracted by Charlie Sheen, Jersey Shore or Desperate Housewives. While entertainment is fine, let’s not short change ourselves on keeping an eye on our country. Many are caught up in the pop culture and get their news in sound bytes from a very biased media.

This may at first seem like not a big deal, but it’s crucial to an educated citizenry in a democracy that people know that someone like Sarah Palin is out there discussing real threats to our country and raising alarms regarding our current leadership while the media lies about her, distorts her image and doesn’t cover the substantial stuff so they can get us to believe that she’s a lightweight. It’s also dangerous to not know that Muslim extremists are looking to impose Sharia law on the whole world while the media paints a picture of them as just a bunch of terrorists who can’t do much more than blow up car bombs while steering us away from the “M” word.

This is serious, folks.

The lame stream media won’t touch the Palin Doctrine or call Muslim extremism what it really is. They’re afraid people might start listening to Palin and take her seriously.

The media lives a double life of lies by propping up the incompetent president they helped get elected while desperately hiding the truth about Palin’s strengths, qualifications and message because they know these could get her elected in 2012 at the expense of their poor chosen one. Listen to Sarah Palin’s 2008 VP acceptance speech and check that against Obama’s message of hope and change. Is what we have going on right now in America and in the world the hope and change that some of you voted for?

Don’t kid yourselves. Muslim extremism is as dangerous as communism was back in the Soviet days. Resist the urge to watch the Tina Fey version of Sarah Palin play back in your head when reading this or any other article that is trying to break through the fabric of a lying media. They want you to doubt her. They want you to fear her. Unless you’re a Muslim extremist, those fears are unfounded.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Intellectual Honesty Requires That We Don't Act Like Liberals About the War in Libya

Ronald Reagan bombed Libya. Bill Clinton bombed Kosovo. George W. Bush bombed Afghanistan and Iraq. Now Barack Obama is bombing Libya. There are good conservatives calling this an illegal war and calling on the President to get Congressional approval. Let's slow down here. We don't like the way Obama is running the country. We are against him politically. That's fine. Let's be intellectually honest.

As commander in chief, the president has the explicit authority to order military action. He does have to come back to Congress to get approval at some point (the War Powers Act set a time frame for that, but the War Powers Act was a politically motivated law that pits the legislative branch against the executive branch rather than to create cooperation between the two branches of government at time of war). Congress has every right to demand that the President get its approval. But it's not an illegal war.

If we had to take out a Chinese military installation to prevent a missile launch on America, is the president committing an illegal act by not getting Congressional approval while he acts quickly to defend the country?

When Republicans authorized military action, the Left went nuts screaming "War Powers Act, War Powers Act." Now that a Democrat has done it, some want to scream the same thing. Let's step back and realize that the problem is not that Obama has taken military action (we should be somewhat happy that at least he had a set enough to do that), the problem is he is still an incompetent president.

The focus of the argument should be on the removal of Muammar Gaddafi. Is our "boy president" okay with authorizing military action, but not okay on defining a military objective to remove Gaddafi? Therein lies our problem.

Nickeling and diming how much it costs to launch a cruise missile and playing the War Powers Act card is not helpful. Remember, a Republican president is going to have to make a similar decision down the road. Let's not be hypocrites. A hypocrite is a liberal who screams bloody murder at George W. Bush, yet remains silent when Obama does it. We are conservatives. We believe in the use of the American military for defending our interests as a last resort when lives are at stake.

If Gaddafi is not removed from power and we've wasted all this fire power before turning it over to other countries to lead, it's Obama's fault. Let's not be wrong on the initial principle about the justification for going in. Using a basketball analogy, Obama has every right to take the shot. If he misses it, we don't change the three point rule.

It's a close call. But it's possible to be for the action in Libya and still be against the President's lack of articulating an end game. The liberals can justify it on humanitarian grounds. This writer simply justifies it because as has happened before and as will happen again, a Republican president will also have to invoke his or her right to authorize military action. In order to not be a hypocrite, I'd rather say yes to principle and not jeopardize that principle should Obama screw this thing up. We've been hamstrung since Vietnam because of this.

Besides, establishing a no fly zone is something conservatives have called for.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Contrast of Two Leaders

President Obama is in Brazil helping them out with their oil drilling program while we suffer at the pump here in America and vast reserves remain untapped. Sarah Palin went to India to demonstrate her vision of how important an ally they could be of America in a free market economy where two vibrant democracies could become strong trading partners. President Obama took weeks to come on board with the Libya no fly zone. Palin called for it immediately. A trip to the supermarket followed by putting gas in the car is enough to tell you that things aren't going right. A little research on Sarah Palin is enough to tell you that things can be put right again.

The contrast between the two leaders is beyond clear. Obama's trip to Brazil was nothing more than another selling out of America and another wealth redistribution scheme. "We want to help with technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely, and when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers," President Obama told a group of business leaders in Brazil. Whitney Pitcher points out:
It's interesting that President Obama wants to say, "drill, baby, drill"... but perhaps only in Portuguese. In fact, as GatewayPundit highlighted on Friday, President Obama praised Brazil's offshore drilling industry, while at the same time he imposed an offshore drilling moratorium in the Gulf. To date, only three deepwater leases have been issued since the moratorium was quasi-lifted.
When Obama told Joe Wurzelbacher  "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody" on the campaign trail in 2008, it sounded scary enough thinking of it in domestic economic terms. But this appears to apply also to world economics as Obama continues to rack up debt and redistribute dollars earned by American production out of our treasury into the Chinese and other note holders' treasuries in the form of interest payments.

The President has no problem with Brazil cranking up their oil production. Yet, this is more American capital that will come from our productivity and end up in the hands of Brazilians. The contrast in leadership is that if Sarah Palin had her way, this money would end up in the hands of Americans who would be drilling and opening up new sources of energy here at home. It's inconceivable that this guy can fix our economy by making it bleed more and refuse to recognize the need for drilling here at home as part of a comprehensive job growth program which should also include reductions in the corporate income tax and a complete dismantling of a regulatory process which has failed to prevent the Gulf oil spill, bank collapses and mortgage industry and housing market disasters.

Just as Barack Obama allied himself with the progressives and socialists in calling for redistributive economic policies here at home, Sarah Palin endorsed a number of successful Tea Party candidates who are now positioned well in the Congress should she run for and win the presidency in 2012. Just as Barack Obama has allied himself with overseas interests that cause the price of energy to "necessarily skyrocket" here at home, Sarah Palin has met with Indian business leaders and will meet the prime minister of Israel to position America well in the world network that will give us better trade deals that will help us here at home should she run for and win the presidency in 2012.

While this writer supports the action in Libya and stands behind the American military, it doesn't eliminate the question of why it took the Arab League and France to push the issue through the United Nations while Obama golfed and did his NCAA tournament brackets. Had Sarah Palin been president, there would have been more of a sense of urgency as Kaddafi marched toward Benghazi.

This is the hope and change America voted for in 2008. We have rising gas prices, inflation, high unemployment and we're at war. Sarah Palin has been dead on the money on every issue facing America since she spoke to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. Yet, she's the dummy? This is the media that propped up this Obama character as a messianic figure who can part the waters and calm the seas. Instead, we get political earthquakes and tsunamis. The economy is on its roughest ride since Jimmy Carter and we are the deepest in debt we've ever been in as a nation.

It's time for America to wake up and understand what real leadership in action looks like. It certainly isn't coming from Obama. America is not only ready for Sarah Palin, it needs her.


Writer's note: Sarah Palin has been straightening out the record with regards to the mainstream media. She wrote a Facebook Note in which she quoted Whitney Pitcher's article on Big Government. Whitney will be on the Patrick's World USA Blogtalk Radio show Wednesday night at 11 pm ET, 8 pm PT, 7 pm PT. Please join us as we talk about Sarah Palin's push back on the media as well as her very successful trip to India and Israel.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Powerful Palin Army Smacks Down the Media and the Establishment... Again

I'll trade you a Jonathan Martin and John F. Harris for Jedediah Bila and Dan Riehl. I'll even throw in a couple of draft picks or players to be named later. Earlier in the week, Martin and Harris (sounds like a comedy team, doesn't it?) produced a really sophomoric piece for the Alaska Dispatch that failed miserably at painting Sarah Palin as the Right's Al Sharpton. It was the flagship piece of a number of what appear to be coordinated attacks on Sarah Palin which came out earlier this week. Like the man who takes a whack and says, "thank you sir, may I have another," the media tried for the umpteenth time and failed. The response from the Palin army was swift, precise and dead on target.

The mainstream media has got to be tired of wearing out the same transparent technique over and over again. The smear campaign is akin to the quarterback of a football team telling the opponent's defense what the play call is in advance. There are two things that are certain in life. You try to take the cheese out of a mousetrap and your fingers get zapped by the metal bar; and you write a bunch of hit pieces on Sarah Palin and you are slammed by the Palin army. I just can't figure out why the Palin deranged writers in the lamestream media keep going after the cheese.

Even after Journolist, these guys don't get it. We see you. You're not even trying to hide it anymore.

Within hours of the release of a bunch of hit pieces on Monday, it was smackdown time. Rush Limbaugh. Boom. "Look, "I don't understand all this [anti-Palin vitriol]," The Right Scoop quotes Limbaugh as saying to people on the GOP side. "The problem is Obama!" Hugh Hewitt. Boom. "Incredibly, Politico.com did not dissect the president's press conference on Friday, but is leading this week's coverage with a relentlessly negative story on Palin." Yup, Politico regurgitated the Alaska Dispatch puke and got it all over themselves.

Hey guys, our opponent is over here (pointing to the White House). Sarah Palin's on our side, you idiots.

They're doing everything they can do to try to convince us she's unelectable. We'll never know how strong she is until real people step into the voting booth. You're not going to find this out from watching a bunch of idiots sitting around a table on ABC on Sunday morning or by reading a bunch of nonsense on Politico. "And as far as her 'electability,' that decision rests with voters, not with those media and establishment voices who are decidedly desperate to shove her off the stage and to shape the 2012 presidential narrative," Jedediah Bila at Human Events writes as she sets the Palin record straight.

"I suspect it would be extremely gratifying to see what happens if and when it came time for the back benchers, aides-de-camp, political henchmen and bought and paid for wussified DC pundits to shut up, so their not-so-fearless leaders desperate to become president would have to take to the spotlight and deal with her one on one," Dan Riehl writes.

It's as if the media and the elites are triple daring Sarah Palin to run. They create their own monster as they put out hit piece after hit piece thinking that it's going to deter Palin from running or deter people from supporting her. It's having the opposite effect. Her support is more galvanized. You see the Palin warriors like Hugh Hewitt, Jedediah Bila, Dan Riehl, Cubachi, Josh Painter and the folks over at Conservatives4Palin come out almost in formation, like waves of F-16 fighter jets running cover for the tanks on the ground as the heavy artillery from Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin fires off round after round.

There are so many more Palin warriors out there that I couldn't possibly name them all here. Yet it's the same old has-beens who keep putting out the hit pieces on Palin. You're going to be amazed at how strong the Palin army is should she announce. They will come pouring out from everywhere. The Left and the Establishment are going to feel like MacCarthur when the Chinese came over the hill during the Korean War.

Tammy Bruce handles some of Sarah Palin's Lightwork on the O'Reilly Factor yesterday.

The Palin warriors are here to stay. The army grows each day as this writer finds more and more new people coming on to Twitter to stand up for the Governor.

Many fear the mainstream media will do to her in 2012 what they did to her in 2008. Fear not. Should Sarah Palin take the triple dare and run, she will find that there will be legions of followers ready to take the hits for her and stand up for her. There will be no free ride for the media this time around. Every lie, every smear and every falsified story will be met head on with fervor and a dissection with scalpel-like precision from the growing pro-Palin forces who are forming their own media (there's even a site called PalinTV!). Try as they will, the mainstream media will breath its last breath on January 21, 2013 as they try to hide the horror on their faces as they cover President Palin's innauguration.

We win. You lose.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When they vilify conservatives, they vilify themselves

Protests portraying the President as as Hitler. Right wing racism. Fascist tactics. The implementation of a theocracy. A foreign policy that results in the deaths of thousands of civilians. Policies that favor the rich. The running up of massive deficits. The establishment of a police state. The destruction of the environment. Advocating violence against political opponents. Does this sound like the carping of liberals since the 1960's? It sure does. But these complaints make a much better rallying cry for conservatives.

Conservatives are accused of all these things. They are accused of being extremists, racists, bigots, violent and whatever other term the Left wants to use. But truth be it know, the outrage on the Left is in fact a direct result of their tactics being reflected back at them. The Right is frustrating them to the point of rage.

For the last two and a half years, it's been the Right which has been marching on Washington. It's been conservatives infiltrating social media and the blogosphere with harsh attacks on a president who once had a campaign advisor who encouraged a bunch of loony bloggers in Alaska to smear a vice presidential candidate. It's a time when people are talking about birth certificates instead of talking about 9/11 conspiracy theories. Someone was accused of lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq once. Today, someone is accused of lying about lack of mass production, particularly when it comes to the drilling of oil.

There is nothing that throws a maniacal liberal into a full fledged rage than being called ugly, divisive, vitriolic and racist. So, when those on the right make fun of Michelle Obama's thighs, use rhetoric like "death panel" to chew up the liberals' health care proposals, talk passionately at Tea Party rallies about a communist president or dare to express outrage at a black president because of his policies, you can rest assured that the response will be that the kitchen sink of accusations will be thrown at Sarah Palin for putting cross hairs on a map or that Andrew Breitbart will be the recipient of gay slurs from what was once thought of as a "tolerant group."

Do you know why?

They're pissed. They hate it that we can play their game better than they can. They hate it that no one can produce a tape of someone saying something racist at a Tea Party rally, yet conservatives can roll out video after video of them being racist and inciting violence. We have union thugs all over youtube in their own words and in their own pictures pushing a woman, cursing at peaceful Tea Partiers and threatening to break a reporter's neck. Yet, thousands of Tea Parties have been conducted over the past two years and what do they have? A picture of some guy holding up a sign with a picture of Obama with a Hitler moustache. Whoopti do.

It's a tribute to the non-violent nature of the Tea Party that they are able to beat the liberals on their own field (remember, they're in power and they own the mainstream media) with no one getting hurt or having to be dragged out by the cops at their rallies. It's got to suck knowing that conservatives protest better than they do. It really has to burn them that no one respects their "intellectual superiority." There is no respect for stupidity guised as superiority.

It's a clear smackdown on the hypocrisy of the Left that they project their vomit on us, yet we remain clean and they remain covered in it.

The Right is smarter and swifter than they are. No one on the right has had to blow up a police station, burn a flag, act in an unpatriotic manner, fire a shot or throw a punch. Yet, they're getting closer and closer to regaining power while the Left continues to act like the goons they always have been since they were on the other side of the police barriers. You can clean 'em up, put them into power and give them the entire media to be their organ grinder and you still get nothing from them but incivility and disobedience to the Constitution.

When you see them accusing the Tea Party, Sarah Palin or Fox News of doing something, you can rest assured they are deflecting the attention from themselves. Everything they try to pin on conservatives, they have done. It's called projection. Don't be fooled by it.

Look in the mirror, liberals. Everything you accuse the Right of doing is all right there.


Don't let the establishment or the media choose the 2012 GOP nominee.

The Sarah Palin Hits Just Keep on Coming

Rush Limbaugh Discusses the Latest Attack on Governor Palin by Armchair Republicans

Mike Metroulas: Palin and the 'Conservative Intelligentsia' Backlash

Thanks, Josh Painter, for the great quotes (and thanks for including mine with them)

The $4-Per-Gallon President

Take the media and GOP establishment hits as a triple dare and run, Sarah, run!

Listen to my show on BlogTalk Radio tonight at 11 pm ET,  8 pm PT. Martha Cano and Thomas S. Schmitz of Palin Promotions will be my guests.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Sarah Palin Hits Just Keep on Coming

"Conservative" elites and intellectuals who think they can tear down Sarah Palin's potential presidential candidacy are getting much needed help from their friends in the liberal media. Yesterday, the hit pieces just kept on coming. These attacks on Sarah Palin are too coordinated to be believable.

It's an unholy alliance, but a revealing one. On Nov. 1, 2010, The New York Daily News pointed out:
According to a report published Sunday night by Politico, GOP heavyweights view Palin as a liability to the Party, especially if she does run for President in 2012.

"There is a determined, focused establishment effort...to find a candidate we can coalesce around who can beat Sarah Palin."
On Nov. 23, 2010, I wrote:
The Jabberwocky continues as the left starts to embrace the Republican Establishment’s “stop Sarah Palin” meme. In an article for Salon.com, Steve Kornacki suggests "Palin's poll numbers with the GOP base will only ebb if base voters are exposed, more than once and from more than one voice, to criticisms of her.” His liberally motivated column is aimed at Republicans suggesting that they plant “insistent reminders that maybe she's not suited to represent the party on its national ticket again.” By praising Matt Labash, Karl Rove and David Frum, Salon’s news editor presents a strategy to his liberal readership that encompasses the use of Republicans to achieve a goal that the liberals have been incapable of doing on their own.
Some Republicans are stupid enough to oblige. Politico unloaded today using Republican sources. New York Magazine tried creating a rift between Palin and Roger Ailes. Judd Gregg spouted off at The Hill. The Alaska Dispatch puked all over itself.  Matt Labash? A Joke. You can convince me that an earthquake, a tsunami, three nuclear power plants blowing up and a volcano are random acts of nature. You will never convince me that yesterday's hit pieces against Sarah Palin were anything less than a coordinated attack.

"The Right Wing intelligentsia has their sites aimed at Palin again and Rush [Limbaugh] seems mystified at their reasoning, The Right Scoop points out. "After all, he says, Obama is the real problem, not Sarah Palin."

It's understandable that the liberals’ fears are well founded since Palin is in fact a direct threat to their ideology. But, the “conservative” elites’ fearing her? What's that all about?

The liberals who trembled in fear as they dealt with the mental trauma they suffered during the 2008 vice presidential acceptance speech know that the Palin threat is real. After working under the surface for the last century to infiltrate the culture and the institutions, liberals found their spiritual leader in one Barack Obama. He was the foot on the throat of the conservative movement right up until the moment John McCain introduced Sarah Palin to us. From that point forward, the foot has been weak and the conservative movement has been revived.

But the "conservative" elites don't see this. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out in October 2008:
These are the people who are embarrassed by Sarah Palin 'cause she's not an intellectual and she didn't go to Harvard or have a college degree from approved universities and she drops her g's from words like morning and says mornin'. She's embarrassing, and I think something else really bothering these people is that they believe that she may become one of the key leaders of the conservative movement beyond 2008 if she and McCain lose this.
The George Wills, Peggy Noonans,Karl Roves, David Frums and Pete Wehners of the world found conservativism to be a very comfortable cloak for them to remain intellectually relevant in a center-right country that appeared to be tilting more to the left (the key word being appeared) until Sarah Palin came along and rocked the boat. The snobbish elites would rather claim control of the ideas as opposed to being the proper articulators of them, especially when it requires the discomfort of unconventional action in the face of an unconventional progressive movement. They prefer to be the independent carriers of a generic brand of water that still tastes better than liberalism, even if it isn’t the real thing for some.

Mark Levin makes it clear where some of these "conservatives" stood years ago.
George Will missed the Reagan Revolution not only in 1976 but as late as 1980.  In the 1979 Republican Presidential Primary, his first choice was Howard Baker, his second choice was George H. W. Bush, and his third choice was Reagan... Charles Krauthammer was not only wrong about Reagan, as late as 1980 he was a speech-writer for Vice President Walter Mondale.
These “conservatives”are deluded because they forget that, like Palin, Reagan was from the unwashed masses. He spoke in simplistic yet emotional stories which tugged at the populist heart strings of a country that yearned more for chickens in pots and cars in driveways than long drawn out intellectual conversations at the dinner table. Yet, conservative intellectualism thrived in response to Reagan’s election and enactment of policy. It was during Reagan’s first term that detailed oriented thought and thesis was given to things like supply side economics, peace through strength and economic libertarianism.

"This year, the conservative intelligentsia doesn’t just tend to dislike Palin — many fear that her rise would represent the triumph of an intellectually empty brand of populism and the death of ideas as an engine of the right," writes Jonathan Martin and John F. Harris. That's simply laughable. Ridiculous.

Palin doesn't represent the death of ideas. She represents the end of those conservatives in name only who will side with the liberal enemy to protect their status.

Despite their abilities to bring conservative thought to the Sunday morning talk shows and to newspaper columns, these so-called intellectual "priests of the temples of conservatism" have been completely impotent in their ability to control the dialogue or motivate the people enough to prevent the watering down of the philosophy under both Bushes and the complete misuse of it during the triangulation of Bill Clinton.

Nothing has changed about the basic fundamentals of liberty and national strength. The "conservative" elites hold no deep secrets that the regular person can’t figure out on his or her own. The success of the United States will always depend on the grace of God, the cohesion of the family and the unlimited opportunities provided by a free market system. George Will cannot convince us that Palin will change that just as much as George Soros can't convince us that those principals don’t work.

This is a last ditch effort on the part of the "conservative" elites to take down Sarah Palin. Anyone on the right who thinks that running another smear campaign against her will work are idiots. In all of their "intellectual capacity," they have not learned from their political bedmate liberals that the symptoms of Palin Derangement Syndrome more negatively affect those who are afflicted with it than it does their target. The PDS inflicted walk around with the sores of being exposed as the negative disillusioned naysayers that they always were. They fight it; but Palin's political muscles are conditioned and strengthened beyond any fear the intellectual elite may have about her lack of gravitas and intellectual capacity.

Of course these intellectual "power brokers" won't address the articulation of ideas in Palin's America By Heart, her op eds and her Facebook notes. To do so would mean they would have to invalidate their argument against her by citing a depth of conservative thought they claim she doesn't have.

They don't want to beat Obama. They only want to preserve themselves at Sarah Palin's expense.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sarah Palin Looking for a Candidate Willing to Tackle the Big Issues

Sarah Palin is looking to see if there's a candidate in whom she can be confident in tackling the issues (energy and fiscal) before deciding whether she will put her name in the hat. I don't think she's going to find what she's looking for in a presidential candidate unless she looks in a mirror.

I would tell her what I tell everyone else. If you can find a better horse, show it to me. Back it. Stand behind it and ride it to the top. We have a country that is on the brink here. It will take some tough leadership and an ability to take major hits in order to make it happen.

Look at what's happening in Wisconsin. Look at what's happening in Ohio and Indiana. Look at what Christie has had to do in New Jersey. It's not going to be easy.

We realize that it's a big sacrifice for Sarah and her family to make ("a huge life changing decision"). It's evident that she is not going into this thing out of self interest or for narcissistic reasons. It's a major sacrifice. Here's what she said:
There are some extremely... difficult situations that our country is facing today. Unless I have the confidence that we have a GOP candidate who is out there willing to tackle these issues regardless of what, um perhaps, special interests or ties they may have had in the past... unless I'm confident that there is a GOP candidate who can tackle these things and provide solutions then, yeah, seriously I'll continue to think about it and offer my self up in the name of service. As I tell you, Sean, national security issues and impending self imposed energy crisis that is looming and the fiscal crisis that we face... those are the things that are going to bring America to her knees. So, we certainly need the strong tough smart leadership that hopefully a GOP candidate can bring.       
It's a lot to ask someone who has been through the crap that she has. But if she runs, we must all be willing to put it on the line and have her back. We must be willing to look up to her and appreciate her. We must be willing to defend her and stand beside her.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fuzzy Math: Government Deception About the Numbers

The government is not giving us the straight answers on the budget numbers, Obamacare, inflation and unemployment. If it wasn't a federal law that gas stations post their gas prices and the government could find a way to hide those numbers, too, they probably would. We're being told that our economy is recovering. We're told that Obamacare will cut the deficit. We're told inflation isn't really here. We're told our unemployment rate is dropping. These are all lies.

The Obama administration has us on the road to bankruptcy.

We take in $2.2 trillion and we spend $3.5 trillion. You do the math. Michelle Bachmann found $105 billion in government spending that was buried in the ObamaCare legislation. She calls it "legislative fraud." To add insult to injury, HHS Kathleen Sebellius admitted to double-counting in the Obamacare budget to the tune of $500 billion. The nearly $1 trillion in Stimulus money doled out last year has been wasted or used up with no return. States that were given a temporary "fix" last year are going through withdrawals now as the money has dried up and the protests, like those in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, ratchet up because state governments can no longer afford to pay into union pensions and health care plans. The mainstream media won't even touch this one, but the deficit in February 2011 was larger than the entire year of 2007.

Someone sound the alarm.

Inflation is here. Gas prices are increasing daily. Food prices are going up.

The unemployment numbers are bogus. How is it possible that we lose 368,000 jobs just in one week (the final week of February), add 192,000 jobs for the entire month of February and the unemployment rate drops from 9.0% to 8.9%? No matter how I crunch it and no matter what calculator I use, those numbers just don't add up. The government is playing a sleight of hand game. The reason for the suspect numbers is that there are 5 million people who are not counted toward the unemployment numbers. They have given up, fallen off the unemployment rolls or are on welfare now. Welfare rolls continue to swell. The government can manipulate the numbers all they want, but the American people are not buying it.

They can probably get the unemployment rate to drop further once more people give up and more fall off the unemployment benefit rolls. Now that's not just fuzzy math. That's insanity. That's a government that refuses to tell us we are in a depression with less than two years before the presidential election. They are lying to us so they can save Obama's job.

It's not just the government that's lying to us. Where's the media? Where's the outrage over the rising gas prices? Where's the vicious attacks, finger pointing and blame issuing that was so popular when George W. Bush presided over a much calmer economy?

Obama has to go. He's worse than Jimmy Carter. If Obama is reelected, the country is done.


Conservativedailynews.com offers this analysis of a Palin presidential candidacy:
Palin is a double-edged sword. The merciless attacks from the left have achieved their purpose, but at a cost. Palin is now hated by many independents who haven’t stopped to think for themselves but have mindlessly input the Palin hate into their brains.

And that’s a problem because the independents represent the great center of American politics. How the independents vote decides elections. On the other hand those widespread attacks have given Palin name-recognition that the other candidates can only dream about. The personal attacks have solidified the support for Palin within the conservative wing of the GOP. The left has done the marketing job for Palin. You either love her or hate her. Will she run? It depends on what her internal polls are telling her. If she still has what she considers to be a large enough percentage of the independents on her side it is a good bet she will get into the race.

Palin would represent a formidable challenge to Obama. Obama faces his own marketing challenge if he criticizes her directly. You don’t attack women in American society. It is a taboo. So what would Obama do? Simple, he would use his vast network of surrogates to attack her – all the while appearing to be above the fray. Compounding Obama’s problem in facing Palin is that Palin doesn’t lay down and take hits without firing salvos right back at her attackers. Just ask David Letterman about that side of Sarah Palin.

Palin possesses both the charisma and the intellect to flay Obama alive in a debate. Expect Obama to minimize debates with Palin if it indeed comes down to a general election fight between these two. It would be an interesting battle between Obama and Palin. Think the media juggernaut that is socialist/progressive politics versus Palin’s Facebook account. Wow!
Now, don't you think it's time that the American people recognize how serious the situation is under Obama? Who offers the best alternative? This is too important to be playing games, Republicans. Sarah Palin is our best candidate.

Will Sarah Palin Run? Listen to my BlogTalk Radio show and vote in the poll up to the right. Eddie Burke says Sarah Palin's not running. Rachelle Friberg disagrees.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Will Sarah Palin Run?

Governor Palin scheduled a fundraiser for the troops in Denver on May 2nd at Colorado Christian University and will not attend the NBC/Politico debate scheduled that same night. She will raise money for special-needs families in Mobile, Alabama on May 3rd. She will be delivering the keynote address at the “India Today Conclave” on March 19 2011. Fox has not suspended her contract, which is a requirement for the network if they have reason to believe a contributor is running for public office. Yet, she's written two books, tweets and gives interviews on political matters, writes Op Eds and Facebook notes about policy issues and has an extensive following that wants her to run. She acknowledges that her supporters have her back and engages with them often. But, is she running?

Long ago, this writer came to terms that despite all of the political science involved in analyzing candidates, potential candidates and elections, the textbook goes out the window when it comes to Sarah Palin. It's impossible to get a read on her. She fights like the next Reagan, yet will not commit to anything at this point. Is she building the suspense or is she just avoiding the question for as long as she can while she finds a way to break it to her supporters gently?

On my BlogTalk radio show, conservative blogger Rachelle Friberg and former radio talkshow host and AK Lt. Governor candidate Eddie Burke debate whether she is running or not. You can listen to it here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Left Teaches Us How To Toss a Word Salad

If I ordered what I saw on O'Reilly last night and the waiter brought me this, I'd send it back and tell them that's not what I ordered.

After reading this on Conservatives4Palin, the only thing I could think of was this:

The real problem is the Left totally understands what Palin is saying and it scares the crap out of them. When they "translate" it for their idiotic followers (the morons who believe everything they read), they have to spin it, shake it, stir it and put salad dressing on it so that it sounds as ridiculous as possible and steers away from the true message. When the reader or listener hears it, of course they're going to say "she's an idiot." I would too if that's how it was delivered to me. Fortunately, I know better than that.

When will the Left realize that as the gas prices go up, inflation goes up and unemployment goes up (don't believe the government numbers - they lie), the gig is up? Every socialist, liberal, progessive and incompetent bureaucrat knows they will be out on their asses after 2012. Of course they don't want Palin to be president. If you were one of them, would you?

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Choice: A Thousand Years or Five

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness. - Ronald Reagan

But, here, together, at the crossroads of our history, may this day be the change point!

Look around you. You’re not alone. You are Americans!

You have the same steel spine and the moral courage of Washington and Lincoln and Martin Luther King. It is in you. It will sustain you as it sustained them.

So with pride in the red, white, and blue; with gratitude to our men and women in uniform; let’s stand together! Let’s stand with honor! Let’s restore America!
- Sarah Palin

Between now and 2016, there will be two presidential elections and three congressional elections.

We can make a choice. We can take the next 5 years and restore this country or we can we can take the next thousand years and walk through the darkness.

Which will it be?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

'The Betfair Contrarian: Why Sarah Palin will win the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.'

The mainstream media keeps touting polls when they show Sarah Palin is down. They've even gone as far as to skew and spin numbers from a poorly done poll in Iowa to create the illusion that her numbers are in decline even though they were down and are now in the process of coming back. The media was fairly mum when a Gallup Poll showed her up or steady. You didn't see that one plastered all over Google or on the ticker at the bottom of the screen on the three cable news networks, but you saw Iowa's poll. As I wrote today on Liberty's Lamp: "While the political weathermen keep telling us that storm Sarah will eventually peter out, they know full well that they can’t tell us that it’s really a category 5 without basically just handing her the keys to the White House."

This leads me to believe that there is a lot the media isn't telling us about Palin's popularity and support. What I found that last couple of weeks on the internet is that there are even a lot more pro-Palin websites than even I thought. I am also observing more and more Palin supporters showing up on Twitter. This leads me to believe that the media agenda and the way they are presenting the data is not right. There is a good possibility that should Palin announce for the presidency that not only will supporters come pouring out of the woodwork, but many potential endorsers and voters may see her in a much more serious light.

Campaigning should put to rest any discomfort the media may have placed into the minds of normal rational people (translated: the non-PDS afflicted and the Obama kool aid drinkers). Ian Lazaran at Conservatives4Palin explains:
Campaigns expose “swing voters” to narrative-type stories that are often more important than the types of positions that a candidate holds. If Governor Palin wins the primary as we all hope, it’ll likely be because she ran an excellent campaign. What that means is that so-called “swing voters” will be exposed to stories about how well she ran her campaign. They’ll hear people saying things such as “well if she runs the country in the same way she ran her campaign, this country would be fine under her watch.” Swing voters will be exposed to her executive competence and ability for the first time as she will have operated a $100-$200 million enterprise efficiently and effectively in the event of a victory.
Consider also, that Sarah Palin has two best selling books and draws viewers to Fox News like flies. A liberal blogger admits "Because Palin is a Fox News contributor...she generates significant ratings..." Sarah Palin's Alaska drew record viewers for TLC. She fills a room within hours of announcing a speech. This clearly doesn't match the fizzling star meme that the mainstream media is selling us. Liberal Media Matters has even pointed out that a Sarah Palin tweet became a Fox News alert. Don't forget how much buzz her Facebook posts get as well. Again, does this sound like someone that isn't very popular?

The liberal media doesn't want us to go by our observations. They want us to believe their false memes. But when it comes to where Sarah Palin really stands, go to the people who are willing to put their money on it. Check this out from The Betfair Contrarian:
Allegations of widespread unpopularity are unproven
Palin constantly complains about biased reporting from what she labels the "lamestream media" and her supporters are adamant that the press portrayal of her as widely disliked is inaccurate. There could well be substance to that theory, with a national poll at the time of the last election showing that just 19.6 per cent of citizens trust most news media reporting. Evidence of this is her daughter Bristol's showing in the 2010 series of Dancing With the Stars, in which she exceeded expectations to finish third, surviving on five separate occasions despite registering the lowest score, progress that was credited to many Americans warming to Palin senior and therefore voting for the daughter.
The observations about Palin's popularity don't match the data and the spin we are getting in the lamestream press. The proof will be in how she campaigns and the excitement she will generate should she choose to run.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Political Realignment of The Palin Wing of the GOP (Updated)

The Republican Establishment can no longer protect America from the Left

There are a lot of folks pining for the good old days. The only problem is it depends on which good old days we are talking about. While true conservatives and die hard Reagan Republicans long for the days of 7-8% economic growth, falling inflation and unemployment and a capital market where the spickets were open and the money flowed to those who earned it, RINOs, blue bloods and crony capitalists long for the days when the GOP was just a better vehicle by which to bypass a truly merit based free enterprise system to earn wealth and status than the Democrat party was. Sarah Palin presents a problem for the Karl Roves, Peggy Noonans and Tucker Carlsons of the world because the coalition that they need to keep the GOP the party of cronyism is realigning.

The Tea Party, traditional Reagan conservatives and now some lower and middle class moderates are finding that the Republican Establishment has been lying to them all these years by pretending to be conservative when all they are really are non-liberals looking for steady legs for their elitist perches. Those steady legs have been us the American people. Now those legs are wobbling a bit and they don’t like it.

These are the same types of people who didn’t like Reagan in the 1970’s. They only liked him after his economic policies kept the economy strong enough so that people would be distracted from trying to knock them off their perches.

America is not the meritocracy that it should be. One could picture the horror on the faces of blue bloods if they were made to sit in an opportunity seminar to hear people who were once plumbers, teachers or construction workers talk about how they became successful. It’s not supposed to happen that way in their world. You’re supposed to get to where you are by who you know, not what you know. And if you do happen to get there by what you know, you will only be accepted by them if it’s because what you do fits their definition of “intelligence.”

Watch the horror on their faces as they sit in the opportunity seminar that will soon be the Republican primary. Imagine how they will scramble to defend their outmoded world view should Sarah Palin run. They’re not interested in saving the country. They’re only interested in saving their own hides. Their interests are not our interests. When they see members of the what used to be their core constituency (the silent majority) realigning with someone like a Palin, imagine how shaken they will become.

The Establishment will have nowhere to go. They are not liberals. They don’t believe America should lose its place in the world and they don’t believe in socialism. They’re the real center in this country as they straddle the fence of big government and a strong private sector. They want both the power and prestige of government and the wealth and privilege of the private sector because they believe that capitalism can be controlled by those with the proper pedigree and the best seats in the power house of government.

They want capitalism to work, but only when they call the shots. In China the communists control the capitalists. In America, they want the capitalists to control the communists. Either way, something other than the invisible finger of a true market controls capitalism and this perverts it.

Republican elites oppose Democrat elites in the country club politics of who gets what seat, but ultimately they make deals with each other so that the game can continue. Citizen politicians are just as big of an enemy to them as progressives because both are trying to destroy the power supply. The Republican Establishment right now acts like Barack Obama is the enemy, but they know the biggest threat to their power is conservative activists, the Tea Party and citizen politicians. These people were the middle class schmoes who used to vote for them, make excuses for why they should have power and money and tell their kids to go to Harvard as they grabbed their lunch pails on the way to their jobs at the construction site.

The Establishment Elites look down on the little guy. The little guy is starting to catch on.
Now these same people are saying something totally different. In fact, they’re afraid to send their kids to Harvard because they don’t want them to turn out like the soul-selling Potomac water drinking Republicans they once thought were good.

We don’t need Karl Rove, the architect of a Bush presidency that gave us the financial crisis and didn’t solve the problem of Iran the way they did Afghanistan and Iraq. Don’t get me wrong, George W. Bush kept us safe from Terrorism without pat downs and feel ups at the airport. But there was a mentality. The blue bloods still had a lot of pull in the system. That system rewarded cronyism and kept the doors closed to those who were not insiders.

The only difference between the Bush Establishment and the Liberal Establishment is that the Bush Establishment destroys things by sins of omission and the Liberal Establishment destroys things by sins of commission. Case in point: Freddie Mac and Fannie May. The Bush administration didn’t pay any attention (remember, there are fat cats on their side too) and liberals like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were collapsing the system right under their noses. Bush didn’t do anything to clean out the corruption over at Freddie and Fannie.

Are these the people you want to pick the Republican nominee for president? What is the sense in booting Obama out if we’re just going to go back to the same old bull that we had before Obama came in?

Replacing socialists with crony capitalists is not going to fix the country. This requires something different. This requires someone that’s going to go into the halls of power and start flipping some tables. This is going to require someone walking over to entrenched bureaucrats and financial regulators and telling them point blank their fired; the days of big government are really over.

Who in their right mind would listen to Karl Rove after all his cronies have put this country through?

If the Establishment doesn’t want to accept the fact that “the times are a changing” and that real Americans who don’t “play the game,” kiss ass and go to the right cocktail parties are finally coming to power after a century of mind games, media manipulation and outright deception on the part of the Left, then so be it. Let’s beat the Establishment straight up in the primaries. We don’t need the Establishment to protect us anymore from progressivism. We can do it ourselves. They have failed.

We are like “new progressives” who understand that a little AstroTurfing, infiltrating academia and the pop culture, taking control of the new media and finding new sources of financing is our way of saying to the Left "hey thanks for teaching us the tactics but no thank you on the socialism."

We need our Alinskys, our versions of Van Jones to counter the Left. We have the Koch brothers who clearly articulate what we believe about cronyism. "Both Democrats and Republicans have done a poor job of managing our finances," George Koch writes. "They've raised debt ceilings, floated bond issues, and delayed tough decisions." I pray the Koch brothers do for the right what George Soros does for the Left. We need to beat them at their own game!

Some on my side are going to say, well we’re better than that. Yes we are. We are actually smarter than them too. I see the elitists in both parties the way they see me. I see them as stupid, ignorant and dangerous.

I can’t tolerate watching Tea Party activists protest peacefully, clean up after themselves after rallies and work hard to teach people how to run for office only to be smeared and lied about in the mainstream media. Our system right now punishes success and rewards failure. I can’t tolerate watching union thugs assault women, reporters, activists and the entire democratic process which brought Scott Walker into a second term legitimately through a fair election.

We shouldn’t tolerate it anymore. We can't sit back and let them bust our heads. I'm not saying go out there and look for confrontation. We are still the adults in the room. We will always be good people. But, you know what, we have to get in these people’s faces when they get in ours and tell it to them straight: you are destroying our country! We have to defend ourselves when attacked.

We shouldn’t be afraid of the media anymore. I’m not fighting this war with one hand tied behind my back. Yeah, I cursed some guy out on Twitter the other day.  I said something harsh. And the response was “hey look at this Tea Party guy, he’s violent.” I wasn't going to sit there and let him call for people to spit on Sarah Palin because they think we’re too wimpy to stand up for ourselves because “we’re afwaid of the media.” Screw the media.

If someone wants to push someone down, we should push them back. And if someone wants to spit on people, I'm spitting back. You either engage in a civil discussion in the arena of ideas or you prove that you are not worthy of our restraint. You have choice, liberals. We don’t listen to the media anymore. They can denounce us all they want. Since the media is going to accuse us anyway, we shouldn’t be afraid to defend ourselves. We short change ourselves by being overly paranoid about our rhetoric because the media jumps on stupid crap like cross hairs on a map but yet they do nothing to cover union thuggery in Wisconsin. Homie don't play that.

This whole thing needs to be reset. We need to clean both houses, get the government off the backs of the people and start everyone at Go. Let the free market and the capitalist system determine the winners and the losers and let the government stick to the basics – national defense, proper law enforcement and the role of the court system as the referee to assist us in peacefully resolving our civil disputes and to interpret both the civil and the criminal law from a strict constructionist position. Stop with the stupid legal interpretations, health care schemes and bailouts of the crony capitalists already. No wonder people are frustrated.

If the Republican Establishment won’t get behind the true fundamental transformation, which is restoration and renewal, we will never get past the false fundamental transformation, which is the redistribution of wealth and the retention of power. In defeating Barack Obama, the Establishment can either throw monkey wrenches into the Tea Party operation or the candidacy of Sarah Palin or they can join the fight and accept the new positive direction that commonsense conservatives want to take this country.

They can point their fingers all they want at the Tea Party. They can complain the Tea Party can’t run candidates who are electable and turn it into a self fulfilling prophesy. They can continue to allow themselves to be duped by the media because they want to be accepted. Or, they can put the Slurpees down and join with a movement that could crush the Left if only they would pitch in and help – even if it means getting behind someone like Sarah Palin. The train’s moving. They should either get on board or get the hell out of the way.

This is not about leaving the party or going third party. It's about giving the Republican Party one last chance to get it right. If they were smart, given how well the Establishment did prior to Obama, they'd let the ones with common sense drive this time.

This country isn’t going anywhere until we truly accept commonsense Constitutional conservatism, true free market based economies and a disdain for cronyism. If the Establishment doesn’t get that, than let them go realign with the liberals for all I care. They may tell you they don’t like liberals. But they won’t tell you that it’s been their way of running government when they had the chance that has allowed the liberals to come to power. Remember, it was the Establishment who gave us George W. Bush and John McCain. It was the people who gave us Ronald Reagan.

So it's time to stand up and forget what the media tells you. Forget about the resignation or the Saturday Night Live skits. Forget about gravitas and who gets to decide who’s smart and who’s dumb. Forget the poll numbers, which are only a circle jerk of media dogs chasing tails (the media tells you Palin sucks, you believe it, you answer a poll question, the media reports that Palin sucks based on the poll).

Mark my words. Save this post. It will be the Establishment’s fault if we don’t win in 2012.

They can whine all they want about Sarah Palin. But there isn’t anyone else out there that's willing to flip the tables and get everyone back to the starting line so we can run this thing right again. If they can’t put anyone up that’s better than Sarah Palin, then they need to join us. This is an important win. In 2012, we will decide whether we will end up like a hybrid Egypt just waiting for communism and Islamic-fascism to close the deal on our complacent butts or we will show true courage and restore our constitutional republic based on the blueprint handed to us by our Founders.

Keep flashlights on hand with plenty of batteries. The thousand years of darkness is a long time. If we blow this, we might as well all just pack it in, go home and milk whatever version of America we get because the real America isn’t coming back. This is our last chance.

Update: Tucker Carlson has since apologized for his sexist tweet.

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