Saturday, June 26, 2010

You'd Think for $200,000 Stanislaus University Would Have Had Better AV (Updated)

The sophomoric remarks coming out of a more freshman mentality from the technicians on the Fox 40 live video feed had to play on the nerves of any institution that would have made $200,000 and couldn't have figured out a way to run the mic through the board and have a cone to catch the crowd's reaction. The idiots who posed as "AV Specialists" for Stanislaus University were nothing more than a bunch of kids making stupid jokes about Sarah Palin while they screwed up the audio and couldn't get the volume level right, or hold the camera properly. So is that why Stansilaus University needs the money? Apparently they're either a little short on funds or a little short on brains.

Let's hope that Stanislaus University has higher goals of education for their audio visual department and uses some of the money they made off Sarah Palin appropriately. If they take just a small fraction of the money and invest it in some low grade material (not as low grade material as was used tonight), they could still find kids smart enough to get a good sound check and position the microphones so as to get a better feed than they tonight miunus the couple of dufuses laughing at Sarah Palin on the open mic. Unless of course, San Francisco can't find any.

Ah, maybe she shouldn't have gone. Normally, I would say yeah. But Sarah Palin gave one hell of a speech as she delved intellectually into the thoughts that should be going through most college kids' minds at the time. What does Alex de Tocqueville think? What's the difference between liberalism and conservatism? Why is it funny that she doesn't have the right straw? Who was Ronald Reagan and why was he so great?

That all got lost in translation when people walked in front of the camera and we watched as they bumbled helplessly for minutes during the feed.

The next time a University asks Sarah Palin to help them make money, let's hope it goes to higher education and equipment and not to propping up the stupidity that the common denominator of current American politics is so set on arriving at. They would have spent better money buying coffee for the protestors outside than they did on the AV guys streaming the video. At least we would have expected the protestors to be idiots.

UPDATE: After reading this statement from Fox 40, I am even more appauled at the conduct of reporters at the Palin speech. I offer my utmost apology to the students of Stanislaus University for mistaking them to be the voices on the audio. However, one would be more easily inclined to attribute the behavior of those whose voices were captured on the feed to immature people more likely to be of student age than to professional reporters who are supposedly trained in gathering news and disseminating information.

Apparently, reporters in today's "media" tend to act more like frat boys than professionals. And that showed. The only thing missing on the video was a keg and scantily clad women.

This clearly proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the media already has a pre-conceived anti-Palin bias. The glaring evidence of this makes one wonder if Palin should ever let media into another event again. It's obvious from the buffoonery that these reporters didn't hear a single word she said. Instead of paying attention to her, they paid attention to themselves and their childish remarks.

Stanislaus University should have provided the media with a clean feed. It would only be fitting of an institution that was cashing in big time on Palin's appearance. However, criticism of the university should end there and not be extended to any department or any group of students.

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