Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Shining City On A Hill Project

I have a new Facebook group called The Shining City On A Hill Project. Please go check it out and participate if you like. You can post things or make comments. Most of all it will be a great place for discussion about what we have to do to take back our country.

Okay, latest Sarah Palin news: She has decided to settle the ethics complaint regarding her legal defense fund by dissolving it and setting up a new one which, although the first one didn't do this, is more clearly defined as not a fund representing her as the governor or giving the impression that it is an official Alaskan Government site. Meghan Stapleton explains on Sarah's Facebook page:
The Personnel Board initially appointed an “independent” investigator. That investigator, we later learned, had connections with, and was associated with President Obama. The Personnel Board had hired President Obama’s personal law firm as an “independent” investigator to review whether a fund created to raise money to eliminate a debt incurred as a result of Governor Palin’s opposition to President Obama was appropriate. We objected to both the illegal leak and the blatant political influence, and a new investigator was appointed.

The new investigator spent considerable time reviewing the old information and collecting new, but I think it proved to be too difficult to reverse an already-public decision. He concluded that the Trust fund violated Alaska law in two respects. His biggest heartburn was that we used the word “official” on the website.

There was a point where it appeared that people around the country wanted to start legal defense funds for Governor Palin. The support and good will the people of this country have shown to the Palins is inspiring. But a concern was raised whether all these other potential funds would comply with various laws, including donation limits, limits against contributions from lobbyists or contributions from foreign nationals. So we used the word “official” in the website to distinguish the Alaska Fund Trust from ones we were not sure would be compliant. In our view, that was a solid and common sense reason to use the word “official,” but the investigator believes that it made it appear that the website was sponsored by the State of Alaska, and thus would be a use of Governor Palin’s ”official” office to raise money. We are not terribly persuaded that really would be the case or that any member of the public could be confused, but we respect the investigator’s evaluation of this point and it is not worth fighting about. Again, Governor Palin’s prime directive was simple – if this fund could be set up lawfully, she would support it. If not, it would not have her support.
So rather than fight the issue any further, Palin decided to dissolve the Alaska Fund Trust and set up a new fund. Money from the old fund will be refunded.
Governor Palin can lawfully raise money now through a brand new – not official but let’s call it “real” – legal defense fund without any risk of offending an investigator or state law. And such a fund now exists at http://www.sarahpalinlegaldefensefund.org/donate.php.
Once again we see another issue of stupidity and layers upon layers of costly and unnecessary government bureaucracy. When a team of lawyers and legal experts can't figure out how the law works, it's a clear example of how dysfunctional government really is. If there is any thanks to be metered out, it should go to the ankle biters who spent all their time and energy helping Palin get out from behind that God forsaken desk in that hellhole of a governor's office stained by Alaska's bottom feeding ingrates and out into the lower 48 where we really appreciate her. We thank you for helping create the monster that will now destroy your progressive liberal agenda. You are lowlifes and you deserve nothing but mysery.

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