Friday, June 4, 2010

Today's Topics on The People Power Hour (Updated)

UPDATE: The show is over. Thanks to April Liesel for having Sharon and me on. Also, I didn't get a chance to fully explain what contributed to Vaughn Ward's loss, so here's a link to how Lucas Baumbach, PDS sufferer, smeared Ward right before the voting.

I have the privelege and the honor of appearing on The Pro Sarah Palin blogtalk radio show People Power Hour today at 4 pm EDT. April Liesel is the host. Also appearing is Sharon Derrington who is the Texas State Director for "AMERICA COAST 2 COAST"

Today's topics will include:

Palin's endorsements are golden
Palin is 6-3 but her candidates saw big bumps in the polls and are leading all 7 pending races for which there is polling data by decent margins. Of the 4 with "no score" yet, Palin looks good in 3 and takes a big bet on Miller over Murkowski in Alaska. If Miller wins, it would be a huge feather in Palin's cap.
Cecile Bledsoe (AR- 3rd district) couldn't get Palin's picture and endorsement on her website fast enough.

Palin army storms into SC gubernatorial race with massive support for Nikki Haley.
Palin tweets and does telephone ad supporting Nikki.

Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter. The historical parallels are uncanny.
Frank Luntz compares oil spill to Iranian hostage crisis.
Today is day 46. You remember when Nightline covered the hostage crisis?
Stunner! Liberal Journalists Compare Obama to...Jimmy Carter

Obama's Ban on Drilling May Trigger Job Losses in Louisiana according to Bloomberg.com

We want to give a big shout out to Rachelle Friberg, Kristina Lazzaro who are visiting Tracey Porreca and Shelia who are in Alaska. I'm a little concerned about some deviant behavior with moose, but there's no need to discuss that on the air.

And let's not forget to support Eddie Burke for Lieutenant Governor of Alaska. He is running against Jay Ramras in the primary. Also, support Jason Cline for Alaska's State House in District 22.

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