Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Joyce Pines of Kalamazoo Gazette Beclowns Herself By Criticizing Palin for Using the Media Effectively

Joyce Pines cracks me up with her latest hit piece on Sarah Palin which jabs at her because "she may hate the media, but she sure knows how to use it." The "writer" tells us "If it wasn't for Sarah spreading the word, most of us would not have known that McGinniss is writing a book about her." In other words, Palin should have zipped her lip or her laptop cover and this would not be a big deal. Instead, Pines complains that Palin's Facebook post was designed to "garner the sympathy of her fan base, while simultaneously fanning the fire that keeps reporters covering her every move." Does Pines' twisted logic infer that anyone who is a public speaker, an author, a documentarian and a potential presidential candidate not promote themselves or should only Sarah Palin not be allowed to do this?

So we would never know that McGinniss was writing a book about her? Was he planning on releasing it in secret? Was it something he was going to hand out to his friends and tell them to not let the media know? Is there a members only top secret password protected section of Amazon.com designed for books that we will never know about? Or should we have waited until out of the blue a book outlining all kinds of zany lies and hits on the former governor got some traction lets say around (let's pick an arbitrary time at random) the time Palin announces her candidacy for president before she mentioned it?

Anyone worth their salt in the public relations business knows that if someone is going to do a hit on you, you better get ahead of them. Disproving negatives are tougher to do after they are released than before. In this case, Palin is wisely preparing the public for the hit piece that McGinniss plans on penning from the back deck of the house next door to her. Yes, Ms. Pines, "her protestations of harassment are just another example of her brilliant handling of the media." And the trouble with that is what?

And we all know how much difficulty Palin has with gaining her fans' sympathy and fanning the fires necessary to keep her in the media spotlight. She must be having more trouble than Charlie Crist from what Pines is saying.  Maybe Pines thinks that liberal newspapers and blogs are not pounding out lie after lie after lie about Palin and she has to do something to garner sympathy from her fan base.

I guess it's just unfortunate, Ms. Pines, that Palin doesn't have a bright spotlight with no off switch permanently erected over her by an already overly obsessed media. The things no name people will do to get media attention! I mean, why would you worry about a guy who has written hit pieces about you, hangs out with Jesse Griffen and clearly hates you moving in next door?

McGinniss is right about one thing. "I think it’s probably a lesson for the American people of the power Palin has to incite hatred..." Yeah, that Sarah is a real hate monger. I can see how being a loving wife, a mom, and representing goodness, traditional values, patriotism, rugged individualism and a belief in God and country can really piss people off. Joe's right, too, about that exercising of one's First Amendment rights on Facebook. "I don’t think there is any place for it in America."

There's nothing wrong with the guy who wrote this hit piece in the (of course) now defunct Conde Nast Portfolio Magazine which was debunked here and here moving in next door to Sarah Palin so he can write yet another hit piece. Nah, saying you moved next door to the subject you're smearing isn't manipulating the press for self promotion. I'm sure the publisher never even thought about using that as a selling point for his book anyway. Besides, look at the way Palin is using this guy as a prop for her own self promotion.

I wonder if Pines ever considered the angle that Palin had McGinniss move out there so she could stage this?

I'm sure Pines would understand if Palin didn't self promote herself and just allowed the media to cover her any way they want. We saw how the McCain campaign's strategy of "take public funding and get free coverage in the media" thing worked out. How dare Palin try to control her image and protect it and her family from liars, hate mongers and smear merchants!

It's pretty funny that Pines would reference Joe McGinniss accusing Palin of using a tactic that the left and the media have used repeatedly to try to destroy her. "Her tactic was first to demonize, then to defeat." That's just so wrong - as wrong as it was in the 2008 presidential election when the left did it to her? I thought the liberals made the rules now. What, we're not allowed to play?

We also know the media would never unleash lets say 11 fact checkers for Going Rogue or prowl Wasilla looking for librarians ordered to burn books or rape victims forced to pay for their rape investigation kits. Nor would anyone think of filing 26 frivolous ethics complaints. Goodness, that would clearly fit McGinniss' description of unleashing the "Hounds of Hell" wouldn't it?

You know what the real problem is? The liberals who used to smear and slander Palin with impunity are getting more and more blowback. You will notice that whenever anyone disses Palin now they get smacked. Hounds of hell? Nah, we're just ordinary barbarians standing up for what's right against a crazed loony liberal media machine.

Liberals are great at dishing it out but they can't take it. They bully Sarah. They smear her and they lie about her. Yet, when she smacks back, they all go home crying to their mommies (or in Pines' case, her editor and her readers). My advice to people like Joyce Pines and those who don't like it when Sarah uses her Facebook page to take issue with something: GET USED TO IT. As long as the lies, smears and slander continue so will the "slavering and barking and growling."

When I ran from the hounds of hell
Twist my foot, I nearly fell
I was lucky I was alive
One look back I could have died

I was the sole survivor, sole survivor
Sole survivor, solitary fighter

When I saw it I was amazed
One time glory right in my gaze
I saw the sorrow, I saw the joy
Right in the darkness none could destroy

I am the sole survivor, sole survivor
Sole survivor, solitary fighter

And from the wreckage I will arise
Cast the ashes back in their eyes
See the fire, I will defend
Just keep on burning right to the end

I'll be the sole survivor, sole survivor
Sole survivor, sole survivor, sole survivor
Sole survivor, sole survivor, sole survivor
Sole survivor, sole survivor, sole survivor


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