Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Hail Sarah The Great

"Saint Sarah" shows us the liberals are facing facts about her greatness in their own mocking way

I guess we had this one coming, didn't we? Sometimes what comes around goes around. It's time to take our payback for mocking the greek columns at Obama's acceptance speech at the DNC. The left has a new meme and it's actually quite good if you ask me. We just worship Sarah. She's "sister Sarah," "Saint Sarah," or as I would prefer to have her properly and reverently referred to as "Sarah the Great." The liberals got us this time. After a year and a half of failing to convince us how irrelevant, how unelectable, how dumb and how unpopular (queue all the polls since Nov 2008) Sarah Palin is, they found a better meme - she is a goddess and her kool aid drinking flock worship at her feet. Busted!

Let's first mark this as the point in time where Sarah Palin has finally crossed the Rubicon. She can no longer be smeared by left wing blogs that make things up. She has a platform now and a megaphone that is sharper, larger and more deadly than the heaviest of swords. If they try to tell you she has breast implants, boom - fire up the satellite truck and get her on. Slash. Seeeelice. No breast implants. Media lie debunked. "Thanks for having me on, Greta."

There are still some residuals. I talked to a great friend last night who told me he didn't like her because she killed turkeys. I'm friggin serious. He lives in New York and they all think that she killed turkeys during that thanksgiving interview from 2008 when she was governor (the one where the guy was putting turkeys into the shredder behind her). So there is still some work to do about the old stuff the media had people believing. But for the most part, the libs can kiss goodbye any chance of running any divorce rumors, breast implant rumors or Oscar suite rumors up the media flagpole anymore. Everything that Sarah Palin is doing is right out in the open and she has spotters on every roof now. It's not like when she was governor and they were just shooting at her like an unprotected moose in an open field.

This is the moment in time when in the eyes of the left, dumb Sarah is out and Saint Sarah is in.

So call me cocky or what you will. I just want to know one thing. When Barack Obama was walking on water and delivering the Sermon on the Mount during the the 2008 campaign, hero worship was okay, right? I saw the faces of the people in the crowd. They were fainting. They were crying. They were practically speaking in tongues for goodness sake.

I know this Newsweek article (lol Josh Painter, "Newswreck article") is par for the lamestream media course and Sarah Palin herself has sneered at it. But look at it this way, Palinistas: it's a great day. It wasn't until Barack Obama was gaining his following and building his momentum that he was mocked as "the messiah" and "the annointed one." It's only fair now that Palin is hitting her stride and on her way to the top of the mountain that she gets the barbs now instead of him.

We worship what Palin stands for. If they mistake that for their empty worship of an empty suit who stood for an empty philosophy, so be it.

The time has come. Get used to it.

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