Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alaska GOP Primary Challengers Suffer Palin Derangement Syndrome

It's a political illness that you don't want to infect your state's politics with any longer.

What the national media, locals who were complicit with the DNC efforts against Sarah Palin and even some fellow Republicans did to discredit her is a stain on the state of Alaska. Those who have soured on Sarah are simply uncomfortable with a negativity they don't understand and because their tranquil life in the nation's 49th state was disturbed at a time when apathy was allowing corruption to run wild. Don't blame Palin. Blame the media and blame those who would file frivolous ethics complaints and lie about her on their blogs. Also, blame Republican insiders who would throw a fellow Republican under the bus just to score political points with Palin Derangement Syndrome sufferers or because someone is still mad that her daddy lost to Palin in the last GOP gubernatorial primary.

Sarah Palin did not hurt Alaska; liberals and good ole boys did. And because the liberals brought forth frivolous ethics complaints against her and because the good ole boys formed an unholy alliance with them after their crony capitalism was upset by a hockey mom from Wasilla who dared to challenge their all so powerful hold on what was about to become the "Pottersville" of the northern most tip of America, many Alaskans are left with a bad taste in their mouth. And while some misattribute this to her, the real issue is not what the liberals and good ole boys made Alaskans think of her that caused the applecart to be upended, it's their elitism and cronyism that created the environment for such a distasteful turn of events.

Sometimes applecarts have to be upended if you are going to get people's attention, especially when there's a problem. Alaskans remember the days of insider politics, backroom deals and living off the teet of the federal government through earmarks. Unless you're a liberal hack or a good ole boy crony, chances are you will see running from candidates like Ramras and Murkowski as another positive step in the right direction for Alaska. The fact that Sean Parnell has handled the ball well since getting it passed to him from "the barracuda" when her political ankle was fractured during rough play with her opponents and the fact that he is a lock to win the gubernatorial election in 2010 tells us that Palin's plan is right for Alaska even when the caricature of her is wrong.

Alaskans have a choice now. They can go backwards to the corrupt Alaska that was or they can move forward with open transparency in their state government and benefit from the notions and ideals that were quietly ignored until Palin gave life to them as governor. They can send leaders to Washington who will fight for conservative principles that will leave the state capable of being true to its self-sufficiency argument when it lobbied for statehood. The days of the hypocrisy of the oil rich state living off of federal subsidies can be over simply by electing Joe Miller for Senate, Sean Parnell for governor and Eddie Burke for Lieutenant governor.

Anything short of that is just going to take Alaska off the road toward the future and will sling it back into its obscure past with its helpless political alcoholism that craves the drinks of cronyism and earmarks.

Does Alaska want to elect those seriously afflicted with Palin Derangement Syndrome like Lisa Murkowski or Jay Ramras? If Alaska wants to get that bitter taste out of its mouth, then they best not drink from those bottles anymore.

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Alaska, you may some day lay claim to the fame of being the home state of the first woman president. Don't blow it now.

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