Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chumming for Liberals

Sarah Palin was a hard working governor with a record high approval rating in Alaska when she was selected to be John McCain's running mate. She governed as a pragmatic, commonsense conservative who would work with everyone except the corrupt. Up until the point when she hit the national stage, the media and the elites saw a clear road ahead in achieving its dream of installing Barack Obama as president. With the coming of Palin, however, that changed. As a result of the threat she represented, she became the hunted and was nearly destroyed by a rash of frivolous ethics complaints and slanderous coverage from the so called "mainstream" media. Today, the tables have turned. She is now the huntress.

It's been said that in order for conservatives to win elections, they would have to present a stark contrast between what they stood for and what their liberal opponents stood for. There is no starker contrast than that between what Barack Obama represents and what Sarah Palin represents. In this lies her path to victory as a conservative leader and potentially as president.

While conservatives in general have become more aggressive out of necessity (they've gone from being the silent majority to the "angry mob" at Tea parties and at town halls), Palin in particular has charted a course directly into the headwind of liberalism. With first hand knowledge of what the press can do to someone like her, she has chosen not to retreat, but to reload with a new found optimism and spirit of defiance. She was once an unprotected moose out in the open during hunting season while governor of Alaska in the post election days leading up to her resignation.

Just when the liberals thought they had her, she went into a self imposed exile to write her book and emerged armed to the teeth with a brigade of loyal followers, a speaking tour, a Fox News gig, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. The "monster in liberals' eyes" had only been made stronger by the challenges they put before her.

Those who thought Palin was a snapshot in time or a caricature portrayed on Saturday Night Live got it wrong. The idea that the "idiot-woman" as Keith Olbermann described her would go back to Alaska and never be heard from again was a meme the liberals tried to force artificially on the stubborn reality where the fabric of existence can not only be stretched by time, but by truth, work ethic and relentless self improvement. If you thought she was big in 2008, just wait until 2012. Sarah Palin, as this blogger has always said, is an evolving candidate. Amy Siskund writes that "Palin is busy emerging, evolving and redefining."

Evolving from what? She was the rock star in 2008 who drew crowds with tears in their eyes because they knew that this was truly the woman who could save our country.The crowd in Minneapolis saw the spirit of Ronald Reagan speak to them out of the mouth of a woman who described herself as a "pitbull with lipstick." She kicked Joe Biden's ass in the vice presidential debate. Those things may have seemed big back then, but they are nothing compared to where Sarah Palin is going. What's scary about her evolution is that despite some stumbles along the way in the beginning, you could already sense the greatness. That was just the starting point.

What do you think she's doing when she gets the president to say there are no “death panels that will pull the plug on Grandma” during a town hall meeting. What do you think she's doing when she gets the president to say “Last I checked, Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues.” What do you think she's doing when she gets Robert Gibbs to write on his hand?

And let's not forget the latest dangling of the yarn string in front of the gullible liberal cats with this tweet:
RahmEmanuel= as shallow/narrowminded/political/irresponsible as they come,to falsely claim Barton's BP comment is "GOP philosophy"Rahm,u lie
To which White House spokesman Bill Burton, filling in for Robert Gibbs, responded "if she (Palin) doesn't want to own Congressman (Joe) Barton's comments, that doesn't surprise me."

Emanuel used Barton's comments during Congressional hearings to claim that they are representative of the philosophy of the Republican party. As we all know, the Republican party quickly chided Barton for his comments and Palin wielded her rhetorical sword on behalf of the GOP with her tweet.

Sarah Palin is all over Obama like oil on the gulf. He can't stop the leak nor can he stop her from pointing out his every misstep. The woman who was once under the microscope for her clothing, her children, the most minor of misspeaks and for every other little nuance the mainstream media either made up or blew up into a mountain from a mole hill is now standing over the magnifying device and just savoring the specimen's slow decline.

Sarah Palin is making heads spin. When the smoke clears and all the yarn strings have been dangled, we will know exactly where everyone stands. Palin brings out the best in good people and the worst in bad people. It may get ugly, but for those who can't fully get on board with her because they are afraid of what the media will do to her or think she has political baggage because of miscues in the last campaign, remember the guy in the Miller Lite commercial and check your purse at the door.

The blood you smell is blood in the water. Sarah is on her rhetorical fishing boat and she is chumming for liberals. She may even be chumming for some good ole boy Republican insiders, too. Don't let that scare you. Because once the sharks all come to the surface like they are now in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, at the White House and across the internet, she is going to spear them like the beasts they are and have them for dinner. She always eats what she kills.

And the nourishment we will all get from rhetorically dead liberals is the nourishment we will need to muster up the strength and the courage that will be necessary to not only defeat those who are destroying this once shining city of a nation, but to rebuild it and restore it the greatness it once knew.

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