Saturday, June 12, 2010

Obama: America's Big Mistake

America elected the wrong guy. If John McCain was president, Vice President Palin would have immediately been called into action because of her knowledge of energy issues. Palin being available for her energy expertise on this crisis for a President McCain would have been as good historical timing as Dick Cheney being available for his military knowledge to George W. Bush when that situation needed it. Had Palin been asked to head up the oil spill disaster task force, chances are booms and boats would be out there already and the oil spill would be contained while experts in both the White House and the BP boardroom would be working feverishly, with no super soaker fight breaks, golf outings or concerts to distract them.

While President Obama dithers, looks for asses to kick and allows his agencies to stymie clean up efforts by not communicating with companies that can provide the products and services necessary for such an operation, Sarah Palin says she would have suspended the Jones act immediately and then pulled together a team of experts to attack the problem right out of the gate. She would have communictated regularly with BP CEO Tony Hayward because, as someone with executive skill would know, BP's perception and her perception of the problem would be different and they would need to meld those views together so that she could properly verify accurately what was happening on the ground.

She explains this to Greta Van Susteran.

Read the transcript.

In the interview with Van Susteren, Palin also addresses another high level issue being discussed in the mainstream media. She debunks the myth that she had breast enhancement surgery.

So now that's two women who have had to look directly into the camera within a week to dispell unfounded rumors about themselves. Nikki Haley, you'll recalled told debate viewers that she has been faithful to her husband.

Meanwhile, while the left is off looking at Sarah Palin's boobs, the oil continues to spill into the Gulf of Mexico and the rag tag clean-up effort continues to meander.

Read more about our "presidential" President from Jedediah Bila.

Alysyn Camerota of Fox and Friends also has more:

UPDATE 06/15/10: Governor Palin Responds To President Obama's Oil Spill Speech

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