Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Media and Palin: It's Become An Unhealthy Obsession

This morning's NBC interview with Joe McGinniss proves that the mainstream (lamestream) media continues with their unhealthy obsession over Sarah Palin. Their omission of Sarah Palin's statement responding to his appearance also demonstrates their continued bias. She sent the statement rather than consent to an interview because she didn't want this to become a media circus that used her as a ratings pawn. Palin obviously wanted to state her concerns in her original posting on Facebook and move on. She did elaborate on the posting on Glenn Beck's and Sean Hannity's radio shows, but took the position that it was just another obstacle that she would need to overcome if she was going to work for the conservative cause. Yet, the media continues to go after her and give McGinniss a forum to explain why he, a notorious Palin hit-piece writer, moved in next door to her. The obsession is beyond the sick.

We know why Joe McGinniss moved in next door to the Palins. He wants to write a hit book on her to coincide with all the other liberal hit books that the left believes will be necessary to discredit her leading into the 2012 presidential primaries. Now that the smear technique is as obvious as a sonic boom, the left has abandoned their hidden agenda of having mainstream media people pen anti-Palin op eds and critique her "failures" during interviews in the 2008 presidential campaign or play up the frivolous ethics complaints that were filed against her while governor of Alaska. Instead, they're just letting it all hang out.

They know we know they hate her. So what. They just want to keep fanning the flames hoping people will be rattled enough to not stiffen their spines and stand up for her. It's a shame to hear even an ardent Palin supporter say she shouldn't run in 2012 "not because Palin is incapable of being an impactful politician, but because she has been profoundly hindered by the left's hateful and perplexing obsession with demeaning and destroying her at all costs."

That's not "we win, you lose." That's more like "we give up, you win."

Why do you think they are attacking her supporters now as "dumb?" It's no longer the media versus Palin. It's the media versus Palin and her supporters. And with this, they are finding new resolve because some supporters or potential supporters are not as strong as Sarah is. If you can't kill the queen bee then kill all the drones instead and cut off its source of food.

If anything, this should strengthen our resolve to see to it that she does win. If Americans who are sick of big government and radical liberalism are afraid of the arrows than we cannot possibly be strong enough to govern. We, not Sarah Palin, need to grow a set and realize that this woman will go to the mat for us. We should be willing to do the same for her.

She could have went home to Wasilla and collected hefty speaking and writing fees and abandoned us. She didn't. There is a stalker living next door. Daily, Palin is rhetorically accosted by a hostile media who have nothing on her except for the fact that they disagree with her politics. She was beaten to a pulp by Alaska Bloggers, yet she got up, recovered and went on to take the reigns of her movement. Her followers were already there and she got back up after her resignation and busted her ass going cross country to meet them.

Did she make money along the way? Yeah. But every true blue Sarah supporter who plunked down their hard earned cash for her book knew that it would only make her stronger and only better position her financially to pay the bills caused by the bullcrap that the left threw at her in Alaska. Sarah wasn't cashing in on us, she was upping the ante on them.

Did the revolutionaries give up because they were afraid of being branded traitors by the British media or because tories would say mean things about them at cocktail parties?

This media obsession is going to result in one of two things: either the obsession will lead to her death, politically speaking, or it will turn her into a modern day heroine after she metaphorically burns them in their beds. We watch as Sarah, once metaphorically bloodied and beaten by the media monstrosity, now comes at them strong and ready. She is not the damsel in distress that Steve Schmidt and some of McCain's campaign operatives would not help. She is a wild eyed grizzly who has survived one beating and is now being pushed to the limits again.

It is not a healthy thing that's happening. This battle between Sarah Palin and the mainstream media is going to have a hyperbolically bloody ending. Someone is going to get hurt. We need to all stand up for what's right and realize why Sarah continuously cries out to us on her Facebook page. She needs us to know what they are doing to her.

Credibility is the only "ability" we cannot give ourselves. For Sarah, it must come from others recognizing the truth in what she says. She needs us to give her the credibility that will give her words weight. In return, she will get our country back for us. But only if we are courageous enough to help her.

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