Thursday, June 3, 2010

Patrick's World Endorsements

Drum roll, please.

Okay, we all know some of these are the same candidates that Sarah Palin has endorsed or are allies of hers. So there's nothing new here in that regard. However, it is this blogger's hope that I can raise some awareness among those who might be checking out this blog site who otherwise may never read a word I write. Hopefully readers in the states where these candidates are running will understand why it is important that they elect these people.

Sean Parnell - Alaska Governor. As a team player, Parnell has carried through with the Palin agenda since taking over the reigns since she resigned. He continues to be a strong advocate of the AGIA natural gas pipeline as well as a staunch resistor of federal intrusion into the sovereign affairs of the state. Palin left the state in good hands when she handed the helm over to him. Alaskans should reward his efforts with a full four year term in November.

Eddie Burke - Lt. Governor of Alaska. Eddie Burke has been a strong supporter of conservative values and good government in Alaska. As the voice of the afternoon on KBYR radio, Eddie championed causes and supported people who stood against the abuses of government and those who would interfere with resource development and gun rights. Eddie stood by Sarah Palin when the "arrows and bullets" were flying. Alaskans should want someone who is willing to stick his neck out on the line to defend the hometown heroine who put Alaska back on the map with her run for vice president.

Eddie is running against Jay Ramras. As great a candidate as Eddie is - and the primary reason for voting for someone is because of what they stand for and what they can deliver for the state - there is another reason to vote for Eddie. For you "lesser of two evils" voters out there, read this and tell me whether you think Ramras still deserves to be the front runner. Alaska doesn't need a Palin hating RINO waiting in the wings while a pro Palin conservative like Parnell runs the state effectively and efficiently. Until the state's ethics laws are changed, you cannot take the chance that the crazed loony left may not want to "do it again" to Parnell just so they can stick it to Palin one more time. There is no longer a place for Palin Derangement Syndrome in Alaska politics. Ramras must go.

Joe Miller - Alaska Senate. In her usual stance against business as usual, Sarah Palin has endorsed a commonsense conservative to run against Lisa Murkowski in the primary. Miller's commitment to limited government and a strong national defense will serve the state well. Also, given the fact that he is not entrenched with the Washington elite nor has he "drank the Potomoc water," Miller will defend the state's sovereignty by not only opposing legislation that is not in its best interests, but also by not taking earmarks which have long been the sleight of hand used by Alaskan legislators on both sides of the aisle in the past to convince voters they were bringing home the bacon when in reality they were just playing ball with the fat cats in Washington and enslaving the state to federal programs and strings.

There is also sort of another reason to vote for Joe Miller. Lisa Murkowski completely blew it when she criticized Sarah Palin for resigning the governorship. By not standing up for a fellow Republican at a time when the loony left was running roughshod over the state, Murkowski demonstrated that she was an elitist insider who could pose as a conservative but not really act like one. Regardless of her personal feelings or resentments about Palin's defeating her father for governor two and a half years ago, Murkowski could have been a pro and just avoided becoming a target of the growing pro-Palin movement. She also could have taken a stand on behalf of conservatism and attacked the left wing ethics violation filers with a little more zest than she did in criticizing Palin.

Nikki Haley - South Carolina Governor. Nikki Haley is our next political crush. And it's not just because she is attractive. She is an outsider who is looking to shake up the good ole boy network and clean up the system. Party insiders in both parties fear her because she can do what Palin did in Alaska - get the corruption out and get the will of the people back in. She is serious. She is gutsy. She looked right in that camera and said with firm resolve that she has been faithful to her husband. She effectively took on and defeated the smear campaign that was ramped up against her. Those who are part of the corruption fear the most from someone like Haley and they will do anything to stop her. That tells you right there why she should be elected.

When Mark Sanford broke my political heart, did I ever think I'd find ideological love again in South Carolina? You betcha.

Michele Bachmann - Minnesota Congress. Speaking of political crushes, Bachmann surged as a conservative leader as the Tea Party movement grew and the GOP was digging in to battle the big government policies of the Obama administration. She is the ideological equivalent of a Jim Demint, but because she is a woman it seems the left likes to pick on her a lot more. That's good. Because that means she's effective and that means she's hitting a nerve. Bachmann stands up for what she believes in. If she ruffles a few feathers, so be it. Nancy Pelosi has put a target on Bachmann's back and it's up to the good people of Minnesota to stand up for Michele and not let Pelosi determine the outcome of the election in the 6th congressional district.

Carly Fiorina - California Senate. Compelling arguments can be made as to why Chuck Devore should be the candidate. However, like J.D. Hayworth, Devore is the right guy at the wrong time. Carly Fiorina has the conservative credentials needed to be an outstanding Senator and has a strong network of supporters in both the business and political communities to be an effective leader. This is California where someone like Fiorina has to walk that "fence." As such, she has been unfairly branded as a RINO by those who don't want her to get the nomination. The fact of the matter is she can win; Devore can't. There may come a day when the electorate of California may see the economic benefits of conservativism and give Devore the reward he deserves, but the fact that Tom McClintock is not the current governor tells me that California just quite isn't there yet.

After seeing how Chris Christie is performing in New Jersey, one shouldn't be as concerned about how a "mainstream" Republican can rise above it after the election in more liberal states. Carly is a team player who knows how to play ball in California's political climate yet who can navigate the system to the benefit of conservatism and the people of her state. She may not totally pass the litmus test in some far right circles, but for the rest of us, this is a really good deal especially given California standards. And of course, Boxer has to be defeated. So for you voters of the "lesser of two evils," please remember that Carly is not running so she can demand that someone call her "Senator." She's running so that she can help her state.

We conservatives are building our leadership team for 2012 by electing the right candidates in 2010. Sarah Palin is building that leadership team by endorsing candidates like these. When the time comes to take the reigns of power in 2012, the government we need will be more than half built by then. By getting these strong commonsense conservatives in place, Palin is in fact affecting change without a title. Palin's stamp on and influence in how this country will be run after 2010 will be falling into place. It's pure genius.

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