Friday, June 25, 2010

Quotes of the Day 06/25/10

Bob Lee posts this on Sarah Palin's Facebook page:
You Leftists thought you had brought Sarah Palin to "the eve of destruction", but what you actually did was to let the sun shine in as the dawn of an American conservative renaissance emerged in the heart, mind, and soul of a political dynamo, Sarah Palin. You have unleashed the dogs of war. You will soon be hoisted by your own petard.
Meghan Stapleton on Sarah Palin's Facebook Page:
One might think that creating a trust fund to collect money to pay legal fees should not be that complicated, but it turns out, it is exceptionally complicated. You should know that as many as seven lawyers were involved in the process; some of whom were and are nationally prominent experts in creating legal defense funds, in evaluating federal and state election laws, state trust law, federal and state tax laws, state reporting requirements and state ethics requirements. It is a sad commentary on public life today when the legal system can be used as a political weapon against an elected official, and it takes a battalion of lawyers to figure out how to fund a defense and counter-attack.
Townhall Magazine (via Texas for Sarah Palin):
Though try as they might to silence her—with attacks on everything from her outspoken criticism of the current administration to her bra size—Palin is a light that will not be snubbed out. Much to the chagrin of the liberal elites and leftist reformists, Palin’s down-to-earth independence, patriotic spirit and no-nonsense, can-do attitude will only continue to propel her popularity.
Jedediah Bila:
Much like many other supposedly pro-woman organizations (see NOW and Planned Parenthood for details), the priority of EMILY’s List is to foster a pro-abortion culture in America. A close second is to promote a comprehensive, far-left agenda under the guise of doing what’s best for women. Palin and Bachmann may be at the top of their figurative hit list, but don’t expect the likes of Nikki Haley or Sharron Angle to be too far behind.
Tammy Bruce:
I suppose when lots of money has been spent with a goal of finding something, anything, on Governor Palin, anything will literally do. Interestingly, it does seem the investigator himself understands the final absurdity of the entire Get Palin exercise. While finding the shocking of the use of the word “Official” for the fund, the report notes the governor acted in “good faith” and relied upon the advice of attorneys when setting up the fund.
Ed Morrissey:
At any rate, the probe has now concluded, and the only change Palin will have to make is to return the money the fund received before July 26, 2009, when she resigned as Governor, and find other trustees. As far as an ethics slam goes, this isn’t even weak tea. It’s more an indication that Alaska really needs to address its Byzantine ethics regime, which forces public officials to privately fund their own defense and then makes the legal code surrounding that effort so confusing that three top-notch law firms couldn’t figure it out.

So, in other words, while Alaska state personnel investigator contortionists found something of slight issue with the fund itself, the governor’s actions are not at issue. Again.
I figured I'd get some truth out there. I'm not a paid member of the media, but then again who knows how much my liberal left wing editors would make me twist to make Palin look bad if I was.

I hope the world sees the truth about how the Katie Couric's and the New York Times' of this world omit facts pertinent to a case like the Alaska Fund Trust ethics complaint. This is a textbook example of how the media is deliberately trying to mislead us. They are afraid of Sarah Palin. They are afraid that their socialist agenda could be thwarted by someone with the following, the stature and the power that she has. Good. Let's keep it that way. The more the media lies, the more they disgrace themselves. By 2012 we should have volumes of mainstream media lies that we can present to the American people.

Remember ACORN during the 2008 presidential election? How could you. The mainstream media completely ignored real fraud while trying to drum up stuff on Sarah Palin during the Troopergate "story" or should I say "plant."

Well it's happening again. While testimony at the Blagojevich trial is damning to Rahm Emanuel and President "I knew he was trying to sell my Senate seat" Obama, the lamestream media turns a blind eye and instead focuses on the Alaska Fund Trust story. Obama is blatantly involved and aware of Blagojevich's shenanigans? Nothing to see here. Palin's legal defense fund is illegal? Yup, stop the presses and report no further. Forget that little minor detail about her 9 law firms advising her and that she acted in good faith. And that if she didn't use the word official, every Tom, Dick and Harry would have set up a legal defense fund in her name and there could have been compliance issues galore. So she used the word "official." And because some goof thinks that people would mistake that as an official Alaskan government fund, she has to shut the fund down and start a new one.

Big deal.

I hope everyone who gets their checks back immediately sends them off to the new fund. Let's get the new fund back up to the $390,000 that was in the old fund. Let's encourage Sarah Palin to use the money and pay off her legal bills and then match the donations with SarahPac money to fire off ads that rip the media and rip the Democrat establishment.

Swords unsheathed, everyone! Assume formation!

Please join The Shining City On A Hill Project. It's open to everyone who is on Facebook.

Also, let's keep some tabs on the Dirtbags on Twitter. Remember, they have freedom of speech. But let's just know our enemy and build our army, grow the Shining City project and get out there and start strafing the web and Twitter with positive information about Sarah Palin. Shoot her a tweet. Counter balance these lowlifes by tweeting something positive to @SarahPalinUSA

God bless America, our Shining City on a Hill!

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