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Americans Angry About Lying Media

from Patrick's World USA

How do you win the argument and convince people to elect conservatives again after the movement was on the ropes following the 2008 presidential election? When this blogger wrote the Fight for the Right page and Rebuilding the Republican Party, the answer was simple: convince them that the media lies. Once they realize the media lied to them, they will become angry and realize that we were right all along.

You'll never shove your candidate or your ideology down someone's throat because they will always protect their ego - unless they find out that they can blame someone else for causing them to be incorrect. "If I only knew" or "I didn't have that information" is the best opening line for any mea culpa. It is also the moment of revelation that angers a person when they realize that they have been misled. For many Obama voters with buyers remorse or Palin skeptics who were unsure of her, it's not their fault. They were lied to.

Right after the 2008 election was over and as Barack Obama was moving into the White House, I made it the staple of my diet to convince people that the media lies. We all went into the 2008 election with a "business as usual" approach. Many of us worked long hours to keep our heads above water during a period of economic contraction and crisis. While we expected the candidates to bash each other and put out lies and spin to further their campaigns, we never realized that the stuff that was spewing from the so called "objective media" was probably more effective propaganda than any ad the Obama campaign or George Soros released during that time. To make it worse, we busy Americans didn't have the time to research it. So voters took it at face value and believed that Barack Obama was the "messiah" and Sarah Palin was the dunce.

On the surface, the battle is with liberalism. But in reality, the nuts and bolts of the battle is with the media. Everything that Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity told us about Barack Obama and his agenda turned out to be true. In fact, Hannity will tell you he underestimated how radical Obama would be. The media slammed the right for the tactic of making an issue of Obama's associations with William Ayers, Reverend Wright and Father Pfleger. Yet, the tingles up their legs distracted them from scrutinizing the campaign tactics of the left like the DNC in Alaska which employed mostly unprofessional bloggers to slander Sarah Palin, the labor unions who were using members' union dues to campaign for Obama and ACORN whose workers who were lying and luring people into registering to vote as Democrats.

How was that possible? While ACORN was registering the "Donald Ducks" of the world as Democrats and handing out cigarettes to the bums they needed to pad their voter registration numbers, the media preferred to focus on Troopergate and Palin's clothes, which was a hullabaloo about nothing. While ACORN was committing financial and voter fraud, no one was there to investigate because they were all up in Alaska digging through Sarah Palin's garbage cans to see if they could find the pregnancy test she used for Trig or maybe the ashes of a burned book that had not been published yet.

What had become the Obama-mania media is the same media that honed the skills it would need to smear Palin by destroying George W. Bush before she hit the scene and which let John Edwards skirt by during the 2004 campaign. Had the media scrutinized Edwards the way they did Palin, you could bet every moose in Alaska his affair would have been exposed back then. This time, the media was AWOL, spending most of its time in Alaska and leaving the rest of the lower 48 in the hands of the Chris Matthews', Charlie Gibsons and Katie Courics of the world.

The Los Angeles Times gave Troopergate live play by play, but happened to neglect releasing a film of Obama at a dinner with Ayers where they were laughing at anti-Semetic jokes. Given the questions that are being asked about Obama's relationship with Israel today, that film is proving to be way more newsworthy than a family dispute between a governor and her brother-in-law. The Ayers film should have been shown.

Palin was massively criticized by the media for her "palling around with terrorists" comments, but no one had a problem with Obama sitting on boards with a man who admittedly blew up buildings. Nor did the media make any real connection about Obama's "57 states" gaffe with the 57 Islamic states. It took things like personal emails to each other to get this point out. Pamela Geller recently reported that Barack Obama told the Egyptian foreign minister that he is a muslim and "he would show the Moslem world what he would do with Israel." Another chicken the mainstream media missed has come home to roost.

We never fully recognized the scope of it during the election. I communicated then by email. I didn't have a blog. There was no Palin army presence online yet. I simply emailed my thoughts to friends and thought I was doing my part. When I realized that the media lied to us, I started my blog knowing that we needed a bigger presence and platform out there. It was with joy that I watched the web blossom with conservative and pro-Palin sites all through 2009. I knew people knew it. Today, the winds of change are blowing full force with Barack Obama now at 41% approval according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

Nothing the liberal media tells us now is believable. They can't save Barack Obama now.

And if it isn't a "I told you so" moment to beat all "I told you so" moments, than it is still a great moment. Brent Bozell III (the Founder and President of the Media Research Center), Andrew Breitbart, John Ziegler, Bernard Goldberg and Sarah Palin all worked tirelessly to hold the media accountable and to point out the blatant bias. The cat is out of the bag now. Bozell wrote "Americans have spoken and they are livid with the media." We have been lied to and we're pissed.

A new Rasmussen poll found an astonishing two thirds of American voters are at least somewhat angry at the media, including an entire one third who said they are ‘very angry.’ That’s disturbing but unfortunately, not surprising. The liberal media lost touch with the public and fair reporting long ago, and Americans are sick of their lavish praise for a President that is leading our country and economy into a disastrous state. The American people are abandoning the old media by the millions because they are simply fed up.
How does this play into the strategy of taking America back? It's the key component of it. The media was the wall between Americans and real information. Destroy the wall and take the castle.

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